Behind the Scenes: Janet Jackson’s ‘No Sleeep’ Video (ft. J. Cole)

Published: Friday 24th Jul 2015 by Rashad
behind the scenes janet tgj

Music fans were thrilled this morning to wake up to the official music video for ‘No Sleeep’ – the long-awaited comeback single of pop queen Janet Jackson.

Enlisting the help of hit rapper J. Cole to breathe new life into the already sultry tune, the buzz around the Dave Meyers-directed visual alone looks to promise a nice boost in the bop’s bid for the top of Urban charts.

And, now that you’ve become acquainted with the finished product, tuck in below to see how the magic all came together:

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  1. pat July 24, 2015

    Mama is not playing on today. And the vid is growing on me….classic janet smile, fedora swag, and i swear one of the scenes look cut and pasted from TTWLG…flawless

    • arfa July 24, 2015

      Video was OK for a that is a mess

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 25, 2015

        Fu ck u

    • Lake Erie July 24, 2015

      Yes, I know what scene you’re talking about too.

  2. Molly July 24, 2015

    Janet you gotta come harder no sleeep song and video are such a bore. Do better b itch!

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 24, 2015

      Look who’s here already…Molly the sslut! Biitch BYE!!!

      • Slayoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter(Formerly RihNavy) July 24, 2015

        But can’t get her own faves single on the charts@ truth

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 24, 2015


  3. truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 24, 2015

    YAAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!!! *passes out*

    • Nico July 24, 2015

      *tries to catch you but faints from Janet fierceness*

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 24, 2015

        Yaaassss lolol!! ????????????

    • Porsche Wisconsin July 24, 2015

      when will lil’ kim??

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 24, 2015

        ???????? fu ck u biitch. When will nicki go platinum?? Kii

  4. kigian July 24, 2015

    Janet is so beautiful at 49
    She does what she wants, with many meanings in This video, she doesn’t shake her ass on a stupid beat with actual pop starlettes…r&b is no more successful today, but she comes back with a song a la that’s the way love goes That’s why i love her

  5. @Molly July 24, 2015

    Worry about Ciara. Like really, as much as you spend putting Janet down you should be trying to help promote Ciara. Lord knows those flop ass singles aren’t doing it.

    • Molly July 24, 2015

      Because I want this so called “legend” to do better im putting her down? Kiiii Ciara is good her DLWML video almost has 10 million within a week the squad is good over here hoee.

    • Molly July 24, 2015

      “flop ass singles aren’t doing it”

      But sis….

      I bet peaked at #42
      We sleeep peaked at #67 and fell off the charts its second week kiiiiiiiii.

      • Josie July 24, 2015

        Janet has 10 Hot 100 #1 hits, how many does Ciara have?
        Janet has 27 top 10 Hot 100 hits, how many does Ciara have?
        Janet has the most successful debut world tour in music history, where’s Ciara’s tour accolade?
        Janet has sold 160 million records worldwide, how many records has Ciara sold?
        Janet is a legend, what’s a Ciara?

        You will not and can not do it. Ciara has 2 hit albums to her credit and the highlight of her CAREER is paying tribute to Janet Jackson. Now that’s the real kii.

      • Molly July 24, 2015

        Janet got all that based off that last name JACKSON tho.. If she wasn’t a Jackson b itch would’ve been picking up Madonnas dog shiitt now sit tf down.

      • @Molly July 24, 2015

        #42 with a video and shitload of promo? And Ciara is only 29? Please, now THAT’S a failure!

      • Slayoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter(Formerly RihNavy) July 24, 2015

        But sis..I Bet had a video . it only peaked at #42 due to streams. Janet just released her video

    • Josie July 24, 2015

      That explains the success of LaToya Jackson and Tito Jackson. It’s the JACKSON name that sells 160 million records, right? Kii. Ciara remains a Janet Jackson slash Aaliyah tribute act, and will never be s*** because she ain’t s***. You can have ALL the seats in the arena your fave will never fill. Now swallow that.

  6. Dossome July 24, 2015

    Beautiful as always

  7. ~The Arcade~ July 24, 2015

    Beautiful woman

  8. Slay_Hive July 24, 2015

    She’s beautiful and that’s it. Next single please lol

    • Molly July 24, 2015

      kiiii don’t p*** her 50 year old stans off.

      • Slay_Hive July 24, 2015

        Lol Ikr!!

      • Csquaddddd!! July 24, 2015

        I’m Csquad all day, but u chill on tryna read Janet! U making us look bad wtf, Ciara is doing well now and Janet is my girl as well as ciaras! Stop tryna bash other ppl faves its not cute!! Worry about the good things that is about to come for Ciara, AND STOP TRYNA MAKE IT SEEMS THAT CIARA IS BETTER THAN JANET!! CIARA IS WORKING HER WAY TO BE JANET REM THATS HER DAUGHTER!

  9. Chaelin Lee (CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 July 24, 2015

    i cant with the the delusions janets Budets.
    didnt they say that this song was coming for the to 10? didnt they say this video was going to have amazing choreo?
    lmao a mess

    • Pu$$y Juice Lover July 24, 2015

      Hey boo. When does the CL album coming? I really like her.

      • Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 July 24, 2015

        She’s still working on it with diplo and skrillex. She’s midway I think.

  10. Sandra July 24, 2015


  11. Molly July 24, 2015

    Janet stans are so sensitive I tell their fav come harder and do better and I get attacked? like wtf yo?

    • Josie July 24, 2015

      Shut your weak ass up and go buy another copy of “Jackie.” Better yet, go buy a ticket to that House of Blues tour. The struggle. Kiii.

      • Molly July 24, 2015

        but Janet stans are a dying breed sis kiiii can’t even keep their fav on the charts for longer than a week.

    • Josie July 24, 2015

      But, sis, Ciara stan are a dying breed 10 years into her career. They can’t even buy more than 20,000 copies of a studio album in the first week. They can’t get her an arena tour. They can’t get her a Grammy or major music award. They can’t do anything but post weak shade on That Grape Juice about a legend 40 years into her career… like… But you continue to try it and fail miserably. Your fave is a non-longevity having failure and will never be relevant again. Janet has a long list of receipts on her career, Ciara has “Goodies” and “The lack of Evolution.” I guess that’s cute for a two album wonder.

      • sips tea July 24, 2015


    • Csquaddddd!! July 24, 2015

      @molly chill damn u make Csquad look bad!!! I’m a die hard Ciara fan!! U Dont c Ciara going back in forth with haters stfu

  12. Pu$$y Juice Lover July 24, 2015

    Zzzzzzzz bish that dog whisperer needs to raise her damn voice NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU JANET.

    • Josie July 24, 2015

      Better than four five seconds of goat yelling.

      • Pu$$y Juice Lover July 24, 2015

        Girl i will find your IP and cut da s*** outta ur phony clown ass mothafucka

      • nate July 24, 2015

        heLLO!!!!!!! clock it! Janet’s voice sounds more pleasant than 80% of the voices on the radio nowadays. To all the haters, Janet is a showbiz veteran, check ha resume if your new. Trust she knows more about what she’s doing than all of yall combined, and then some…..

  13. @Molly July 24, 2015

    Girl, the Jackson name? Then what happened to Janet’s 7 other siblings? I’ll wait.

    • Biting Truth July 24, 2015

      They didn’t have Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis giving them hits that they (like Janet) couldn’t come up with themselves…

  14. Pu$$y Juice Lover July 24, 2015

    Can’t believe this is what she came up with after 16 years. If the rest of the album sounds like this she might as well play it to dogs so they can enjoy her whispering.

    • Josie July 24, 2015

      I swear, you Rihanna fans ain’t been the same since Chris Brown turned her face into uncooked hamburger meat. Y’all need to be worried about WHEN you will get an album from your fave.

      • Pu$$y Juice Lover July 24, 2015

        We will get it niğğá and it will outsell tranets new flop ass comeback album and will outsell your entire poor life.

  15. Lake Erie July 24, 2015

    LMAO! Same people on here bumping their gums from the last post? HAHA! Yet you’re not pressed or a fan and you’re not hating? Smh. Well if that’s the case then shiid I’m Tupac b-i-tch.

    • Pu$$y Juice Lover July 24, 2015

      U want a cookie ńíğğa?

      • Lake Erie July 24, 2015

        Nah, but I cold give you some KY jelly for that dry s-hit you advertising in yo avi name tag.

    • Shady81 July 24, 2015

      @Lake Erie girl love ya girl you, @Molly, and @Josie is dragging the s*** out of these Janet haters yass where’s my drag racing ticket hell I must’ve left it at the box office because I can still see the smoke leaving from the wheels damn. Especially the Critical dragging that @Josie threw at Molly yes Molly can’t believe she was just
      Molly wooped by @Josie damn all I can’t say is #LegendsPanel #ShadeEat&Rest.

      • Lake Erie July 24, 2015

        LMAO I’m trying, lol idk wtf dry pwuss dust was on, but it sure in hell wasn’t pwussy juice f-u king around with me. I’m chill, throw s-hit somewhere else smh.

      • Lake Erie July 24, 2015

        Lol checked the other Janet post, and I saw you going HAM! Lol.

  16. Sandra July 24, 2015

    Janet’s comeback failed!! 🙁 I feel sorry for her. She thought she would slay

    • Josie July 24, 2015

      Girl bye. Go swipe your EBT card. You’re lucky you’re smart enough to steal internet from your neighbor. I can’t with these broke down haters coming for a billionaire that could buy their lives. I won’t take my FOOT off your necks, hos. Keep going.

  17. Molly July 24, 2015

    @Slayonce kiii you still mad because I called you out on Twitter?

  18. eric July 24, 2015

    If we really want to critique the video, Jan’s childhood pics are random and serve no purpose in a song about a late night sexual rendezvous. And I’m honestly not crazy about J. Cole’s verse; it’s very elementary if you really listen to it. Otherwise, I think the song has a good sound and Janet’s smile always wins.

    • Lake Erie July 24, 2015

      Mmmmm you know what, before thus video came out. I thought about what Janet or who could she be talying about. Of course one would automatically say her husband but I also thought about what if she’s talking about her fans cuz her words and the way she uses them could go multiple ways, not only sexaully. I could expound more but I’m tired of typing lol but its really debatable. I see what you’re getting at but I also looked at that from a different view of what she could be saying too. It’s Def a message though. She’s always been good for that 4sho.

      • Shady81 July 24, 2015

        Hey with Jan you never know so many of her songs have underlying messages in them like Son of A Gun, You, You ain’t right, What About, Whoops Now Etc. But I also had to think back to her other song(s) like Runaway that seem to be a dedication to her fans. Maybe this could be another hence the word Love she used when she debut this song to fans never bother with the rest of the lyrics but the main chorus section (You missing me I’m missing you when we finally meet we ain’t gonna get No Sleeep!) There are those songs of Janet’s that you have to read between the lines and dissect what she really is talking about, it took me 14 years to figure out what the hell Son of a gun and You ain’t right was really about and the person or people that she was referring too. So with Janet you’ll never know she is Queen of Many Mysteries we need Sherlock Holmes and Watson to figure out what & whom she’s actually talking cause with her people & the media can say one thing when it’s really the opposite or they can say it’s black when it’s really white we don’t know what Janet is really referring too, but both versions of the song is great though.

      • Lake Erie July 24, 2015

        Wow! The honest truth, I was wondering what you thought Shady81 lol. No lie, BUT Wow I tried to figure out “you ain’t right” lol. The way she talked, I never got it though but I loved the song and let’s not get on the performance lol. But you are right Shady81, you just never know lol. Have you heard her song called “Truth” on the “All for You” album? That one is pretty deep too.

      • Shady81 July 24, 2015

        I like the song truth too. @Lake Erie and loved the performance of You ain’t right Shawnette Heard did her thang Choreographing it for the All for you tour I was wondering for years who Son of a gun & You Ain’t right was about and when Janet had her interview with Diane Sawyer back in 2001 I thought Diane was gonna touch on it but noooo she gon ask Janet about Would You Mind. I was thinking like WTF really you asked her about that song clearly you didn’t hear 70’s Love Groove,and Throb where she’s moaning uncontrollably and clearly you must’ve missed the R.Kelly remix of Anytime Anyplace
        And they ask her about Would You Mind on The View acting like the women don’t or shouldn’t have s** SMH I guess if you where born after 1935 you should remain wholesome you’re not allowed to have s**. But yeah they asked her about that one particular song SMH maybe one day she will come out with a autobiography about her life before she
        leaves this earth about her life truthfully and about all the secret mysteries she’s been hiding the real meaning behind her music and who inspired such songs etc, cause hell I’m nosey I wanna know hell even all the way down to who was the best she had in bed and if she ever dipped to the other side(You know what I mean.) Now that would too too interesting like said before my ass is nosey so hey only one could wonder when it comes to Janet.

      • Lake Erie July 24, 2015

        LMAO! I know exactly what you mean hehe lol. I heard it was speculation on her “velvet rope” album. I thunk on the song “tonight’s the night” and that one interlude lol. Probably other songs on there too but I need to listen to that album again. I’d probably hear it differently now. But yes! I wanna know too Shady81. You going to her concert? I am 🙂 . February 2nd 😉
        I am excited! Lol. And some of those talk host ask some of the randomness questions ever smh lol. Let me be a host, I’d be Wendy’s competition lol. No lie. But not shady though lol.

      • Shady81 July 24, 2015

        LMFAO right I everyone is Wendy’s competition cause she’s a shady b**** any. No @Lake I’m not going to the tour but I went to the one in 2011 the up close and personal tour and got my life in that front row when she came to Milwaukee Wisconsin and everytime she left the stage for a brief intermission or bathroom break my eyes followed where she was going. But I have to go off topic for a moment you know how they say people look better in person? Well it’s true Janet’s gorgeous in person but not to sound gay or nothing but that women got ass for not days, not weeks, not months, not years, but for centuries decades don’t even count and it’s all hers I remember watching poetic justice and thinking maybe it’s my T.V making everything look bigger but when I went to her concert and might I add I was in the 5th row from the stage I was like got damn that wasn’t the t.v at all that was all her ass she has one of them good ole down south good southern eating red beans and rice didn’t miss her she can carry a house on the back type bootys when Tina did an interview and she called Janet and said her booty was so big she could put a shelf on that thing s*** she wasn’t lying. Now you clearly can see where Kim Kardashian got her ass inspiration from Janet! (But you know those damn Kardashians always seem to miss the mark.) Anyways Tonight the night was a Rod Stewart remake and which Interlude were you talking about?

      • Lake Erie July 24, 2015

        Wow! Lol. I can’t to go to her concert then! Lol. This will be my first time seeing her, and I remember that tour lol. I wanted to go to that one. And damn, 5th row? Wow! I think my seats are good, I’m on the side of the stage. But I purchased my tickets before public sale through my American express they was the highest price at 135$. I haven’t been to an arena in YEARS but I showed peopley section and they said those are damn good seats lol but you know the chart makes it look far away I guess lol. So I hope I get the view you saw lol. And the interlude is Called “speaker phone” and wow, I didn’t know that about “tonight’s the night” .

      • Shady81 July 24, 2015

        I Don’t know what state you’re in but if you’ve got front row tickets then you’ll have a beautiful sight to see all I can say is In my Animaniacs Wakko Yakko and Dot voice “Hello Nurse”! Janet sho nuff would turn a straight women into lesbian o.k. I’m stretching a little bit maybe Bi. Oh and that speaker phone interlude yeah I know what your talking about everyone on youtube said it was Lisa Marie Presley but it was really
        Tina Landon she even told radio host Kelly Alexander that she was with Janet in Minneapolis while Jan was recording the album to get an idea of what the album would sound like and prep the Choreography for music videos, live shows & for the Velvet Rope tour. That’s one of my favorite interludes it was kind of funny Janet was talking bout going to a club and then all a sudden get to moaning while Tina was asking her what she doing with her hands then all a sudden Tina bust out “Your c****** gon swell up and fall apart”. LOL SMH Tina was also apart of Janet’s song Throb chanting the chorus “Here we go, here we go, here we go now, here we go, here we go, here we go now, get busy. And they are both moaning on the song. But you’ll definitely have fun at the tour but remember it will be winter time when she comes so stay healthy, be well and don’t get sick well why I’m telling you this s*** Janet better not get her ass sick you know she like to cancel on people with the quickness. I remember when Kevin from the Skorpion show read Janet for filth during the Rock with You Tour when she was suppose to go to Philly I guess she got tired of them damn sailor suits Gil had her squeezed in she got those vertigo headaches and said f*** that damn tour and canceled the rest of them dates but that was 2008 she did well in 2011 let’s hope it continues through 2016 cause she don’t need to be canceling on anybody and I hope Gil don’t be having that woman dressing all awkward & s*** is better then the Rock with you Tour and beginning of the Up close & Personal tour, I’m so glad she had on a Wife beater and black jeans with jodeci boots cause I didn’t want that woman to suffer another wardrobe malfunction but leave it to Gil he’s gonna have her dressing awkward anyway that damn boy will never learn I just hope this the last time she’s working with him, just have fun and then tell me all about it.

      • Lake Erie July 25, 2015

        LMAO!!!!! You are hilarious Shady81, but yea I’ve heard about her canceling and wow! I never knew that’s why she canceled the rock with you tour. I forgot what I heard, but I didn’t know that. And yea, I’m in Cleveland ohio, lol. And she’ll be performing at the Quicken Loans Arena here. We have worst winters in my opinion, so yea, your right. I’m a keep me some vitamin C on deck lol. And wow, you know a lot about Janet. It’s funny the rumors you hear like the speaker phone interlude and I now I hear the truth from you lol wow. But yes, I’ll for sure keep you posted Shady81 🙂

  19. Slayoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter(Formerly RihNavy) July 24, 2015

    How many copies has Dance like were making love sold? 2 copies? One from Russell, one from Ciara.

    • Molly July 24, 2015

      But you don’t even know who you stan for. Kiii no one takes you seriously booo.

    • Lake Erie July 24, 2015

      @Slayonce! What’s good baby?! And why you taliking about CICI? Lol

      • Molly July 24, 2015

        That b**** is FAKE boo and is still seething because I called her out Twitter kii.

      • Slayoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter(Formerly RihNavy) July 24, 2015

        I have no problem with you Lake Erie just that fake b**** Molly.

      • Lake Erie July 24, 2015

        Aaaaw s-hit smh. I fu-cks with the both of you tough so I’m staying out of this. Lol.

    • BEY>RIH July 25, 2015

      This is obviously the fake Slayonce @Molly

  20. Joker July 24, 2015

    I’ve never left a comment on any of these bloggers sites but this is really pathetic, you guys sit here and argue about these singers as if they give two fu$ks about you. Is this a joke or are you guys really serious? Janet Jackson is s*** as hell at almost 50 years old, that’s enough for me.????, you guys should find other stuff to do with your time, this isn’t healthy.

    • Lake Erie July 24, 2015

      LMAO. You silly.

  21. Molly July 24, 2015

    Im fake because I let you know how I feel about you in a respectful manner? Not my fault you’re a sensitive ass fagggott!!!! Lol Annalise was so right about you hoee.

  22. sips tea July 24, 2015

    KII 4 DAYZ!!! mollz & RihNavy going @ each other? mollz is so fake! this b**** falls out with everyone on dis site who she claims 2 b friends w/ & Rihno is nothing bt a weak troll account based off The Elusive Lamb who dnt know who ass 2 put his head up rite now! i can’t @ da 2 weakest maids on this site trying to drag. SCREAMING!!!

  23. Slayoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Fornerly RihNavy) July 24, 2015

    @Molly how many times do we have to go through this, THAT ISN’T ME! GODDAMN! My Avi is watermarked!

  24. Slayoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Fornerly RihNavy) July 24, 2015

    I could try telling you till I was blue in the face that people have been trolling as me and you wouldn’t believe it. I’m not gonna keep standing up for myself because I don’t have the time. If you’re that insecure that you believe everyone is coming for your fave and I’m one of them, then I can’t stop you from believing that. I don’t have a problem with you or the CiSquad and that’s the last time I’m telling you this.

    Stop bandwaggoning and believing that someone is suspicious just because other people do. Have a mind of your own.

  25. Sage July 24, 2015

    Flop Sleep by Trane. Has been since 2004. Only famous for being MJ’s sis. Only ever had hits cuz of JJTL’s talent. Whole career invalidated by Timberlake. Fllloooopppp!!! LOL

  26. SPUNKYPOOP July 24, 2015

    Yesssss Mother is looking s*** sultry and confident. She is the reigning Queen of POP! Who else can command your life with a smile a walk and a ohhhh and awwwww. YES!!!! She looks fab!!!

  27. Walker July 24, 2015

    This song isn’s doing well anywhere. Now are Janet fans still blaming it on the Superbowl, or have they come up with another deluded excuse to divert attention away from how no one seems to care about her music anymore?

  28. CzarM July 24, 2015

    So now there’s a song with J. Cole and a music video that even features him. Hmmm. Methinks Janet’s fans are beginning to run out of excuses…

  29. J-Mar July 24, 2015

    I’M So Disappointed At Janet And Her Team For Releasing This Garabage The Video Was Boring The Song Really Puts You To Sleep J-Cole Saved This Song With His Verse But Over All The Song Is A failure Hopefully Her 2nd Single Would Be Better Janet We Need A Dancing UP Beat Single Even Ciara 2 Singles Doing Better Than Janet.

    • Lol! July 25, 2015

      Ciara’s two singles aren’t doing anything! Ciara isn’t even 30 and can’t get a top 20, she’s struggling terribly at a young age! You clearly aren’t used to REAL R&B if you’re saying she needs something upbeat.

  30. Stephy. July 24, 2015

    I loved the video. Can’t wait to see her live.

  31. IcyOne July 24, 2015

    Total hasbeen. Janet is over.

  32. another bty day something ain’t wrong July 26, 2015

    Nice behind the sence video

  33. Carry On July 26, 2015

    Soft crying………Love you!

  34. Sandra August 13, 2015

    Janet Jackson is so overrated, she could never sing and her dancing isn’t that impressive. She will forever live in the shadow of her vastly more talented brother Michael Jackson.
    Janet’s new song “No Sleeep” is a huge fail, it didn’t even go top 60 even with a music video and remix with relevant rapper. Janet was never more than an also-ran and is merely a tiny foot note in music history

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