Madonna Announces ‘The Rebel Heart Tour’ / Will Bundle Tickets With Album

Published: Monday 2nd Mar 2015 by Sam

If there’s one thing that’s become a necessary with Madonna, it’s to “never count her out”.

The Pop queen had been rocked by the multi-stage leak of her new album, ‘Rebel Heart’, months before its March 10th arrival.

And while she attempted to Olivia Pope the matter by rush-releasing six tracks to iTunes, the lack of buzz for lead single ‘Living For Love’ has had many worried given how close the LP’s release date now is.

Fans needn’t fret, though. Because the singer’s team have unveiled plans which should appease them two-fold.

Material Madge is heading out on a major tour and has unveiled a unique means of tying the trek to the new music. Details below…

Billboard reports:

The Rebel Heart world tour launches Aug. 29 at American Airlines Arena in Miami, which will begin a run through North American arenas of about 25-30 shows through October, with additional dates likely to be added as certain shows sell out. The artist will then head to the U.K. and Europe for a run of 20-25 shows beginning in November running through the third week in December.

In early 2016, Madonna will take Rebel Heart to Asia and Australia, with those dates expected to be announced by the end of March.

Similar to Madonna’s last tour, MDNA, ($305 million gross, 2.2 million attendance, 88 shows, according to Boxscore), the new record will be bundled with the tickets, which will go on sale beginning March 9. The model will expose the record to more fans, as ticket sales for Madonna –and most superstars — tend to outpace album sales in today’s market. “Really, the key is to get the new music to as many people as possible,” Live Nation exec Arthur Fogel says, “and [bundling] is a pretty obvious way to do that.”

Smart, smart move!

To put into context; Madge’s last album ‘MDNA’ opened with US first week sales of 359,000 (her highest commercial debut since 2000’s ‘Music’). Of that number, 185,000 copies were comprised of fans who took up Live Nation’s offer to buy the LP with their tour tickets.

Say what folk will about the 56-year-old, but it can’t be denied that her team are “on it”. Few artists command the type of pull in the touring sphere that they’d be able to leverage towards music sales. Hence, if Madge can, they why not?!

We foresee healthy sales in other regions too, as the jaunt’s run in parts of the Pacific Rim and Australia mark her first time performing in those areas in over 20 years. As such, with demand likely sky-high, the ticket sales will no doubt rub off handsomely on the numbers of the album.

Anyway, peep the initial batch of announced dates below…

Date                 City                              Venue                                     
Aug. 29            Miami, FL                    American Airlines Arena         On Sale Mar. 9
Sept. 2             Atlanta, GA                  Philips Arena                          On Sale Mar. 16
Sept. 5             San Juan, PR              Coliseo de Puerto Rico           On sale Mar. 21
Sept. 9             Montreal, QC               Bell Centre                              On Sale Mar. 14
Sept. 12           Washington, DC           Verizon Center                       On Sale Mar. 16
Sept. 16           New York, NY               Madison Square Garden        On Sale Mar. 9
Sept. 19           Brooklyn, NY                Barclays Center                      On Sale Mar. 9
Sept. 24           Philadelphia, PA          Wells Fargo Center                  On Sale Mar. 16
Sept. 26           Boston, MA                  TD Garden                               On Sale Mar. 16
Sept. 28           Chicago, IL                  United Center                           On Sale Mar. 9
Oct. 1               Detroit, MI                    Joe Louis Arena                       On Sale Mar. 23
Oct. 3               Atlantic City, NJ           Boardwalk Hall                         On Sale Mar. 16
Oct. 5               Toronto, ON                 Air Canada Centre                   On Sale Mar. 9
Oct. 8               St. Paul, MN                Xcel Energy Center                  On Sale Mar. 16
Oct. 11             Edmonton, AB             Rexall Place                              On Sale Mar. 9
Oct. 14             Vancouver, BC             Rogers Arena                           On Sale Mar. 9
Oct. 17             Portland, OR                MODA Center                           On Sale Mar. 23
Oct. 19             San Jose, CA               SAP Center at San Jose          On Sale Mar. 9
Oct. 22             Glendale, AZ                Gila River Arena                      On Sale Mar. 23
Oct. 24             Las Vegas, NV             MGM Grand Garden Arena      On Sale Mar. 16
Oct. 27             Los Angeles, CA          Forum                                       On Sale Mar. 16
Nov. 4              Koln, Germany               Lanxess Arena                         On Sale Mar. 16
Nov. 7              Prague, CZ                     O2 Arena                                 On Sale Mar. 16
Nov. 10            Berlin,Germany              O2 World                                  On Sale Mar. 16
Nov. 14            Stockholm, Sweden       Tele 2 Arena                             On Sale Mar. 16
Nov.17             Herning, Denmark          Jyske Bank Boxen                    On Sale Mar. 9
Nov. 21            Turin, Italy                       Pala Alpitour                             On Sale Mar. 16
Nov. 24            Barcelona, Spain            Palau Sant Jordi                       On Sale Mar. 16
Nov. 28            Antwerp, Belgium           Sportpaleis                                On Sale Mar. 9
Dec. 1              London, UK                    O2 Arena                                  On Sale Mar. 16
Dec. 5              Amsterdam, Holland       Ziggo Dome                             On Sale Mar. 9
Dec. 9              Paris, France                  Bercy                                       On Sale Mar. 9
Dec. 14            Manchester, UK              Manchester Arena                   On Sale Mar. 16
Dec. 16            Birmingham, UK             Barclaycard Arena                   On Sale Mar. 16
Dec. 20            Glasgow, Scotland         The SSE Hydro                        On Sale Mar. 16
For complete tour and ticket information, visit:

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  1. Stephy. March 2, 2015

    She’s incredible. 30+ years of being successful. Truly amazing.

  2. Bey-Minaj March 2, 2015

    She’s cheating again kii.

  3. CherylSoldierr March 2, 2015

    Surprised she’s nor doing stadiums tbh

    • Mark111 March 2, 2015

      Surprised Cole Slaw can’t sell over 100k or do anything a mile outside of the x factor radius.

      • CherylSoldierr March 2, 2015

        Surprised Aaliyah’s body was able to fertilize some many trees w hateful fans like you. At least one of us has the facts!

  4. Prismatic Returns March 2, 2015

    The struggle is real

  5. Sandra March 2, 2015

    Another cheap trick to try and sell a few more copies… If she didn’t do this ticket bundle she’d struggle for 100k first week like her last album. Her album still won’t go gold even with this desperate strategy. Still no ‘Living for love’ to be found on the Billboard chart!! Ouch 🙁

  6. Royalkev March 2, 2015

    Not surprised … Madonna’s been manipulating charts for some time now! She beat out Lionel Richie with that bundling business last time in 2012. Lionel still ended up getting to #1 anyway and outsold her!

    Tuskegee(platinum) >>> MDNA (539K)

    The trickery won’t end though … watch Madge claim to have made another mysterious 100 million in record sales (this decade) happen by 2020 just to top MJ!

    • YeaYouMad March 2, 2015

      You’re mad that Tranet can’t even fill stadiums or arenas anymore, hun. Don’t take it out on the Queen. And it’s not “cheating” or else Billboard would not allow it. Worry about your flop fav and her next Nutrisystem commercial and worry less about Queendonna.

      • Royalkev March 2, 2015

        Oh Felicia! That Janet mention doesn’t throw anything off. We all know Madonna’s still up to her old tricks again! I don’t think anyone expects anything from Madge these days other than for her to sink to new lows with each upcoming era! She’s been stale since the ‘Music’ era and desperate since ‘Hard Candy’ (‘Confessions’ was her best work in those years and her 80’s music is the only thing that allows you to find an ounce of respect for her “talent”).

  7. SMH March 2, 2015

    Not surprised she’s cheating again. This album is headed towards becoming a huge flop, she knows it and so does everyone else. Her trick may work for the first week, but the second week it’ll plummet right off at the face of the earth.

  8. S****** Blonde March 2, 2015

    This is legal, Billboard already clarify this back in 2012 when just like now people were saying she was cheating, get yous facts before you spread your hate.

    • Mark111 March 2, 2015

      I thought right after her last stunt that BB changed the rules and won’t count bundles anymore???

  9. african music lover March 2, 2015


  10. Skyfall March 2, 2015

    Janet called it.

  11. Mark111 March 2, 2015

    Of course, lol. I’m spit tho, I been saying that her new albums are just promo for her tours. Part of me is saying why not sell to your target audience. If you spend all that money on tickets, why not spend $10 and get an album with it? I think more artists should take notes.

    • FutureCIARA March 2, 2015

      When will Thotliyah?

      • CherylSoldierr March 2, 2015

        Never, she’s fertilizer.

  12. YeaYouMad March 2, 2015

    And as usuall the Tranet fans are in the comments FUMING at Madonna. And for what? Mad that your b**** can’t even get a f****** release date? That she can’t fill stadiums or arenas anymore? That she’s a motherfuckin NON factor in 2015? You can ALL have a seat.

    Madonna is smart, and will continue to keep the Tranet fans pressed and HOT.


    • Stoney-Brie March 2, 2015

      You wish

    • FutureCIARA March 2, 2015

      Hunny it seems like your the only one, in here seething and fuming. Find some chill

  13. TheElusiveLamb March 2, 2015

    I don’t care what Madonna fans say, this is cheating. If Mariah added The Elusive Chanteuse album to those 100% sold out shows on The Elusive Chanteuse Tour and to her to Las Vegas residency tickets, the shade would never stop. This is manipulation, but I can’t shade. 30+ years of gimmicks got her this far, so why change now?

    • YeaYouMad March 2, 2015

      Ain’t nobody running to see a Mariah show, hun. Have a seat. And speaking of gimmicks are we going to talk about the many singles Mariah’s label slashed to 49 cents in the 90’s to help the song hit #1? Yea, so let’s not go there.

      Ha voice is gone, and she was never a good performer. She’s kinda *UCKED, LMAO.

      Stay pressed.

      • TheElusiveLamb March 2, 2015

        Cute essay boo, but save the b*******. Ain’t no one running to a Mariah show, but yet they are sold out and the residency is almost sold out? Lover boy is the only single that the label sold for 49 cents to push the single. Let’s talk about the shock tatics, discounts, stolen concepts, autotune, flopping, underperforming, Payola, stolen music, and more that goes into Madonna’s smoke and mirrors career. Madonna never had and never will have a “good voice.” Madonna and talent don’t even belong in the same sentence so if anyone is pressed, it’s YOU my dear. Stay mad bc you stan for the biggest smokes and mirror act in the industry. It’s a fact, not an opinion.

    • YeaYouMad March 2, 2015

      Porkriah is finished, luv. Screaming at you crying “essay” and then come back with that Bible scripture reply. Girl, sit.

      Your favs voice is gone and she’s fat. Stay mad. Ki!

  14. Theman March 2, 2015

    Cents for a single is different than selling an entire album for that price. Mariah has been sanging in her last few concerts, something Madge doesn’t do. Also, Mariah’s gig is selling very well & she didn’t need the gimmicks to do it.. Bundling music is a great idea though. But, the one time that MIMI’s label did that was in the 00’s.. Get your SHYT correct.. Vadge ain’t ever been anyone’s singer..

    • TheElusiveLamb March 2, 2015

      Exactly. They self drag their self, bc if Mariah never been a good performer, then that means her voice is what her entire career and shows are based off of and sold solely on. The same can’t be said for Madawaska.

  15. Theman March 2, 2015

    Madonna’s shows are her bread & butter because most are dismissive of her music..

  16. FutureCIARA March 2, 2015

    She gets a pass, because she is a senior citizen…?

  17. Terry B March 2, 2015

    I’m surprised she isn’t doing stadiums this time. anyways….say what yall want but when it comes to tours she’s the top dog in pop music.

  18. tits mcgee March 2, 2015

    Like I predicted in the article: Madonna’s new album slips and trips out of the iTunes chart…

    December 27, 2014 at 6:20 pm tits mcgee says: Duh, I knew this would happen. She will just bundle the album with her concert ticket sales next year, as per usual..


    Lol. Her gimmicks are so predictable. Get those bundled sales bunny! 🙂


  19. Theman March 2, 2015

    iTunes isnt the main chart, so overall sales will probably look different.

  20. Snoopy March 3, 2015

    What are you all talking about? Where’s the problem? It’s not like she’s forcing people to buy or get her album for free, the way Prince did some 10 years ago and, consequently, those copies weren’t counted as a regular sales. Madonna is giving an option to ticket buyers to receive her album, if they choose so. That’s a huge difference and it’s a legitimate sales because the album price is already calculated in a ticket price. Second, Madonna is charging up to $350 for her shows and is usually an instant sellout. Her last tour sold 630.000 tickets in North America alone, including 110.000 tickets sold in NYC area (2 Yankee stadiums and 2 MSG’s). That only means she has a huge and loyal fan base, willing to spend top dollars in order to see her perform every few years. That also means there’s a huge demand among general public for her shows, because not only hard cores fill those arenas and stadiums. And this all leads us to the point: in order to be able to bundle your album with concert tickets, you first need to be able to sell those concerts. And in order to sell the concerts, there needs to be a demand for it and some interest by the general public at the first place – be it because your more recent work or your classics. Madonna obviously can sell the tickets. And, obviously, those 185.000 copies of MDNA sold as a part of the ticket bundle were a free choice made by those who already choose to pay hundreds of $ to see guess who? Madonna. I won’t throw any names here (stan “wars” are so high school thing), but how many female artists, especially Madonna’s peers, can sell as many tickets as her – and at those prices? In addition to this – how many of other divas that flopped with their recent albums can successfully bundle their album with their concert tickets? What were the grosses and attendances of their recent tours in North America? Do you really believe that artist, who struggles to sell even a 3.000 capacity theater somewhere in Oklahoma (let alone multiple nights in a major arena or a stadium), and whose last album’s total worldwide sales are smaller then MDNA’s first week US sales alone (and MDNA was a flop album by M’s standards)- could actually benefit from ticket bundle?

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