Chris Brown To Release New Album…This Year


Chris Brown has revealed that he is to release a new LP…this year!

Good news below…

The singer’s rep spilled the beans during a conversation with ‘Billboard’ and revealed the yet-to-be titled project will feature the song ‘Liquor.’

The set marks his first solo body of work since ‘X’ which gave birth to the global hit that was ‘Loyal’ and led the way for Fan of a Fan’ the album which he released alongside his pal Tyga.

Catch Brown in live action when he performs at this Sunday’s BET Awards.

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  1. SipTheTruth June 26, 2015

    These past 2 years, he’s really oversaturated his market. He needs a Gaga sized break from pop/RnB to make people miss him.

    • Missy June 26, 2015

      Dear Chris Brown. How about you sit ya sloppy A** down and learn how to promote a CD. You had countless hits off your last CD – Drunk Texting, Do Better w/brandy which was just sad that it did not get the Single treatment. Why not learn to promote the current CD, before jumping on this cd and that cd. SMH they are totally ruining this boys career. Besides poor management, poor choices, a poor choice of video Autumn leaves which is a great song.

  2. KING-CALIO June 26, 2015

    …I was a Fan of him for a long time. I supported him even through the Rihanna incident. His antics over the past few years has definitely put a bad taste in my mouth. I can not continue to support foolish behavior from a grown man. Even to recently with Tyson Beckford. Chris had so much potential but because of anger he’s now known for his dramatic antics more so than his music.

  3. Savt1st June 26, 2015

    I love most of all of his features on singles! But I’m afraid album songs never do it for me, but Chris is in his prime years rite now so we need him to release that heat!

  4. Monica Stan June 26, 2015

    He releases too much music.

    • RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) June 26, 2015

      And flops in the process.

    • Missy June 26, 2015

      He had two hit RnB singles off this CD; There could have been more — DO BETTER and DRUNK TEXTING which both featured Brandy and J. Aiko – they keep putting him everywhere and its messing up his career. The boy can’t focus on one single and promoting that single….he just moves on to the next ….. smh

  5. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) June 26, 2015

    King of over saturation. We do not need any new music from him until the end of next year. Spend some time living life + raising your daughter. Come back with some growth and not this repetitive childish club music. Time to grow up!

  6. Royalkev June 26, 2015

    I hope this one is a solid body of work, ‘Fan of a Fan’ sucked and even ‘X’ was a disappointment (except for ‘Loyal’, ‘New Flame’, ‘Do Better’ and ‘Songs on 12 Play’). His first 4 albums remain his best. I do believe he’s due for a break! It might help him find inspiration and hopefully deeper subject matters to explore. I really wish him luck.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig June 26, 2015

      Do Better was good, His and Brandy’s voice complimented each other well.

    • Royalkev June 26, 2015

      ^ Exactly! They really do make solid collaborations.

      • What now June 26, 2015

        HE’S A FLOP

  7. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig June 26, 2015

    He should take a couple years off to raise his daughter, and try to explain to her why he’s such an ass.

    • Coolness June 26, 2015

      Off topic but your avi! One of my fav Bey music video looks. Anyway, back to Chris. I think he’s definitely oversaturated his market. He’s released two albums in six months and is on everybody and their mama’s track! Plus, the constant stream of negative press isn’t helping his case. He needs a proper two-year break so he can properly channel his thoughts into his music.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig June 26, 2015

        That burberry bikini is such a fresh summer look! I love the fact that they were dating in that video, and no-one believed it even though it was right in front of our eyes.

        Whenever I think of Chris, I think of that time Tyra read that model tiffany for filth for being ungrateful and immature. The thing about CB is that through the RihannaGate situation he was only blackballed for 2 years and he still managed to do 24224242 collabos – the negative press he gets now isn’t even rihanna-related, it’s things that he is deliberately doing keep his name in the tabloids. Chris has talent but has no idea how to use it, and he’s way too immature.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig June 26, 2015

        *doing to keep his name in the tabloids

  8. MeIAmMarie June 26, 2015

    The only person who needs to take a break is that b**** Beyonce a five year break she is a money hungry overrated w****!

    I wish Chris released videos for Songs On 12 Play from X and Girl You Loud,Better or Wrong In The Right Way from Fan Of A Fan before he released another album but I welcome it!

    I will be copping this

    • What now June 26, 2015


  9. What now June 26, 2015


  10. BADGALRIRI ???? June 26, 2015

    I like Chris Brown . I love the music he puts out these past two years. I am ready for the new album !

  11. Gee June 26, 2015

    Talk about over saturate the market I would not mind if he released quality music which he has not since forever so I will pass on this one.

  12. B2B June 26, 2015

    You all said Rihanna should take a break and look where that has gotten her. With that being said, I say more power to Chris, keep’me coming while your hot. At least Chris is an artist and visionary.

  13. Mark111 June 26, 2015

    Nope, go away. This wont sell pass 200k.

  14. RihannaIsMadonna June 26, 2015

    Why is CB chunning out albums like they’re singles? It too much tbh where’s the quality music?

  15. JT June 26, 2015

    Did I not just purchase X last year? Breezy…wyd? Meanwhile that new song with him, Robert and Onika is nice!

  16. RihYonce June 26, 2015

    I agree with all the comments above ! But due to me being a huge fan of his music I would love to hear more Chris music , but another album ? Idk about this one , he should’ve just dropped a mixtape and took a break until the end of next year , we always get new music from CHRIS we never get a chance to miss him , but I’ll definitely give it a listen and so will all of you !

  17. #TeamTinashe Stan June 26, 2015

    He always has music out like everyday whether it be a single, leak, or a feature he always has new music out. He is annoying and needs to take a LONG LONG break.

  18. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 26, 2015

    Chris brown and his bf tyga are obviously in serious debt. Why else would him and his sidekick oversturte and go in some flop joint tour with other flops every year. Since hollyweird blackballed him chris has been forced to write and produce most his music by himself which s why his music is so unremarkable. Its ashame cuz chris ws just starting to cross over b4 rihannas black eye and permanent lip scare. Lol it was off the chain in battleship i couldnt stop looking at it lol

  19. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 26, 2015

    No bhigh profile producer wants to work with chris so hes forced to make hippy jingles. I aint gone lie sum of it is good dueces dont judge me and loyal ect but he needs a break. He sings/ raps about the same stuff in the same style every album. Go grow up and raise yur ugly daughter. 10 years in the game and cant do 1 solo tour without trey tyga august smh

  20. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money June 28, 2015


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