Britney Spears Shows Off Healed Ankle Ahead of Billboard Music Awards Performance

britney spears thatgrapejuice ankle

‘Stronger’ singer Britney Spears is living up to the title of her 2000 hit after fans feared her recently sprained ankle would prevent her from taking the stage at next week’s Billboard Music Awards.

Indeed, days before unveiling her new single – ‘Pretty Girls’ ft. Iggy Azalea – the pop songstress took an ugly spill on stage during the closing of a show of her Vegas residency.  Though quickly assuring fans she was ok, Spears had to don a boot to facilitate the healing of her ankle.

Well, now its bye bye boot! See her announcement below as anticipation for ‘Pretty Girls’ on-stage premiere drives into high gear:

britney spears sprained ankle boot thatgrapejuice billboard awards

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  1. Weezy Tha G.O.A.T May 7, 2015

    I wish the illuminati would let Britney retire. She is past her prime.

  2. Mark111 May 7, 2015

    You really can’t hate The Princess Of Pop.

    • RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) May 8, 2015

      Princess of what??? I dont think so Mark…How could you give credit to this brandy/Janet clone after she stole Aaliyah’s snake concept..Shame on you.

  3. NT May 7, 2015

    I can’t wait to see how this performance will be.

  4. Lake Erie May 7, 2015

    OK Brit Brit! You better dance like you’re making love ove ove ove oove ove on that Billboard stage!

  5. TheElusiveLamb May 7, 2015

    I don’t want to sound sinister here but does anyone else find it ironic how you sprain an ankle the day before your single drops and then suddenly your ankle is healed in time for a show (which needed attention & got it bc of the ankle)? Zero shade. Just asking. Britney’s a sweet girl.

    • Lake Erie May 7, 2015


    • Lake Erie May 7, 2015

      Lol. That was a speedy recovery though.

      • TheElusiveLamb May 7, 2015

        I’m just saying honey comb.

    • I love to HATE May 8, 2015

      You’re an idiot. The sprained ankle forced her to cancel 3 of her Piece of Me shows….Such an idiot..Before you speak, please do some fact checking!

  6. britneyraycarey May 7, 2015

    Pretty Girls is better than any Beyonce song released this decade. Can’t wait for Britney to have a fantastic performance with the new queen of rap Iggy!

    • Lake Erie May 7, 2015

      Smh. I have nothing to say bout you comment cuz I stan for neither but I do like their music. Lol. But comments like this is what’s makes me think some of yal come on here just to fight (argue) lol.

    • BeyRihLiyah May 8, 2015

      your a lame basic ass hoeeee go back into the hell hole that you came from

      • britneyraycarey May 8, 2015

        you’re* please spell right! But then again, Beyonce fans have never been too good at spelling. I don’t blame you!

      • BeyRihLiyah May 8, 2015

        but you are brain dead just like your slow llama looking fave

    • HYISI May 8, 2015

      This coming from a Britney Stan The talentless hack that paved the way for crap we hear today to be called music? Britney’s while entire discography is trash! Same robotic vocals,.5 vocal range,no real depth to her music period.
      Beyonce’s not a walking bowl of lard squeezed into fat compression suits,lipping to the least challenging vocals ever recorded,your former crack lollipop sucking fave is. Dismissed!

    • beyflawless May 8, 2015

      Then pretty girl sliding down the charts

      • beyflawless May 8, 2015

        Then y pretty girl sliding down the charts

  7. Nikko May 8, 2015

    Her new song is def a hit cool summer song…. Good job B-Girl…..

    • Lake Erie May 8, 2015

      I’m anxious to see the video.

  8. Steph. May 8, 2015


  9. Beetopic May 8, 2015

    It stupid to think the lady was faking it the video clearly shows her ankle twist and her reaction shows the pain! Everybody has sprain a ankle before it takes about a week to fully recover tall are assholes

  10. rihicon May 8, 2015

    hmm but Wendy had pics of her without the boot playing football lmao

  11. Lele May 8, 2015

    Britney when performing live just seems like a scared cheerleader, something has happen to her; She seems like a broken puppet that they have glued back together;

    This performance will be cringeworthy, just like her performance with Rihanna . Sad but true;

  12. You wanna love it right bettor then my funky money May 8, 2015


  13. Kelvin May 12, 2015

    When I see Britney Spears, I get Joan Rivers now. Forget her music, when did she start morphing into Joan Rivers!?

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