Was Rihanna’s New Single Inspired By Beyonce’s ‘Flawless’? Billboard Weighs In

Published: Thursday 26th Mar 2015 by David

When Rihanna revealed that her eighth studio album would flaunt the cooler, calmer and artistic side to her personality fans had hoped the singer would deliver an LP that would be hailed as her very own ‘Velvet Rope’ or ‘Ray of Light.’

However today saw the star prove that versatility is the name of her game with the new jam ‘Bitch Better Have My Money, a far cry from the sound she promised to deliver but far more exciting than ‘Four Five Seconds’, a single more in line with her new older & wiser sound.

Alas, the bop’s large and in charge vibe hasn’t stopped the star from being called a copycat today, accused of drawing inspiration from her ‘Flawless‘ competitor Beyonce.

By who you ask?


A portion of Billboard’sRihanna Is a Trap Queen In Bitch Better Have My Money‘ reads:

Earlier this year, Rih ended her Top 40 abdication with “FourFiveSeconds,” a stripped-down collaboration with Kanye West and Paul McCartney; while her vulnerable vocal take was more than welcome on radio and that melody was enough to make the song a smash, the song lacked movement, and movement is an effect one can reasonably expect from a Rihanna single. With respect to “FourFiveSeconds,” the world craved the feeling of throbbing euphoria that Rihanna has delivered consistently for years; we, as a society, yearned for another “We Found Love,” “Umbrella,” “Only Girl (In The World)” or “Rude Boy.”

Is “Bitch Better Have My Money” a rightful successor to those songs? Not quite — the uptempo new single, presumably previewing Rihanna’s eighth studio album, is more akin to a brash trap track like “Pour It Up,” with Rih sneering at her subjects while exerting her personal opulence over a beat designed for grinding. “Bitch Better Have My Money” is certainly angrier than Rihanna’s usual oeuvre, with the singer punctuating her declarations of “Every time I drop by, I’m the only thing y’all playing” and “Don’t act like you forgot, I call the shots” with machine-gun ad-libs. One can imagine Rihanna listening to Beyonce’s “Flawless” on repeat and finding inspiration for this single in Queen Bey’s exuberant cockiness; as much as Rih wants her money, she wants everyone else to bow down, too.


With comparisons to the ‘Be With You‘ singer working against her in the past there’s no doubt in my mind that some Rihanna fans may take Billboard‘s remark the wrong way.

For, who wants to have a single they’re touting as an original belaboured with talk of “inspiration” from the star’s biggest rival.

However, isn’t it hard to see that the ‘Flawless’ comparison is actually a compliment, a reminder that both ladies- who despite being at different points in their journeys- continue to find inspiration and healthy competition in the other.

It’s pretty remarkable when one thinks of it in this way and not in the “who copied who” manner that undermines just how important and influential both ladies are to each other and an industry big enough for the both of them.

Your thoughts?

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  1. LDN Chick March 26, 2015


    • Navi Kiss Kiss March 26, 2015

      You wipe back to front though.

      • You tried March 26, 2015

        Dimples in ya necktie
        Hermes briefcase
        Cartier top clips
        Silk lined blazers
        Diamond creamed facials
        VVS cuff links
        6 star pent suites” -BEY UPGRADE U! 2007. Its2015 and U delusionalist are referring to Rihs POUR IT UP 2013 4YEARS LATER LOL

    • ummm March 26, 2015

      You and Tyler Makaveli have been giving me life today. So, I saw this today.. rare footage of rihanna recording BBHMM https://vine.co/v/ObMd5YnZM1r

    • You tried March 26, 2015

      TGJ STOP IT! Billboard didn’t mean it as a compliment lol who the hell is this NEW WRITTER lmao seriously they through DIRTY SHADE! “Right IN UR FACE” SHADE FOR DAYS ! YASS the song is coo but RIH IS NO THUG AND APPARENTLY NO BOSS ! Lol KING BEY IS SAYING “B**** WHERE IS MONEY” THAT HIEFA AND EVERY OTHER CHICK HAS BORROWED FROM THE QUEEN

    • You tried March 26, 2015


  2. The Beysus Impact March 26, 2015


    • britneyraycarey March 26, 2015

      not when Rihanna is bey’s 5th album’s inspiration sis

      • trellbeylike March 26, 2015

        Child boo Beyoncé been doing urban music, rapping/singing since Destiny’s Child. B4 there was even a Rihanna. The Writings On The Wall says hello.

  3. britneyraycarey March 26, 2015

    you’re so unprofessional.. this is why nobody checks this blog anymore. How in the hell was it inspired by Flawless if she’s been making these type of songs since Rated R? Pour it Up alone inspired Partition and 7/11. You’re so delusional and such a faggott… mess

    • Jagged Little Thrill March 26, 2015

      Did you even read what the article said.

    • historih March 26, 2015

      Learn to read before you read honey. David complimented her.

    • Unbiased March 26, 2015

      Beyonce has been making urban music since 1997 when Rihanna was still selling clothes with her dad outside his car. Don’t try it, child. Do some research.

      • BeyRihLiyah March 26, 2015

        thank you for this !!! im glad you clocked this s****** stan its brain dead just like it has been fav

    • TheElusiveLamb March 26, 2015

      It’s pretty remarkable when one thinks of it in this way and not in the “who copied who” manner that undermines just how important and influential both ladies are to each other and an industry big enough for the both of them.

      Read this and try your comment again.

      • britneyraycarey March 26, 2015

        @theelusivelamb please stop obsessing over me and find a hobby. You live in my replies bitchh. Get tf out and find a new home. Yes b**** you’re getting evicted, homeless ass bitchh

      • TheElusiveLamb March 26, 2015

        Obsessing over you? Oh my little herd chaser, didn’t we have this discussion earlier?

    • Dana March 26, 2015

      Not you ignoring King David’s positivity.

  4. LDN Chick March 26, 2015

    Omg I love that picture chosen David. So shady. *Waits for the Navy to come with their essays of excuses*

    • historih March 26, 2015

      David likes Rih so stop.

    • britneyraycarey March 26, 2015

      just like the hive wrote long ass essays when she lost album of the year? oh

      • LDN Chick March 26, 2015

        Everyone was writing essays about it. But why are you still here. Weren’t you already clocked as a troll on here and Beyonce fan on Twitter. Oh.

      • britneyraycarey March 26, 2015

        you’ve spend your days stalking me on twitter?? lmao you’re as lifeless as beyonce’s first miscarriage

      • LDN Chick March 26, 2015

        Im not stalking you I read the comments on here exposing you, stay mad. All you fake ass trolls secretly get snatched by Beyonce. Thats why you’re all so obsessed with her. And good job describing yourself in that last sentence, the fact you need multiple personas on the internet. Pathetic.

      • britneyraycarey March 26, 2015

        they exposed me? lol kid, it’s not exposing if i have the same @ on twitter than my username. Mess at them all having a group discussion about me in a post and me not even realizing it lol! i was too busy having a life, something most of you lack! Yikes, i can’t at these losers on here

      • LDN Chick March 26, 2015

        Yada yada yada! And you’re still a fake ass low life. Also the reason why you trolled with I Sta(d) For Talents name and forgot to change your email. The struggle.

      • britneyraycarey March 26, 2015

        what are you even talking about?? I never trolled with that i stan (d) person and i barely even speak to them…. mess at everyone making me the star of each post and me not logging on here for weeks LMAO!

      • BeyRihLiyah March 26, 2015

        but where is s******’s aoty award/nomination? remember your brain dead fav only has 1 grammy 🙂

      • LDN Chick March 26, 2015

        Aw I believe you… NAWT! #LowLife #GoListenTo4AndStopTrolling

      • britneyraycarey March 26, 2015

        i’m sure that i stan (d) person was trolling as me, that faggott is always first to comment. He sleeps, eats, and breathes TGJ. I only log on here when there is time

      • britneyraycarey March 26, 2015

        @beyrihliyah and where is Aaliyah’s grammy? She has zero, at least Britney has 1! you tried. May she rest in hell

      • BeyRihLiyah March 26, 2015

        Britney brain dead ass cant even count to 10 go teach her the alphabet

      • Alex March 26, 2015

        But has Britney ever won? Hell has she even won any of the big four?? No i don’t think so b****!!

  5. Unbiased March 26, 2015

    Lord, Beyonce is THE superstar/icon of this generation. IDC what anyone says. Her name gets brought into everything from politics, music, white house…everything.

  6. Keri Qween March 26, 2015

    Kii y’all made a post about that one line and they sound nothing alike

    Sounds more pour-it-upish to me

    • Cupid March 27, 2015

      Right. They are reaching too far! Meanwhile BBHMM shot to #1 on iTunes. No one is as successful with this ratchet thing as rih. Urban radio and the club scene are about to eat this up!

  7. britneyraycarey March 26, 2015

    okay sorry.. i didnt read it, i just saw the headline and got irritated. Sorry for dragging you 🙁

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) March 26, 2015

      Hey Mya!!

      • britneyraycarey March 26, 2015

        hey KING!! Come back to Twitter:( how’ve you been?

  8. Brandys Starr March 26, 2015

    It sounds more like something that bounced off Bow Down/I Been On with all the subtle shade thrown in there to get people talking. Either way the song is awful.

  9. King of hearts March 26, 2015


    • Huh? March 26, 2015

      She was not, liar. Hell Diva is more trap than Pour it Up. Diva was the female version of the hottest at the time A Milli by Wayne, and Pour It Up is tag off Bands A Make Her Dance. Bands is a southern sound, so you tell me how an Island chick trendset it? Ignorant. That credit goes to Three 6 Mafia, Juvenile etc

      • King of hearts March 26, 2015

        Diva wasn’t a trap beat…and I didn’t say rihanna created that sound she was just the FIRST SINGER to start doing it…miss me

      • Tyler Makaveli March 26, 2015

        Rihanna was the first to sing over trap beats???? Huh???

        Southern artist have been singing over trap beats, and Beyonces always been 3rd ward TRILL.

        Were your born at night…..or last night?

  10. Naomi March 26, 2015

    So they’re basically saying Four Five Seconds was a flop for Rihanna and B**** better have my money is not a good follow up. Looks like everyone can see it besides the sinking ship stans.

  11. robyn March 26, 2015

    Tgj has been writing a lot about this track, its like ure rihannas publicist or something. But I did read the article and its harmless in regards to the writer. But it is true both ladies do inspire one another. By the way the track is dope regerdless of what them hatert say bbhmm is a banger

  12. Guess March 26, 2015

    Death. The song is trash. But we all know Kanye is a bey Stan. And now he’s producing Rihanna’s album.. And so far it’s trash.. Hmmm. Kanye what are you up to?!?!?

  13. robyn March 26, 2015

    Lolll my bad I thought sam wrote this article. I just rushed to the story b4 checking who the writer is coz sam is usually the 1 who writes about Rih

  14. BeyRihLiyah March 26, 2015

    lmaooo billboard is being messy

    • Rihboy March 27, 2015

      They are!!!! They wanted another diamonds or we found love… The same songs they called generic and redundant years back and those were smash hits; alongside this 14th number 1! You guys can call this era sloppy or a mess do to two songs… However when she start putting the real heavyweights on us or drop her album; don’t come in here switching up. Lastly did anyone else catch the April 17th release date for the single on iTunes? Error or possible album drop date? Who knows…. It’s been breadcrumbs with her. I’m anxious.

  15. Yeah I Said It March 26, 2015

    Death at that Destinys Chid tribute.

  16. Mark111 March 26, 2015

    Well we all know how much Beyonce is “inspired” by other artist.

    • BeyRihLiyah March 26, 2015

      stop!! you have been doing to much all day

    • Alex March 26, 2015

      Just like Ri was “inspired” by Beyonces release strategy??

    • Come on March 26, 2015

      and that inspiration has took her above and beyond all checkmate

      • Alex March 27, 2015

        How and she has never been #1 on the Forbes list?? #Asyouwere

  17. Rosie March 26, 2015

    Billboard has been so thirsty for clicks lately. They’re even worse than this site.

    • Mrs.Alsina March 26, 2015

      Maybe they should write about Yawna Del Nay’s graveyard tour.

      • Rosie March 26, 2015

        Yawn @ these same trolls still making this tired ass joke about one show out of an entire tour.
        Has August’s album scanned paper towel?

      • Mrs.Alsina March 26, 2015

        I’ll talk to you about August when Lana talks about arenas.

      • britneyraycarey March 26, 2015

        Lana is only good for small stages at a music hall next to wal-mart

      • Rosie March 26, 2015

        Except Lana has already sold out arenas, when will August sell out anything bigger than your local KFC. Death at it being pushed right back to the ghetto as soon as Fist released his album.
        @shitneyraycarey No one asked for you f*****. Go worry about why S****** can’t even sell out a tiny ass theatre for her career funeral in Vegas while Lana is playing 10-20K+ capacity amphitheaters in America in a few months.

      • britneyraycarey March 26, 2015

        i’ll worry when you stop catfishing as this “Rosie” character. We all know you’re a man who’s still in the closet and masturbates to gay p*** at 2AM when no one’s looking.. you’re the faggott tbh :/

      • Rosie March 26, 2015

        Once again stealing reads from CherylSoldier, I see.
        You sound like you hate yourself. Is it that hard to believe that I am legitimately female and not playing dress up at drag shows every weekend like you f***? Maybe you’re bitter since you can’t afford a s** change. Acceptance is key!

      • britneyraycarey March 26, 2015

        aw i’m stealing for cherylsoldier now? Lol cute desperate attempt! She can’t drag for shitt, why would I steal from a lame ass 30 year old man? and i laughed at you making up a little story about me to keep yourself satisfied 🙁 are you mad that i am a female and you are not? Maybe it’s you that desires to be a drag queen.. lol you have just been read by queen britneyraycarey. Bow down b****

      • Rosie March 26, 2015

        Didn’t I just tell you that I AM a female, natural born and all? Can you read? Like I’m soooo sleep at you recycling drags Lovebird and CherylSoldier used a loong time ago.
        Kii at you having to resort to legitimate personal insults since you KNOW you already lost; with all this time you spend on me you could’ve bought S****** Jean enough times to make it outsell August Alsina’s flop ass album in the US. Or some tickets to S******’s 1999-2003 nostalgia tour so it can sell more than 71% on its next boxscore (BTW: NO Lana concert has had so low of a percentage sold out :))

      • DEL BEY March 26, 2015

        @Britneyrayscary, try again b****, you’re as brain dead as your hasbeen fav, miss me with the stale shade, and miley virus? please someone put that h***** infected tongue away.

      • CherylSoldierr March 26, 2015

        Rosie I never used that read on you girl. Pay this troll dust. She already got dragged by multiples above.

  18. BeyRihLiyah March 26, 2015

    honestly neither one of them copied anything trap music has always been around it’s just now in the mainstream

  19. robyn March 26, 2015

    Just wish they would do a song together, now that would be awesome/epic

    • American Eagle March 26, 2015

      I love Rih, but Beyonce would outshine her though “Vocals, Dancer”

      • Mark111 March 26, 2015

        But Rihanna will give Beyonce a #1 after a damn decade. lol

      • Tyler Makaveli March 26, 2015

        Ha! You said the same thing about FourFiveSeconds and that s*** peaked at #4. Stop it lol

      • American Eagle March 26, 2015

        Don’t be stupid, #1 or not, let’s be real, all shade a side, Beyonce would embarrass Rih, and you know it.

      • Alex March 26, 2015

        @mark111 just like it took to 7 tries to get a #1 album?? #Mansityourassdown

      • Alex March 26, 2015

        *Ri seven tries

    • LDN Chick March 26, 2015

      They would never. Beyonce only collaborates with talented people.

    • Tyler Makaveli March 26, 2015

      Not gonna happen. Beyonce doesnt work with artist who are lessor than.

  20. Krista March 26, 2015

    Yes Billboard throw that shade! Everyones clocking her this era, even males:

    “This year’s list is not only a reflection of a shift in the media, but also a shift in modern male thinking,” said AskMen publisher James Bassil. “We wanted to steer away from ‘hot’ lists and highlight women who have demonstrated a sheer influence in their industry.

    The top 20 are as follows:
    1. Emma Watson
    2. Ronda Rousey
    3. Kim Kardashian
    4. Taylor Swift
    5. Lindsey Vonn
    6. Elizabeth Holmes
    7. Beyoncé
    8. Amal Clooney
    9. Jennifer Lawrence
    10. Serena Williams
    11. Ashley Graham
    12. Michelle Obama
    13. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
    14. Mindy Kaling
    15. Tracy Chou
    16. Laverne C**
    17. Amy Poehler
    18. Ava DuVernay
    19. Veronica Roth
    20. Nicki Minaj

  21. Mark111 March 26, 2015

    Yawna Del Nay, hahahahahahahahaha

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) March 26, 2015


    • DEL BEY March 26, 2015

      Bad gal Rhino

  22. Tyler Makaveli March 26, 2015


  23. Tyler Makaveli March 26, 2015

    Changed the game with that digital drop
    Know where you was when that digital popped
    Male or female, it make no difference
    I STOP THE WORLD, world STOP…………

    Carry on

    • Alex March 26, 2015


  24. Slay_Hive March 26, 2015

    * Plays Bow Down*

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) March 26, 2015

      LOL..THE NAZI ARE PRESSED AS F***!!!!!!!!!!

      • Slay_Hive March 26, 2015

        Lmaoooo they’ve been getting dragged all week! This just put the icing on the cake!!

      • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) March 26, 2015


  25. Mark111 March 26, 2015

    It’s a bad week for a Rih Hater aka Bey-Holes. Home is set to be #1 this weekend with 30 million opening. #Opps #TheyWrongAgain

    • LDN Chick March 26, 2015

      Lmao. Thats less than Epic which did 33 million. #TryAgain

      • Tyler Makaveli March 26, 2015

        Ha! To top it all off, “Home” had an astronomically larger budget than “Epic” lol.

      • Mark111 March 26, 2015

        Beyonce is the 10th credited voice actor in that flop film. Rihanna’s name is #1, oh how she always at #1 with EVERYTHING, lol.

      • LDN Chick March 26, 2015

        Maybe thats why its flopping Mark111 lmaooo. The parents heard b**** better have my money and clocked out! Im dreading the soundtracks sales.

        @Tyler LMAO. Thats a flop for a movie with its production budget. To top it off theres not much bigger competition either.

      • Tyler Makaveli March 26, 2015

        How do you have a budget of $132 mill and only pull in $30 mill during the opening week???


      • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) March 26, 2015

        But 30 million for a 130 million dollar budget film is horrible..It will struggle to do 100million in North America..LOL

      • LDN Chick March 26, 2015

        Like he pointed out. Her name is top of the credits. No wonder 😀

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) March 26, 2015


  26. Tyler Makaveli March 26, 2015

    “fans had hoped the singer would deliver an LP that would be hailed as her very own ‘Velvet Rope’ or ‘Ray of Light.’”

    *FLATLINES* Where’s my coffin? Where’s my coffin?????

    Sam, thats too outta pocket LMAO.

    • Tyler Makaveli March 26, 2015

      Oh s***! David wrote this???? Thats even more shady haha *falls on floor*

  27. Rosie March 26, 2015

    Death at the S****** stan having to resort to personal insults since it realized it can’t even use touring/box scores for its fave in 2015.

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) March 26, 2015


      • Rosie March 26, 2015

        When will it realize that NONE want it (except for that other lonely “I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR WELFARE” thing)?

  28. metzo March 26, 2015

    It sounds more like Bow Down/ I Been On imo. But Rihanna started her career trying to be like Beyonce before she morphed into her own artist..
    Well Rih did state that Beyonce is her greatest idol. Nothing wrong with being inspired by your idol. 🙂

  29. metzo March 26, 2015

    Billboard shady asf tho.

  30. Mark111 March 26, 2015

    When your idols becomes your rivals and you beat them. lol #WhereHerNumberOneAtTho

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) March 26, 2015

      I repeat, 30 million for a 130 million dollar budget film is horrible..B**** It will struggle to do 100 million in North America..LOL

      • Mark111 March 26, 2015

        Hooker you don’t know box office. 30 million in March are great numbers. Plus it did 25M over seas. Stay mad 🙂

      • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) March 26, 2015


      • Mark111 March 26, 2015

        Again, you don’t know box office. Have you heard of China? This film will make 100M in the US and about 200 to 300M WW.

      • Hadley March 27, 2015

        But didn’t Epic make more?

  31. britneyraycarey March 26, 2015

    i’m back bitchess!! where’s my welcome back present?? better yet, bow down to me while i clock some of you for being tragedies as human beings!

  32. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) March 26, 2015

    Billboard has been losing its credibility lately so whatever.

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) March 26, 2015


      • Stephy March 26, 2015

        Don’t come for The Queen Of Soundscan! Come for that chick in his avi

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) March 26, 2015

        Oh look… Another desperate and thirsty ThotYoncé fan. *yawns*

      • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) March 26, 2015

        I’m sorry @stephy…That h** Flopriah Carey was trying it..

  33. Stephy March 26, 2015

    “When your idols becomes your rivals and you beat them.”

    Beyonce: Sold 140,000,000+ Records (solo ONLY)… 20 Grammy Awards & a net worth of 450,000,000$’s
    How is she beating her sis???.. Number 1 singles? BLAH! Who cares? That means nothing!

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) March 26, 2015

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CLOCK THAT H**

    • Mark111 March 26, 2015

      #1s, 17th highest selling artist of all time. Owning her masters, her label. Younger and hotter by miles. Lol Make like Mariah’s voice and be quiet.

      • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) March 26, 2015

        But BEY made rihject’s entire net worth in a year tho!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Stephy March 26, 2015

        “17th highest selling artist of all time.”

        You got receipts for that sista Markiesha? Also, lets not act like those “record sales” aren’t 85% 1.29 singles hun. BEYuty is in the EYES of the BEYholder.

      • Tyler Makaveli March 26, 2015


        Well, according to AskMen Beyonce’s more beautiful than Rihanna. So idk about that, but everything else you stated I agree with lolololol.

      • Stephy March 26, 2015

        Uh uh Zaddy. That list don’t mean shitt. Beauty is definitely an taste not facts. Beyonce >>> Rihanna imo. But, its not a fact tho

      • Alex March 26, 2015

        Beyonce been OWNING her stuff. *checks parkwood* #Beyinspired

      • kim March 28, 2015

        Rhianna DOES NOT OWN HER MASTERS Stop the LIES. She MAY own a percentage of her masters going forward.

  34. The Great Lacefronce. March 26, 2015

    Grannyonce is no rival to QUEEN RIH

    This is almost as funny as the time Billboard dragged THIEVINGonce for stealing songwriting credits

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) March 26, 2015

      HI!!!!!!!!!LOVEBIRD. HOW ARE U????

    • DEL BEY March 26, 2015

      please, stale drags from 2010?

  35. Lisa March 26, 2015

    Huynh so was Beyonce entire last album inspired by pour it up? Wtf are they talking about? Rihanna had man down, pour it up and a mallion other songs that we can say inspired bey but oh I forgot Bey was inspired by Kim K LOL

  36. Hadley March 26, 2015

    Poor Navy :(…. B****** better have her money to purchase the hell out of this song and get it to #1 or it will just get worse!

  37. LB March 26, 2015

    Billboard is reaching

  38. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) March 26, 2015

    “fans had hoped the singer would deliver an LP that would be hailed as her very own ‘Velvet Rope’ or ‘Ray of Light.’”

    Lol Dãvid is reading these comments though.

  39. Tyler Makaveli March 26, 2015

    “When your idols becomes your rivals and you beat them.”

    Beyonce has no rivals.
    If you made a list of the hottest chicks in the game it would Beyoncé, a big ass space in underneath, and then random ass chicks in no particular order because nobody cares about them.

  40. The Great Lacefronce. March 26, 2015

    The flea hive pressed because no ones talking about thiefonce anymore

  41. LB March 26, 2015

    I wish Rihanna left this song for Talk That Talk. Anyway I purchased it and it is currently #3 on iTunes in my territory, FourFiveSeconds is #2.

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 26, 2015

      So the bish is still winning with two singles in the top five on itunes?

  42. Rihboy March 26, 2015

    It is the pour it up of the album. Everyone wanted gritty rihanna. She runs away from pop; now the masses want Pop? I’m in tears. The only people that have a problem with the song is the hive or whites who don’t understand trap music. Urban will eat it up. Which they did piu. It’s already doing better than 7/11. we will scan the charts tomorrow as they update to see how the masses feel.

    • Mya March 26, 2015

      Rihanna has a RADIO DEAL. 7/11 didn’t and still slayed Urban radio lol.

      • Rihboy March 27, 2015

        Lls slayed radio. They played 7/11 on the radio for two weeks lls. Barely got love in the club. Kiki moreover Bbhmm is sitting at number 1 . Something all of beyonce a releases from last album failed to do. No pun intended.

  43. Overdose March 26, 2015

    Who cares the song is garbage and generic and will be forgotten.

  44. CherylSoldierr March 26, 2015

    Death at the comments

  45. Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 26, 2015

    The comments is a mess

    • Slay_Hive March 26, 2015

      Actually Beyonce worked with Neyo first in 2006 on Bday’s Irreplaceable. Rihanna didn’t work with him until 2007 take a bow. As far as the other writers , Rihanna doesn’t own a personal songwriter. Writers make their money by working with different artist.

      • Mark111 March 26, 2015

        Wrong hooker. Rihanna worked with Neyo in spring of 2006 with Unfaithful, after being a top ten, Beyonce would later work with him in September.:)

        Rihanna worked with The Dream in 2007 with Umbrella, #1 HUGE hit. Beyonce would do the same in 2009 and it would be her last #1 to date. #Opps

        Sia wrote Diamonds and went to #1, Sia wrote pretty flops and it didn’t even enter the Hot 100. #HaveASeat

      • Rihboy March 27, 2015

        Didn’t she try to run off with credits of irreplaceable tho; completely black balling Neyo? Wonder why he doesn’t speak about her much anymore lls!!! Please slay hive! Get out of here with your weak and foreseen shade. Bey just a thief who barely gets hit. So now she claiming fastest selling and surprise albums which are all still outsold. Just give up boo. Your kings and queens have been knocked down. The game is over. I know you over there twerking to Bbhmm. It’s ok. So is the rest of the world

  46. Biiiitch. No. March 26, 2015

    Why should we see Kelly Clarkson’s weight gain?

    And do you n***** do actual journalism or is this website just another narcissistic, one-dimensional, byproduct of shade being in season?

  47. NavyKing March 26, 2015

    BBHMM is #1 in iTunes tho….

  48. RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) March 27, 2015

    #1 on itunes bi tches! What is a flawless???

  49. blue March 27, 2015

    dont remember sam writting about all the reviews comparing BEY to rihanna’s previous work…can a person be inspired by their own work?

    Maybe bey should be inspired to actually top itunes

  50. Skyfall March 27, 2015

    BBHMM is #1 on US iTunes.

    • moe March 27, 2015

      yay didnt expect that 😀

  51. yelyah the alternative queen March 27, 2015

    I must say, the most annoying thing to read on this site is reading the TRY HARD comments of that ElusiveTryHard and the Rosie Understudy – Del gey

    • TheElusiveLamb March 27, 2015

      Lol. The fact that you just popped up less than a week ago, came for Rosie, Me, and Del Bey, even though none of us have ever mentioned or commented in your reply box, let’s us know who you are. Quit trolling b****. That s*** is not cute.

      • yelyah the alternative queen March 27, 2015

        Actually h**. I’ve been here LONG ago. Go look up some old lana posts around the release of west coast and ultragoat.
        You really are trying hard to be the next slayriah or stephy. You are the “career ender” of your dying fan clun

      • TheElusiveLamb March 27, 2015

        I don’t try to be anything or anyone other than my self. If I’m as bad as you claim, then ignore me and my comments. Why do you care so much? Stay off my c*** b****.

  52. blue March 27, 2015

    BBHMM 100 %
    UF 47%

    it actually broke itunes for a while and was sold out! Must have been all this haters giving rihanna her money

  53. riri March 27, 2015

    b**** better have my money sitting pretty at nos.1 on itunes us. where are the haters at? rihanna about to grab her 14th nos1. say what u want the whole beyonce album was inspired by pour it up yall cant deny it. ur oldyonce keep copying everybody

    • Hadley March 27, 2015

      You cant have heard the whole Beyonce album then

  54. ~The Arcade~ March 27, 2015

    Bottom line is Flawless>> BBHMM 😛

    • blue March 27, 2015

      not what the GP thinks

      #1 on itunes in 18 countries so far

  55. XYZ March 27, 2015

    And they said it themselves. It is similar to “pour it up” and “pour it up” came out before “flawless”. Beyonce stole some Rihanna-type-Songs for “Beyoncé” anyways. “Drunk in love”, “Partition” and “Flawless” could have been on “Unapologetic” or even “Talk that Talk” an would have fit perfectly

  56. haha fools March 27, 2015

    It’s number 1

    Haters gonna hate

    • yelyah the alternative queen March 27, 2015

      Elussive flop? Maybe it’s you that hacked the account to make you seem more relevant

      • haha fools March 27, 2015

        NOT you again chav soldier.

  57. bria March 27, 2015

    Did 711 go no1 on iTunes


  58. AnnaMaeKeatingsNewWig March 27, 2015

    If anything it sounds more like Drake’s Worst behaviour. ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’ is even a quote from the same song


    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 27, 2015

      Yeah I see your comparison. I feel like drake f***** that song up.. If he made bars for racism and prejudice, it could have been much bigger and be his classic

      • AnnaMaeKeatingsNewWig March 27, 2015

        He truly ain’t saying sh*t on this song, but the instrumental is dope. Pretty much the definition of all trap music

  59. Kyle March 27, 2015

    Hahaha. So she had to hang up the ‘Timeless’ music and resort to trash to get the singles to make some some noise. Can’t believe the Navy are boasting about that wack move!

  60. bria March 27, 2015

    The fleas and their leader are jist trying to keep her name out there

    Shouldn’t she be chilling aftwr her album and tour

    My bad she begging taylor swift for a collab (to prop up ‘the king’ that cant even top charts alone once again)

    Or os she trying to sing precious lord again

    That overrated undereducated clown and her fleas are so transparent, lame, desperate and definitely intimidated by Rih who remains perched on top

  61. bria March 27, 2015

    I was so hype last night when it came on when i was in the car, BANGER!!!!!!!!!

  62. bria March 27, 2015

    Hive shut up

    Beyonces whole era was smut

    Hence her jumping on Ledisi song and now licking. Taylors b*** for a collab

    Yes its ratchet, so if its.trash what.was beyonce talkong aboit getting ejaculated on?

    Sit and seethe.

  63. fatusankoh March 27, 2015

    Bey inspired that is so true

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