Jason Derulo Heats Up Billboard Magazine

Published: Friday 22nd May 2015 by Sam

Cop a gander of Jason Derulo!

The Pop purveyor flexes a-front of the latest edition of Billboard Magazine, which has been christened the ‘Summer Shape Issue.’

25-year-old Derulo is currently gliding across the press trail in support of new album ‘Everything Is 4,’ which dances into stores on June 2nd.

The set’s lead single ‘Want To Want Me’ has become a bonafide Billboard hit and presently sits at #8 on the Hot 100.

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  1. Toohotfortv May 22, 2015

    Im so glad he’s getting better style advice bc in the beginning of his career, he was atrocious looking (style-wise).

  2. Barb-wire May 22, 2015

    He’s still hiding his sexuality I see.

  3. Everyone’s A Critic May 22, 2015

    he does nothing for me. He just looks gay! I just want him to say it already. His music is gay. His style is gay. He sings gay. He dances GAYER. He’s clearly a power bottom.
    I hate fake people. He always tryna push this hood boy attitude in terms of his sexuality but he doesn’t look comfortable around women. That’s my honest opinion

    • maurice May 22, 2015

      SCREAMING @ “obviously a power bottom”. lmao

    • toohotfortv May 22, 2015

      I’m really trying to understand the relevance of your opinion to anything that has to do with A) this article and B) Jason Derulo’s music career. If he is gay, what does that mean to you? And if he’s a “power bottom” (as you put it), what does that mean to you? I’m really trying to figure out what his sexuality has to do with anything and why anyone would care one way or the other how he expresses himself. Especially if you have nothing to do with this man’s personal life.

  4. Everyone’s A Critic May 22, 2015

    And for crying out loud, can someone get this n**** a shape up or something. Hair is a mess

  5. King z May 22, 2015

    ^^^ I hate commenters like you.

    First off..if he is gay…you are gayer. For some reason the girls are so miserable that they are obviously out of the closet they always try to force and drag others out.

    For years, your mother deceived you like she actually gave a fuuuuck about u. If he is comfy in his deception of being gay…let him be.

    • Everyone’s A Critic May 22, 2015

      Hold the f*** up! I know say this keyboard warrior is tryna come for me talking about my mother like it knows us!
      I don’t need to comeback and justify my mothers love for me. I’m sitting comfortable, accommodated and ACCEPTED b****.
      Deception is not a comfort. Long gone are my closet days and if I could go back in time, there wouldn’t be any closet days because life is better when you are loved both from others and yourself. Think about that before you come for the Critic. For you can try and drag me but I’m a statue w****! I can’t be moved by no anonymous TGJ commenter.
      And I’m not a girl! I got balls… SUCK EM

      • credits May 22, 2015

        You talk about Derulo like you know him. You know nothing about his personal life and you stating that he is a “power bottom” must be wishful thinking on your part. You’re gay and know what is it like to be attracted to the same s** and that is why it is so easy for you to assume others are gay, but not everybody is attracted to the same s**. “he sings gay” “he dances gay” WTF? that coming from a gay person really baffles me because in what world does the way someone sings and dances equate to being attracted to the same s**?

      • Everyone’s A Critic May 22, 2015

        Let me be politically correct for your dumb a***! I should’ve said CAMP! But you knew that, you were just tryna make a little point.. I see you

      • Credits May 22, 2015

        “CAMP?” Your dumb a** just made it worse. First “power bottom” and now “camp” you have a label for everything don’t you? If you were happy with your own situation you wouldn’t be on here criticizing somebody else’s life, critic…

  6. Al May 22, 2015

    Yawn just a singles artist won’t be relevant next year bye puffy I mean Felicia

  7. hanna May 22, 2015

    Cant wait for his single with JLO and Matoma .

  8. jazz May 22, 2015

    Something about him is off. I just can’t put my finger on it. He is decent looking, he can sing, and dance. But still…. what could it that turn me off about him?

  9. jj May 22, 2015

    Cause u might like ratcet chris brown…j durulo is pop…but his music is goodpop he might try too hard…he has the whole package…is him deing darkskinned an issue cause chris almoat white and can kill someone and still have people stand foe him…j d s image is kinda all over the place…hes techniqly better that chris brown looks wisw and body same dance ablity but more dangerous broke is neck for godsake willing to shake up his music…i think people feel hes not cool enough because cbrown is such a badboy…hes praised for bad behavior.

  10. SMH May 22, 2015


  11. BEY>RIH May 22, 2015

    Does he seem like a sell-out to anybody else? Maybe its just me but he is a black male who makes microwave pop music that caters to white 9-18 yr old girls just to score a top ten. Even in this pic its evident, hence why there is a white girl in the pool. But He cant sell an album to save his life. ????????????

  12. Lake Erie May 22, 2015

    After his last group of singles from his last album. I’ve took a liken to him. I think he’s a great entertainer. I really don’t care for his new song but I like him. My question is WHY do I always see a bunch if comments about people thinking he’s gay whenever there is a blog about him? I don’t think he is. I would give “0” f**** if he was because music in my eyes is MUSIC. But why? I’d like some feedback?

  13. Uknowdakid May 22, 2015

    People are negative he still outselling many of your favs singles. Tbh pretty every artist is heading into that single artist domain

    • Lake Erie May 22, 2015

      Yea, it looks that way too. You think it’ll go as far people doing away with full albums?

  14. stan May 22, 2015

    he’s still corny to me

  15. JIJ May 22, 2015

    I would let him in…

  16. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money May 23, 2015

    He looks nice

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