The Predictions Are In: Mariah Carey & Jamie Foxx Set To Sell…

Published: Wednesday 20th May 2015 by Sam

It’s that time of the week.

With new releases from the likes of Mariah Carey and Jamie Foxx, all eyes are prepped to see what the R&B staples are set to sell with their respective projects.

Wonder no more, for the first week sales predictions await after the jump…

According to Hits Daily Double, Mimi’s greatest hits LP ‘#1 To Infinity’ is on course to sell 14,000-16,000 copies first week in the US. When paired with streaming data (which now counts towards chart placements on the Billboard 200), the estimates for the set – Carey’s first for new label Epic – rise to 16k-18k.


For Foxx, whose ‘Hollywood: A Story Of A Dozen Roses’ serves as his first album in seven years, the climate isn’t much better. The project is projected to shift 21,000-24,000 copies first week (24-27k with streaming).


As low as the numbers are, one has to wonder if there’s actually any need to be (that) surprised.

Yes, both are major names, yet that doesn’t dissolve some glaring facts about each CD.

In Mimi’s case, she’s essentially released a project full of songs everyone has already – save for new single ‘Infinity.’ From our vantage point, it’s increasingly seeming as though she should have just serviced the single to promote her Vegas residency rather than a whole album. That or add or more than just one new song. Like, what’s the incentive to buy the LP for $11 when one could buy the single for $1.29 on iTunes and “make” the album as a playlist?

Still, viewed another way, the collection could serve as a solid compliment to her residency and could plausibly go on to enjoy consistent sales. Time will tell.

As for Jamie, he’s released a slew of songs – yet there isn’t a video in sight. Makes one wonder if the album was designed to ever be a seller or merely contract completer?


Your thoughts?

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  1. John Dee May 20, 2015

    Poor Moo but hey atleast Infinity charted.

    • AmericanDream May 20, 2015

      Poor Mimi, a.k.a. Flopriah Lip-Synchey.

  2. LC May 20, 2015

    Mariah should include the new #1’s album in her Vegas merchandise/memorabilia. But it really was kind of dumb to release an album full of songs most of her fans already have. That’s exactly why I didn’t bother purchasing. I guess the point was to have something to promote with the residency and possibly introduce the younger generation to her older hits.

    • SMH May 20, 2015

      That would actually be a good idea if her label has any intentions of pushing this collection. Then again, she is working with LA Reid…

  3. lolhart May 20, 2015

    Need to remember Infinity is a greatest hits compilation and they never do well in the USA. Also, we already have #1s, Greatest Hits, The Ballads and The Essential Mariah Carey

  4. XoMoDe May 20, 2015

    LMAO. Those numbers are TRAGIC Mariah. Plain tragic! Ciara must be feeling a little less glared on now.

    • Jamie May 20, 2015

      No, she should still feel glared she’s a legendary flop!!! She started this s***.

      • Faf May 20, 2015

        @jamie only thing they need to be glaring at is how she outperforms their favorites and they still need to catch up with their choreography with those stiff ass bent knees and broken neck

    • Lambypal May 20, 2015

      I see the system has failed. It is compilation album it is not meant to do well. Most people already have these songs. You must be a either a rihanna or beyonce stan…. Need I run Mariah’s record to you
      SHE HAS 9 CONSECUTIVE MULTI Platinum albums

  5. Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) May 20, 2015

    It’s a greatest hits compilation. In this day and age I wouldn’t expect it to shift much, when people already have all the material but one song.

    Jamie doesn’t seem to give a no videos, and that singing at the boxing match. Lol.

    He just threw this album out the window.

    Nothing shocking about their number tbh..

    • truth(nicki the reason AI is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) May 20, 2015

      Biitch u got a YEAST infection. (Blows bubble and pops gum. Twists off

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) May 20, 2015

        Lol! Hoodrat you still trying it. Why you always worried about someone else’s cooch?
        You bulldagger hoodrat lesbo. Stop selling yourself for chicken wings on the corner and go find a real job you dirtbag bish.

        Bye slutpuppy! 🙂

      • truth(nicki the reason AI is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) May 21, 2015


      • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) May 21, 2015


  6. Suicide Blonde May 20, 2015

    That’s less than J.Lo’s greatest hits, remember John Vidal, you were so happy about it.

    • Rachel May 20, 2015

      J Los greatest hits? The title itself is laughable considering none of her songs are great let alone the supposed hits.

      • SMH May 20, 2015

        You know, I never did understand the concept of a GH set by J. Lo lol.

      • Suicide Blonde May 20, 2015

        The same can be said about the supposed hits (#1s) by Mariah.

      • #1 Lamb May 20, 2015

        Mariahs REAL hits are timelss, iconic era defining songs. Does J Lo even have one of those things?

    • Yonce May 20, 2015

      Jlo has hits?

      • Suicide Blonde May 20, 2015

        Remember the global smash ‘On the Floor’, a global hit, what Beyoncé has been seeking desperately for the past 6 years or something.

      • #1 Lamb May 20, 2015

        No Suicide Blonde, no one remembers that here for the moment mess.

      • Suicide Blonde May 20, 2015

        But i bed you remember “Touch my Body” or Beyoncé’s last hit, right?

      • #1 Lamb May 20, 2015

        Well I, and the rest of GP know that songs like ‘Hero’ and ‘Crazy In Love’ blow J Los entire discography out of the water.

      • Suicide Blonde May 20, 2015

        Crazy in Love, really?

      • #1 Lamb May 20, 2015

        Yeah really. Can you dispute it with any J Lo song?

    • OMG Logic!!! May 20, 2015

      I’m not sure, but can you fill a GH CD with one hit song?

      • Suicide Blonde May 20, 2015

        That’s why Beyoncé hasn’t released a GH.

      • #1 Lamb May 20, 2015

        Beyonce will release a greatest hits and it will slay J Los. J Lo has been around 30 years and has no noteable musical achievments outside of the fact shes Latino (which Shakira also slays her statistically) at all. Don’t be delusional.

      • SMH May 20, 2015

        LMAO J. Lo has not been around for 30 years.

      • #1 Lamb May 20, 2015

        Her career started in the 1986 my dear. Hard to believe considering how lacklustre its been compared to others.

      • SMH May 20, 2015

        @#1 lamb um, no it didn’t, dear. J. Lo started out as a dancer in the early 90’s. She was still in high school in 1986.

      • #1 Lamb May 21, 2015

        @SMH. She took the screen in the My Little Girl Trailer in 1986 and has done 80s things since then. Research hun.

    • JOHNVIDAL May 20, 2015

      Mariah Carey keeps selling double of what JLo sells despite Mariah´s musical career starting way before JLo´s (see last years sales by both ladies new albums). It´s really absurd to try shading Mariah using… JLo? LOL

    • Lambypal May 21, 2015

      The fact J.Lo has a greatest albums is a kiiiii. How many of them feature pitbull?

  7. SMH May 20, 2015

    In Mariah’s case, its a GH set, those usually don’t sell big anyway. In Jamie’s case, he was never taken seriously as a.recording artist in the first place. His previous albums did well because he was riding the success of his Oscar win and the popularity of his acting career.

  8. Rachel May 20, 2015

    Oh well theres really no shade to throw. Its Mariah freakin Carey.

  9. Cake like Lady GaGa May 20, 2015

    And R-delayed will sell 9k when Riherrpes finally decides to stop paying the navi phags dust. Poor navi

    • Goldie May 20, 2015

      Rihanna obviously doesn’t give two f#### about her fans

  10. Queen Barb May 20, 2015

    And Mariah remains Ciaras lesser hahahahaha.

    • OMG Logic!!! May 20, 2015

      And Onika remains Iggy’s lessor.

    • MisdamenorFan May 20, 2015

      Oh hunny I love CiCi but come on now really? You need to worry about Nicki winning a Billboard award. LOL a pop star beat out a “rapper” for best rap catagory LOL

      • SMH May 20, 2015

        But Nicki has 2 platinum albums and one gold album. Shouldn’t you Iggy fans be worrying about that?

  11. pat May 20, 2015

    damn…i remember when those types of numbers only went to gospel, blues, jazz artists. So what are people going to deem a flop or success for Janet? her streaming numbers will probably do exceptionally well tho in addition to sales

  12. Mark111 May 20, 2015

    I already slaughtered the LAMES in the last post. They won’t be showing up anytime soon. Flops, flops everywhere.

    • #1 Lamb May 20, 2015

      You really didn’t slaughter anyone. Not when your faves sales and talent combined doesn’t add up to Mariahs.

      • Mark111 May 20, 2015

        Are we counting the 90’s when she was Tommy’s pet mut or the 2000’s? Oh the LAMES, stuck in the 90’s. lol

      • #1 Lamb May 20, 2015

        Whatever you want to count, do you see any lies? Shall we talk about the 2000s where The Emancipation Of Mimi comeback album outsold every Rihanna or Aaliyah album when Mariah was mid 30s?

      • Legend B May 21, 2015

        Deeead! That one ran him away ????????????????

  13. Avenger May 20, 2015

    Ha. Those predictions are sad, laughable and totally expected. I thought her return to Sony was supposed to “slay”… Weren’t the lambs talking big sh!t about her going “home” and working with L.A. Reid again?

    • Mark111 May 20, 2015

      Yep, but the LAMES are never right. Oh well, but the 1990’s they go.

      • OMG Logic!!! May 20, 2015

        Shouldn’t you be more worried over how bad Rihanna will flop after a 3 year hiatus and Tidal exclusive release? It’s not like she’s got the talent to back up her name. She’s always been a “easily accessible McMusic” “artist.”

    • OMG Logic!!! May 20, 2015

      Really? You’re mocking a GH album flopping? Does your fave even have hits to put out such an album?

      • SMH May 20, 2015

        Actually, Aaliyah does have a GH album. And its double platinum. #ijs

  14. DTG May 20, 2015

    Damn! She did worse than Ciara. 😛 Retire Mariah. The milk is past the point of being sour and is now curdling.

  15. Rosie May 20, 2015

    Not selling less than Jamie Foxx. Mess.

    • Rima May 20, 2015

      But UltraTrash sold less than Godpop

      • Mark111 May 20, 2015

        Welp, he has a point.

      • Rosie May 20, 2015

        FAGPOP was extremely frontloaded, left every chart worldwide before its 5 month anniversary, and hasn’t even sold 100K worldwide since 2013. Sit down f** and go worry about Fad clinging to 89 year old d*** to save her career since her pop career is DEAD and GONE while both of Lana’s albums are STILL charting in nearly every major market including the US.

      • Rima May 20, 2015

        The f****** excuses save them you d*** ass Rosie O’Donnell clone. B**** face the facts Lana is a flop you were claiming that UV would slay Artpop but it’s not. Haha Lady Gaga still remains the queen of interscope and most iconic and influential popstar of this decade while yours remains a drunk w**** releasing elevator music and performing at local graveyards.

      • Rosie May 20, 2015

        The self-drag AGAIN lmao. Lana is playing 10-20K capacity venues RIGHT NOW in North America (US & Canada) while Fad’s current tour is literally all casinos and jazz festivals for 80 year old retirees.
        Stop being delusional and realize that Fad’s “impact” was left in 2011 with the rest of its career. No one dresses “crazy!!1” anymore and no one claims the ugly outdated EDM music it does anymore. Meanwhile Lana has a ton of copycats to this day (see: almost every female “indie/alternative” pop artist such as Borde, Banks, Ryn Weaver, Zella Day, etc).

      • LOL May 20, 2015


      • Rosie May 20, 2015

        And Alana is still performing for much bigger crowds than ARTGRAVE in the US.
        Truly a frontloaded FAD.

  16. Regina George May 20, 2015

    There are too many other outlets… Artists just don’t sell like they used too… 16k is atrocious but as someone mentioned before… Mariah has plenty of greatest hits albums… This wasn’t really needed… She could’ve dropped an EP with a few new songs vs repackaging these same songs over for a 5th time… Mariah is a diva and a legend so no shade… An album just wasn’t necessary… Jamie Foxx… I didn’t even know he was releasing something

    • LC May 20, 2015

      @Regina George: Yes, an EP with 4 or 5 new songs would’ve been a much better idea.

    • TheElusiveLamb May 20, 2015

      Honestly, me neither. I thought the TGJ posts were in regards to his Mayweather national anthem performance

  17. Mark111 May 20, 2015

    In other news, my favorite band Twentyone Pilots is set to do 125K to 130K. Hope it goes #1, they’re freaking awesome!
    And tgj needs to step outside of girly music and r&b and repost more ent news.

    • Suicide Blonde May 20, 2015

      Oh i love them, i’m surprised that you like them 😀

      • Mark111 May 20, 2015

        Like? I LOVE them. I been waiting for a new album. The last one still gets played.

      • Suicide Blonde May 20, 2015

        Same here.

  18. Mark111 May 20, 2015

    You telling me the WW LAMEs can’t throw an extra $9.99 so their fave won’t flop. I know GH sell low, but 16K! My faves would NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cake like Lady GaGa May 20, 2015

      B**** R-delayed will sell 9k. Have several seats

      • Mark111 May 20, 2015

        Ha! Never.

    • OMG Logic!!! May 20, 2015

      The Lambs unlike certain delusional Goats don’t need ten copies of their fave’s music. This is Mariah’s 4th compilation. None of us need it. How are Rihanna’s sub 30 million album sales after 7 studio albums though? Queen Mariah did that with one album. Twice.

      • Mark111 May 20, 2015

        Still living in the past? Hahahahaha, sure she sold alot, she was Tommy and Sony’s lap dog.

      • #1 Lamb May 20, 2015

        Its not the past. Those are what you call facts babe. He told no lies.

  19. #1 Lamb May 20, 2015

    Thats not even bad.

    • Mark111 May 20, 2015

      So is this Steph Infection or Executed LAmb in hiding?

      • #1 Lamb May 20, 2015

        No. But I can’t wait for them to get here so they scalp you bald like they always do (Especially Elusive Lamb)

  20. Flash80 May 20, 2015

    Life gets harder when you’re not married to the CEO of the label anymore.

    • Mark111 May 20, 2015

      *Falls to the ground*

    • Centurion May 20, 2015


    • OMG Logic!!! May 20, 2015

      I wonder how she managed to get 5 number 1s without him. Then there’s the Emancipation of Mimi’s success.

  21. Cake like Lady GaGa May 20, 2015

    Not the canadian transexual TRYING to throw shade when it lives in Ontario, the poorest province in that flop country. Its suppose to be a first world country, but Brazil (a third world country) has a bigger GDP and economy than it. I can see why the t***** is mad

    • Rosie May 20, 2015

      I’m pretty sure you’re retarded at this point.
      Brazil’s population is almost 7 times larger than Canada’s of course it has a larger GDP total but it literally does not matter when it’s GDP per capita is MUCH smaller than Canada’s. I would tell you to go back to school but we all know the education system in the mud huts of Soweto isn’t doing you any favors.

      • Cake like Lady GaGa May 20, 2015

        I would tell u to go back to school, but we all know there are no good schools in Ontario. No one lives there except trailer trash. The kiii is that Brazil’s economy is bigger than Canada’s, and canada is suppose to first world? Bitchh have several \_ \_

      • Rima May 20, 2015

        @CakeLikeGaga Drag that broke ass bum. Rosie is a f****** joke.

      • Rosie May 20, 2015

        Brazil population: 202 million
        South Africa population: 51 million
        Canada population: 35 million
        GDP per capita (USD):
        Canada: 51,958.38
        Brazil: 11,208.08
        South Africa: 6,617.91

        I see someone didn’t take a basic economics class in high school. One of the first things taught is that GDP per capita is what determines a country’s standard of living.
        Besides, kii at you knowing s*** about Canada when you literally live halfway across the globe. We have one of the highest standards of living while almost half of your country’s population lives under the poverty line.

      • Rosie May 20, 2015

        And death at Rima calling anyone poor when your fanbase can’t even afford to get their fave to scan 1 million worldwide anymore. Has Ass To Mouth done it yet?

      • Cake like Lady GaGa May 20, 2015

        If you’re so rich, why didn’t you buy ultraflop? U speak as if it has scanned 1 million worldwide. HAS IT??????

      • Rosie May 20, 2015

        At you having to copy and past the same post twice since I clocked you.
        Just know that a McDonalds worker in the US on welfare making minimum wage makes more money annually than the average South African.

  22. TheElusiveLamb May 20, 2015

    Those numbers are tragic, so you get no excuses from me. Sure in Mimi’s case it’s a Greatest Hits, but she needed to do at least 50k even if we already do have those songs. My feelings aren’t hurt though bc it was only released to make sure that residency is sold out. Now if she sells like this for the upcoming album later this year, I’ll cry myself in a mental hospital. ????????????????????

    • Lake Erie May 20, 2015

      Awwww, I highly doubt her official album will sell like this homie. Cuz you right and this article is right, it’s only her greatest hit album.

      • TheElusiveLamb May 20, 2015

        I hope not honey bun. Hru today?

  23. Grande The Way May 20, 2015

    Well like they said, we already have the songs off Mariah’s greatest hits, there is no point in paying $11 for one single. Jamie Foxx did literally nothing to push his album. Artist need to realize that you wont sell if you don’t promote

    • TheElusiveLamb May 20, 2015

      True. Have you seen Ariana on her tour?

      • Grande The Way May 20, 2015

        I will this August, I’m so excited! The Youtube videos are great but nothing truly beats live. I saw her live during the Listening Sessions Tour and it was the best concert I’ve been to. This will be even better tbh. Do you plan on seeing MC in Vegas?

  24. Centurion May 20, 2015

    I expect the mistress and the home wrecker to throw tantrums and cancel more shows.

    • Mark111 May 20, 2015

      *Sings*, “Homewrecker got the worst first week…” *Skips to the whistle part* “Fllloooooop, fllloooooop”

      • Centurion May 20, 2015


  25. Theman May 20, 2015

    Lol get TF out of here. This is this woman’s millionth compilation. It isn’t a new album. Everyone has these songs already. Y’all stay reaching. Ciara & Jamie have new albums out. This ain’t some surprise release. Mark sit your washed up a** down. Tell Rihanna to release that flop of an album with her million singles already. Who was expecting huge sales with music that everyone has? Lol..

  26. Sage May 20, 2015

    The excuses are giving me LIFE! I love it when artists don’t deliver the numbers to give their bloated, over-competent stans enough to brag about. It becomes all the more sweeter when the numbers are actually humiliating and forces them to desperately come up with pitiful excuses for damage control that no one is buying. Mariah’s last STUDIO album only did slightly better than this. So clinging to it being a “greatest hits” doesn’t wash. Also, I’m not seeing “Infinity” anywhere on the charts, despite that wretched Billboard awards performance. Looks like Mariah can’t sell new music or old music, so what is she good for now? In the words of Arsenio: “THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMMM…”

  27. Mark111 May 20, 2015

    I get it now, all their faves flopped these past few years and now (to make them feel better) are hoping that R8 do the same. Rihanna, there’s no rush, take your time Pop Rebel. If she wait another year, most of these flopping hasbeens won’t even be around.

    • #1 Lamb May 20, 2015

      No ones hoping boo, it likely will if you add up all the odds. If you were not so bent sent on coming for everyones faves when you stan for two of the most basic b****** in the industry, no one would have to drag The Corpse, Rihanna or Rlate… I mean 8.

    • OMG Logic!!! May 20, 2015

      B1tch your faves entire existence is a flop.

  28. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan May 20, 2015

    It’s a greatest hits album, so I expected these numbers.

  29. KeKe May 20, 2015

    Not bad i wasn’t expecting double digits and not some of y’all trying to drag when her first #1s has sold close to 5 mill (correct me if i’m wrong) but in think she should try the Madonna route just to push the album

  30. ratedxxx May 20, 2015

    Its a greatest hits album..she hasnt had a hit in of course shes going to use her older hits…

    which didn’t make any sense to me…because she has already done this before..hence the numbers

  31. Rima May 20, 2015

    Lanas next album will sell 5k so idk why Dykesie is trying to come for Mariah.

    • Rosie May 20, 2015

      Honeymoon will for sure do more than Fad’s next album.

      • Centurion May 20, 2015

        Even you know that that is a lie.

      • Rima May 20, 2015

        No ones checking for Lana she’s as irrelevant as Ciara and Cassie at this point.

      • Rosie May 20, 2015

        Is that why Lana is selling out crowds bigger then Fad had for ARTGRAVE and possibly his entire career?
        Did any celebs attend ARTGRAVE when it came to LA? A lot of the “it” teen celebs attended The Endless Summer Tour at its Hollywood Bowl date. Always trendy and relevant among the popular kids, something Fad hasn’t been since May 2011.

  32. Mark111 May 20, 2015

    Don’t worry LAMEs, when Sony do to her what they did to MJ, this will sell like hot cakes. It’s only a matter of time. Sounds familiar? Returns to home label, bad shows, now we just need some propofol or a tub filled with water. #YeaIWentThere

    • OMG Logic!!! May 20, 2015

      Desperate for a laugh just like your fave is desperate for a snort of coke aren’t we?

  33. #1 Lamb May 20, 2015

    When you’re trying to drag but the shade is none of your faves albums have outsold Mariahs comeback album. Lol.

  34. Goldie May 20, 2015

    You folks arguing back and forth are just plain silly. I have a friend who works for a major record company and he says that the music industry is doing horrible right now. Every year it’s getting worse. No one is selling records right now. Even the big names are not pulling in numbers

    • LOL May 20, 2015


  35. Centurion May 20, 2015

    InFLOPnity eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee flop uh flop uh flop uh flop uh

  36. ratedxxx May 20, 2015

    People are acting like she dropped a new album…you cannot compare a greatest hit album to a brand new album..

    I laugh at people who thinks their favs are on the same level as legends

    mimi.has at least one album that equals to all your fave numbers

  37. Rosie May 20, 2015

    Besides, why is Rima so obsessed with me? It should be more concerned about his fave getting married to some D-lister from some show about firemen and scraping up the last bits of its career by performing jazz standards to 80 year old retirees in half empty casino ballrooms.

    • Mark111 May 20, 2015

      D Lister!!!! Hahahahaha

  38. Yeah I said May 20, 2015

    LOL Damn this blog is full of OLD BITTER QUEENS with no life..EX Markisha111 and Suicide Crack head power bottom blond. You old f*** need love.

  39. TheElusiveLamb May 20, 2015

    May 18, 2015 at 8:46 am
    What now says:

    What do you think her first week sales will be for this compilation album?
    WMay 18, 2015 at 9:41 am
    TheElusiveLamb says:

    Yes she did good. And TBH (hurts me to say this), but 30k with streams.

    ^^ I would have typed less than 30k, but my phone took it out when I submitted my comment. No one is delusional, but it is clear that you are mad.

  40. Cake like Lady GaGa May 20, 2015

    If you’re so rich, why didn’t you buy ultraflop? U speak as if it has scanned 1 million worldwide. HAS IT??????

    • Rosie May 20, 2015

      Even you don’t believe that, don’t you?
      It’s at 1.5 million worldwide according to you f***’ favorite source, MediaTraffic.
      The same source says Ass to Mouth has been stuck between 900K-below 1M worldwide since December.

      • Xtina May 20, 2015

        LMAOOOOO Not ass to mouth LOL.

    • Rima May 20, 2015

      That fat b**** lives with her parents. All her money goes towards twinkes and mayonnaise.

      • Rosie May 20, 2015

        I’m sorry, I’m not American. We don’t know what a Twinkie is, maybe you guys can tell me since 2/3rds of your country is overweight?

  41. #1 Lamb May 20, 2015

    How can you come for Mariah both statistically and talent wise when you stan for the likes of J Low or Rihanna? I mean really the jokes write themselves.

    • Yeah I said it May 20, 2015

      It’s called “The Old Bitter F** syndrome”. LOL Markisha111 and Suicide Bottom suffer from that sickness.

  42. Cake like Lady GaGa May 20, 2015

    Is Lana Fad Rey married? Is she engaged? Does she even have a boyfriend? Lol I see why the canadian transexual is mad. Take your hormone supplements sis

    • Rosie May 20, 2015

      Lana’s boyfriend is a professional photographer who shoots for Vogue Italia and many major fashion campaigns.
      Fad’s husband forced her to buy her own engagement ring.
      Dead at you f*** resorting to personal insults since you know you lost. Fad stans stay pathetic and bitter over an old ass diss track from six years ago. No wonder 80% of his fanbase killed themselves.

  43. Lake Erie May 20, 2015

    Wow! I did not know his album came out already?!! I gots to go get it. Smh. If a album got past (moi)?!! Then grapejuice is right! Gots to be a contract filler. I knew it was coming out but I didn’t know when. Smh Damn Jamie? Not a good look bruh.

  44. ratedxxx May 20, 2015

    its not about albums not selling anymore. ..if Adele can have a diamond album in 2 years…why others are not selling

    Because of the garbage these so called artists puts out..

    its all about getting a hit..

    thats why I prefer old school..

  45. Suicide Blonde May 20, 2015

    As far as i khow Canada is one of the best countries in the world, some compare it’s high standard of living with that of the Nordic Countries (Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden), better than the USA for sure, not to mention that Canada is beautiful.

    • Xtina May 20, 2015

      Stfu you dumb f**.

  46. Rima May 20, 2015



  47. Centurion May 20, 2015

    Remember when Mariah dissed Queen Madonna, even though Madonna has sold more records, has higher grossing tours, has a higher net worth, has a manageable figure and an actual clothing size… ☕ ☕ ☕

    • Suicide Blonde May 20, 2015

      an an actual clothing size

      I’m losing it….LMAO, i love Mariah tho, it’s just that some lambs are so mean to other artists.

      • TheElusiveLamb May 20, 2015

        Like you’re one to talk. I’ve never been mean to any artist first, so IDK what you’re talking about.

      • Suicide Blonde May 20, 2015

        My first comment on this post was directly to John, he’s always hating on J.Lo and Rihanna for no reason, i wasn’t shading Mimi.

      • Yeah I said it May 20, 2015

        WAIT, so you mean to tell me that Markisha and Suicide F** stan for these girls who are apart of the “Basic B**** Smokes And Mirrors Club” Madonna, Aaliyah, JLo, and Rihanna, and yet have the nerve to come for women who s*** on these talentless thots..BLASPHEMY.

      • TheElusiveLamb May 20, 2015

        Well Suicide, that would fair to say, but John is a big Gaga, Céline, and Whitney fan as well, but yet you categorize him in the Lambily? How is that fair? I don’t say anything about the two Madonna trolls that come here and stalk Mariah saying extremely harsh things, or the Inquirer Madonna stan writing horrible false articles, or the fact that you love to compare JLO to Mariah. I don’t understand when ppl will realize that one stan does not represent the entire fan base.

  48. Rima May 20, 2015

    No ones obsessed with you dirty d*** you just need to know your place. You stan for Lana a b**** who couldn’t win a grammy even if her life depended on it. What makes you think you can come for Mariah or Gaga. You’re in the same boat as the c sqaud and barbz mayonnaise guzzling fat white b****.

  49. Mark111 May 20, 2015

    I really haven’t payed attention to Mariah since I was like in the 7th or 8th grade, when she used to be popular. @Centurion

    • Centurion May 20, 2015

      @Mariah 😆

    • Yeah I said it May 20, 2015

      Lies, seeing as how you just turned 40 LOL

  50. Rosie May 20, 2015

    How did FAGPOP magically sell 600K worldwide since January 2014 when it fell off of literally every chart worldwide? If we’re using Interscope as a receipt then Ultraviolence has sold about the same worldwide with literally no promo or hits. The self-read.
    Maybe if you spent as much time actually caring about your fave as you do trying to drag me every time your public library computer credit is renewed Fagpop probably WOULD be at over 2M by now and ARTGRAVE probably WOULD have gotten the same size crowds Lana is currently getting on her current tour in North America.
    LMAO @ the inflation and the OBSESSION.

  51. Rima May 20, 2015

    I just googled Lana del reys net worth the b**** is worth less than Ciara and Keyshia Cole.

    • Rosie May 20, 2015

      Both Cedric and Keyshia have been in the industry for over a decade while Lana got signed in 2011, what kind of self-drag? Plus we all know those “celebrity net worth” sites are just estimates.
      Clinging to Fad’s money from 2011 isn’t going to change the fact that IT’s mainstream pop career is O V E R.

  52. Yeah I said it May 20, 2015

    Lies, seeing as how you just turned 40 LOL.

  53. TheElusiveLamb May 20, 2015

    Well that’s cute Ms. Marsha, but considering that you’ve paid attention to everything she does (live performances, shady comments [even used Mariah to shade Nicki], chart positions, appearance, and etc) & the fact that you haven’t been in 7th or 8th grade in 25-30 years now, I would say that comment is a lie.

    • Mark111 May 20, 2015

      And from your comment, it looks like you payed attention to everything IIII done. Gotta love the fans.

      • TheElusiveLamb May 20, 2015

        Funny bc ever since I made my debut on this site, you have remained in my reply box. You kept it cute when I was beefing with the C Sqaud and even got into it with Slay_Hive and etc. He wasn’t lying when he said that all I had to do was check past posts. You are extremely bitter. Look how you left 100/141 comments just bc of WHAT I SAID in the last post. Girl have a seat. You know you’re a fan. You would buy my album before you buy R8.

  54. Yeah I said it May 20, 2015

    WAIT, so you mean to tell me that Markisha and Suicide F** stan for these girls who are apart of the “Basic B**** Smokes And Mirrors Club” Madonna, Aaliyah, JLo, and Rihanna, and yet have the nerve to come for women who s*** on these talentless thots..BLASPHEMY.

  55. Stephy. May 20, 2015

    These numbers are higher than I expected tbh… It’s a GREATEST HITS album filled with songs the LAMBS already has. I sure didn’t buy it. I’m not buying an album with songs I already have. That’s a waste of money. Anyways, this is another flop & her single flopped. This is why I say just forget about that commercial stuff & make music you love. She’s way past her commercial years… Especially, with all the negative press she’s getting. Many people hate Mariah now. She did that to herself. I want new music tho. And, she needs to release a Demo Tape with never before heard songs. Not releasing the same ol’ shitt. The Lambs & general public already has …

    The #1’s: 1998 (17,000,000+) WW
    Greatest Hits: 2001 (5,000,000+) WW
    The Ballads: 2009 (200,000+) WW
    The Essential Collection: 2011 (30,000+) WW

    Like how many compilations are the same songs we need to buy? So, I expected like 7,000+ first week tbh…

  56. Theman May 20, 2015

    Mariah has outsold Madonna since she’s debuted. She only said what she said because Madonna instigated ish with her. Y’all try so hard when it comes to Mariah. This is a compilation. Nothing new. Y’all know damn well that new material promoted properly would perform better than this. How many compilations does this woman have. There are no excuses. Y’all stans are just stupid.

    • Sage May 20, 2015

      Oh really? And how much has that album of “new material” she put out last year sold to date? Sit down and stop making excuses. Mariah’s commercial decline is startling.

      • Stephy. May 20, 2015

        Starting? Its been evident since the early 2000s. Besides, Emancipation sis.

      • TheElusiveLamb May 20, 2015

        Not really @Stephy. Her lowest selling album was 2 million in 00’s and considering other artists sales that came out during this time, 2 mil was successful for Mimi especially since she had a top 10 platinum hit and made history for the longest time spent at number one in Brazil. Even after everything happened, Charmbracelet sold 5 million. Her commercial decline didn’t come until May 2014.

      • JOHNVIDAL May 20, 2015

        Have you seen sales from last year? Who is doing better than Mariah? I mean from her peers? JLo sold half of what Mariah sold (as always) with all the promo in the world. Mariah´s 60k copies first week last year are starting to look high seeing sales nowadays.

    • Rihicon May 20, 2015

      rebel heart vs MIAM sis

      • Stephy. May 20, 2015

        BOTH are flops.

  57. I Stand For No One May 20, 2015

    Ppl saying Greatest Hits Don’t Sell

    Eagles Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975) 29× Platinum
    Elton John Greatest Hits 16× Platinum
    Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits 12× Platinum
    Journey Greatest Hits 15× Platinum
    I LOVE Mariah but let’s not. These numbers are bad and it most likely won’t sell in the long run. Jamie Foxx numbers are bad too. Don’t use that no promo excuse either because there are PLENTY of artists who has NO promo and still sold well. It’s a lost simple as that but who cares.

    • TheElusiveLamb May 20, 2015

      All of those greatest hits compilations are two/three times older than me.

    • Rihicon May 20, 2015

      don’t forget the immaculate collection the (correct me if I’m wrong) highest selling female compilation album

    • Dossome May 20, 2015

      Mariah’s #1s sold a whooping 1.04million in Japan in a single week and went on to become the bestselling album by a foreign artist in that country,male or female.The album has sold 17million copies,or does that not count?

    • Stephy. May 20, 2015

      And, Mariah already has 2 multi platinum selling greatest hits albums. People are no longer interested her new music & already have her old music. So, what’s the point of keep buying the same stuff over & over & over again????

  58. Barb-wire May 20, 2015

    Hahahahaaha I’m just here for the comments, dead.

  59. Stephy. May 20, 2015

    Mariah only said that about Madonna… Cause she was consistently shading her. Even, Whitney would throw underhanded shade towards MC. One interview said in 1990 & 1993 …

    Q: Have you heard Mariah’s new album?
    A: No, but I’m pretty sure she’s heard mines.

    Q: What do you think about Mariah?
    A: I don’t think about her… Do you think about her?

    But, Mariah never shaded Nippy. Cause she really did admire her. But, Madonna said something to the effect of I would rather Die, than do what she does… It was mean & heartless. Madonna also, called MJ a drag queen around that time too. And, bashed Janet Jackson. Even, poking fun of Janet’s Rhythm Nation in her Truth or Dare special. Madonna was a bully back then. But, Madonna did say something nice about MC in 2008 & complimented her on her new album (at that time).

    • Rihicon May 20, 2015

      LMAOOOOOO shadydonna

      • Yeah I said it May 20, 2015

        Madonna is nothing but a talentless smoke and mirrors thot, I could never see the appeal.

    • TheElusiveLamb May 20, 2015

      But Whitney did try to clear it up a year later with the let Mariah be Mariah and she should be known for her work comment. They both would ignore the question giving a there isn’t a rivalry for me type of comments. Luckily, Whitney and Mariah did the duet.

  60. eric May 20, 2015

    If you’re in Mariah’s position and choose to release yet another greatest hits compilation, you better have some remastered versions, some “making of” videos (like Janet’s “If”) or something to make it stand out. Recycling the same tracklist doesn’t cut it. Stop throwing out junk albums to fulfill contractual agreements. It’s tacky.

  61. Rihicon May 20, 2015

    if they push this at her residency it could see consistent sales

  62. Dossome May 20, 2015

    The original #1s sold what?17 million copies worldwide…Her 2nd compilation sold 5million worldwide,Her 3rd (The Ballads) sold 800k worldwide.In America,greatest hits compilations don’t do that well but worldwide,it’s doing alot better than her last 3 studio albums.If the label want more sales,very simple,cease printing/distributing/shipping the other compilations which btw,are still charting on Itunes in several countries

  63. RockMusic May 20, 2015

    Mariah has 18 number1 singles. 14 as a producer. 17 as a songwriter. Over 200 million records sold.Longest running number 1 sing EVER. Mariah at this point can afford to flop, Rihanna CAN’T. She needs ALL the sales she can get. Hell she don’t even have to make another record EVER and she STILL BE FAAAAAAR AHEAD of these pop girls like today. Music Box over 30 million ww alone is none than ANY WOMAN TODAY NOT NAME ADELE will achieve. Have a great day everyone

  64. Walker May 20, 2015

    Another Ciara.

  65. Mr. CEE May 20, 2015

    News flash folks! Unless you are an Adele or Beyonce, you may as well get used to these kind of numbers for an R&B act or artist. These is just way too much piracy and illegal downloading going on the artists are the ones who are suffering. Quality albums now are at the will of the die hard fans who actually buy their music.

  66. INAMAD May 20, 2015

    What defines a flop?
    You guys throw this word around like its water.

    Mariah is a legend.
    I’m not a fan but she have platinum albums at that.

    Beyoncé is a legend in the making & she’ll get played out like Mariah at some point. The times are changing.

  67. NoHateNoShade May 20, 2015

    So I guess 20K is the new range for albums.. Remember last year it was 50K.. It just becomes less and less. Smh they should really stop making albums, if you don’t have some major gimmick you’re not gonna sell anything. The release of Rihanna’s album will really show us where the bar is set at. That is if she ever released it. Scary ass!

  68. Vandrea May 20, 2015

    Cut the bull. This wasn’t some random compilation of old hits thrown together by a label for a quick buck without any real promotion or artist involvement. This was a planned release, and first album under a brand new recording contract. Mariah recorded a new song and she’s out there PROMOTING the release this album with new videos featuring celebrity cameos, performances, etc. And Sony even tried to use her homecoming to further tug at the hearts and convince folks that the good old days are back, but all I see is the continuation of a frankly chilling commercial decline.

    • JOHNVIDAL May 20, 2015

      So you choose to ignore the STATE the music industy is in, right? LOL For goodness´ sake she just sold almost as much as most people with new releases!

  69. JOHNVIDAL May 20, 2015

    I hope nobody expected different. You can´t be that clueless. Most people are selling 30k copies first week with new albums, so how is Mariah going to sell more than this with some songs everybody has? It is just a vehicle to promote her Vegas concerts. Just that.
    Jamie´s sales are expected too, but they are not good. He had his first hits in the 00s, just ten years ago, and he´s already a commercial flop. See? that´s most people´s case, and that´s why the few artists with Mariah´s logevity are so admirable.

  70. diabetes unbothered May 20, 2015

    Lol Beyonce more ep The EP debuted at number 8 on the Billboard 200. The EP sold 43,000 albums in its first week, but also garnered an additional 28,000 in album-equivalent units.thts 71 k, more than cerror and washed up mooriah combined lol

    • JOHNVIDAL May 20, 2015

      And Mariah´s re release of Emancipation sold more than that EP you retarded h**. What´s your point? How about Beyonce not having any album selling more than Mariah´s COMEBACK album???? LMAO I won´t even use Mariah´s best selling albums.

  71. Qaz May 20, 2015

    I am loving this! Suffer lambs, suffer! 😉

  72. diabetes unbothered May 20, 2015

    I repeat EP… lol not a highly promoted greatest hits album or studio album lol an EP , hell its not even a real EP. Lol poor booriah I guess Nick wins.

  73. True Lamb May 20, 2015

    I would not count mimi out yet alot of the lambily has not purchased the cd yet including me but i plan on buying it today when i get off work its only been out 2days lol give it a chance however i do agree with sam on one thing he said and thats “Hopefully it will sell consistently with the vegas residency Btw im excited to be buying the new cd to have all 18 #1s on one cd is phenomenal and i love this new single #Infinity

  74. DMWN May 20, 2015

    Watching stans scramble to come up with excuses to save face when their faves flop is priceless.

  75. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) May 20, 2015

    This is a reissue of a compilation album. What did you expect? Lol

    • Petra May 20, 2015

      We all expected her to flop and now we’re having a good and hardy laugh at her expense! BTW, how is “Infinity” doing on the charts? Since the lames wanna hide behind terms like “compilation” and “greatest hits,” please explain why her •NEW• song ain’t doing jackshit…like the string of other new music she’s put out this decade. If people didn’t want the whole thing, can’t they still buy the much cheaper new song and call it a day? Y’all funny. Face facts: the world ain’t interested in this cartoony b**** no more, new songs or old! And it’s funny to watch her stans make excuses for it.

  76. Shaquinisha-rose May 20, 2015

    Ugh, seriously?! Of course MC cd is not going to sell well. We already have her#1s album. o you think she’s expecting it to do well?? No. It’s to go along with her vegas residency.

  77. JMar May 20, 2015

    i cant wait until rihanna new cd flops because the navy been talking alot of s*** lately like there faves sailing hits or her music doin well on the charts needs to have several seats the washup billygoat voice looking b**** will flop next.

  78. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money May 21, 2015

    Good luck to Mariah Carey cannon and Jamie foxx

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