New Video: Sage The Gemini & Nick Jonas – ‘Good Thing’

Published: Thursday 21st May 2015 by David

Tropical video alert!

Hit the play button below to catch Nick Jonas and Sage the Gemini‘s new video for the single ‘Good Thing.’

Hannah Lux-Davis is the director behind the visual, whipping up serious creative journey to deliver a video which will go a long to support Gemini’s sophomore album.

Ready to press play?

Get into ‘Good’ below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly May 21, 2015


    • maurice May 21, 2015

      I was expecting another Mustard on the beat record, but this is cute.
      I got a little teary eyed when Nick started singing. This record is so REFRESHING from the B.S i been hearing.
      That NATALIA LA HO and that basic song of hers.
      Nick SLAYYYYYYYYYYYED. This is my new favorite white song.
      YASSSSS. One time for the white people.

      • Toohotfortv May 21, 2015

        So funny that its a “WHITE song” but this song is on a black guys album. I tell you what, I actually enjoy nicks voice but lord, he makes the most simple songs seem so hard. Why is it so hard for him to get those mid range notes out? He always looks as if he’s about to have a conniption fit.

      • maurice May 21, 2015

        im not paying attention to Sage’s verse that much. It sounds like it was written by Iggy Azalea. Shoulda gotten a ghostwriter, but oh well, Nick saves the song.

  2. Solange The Sponge May 21, 2015

    So I see nick Jonas is going the Justin timberlake route. #bye

    • LB May 21, 2015

      Only difference is even though Justin was swagger jackin Usher, he was actually genuine. That was somewhat who he really is. Nicki on the other hand is faker than Nicki Minaj’s silicon implants…bye felicia.

      • Danny Bey May 21, 2015

        How do you swaggerjack and be genuine? What kinda…

  3. LB May 21, 2015

    Well the song started off with a lot of potential, I was like “this is kind of cute”, then I noticed Sage’s poor rhymes and delivery and was finally distracted by whatever is stuck in Nick Jonas’ throat.


    • Molly May 21, 2015

      The biggest hater ever choke on a dîck.

      • LB May 21, 2015

        But I am right though, Sage cannot rap, he is just a pretty face. His rhymes in this song were poorly written, his delivery atrocious.

        Nicki cannot sing, he needs to work on clearing whatever it is is clogging up his throat and try singing from his diaphragm.


      • Toohotfortv May 21, 2015

        Omg… so it wasn’t just me. And I’m sorry but I kind of feel like sage is just average in the looks department. He’s just really average all the way around. This is a smart move though. He should definitely go the flo-rida route.

    • Mark111 May 21, 2015

      That’s because he’s imitating a soul singer. You know when you sing karaoke and your voice changes to sound like whoever song you’re singing?

  4. Navy May 21, 2015

    I like the song & video I’ll be buying this

  5. Rowlandstones May 21, 2015

    Yasssss I haven’t like a song like this since Katy perry Dark horse

  6. D May 21, 2015

    Didn’t Tyga film the ‘Hookah’ video on that set? -_-

  7. TheElusiveLamb May 21, 2015

    Sage is so cute. He seems a guy that lost his virginity late, but he was a quick learner so it’s all good. Lol.

  8. Jamie May 21, 2015

    When the beat turned into Jealous pt. I got upset. The song was fine the way it started.

  9. Mark111 May 21, 2015

    Ha! When these Disney teen pop stars enter their 20’s, all of a sudden they become Black R&B/Urban singers. JT gets a pass because vocally he never switched, and even the late 90’s/2000s pop were pretty urban imo, but people like Nick, Miley, Jesse and who ever aren’t fooling anyone. And this rapper is just trying to pop off. I get it, it gives them an edge, but it’s still fake a sh1t. Reminds me when Duff, Ashley Simpson and Heart and Lohan were all of the sudden Pop Rockers. Whatever works I guess.

  10. Mark111 May 21, 2015

    When rock doesn’t work, mimic Neyo and go Urban. This was 5 years ago, was this not him? They’ll use the “This is the real me” marketing. Not falling for it.

    • scars May 23, 2015

      i love this song

  11. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money May 22, 2015

    Pretty good song and nice music video

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