Hot Shots: Beyonce Returns To The Studio

Published: Thursday 9th Jul 2015 by Sam

Beyonce is baking new music.

The superstar set tongues a’wagging today after new snaps of her in the recording studio surfaced online.

Queen Bey poses next to rapper D.R.A.M in the shot above; perhaps an unknown name o some, he scored a viral hit of sorts with ‘Cha Cha’ earlier this year – a track which heavily samples music from Super Mario.

It does beg the question of what exactly the 33-year-old is cooking up. Could it be for the heavily speculated joint album with Jay Z? Or something else?

Either way, exciting times.

Peep another pic below…


Your thoughts?

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  1. Stephon Maurice Jackson July 9, 2015

    Queen Bey

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 9, 2015


      • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

        Lol u so messy biitch!

      • What now July 9, 2015


    • Lisa July 10, 2015

      Janet is an Icon, Beyonce is a follower. It is good to see she has disgarded her nappy wig she’s been wearing. Always good to see her wearing a CLEAN new wig in the studio.

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 10, 2015


      • Legend B July 10, 2015

        Lisa ….Raggedy A*** Filthy Hoee one of those wigs price is worth all the rags u own low budget biitch. Don’t get mad Queen Bey Reign Supreme of your Flop Favs

      • Troy November 29, 2016

        LMAO….read that ho…..Janet doesn’t fake pregnancies like beYAWNce, nor stage elevator fights like beYAWNce, Janet doesn`t p**** pop for the Industry like beYAWNce. Janet doesn’t lie about writing her own songs and taking credit for someone else’s writing. She doesn’t take someone else’s choreography and lie and say she did it. Janet doesn`t have 500 writers, producers on her albums, like beYAWNce does. Janet doesn`t use her family, friends and husband to promote her and keep her name relevant, like beYAWNce. Janet isn’t afraid to walk away from the industry and stay gone for 2 year, 4 yeas, 7 years out of fear she’ll be forgotten like beYAWNce, who is afraid to take a break because she knows she ain’t sh*t to begin with. Even Rihanna has more no. 1 singles than Wig. Nor does Janet nor Rihanna, have 80 video’s to a cd just to sell. I can go on and on about WIGONCE, but I won’t. Even her FAGHIVE & WHOREHIVE knows she ain’t s***. Janet doesn’t have a team tweeting, and internet trolling various sites pushing her agenda and attacking other fans and other entertainers because they refuse to show excitement for her, like they attacked the country CMA awards because people were not excited about that ho. beYAWNce is a narcissistic w****-bag whose only talent is stealing and copying other artist, dead and alive. Everything she’s ever done was stolen. And Kanye called her ass out for saying she would not attend the MTV VIDEO AWARDS IF SHE DID NOT WIN FOR BEST VIDEO…Who does that. He called her ass out for playing politics and going behind his back to producers with her idle threats. beYAWWce is a dirty, sinister b****.

  2. Keri Qween July 9, 2015

    Hopefully better than the music from the porno album which was 98% trash.

    • BeyRihLiyah July 9, 2015

      But your raggedy ass fave releases songs like pretty girls rocks which was beyond basic

    • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

      That 85 metacritic score says HELLOOOO! You would really think you stan for an international platinum selling recording artist with as much shiit as you talk. Smh

    • Rosie July 9, 2015

      We DO know that it will pass 41K streams in a few seconds!

      • Keri Qween July 9, 2015

        roseanne, the only number you should be concerned about is Lana’s blood alcohol level

      • Rosie July 9, 2015

        zzz another “alcoholic!!1” drag that was tired in 2012.
        Just like Big Bird’s career!

    • Who gonna check me boo? July 9, 2015

      That meta critics score Grammy nominations and universal praise beg to disagree with yo irrelevant ass

      • Keri Qween July 9, 2015

        I’m glad an actual songwriter won aoty at the Grammy’s not that oveehyped trash self titled album

      • Tyler Makivelli July 9, 2015

        Im glad Kerri Hiksin was never formally invited to the Grammys but used as a seatfiller instead

    • ENOUGH ONIKA July 10, 2015

      @qweenflop didn’t your fav put out a porno called “the way you f*ck me” and got dragged to where she’s at now….nowhere??

  3. BeyRihLiyah July 9, 2015

    Yes mother come through with some new music

  4. ShakaZulu July 9, 2015

    I’m sooooo excited. Bey is coming game over again for all other chicks. Lol LET THE SLAYAGE BEGIN!!!

    • What now July 9, 2015


      • ShakaZulu July 9, 2015

        B**** you mad. You know when she does drop the world will stop again don’t forget December, 13,2013

      • What now July 9, 2015


      • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

        Not a rihanna fan talking about low standards when your fave can’t sing or dance to save her life. The cutest thing about her generic discography is the production.????

  5. Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

    I hope it sounds like 4 sans run the world.
    What i’d like it to sound like via her old music?:
    2)sweet dreams
    4)crazy in love
    5)check up on it
    6)naught girl
    8)end of time

    • Stephon Maurice Jackson July 9, 2015

      Girl, this track list sucks ass. And, it’s way too short. I need a loooooong album from Queen Bey.

      • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

        Lol it was ideas for what it must sound like. Not track listing.
        12 to 15 songs on an LP are desirable.

  6. Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

    ROUND V!!!!! I knew it was a reason she’s booking these festivals!! Yaaaasss Come thru and show these girls who’s Queen Motha!!????????????????????

    • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

      ROUND VI!!! excuse me I’m excited????

  7. Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

    And for the colabs:

    -chris brown
    -jared letto
    -sam smith
    – biebs
    (no camel Z)

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* July 9, 2015

      Who CL?

  8. Mark111 July 9, 2015

    Wonder what stunt will she pull this time…

    • Who gonna check me boo? July 9, 2015

      Wonder where is R8 release date?

    • Tyler Makivelli July 9, 2015

      She wont be snorting cocaine on camera….thats forsure

      • Who gonna check me boo? July 9, 2015


  9. What now July 9, 2015


    • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

      Yasss CRACKanna slay that stage with that nasty stiff white gal twerk!! I know the navy LIVESSS for the struggle.????????

      • Keri Qween July 9, 2015

        Kii@ what now

        That performance was trash and she looked like a classless w****

      • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

        YAASSS Biitch get into E.T.Anna singing Live out of breath like she swallowed a gallon of cumm and snorted a pound before she hit the stage!!! Serve those vocal slayage teasss mami. Bey could NEVA!!!!????????

    • DEL BEY July 9, 2015

      Get gone from this post you nasty tramp! Can’t go a single day without you mentioning the queen and my blog

      • What now July 9, 2015


  10. trellbeylike July 9, 2015

    Come thru b****!

  11. Rosie July 9, 2015

    So that’s why she’s doing these festivals.
    I could definitely see her headlining Coachella in that case.

    • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

      Can’t say the same about chav. Tried to look up chavs tour receipts and not even wikipedia has them

      • DEL BEY July 9, 2015

        Pipe down hun, K Pop is manafactured on real inspiration from western music, including R&B, Bey created the Blue print that is the swag you K-Pop wannabes rock.

      • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

        Beyonce can’t even dance. So I wouldn’t even go there.

        the “urban” kpop isn’t even close to Beyonce. It’s more like….ciara.

        Kpop is predominantly EDM and brass band/ very instrumental music with the random trap songs that pop up.

        Kpops biggest solo female isn’t even Beyonce like.

        Hyna and CL are more like rihanna. That rihanna impact.

        Even billboard says that CL is a mix between rihanna and Miley.

      • DEL BEY July 9, 2015

        Still 100% Unoriginal. Sit

      • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

        Not that coming from #ThiefYonce stans
        And NO Video or song sounds like it’s been taken from some western person.

      • DEL BEY July 9, 2015

        The ENTIRE instrumentation and styling is from western culture, ALL OF IT.

      • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

        By that logic blacks should only make African house music and leave pop, edm and rock to the whites?

      • DEL BEY July 9, 2015

        HAHAHAHA POP EDM AND ROCK? OK, pop music derived from rock which was stolen by the whites in country like Elvis from the black slaves that would sing their Blues loool, same goes for EDM which came from pop which came from Rock. EDM>POP>ROCK>SUPRESSED BLACK FOLK IN AMERICA. A STADIUM OF SEAT AWAIT YOU. GET EDUCATED

      • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

        Welp ok

      • CherylSoldierr July 9, 2015

        Dumbass. Cheryl does arenas unlike CL who doesn’t have a career

  12. Slayoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Formerly RihNavy) July 9, 2015

    Mother is coming!!!

  13. Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

    Cutie!!! I loved this when she posted this on IG bout a month ago. This should be a cute collab!????????????

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 10, 2015

      Yas I saw that too, Mama was receiving her God-given LIFE!! Would love to hear a song like that with her on it.

  14. Who gonna check me boo? July 9, 2015

    ???????????? your fave better have those weaves sewed in specially those ones struggling for a release date it not her fault they still
    In schock since 12/13/13 ready or not the queen is coming back

  15. Stephon Maurice Jackson July 9, 2015

    Survivor: 2015

    1.) 1+1
    2.) Survivor
    3.) Run The World
    4.) Independent Women
    5.) Haunted
    6.) Let’s Start Over
    7.) The Best Thing I Never Had
    8.) I Still Care
    9.) Why Don’t You Love Me
    10.) The End Of Time
    11.) Countdown
    12.) Standing On The Sun
    13.) Party
    14.) I Miss You
    15.) Rather Die Young
    16.) Love On Top
    17.) Hello
    18.) Dance For You
    19.) God Made You Beautiful
    20.) Save The Hero
    21.) Halo

    Now, this would be MY ultimate Beyonce album! Albums styled like this would make her catalog more appreciated & classic looking. Her ballads needs to be more Overtly-Produced (kinda like a David Foster production) which creates this timeless feel. I want EXTENDED version of songs too. And, songs 6-7 minutes long. Of her going awwwwf with the freestyle vocals & added fierceness. Beyonce, it’s time for you to become a STUDIOS artist. Her catalog is not fun/adventures enough for my taste. I mean, it’s a great catalog. But, it could be SOOOO much better. Only if she brings that same LIVE Beyonce creativity into her STUDIO recordings. Her catalog would be FIRE.

    • Rowland July 9, 2015

      Coming from a Moo Moo stan with her juvenile ass lyrics. Have a seat.

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson July 9, 2015

        Mariah has some of the most mature/profound lyrics from a contemporary singer. Sit YO ass ALL THE WAY down. F******

  16. The Great Lacefronce. July 9, 2015

    What gimmick will this desperate old thot use this era????

    • ShakaZulu July 9, 2015

      Desperate old thot… hmmmm can’t be talking about Beyonce

  17. DEL BEY July 9, 2015


  18. Stephon Maurice Jackson July 9, 2015

    I wouldn’t mind a DOUBLE-LP from Beyonce tbh… The more the BETTER with an artist like herself. I would love a 15 songs on 1 CD & 15 more songs on another. Give us more than just the standard 10-12 songs. UGh BORRRING!

  19. Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

    Hopefully the legs stay closed this era so that her poor walls can move back into place.

    • Tyler Makivelli July 9, 2015

      Lets not talk about legs being closed when your fave smashed her BOSS and every light skinned m********* in the game to get to where she is today.

      • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

        Lmao. Ah, when last have you been in my box. Hello

      • Tyler Makivelli July 9, 2015

        Are you proud of the fact that you stan for a well known music industry thot?

      • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

        Are you talking about Beyonce? Because no, I don’t stan her

      • Tyler Makivelli July 9, 2015

        Nope! Beyonce dated the same man for over 10 years, married him, then had a child by him a few years later….thats not typical “thot like” behavior.
        I was CLEARLY talking about ur fave.

      • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

        So bey has been into bestiality for 17 years? If she has a child, why is she going around acting like she doesn’t? Spreading her legs on live tv, singing about sucking a camel in a car….

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 10, 2015

      Close your legs to married men Matilda???? we all know you would gladly fvck a rich man if he offered you free surgery and collagen, so sit! LOL who is CL? ???????????????? where is she on the international chart plz….

  20. jaquala July 9, 2015

    Currently trying to figure out why rihanna is being mentioned when this is about bey??? Both bey and rih are successful women if anything they should work together it would generate mad money

    • Tyler Makivelli July 9, 2015

      *scrolls through post*
      Girl bye!

      • jaquala July 10, 2015

        How can you hate on rih that hard, numbers dont lie that girl is selling, both of them together can generate hella money and give fans like me what we want. I’ve been wanting them to work together for awhile and would die to see it both are at the top of their game right now.

    • DEL BEY July 9, 2015

      Xoxo to the haters, and love to those who always supported

  21. Stephon Maurice Jackson July 9, 2015

    You guys are sooooooo boring. Like, stop shading every fucccking artist. Beyonce is NOT old nor is she “washed up”… She’s one of the leading pop stars of TODAY… And, you just gon’ have to DEAL. Ain’t none of y’alls fav’s stepping to Bey on that stage, period. She’s the closest to Michael Jackson (performing wise) out of any artist in TODAYS generation. So, sit down.

  22. Molly July 9, 2015

    Yaaaaas beyyyy come slay my pu$$$$y once again

  23. Anne July 9, 2015

    Looking forward to whatever she’s up to! But I hope it’s solo, don’t know how I feel about a joint album with Jay (never bought a rap album in my life).

    • Tyler Makivelli July 9, 2015

      I’d rather she release another album with Kelly and Michelle than a joint album with Jay.

      • RihYonce July 9, 2015

        She can keep both I want just Bey we don’t need a DC reunion for another couple years

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 10, 2015

        I’m not feeling a Jay-z & Bey album either.. I would gladly support it, but it would need to be just 10 tracks. And I think original DC should reunite in 2017 to mark their 20th anniversary. For now I’m excited for Beyoncé solo project.

  24. Tyler Makivelli July 9, 2015

    I want a Crazy In Love/Work It Out/Get Me Bodied uptempo type of album from her this round.

    • What now July 9, 2015


      • Tyler Makivelli July 9, 2015

        Dont make me turn the lights on ur roach behind.
        Stupid b****.

  25. Mark111 July 9, 2015

    Maybe she’ll get a #1 this time round… maybe.

    • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

      When that happens, Rita ora and chav will sell 100k in the US

    • Stephon Maurice Jackson July 9, 2015

      A #1 doesn’t really matter to an artist like Beyonce tbh…

    • BeyRihLiyah July 9, 2015

      Shut up you desperate ass rodent go suck your daddys dicccck hoeee

    • Sandra July 11, 2015

      Thats not happeng. Beyonce’s days as a top musical artist are over since 2009

  26. Tyler Makivelli July 9, 2015

    Yeah! Maybe Rihanna will get a #1 this era too…since thats all she has to cling to outside of Instagram Modeling.
    Oh wait! She hasnt had one of those in over 2 years. So thats not very likely to happen.

  27. @JanetCIARA_ July 9, 2015

    I hope she will match or surpass her last eras first week sales. She will truly be deemed as a Queen. I wish nothing but the best for her and her daughter. I just hope she steers clear of Tidal…. Even though she would be the only one able to save it, since Puchbackanna couldn’t with her 847586957263 attempts

  28. RihYonce July 9, 2015

    I really think she’s going to s*** it down , I’ve been hearing that she may drop her album in August a 2 disk set ! Hopefully it’s the joint album on one side and a solo album on the other but what she gives us that’s new ill take it lol

  29. @JanetCIARA_ July 9, 2015

    I want Sasha Fierce back, she can keep that last album tbh, give me more of “Sweet Dreams” “Radio” “Ring The Alarm” “Upgrade U” type slay.

    • DEL BEY July 9, 2015

      Me too, even a dash of 4 in there, but IASF needs to be resurrected. I miss the brown straight weave

      • RihYonce July 10, 2015

        I really want her to go black and stay black the whole era

  30. Mark111 July 9, 2015

    The h/i/v are so bothered by Rihanna the Digital Queen.

    • @JanetCIARA_ July 9, 2015

      WTF IS GOING ON HERE????⁉️⁉️⁉️

    • DEL BEY July 9, 2015


    • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015


    • Rosie July 9, 2015

      Kii at you hiding behind Rihanna’s digital stats. Do you even know what those mean? Probably not since your fave’s first song in almost 4 years only has 41K views.

      • Rosie July 9, 2015

        Wait I just saw the name. LMAOOOO????

    • Molly July 9, 2015

      kiiiiiiiii you stupid assssss trolllll crying right now.

    • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

      ???????????????????????????????? Wait these biitches are the same person???? THE EXPOSURE!!!!!! I can’t. I knew Fag111 was a Queen!!!!! I’m screaming!!!!!

    • Pray for #R8 July 9, 2015


    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 10, 2015

      HJRMLKNJHBGVFDSXCDCVF I am high-pitched SCREAMING!!!!!! I knew the idea of Mark911 having an Internet girlfriend was to good to be true!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????. LOL not him/her cosigning himself for years!

  31. Keri Qween July 9, 2015

    Kii @ what now

  32. Keri Qween July 9, 2015

    Somebody is trying to set me up. I bet it’s one of the h/i/v. Sick phaggs are so messy

    • DEL BEY July 9, 2015

      SkidMark is that you? You shouldn’t leave your shitty underwear around for all to see. Oop

    • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

      ???????????????????????????? Stop it!!! You’ve been exposed!!! Such a dumb self dragging trolling hoee!! I knew it!!!

      • Keri Qween July 9, 2015

        Byyyee bald p***, its either you or your girlfriend Tyler

      • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

        ???????????????? biitch don’t blame your mistake on me!!! You’re so dumb. Are u a man or female or both???????????????

      • Keri Qween July 9, 2015

        A mistake would be that haircut you got p*** ????

      • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

        A mistake would be those saggy titties those hormones gave you but could do nothing about that diick, Isaac Hayes deep man voice and that dingy fivd o’clock shadow. Sit down broke ass hideous pre-op t*****!

  33. Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

    I’m not sure if an exposure is happening but it’s a huge kiii

  34. Molly July 9, 2015

    Death at Markisha Dusty Bottom Qween exposing itself…. im crying rn

  35. Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

    HAHAHAHA mark 111 as Keri queen was TRAGICally unexpected.

  36. Mark111 July 9, 2015

    The Pest will have to do better than that.

    • Keri Qween July 9, 2015

      ????????????Zzzz. Probably Tyler

      I guess he’s mad we always drag his fave, our impact

    • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

      Lol u should learn to change your email..oop I can’t!!!!!????????????????

      • Keri Qween July 9, 2015

        Zzzzzz, ???????? edgless hive

      • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

        You should learn to not show your uggly @ss face. Widescreen forehead. Lol

      • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

        Lmaooo not y’all trying to deflect on me. A self dragging pre-op t***** and the t***** diick loving DL closet freak. No wonder you’re both the same person. It makes sense now! Hahaha trolling biitch

      • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

        It was clearly your big @ss forehead self. You fool no one.

      • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

        Lol no it was you trying to troll as your t***** alter ego and failed. Don’t blame me gurrrl!!! And as much as you claim people are trolling. I cant !

  37. BeyRihLiyah July 9, 2015

    Fag111 trolling lmaooooo

  38. Rosie July 9, 2015

    So Fag111 and Bird B**** are the same THING?

    • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

      Lmao lowkey, I thought Keri was chav soldier. They argue the same

      • Keri Qween July 9, 2015

        ^^ kiii and you are? Death@ closet unknown fans of mine

      • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

        Fall back. I have never been in your box. I like Keri to a certain extent and I also stan rihanna.

        I am merely laughing because troll exposure is a HUGE kii.

        A fan? It’s Cheryl soldier level of reaching

      • CherylSoldierr July 9, 2015

        Dumb a$$ Korean wannabe. Did you get your eyelids done yet?

  39. Molly July 9, 2015

    Like I said…

  40. Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

    Lmao i’m HOWLING!!!! Make it stop. My cheeks hurt

    • DEL BEY July 9, 2015

      Who are you?

      • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

        Does it matter? I used to be on here as: Himeros (2013), Kelly Kelly (2013 – 2015), matt phoenix (2014-2015)

      • DEL BEY July 9, 2015

        Oh I thought I could smell the rank from here, I remember you sour h**

      • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

        Lmao how am I sour? I’ve lowkey become a lanaholic. Chill

      • DEL BEY July 9, 2015

        If you can appreciate Lana’s talent, then you certainly can appreciate Beyonces

      • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

        Oh, I just like to troll Beyonce. She’s talented but highly overated. Her stans think she’s some kind of tripple threat when all she is is smoke and mirrors who can dance well to choreography

      • DEL BEY July 9, 2015

        And sing impressively while dancing really good for two hours without sounding tired? That is something above average

  41. BeyRihLiyah July 9, 2015

    The Pest…

  42. DEL BEY July 9, 2015

    Will have…

  43. Slay_Hive (Big @ss FOREHEAD lol July 9, 2015

    To do better than that.

    • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

      Lol I can’t with you right now. What a struggle

      • Keri Qween July 9, 2015

        Struggle like your hairline?????

      • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

        A struggle like your tired reads. Wigless self dragging biitch!

  44. Molly July 9, 2015

    hunTEA this Mark exposure is real

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 10, 2015

      LMAO!!!! I never knew I could laugh like this! ????

  45. Molly July 9, 2015

    Girrrllllll im legit screaming

    • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

      Lmao all the twitter fighting brought us to this moment. It was worth it

  46. What now July 9, 2015


    • Keri Qween July 9, 2015

      Kii, its obviously a troll , why would mark continue to post under del bey , beyrihliyah with his regular avi? The trolling would’ve been funny but they took it overboard with the other usernames

      • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

        It’s a case of the AVI’s not the username

    • Molly July 9, 2015

      I think it was SLAVE_HIVe or Molly, that lil sad thing just want to fit in so bad with the pest.

      • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 9, 2015

        It can’t be molly. She was cosigning a twitter fight when it happened

  47. DEL BEY July 9, 2015

    Choose one wig and keep it please Mark, only Rhino’s forehead can hold that many weaves at once. Don’t use my name ho

    • DEL BEY July 9, 2015

      Oh no, you’re me, according to you and the pest logic, this is an exposure.

      • DEL BEY July 9, 2015

        It’s too late boo boo. You dropped your cup of tea all over the Persian rug

  48. Molly July 9, 2015

    @Struggle111FAGGGOT baby you’re done

    @Slayhive im crying rn booo we win he’s probably Centurion toooo Kiii

    • Keri Qween July 9, 2015

      No, Caesar was done when Jacked couldn’t reach 50k total sales

      • Molly July 9, 2015

        bye ugly you’ve exposed yourself get mad nigggeeer.

      • Keri Qween July 9, 2015

        Back to Twitter you fat lonely p***, you spend all day trolling Twitter and TGJ. No wonder your broke ass can’t afford Jacked????

    • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

      Lol I wouldn’t be surprised if he was Centipede either. You notice Closet Qween111 gets mad when its getting dragged.

      • Keri Qween July 9, 2015


        Edgeless hive who did you drag? You bandwagoning everyone’s comments isn’t a drag???? . you nor the introverted & lonely Twitter phags didnt drag anyone.y’all already said I was centurion when I first started commenting because we both drag your overrated fave ????

      • Molly July 9, 2015

        Yes boo been clocked those Ts these bitchess are so pathetic. kiiiiii keri is having a meltdown rn that f******* is done . love you SLAY_HIVE

      • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

        Girl sounds like you’re having a meltdown and becoming even more delusional than you already are. You don’t drag a damn thing but yourself. I knew u really didn’t stan for Keri Markesha. Such a dumb self dragging trolling confused biitch!????????????????????

      • Keri Qween July 9, 2015

        @edgeless hive ????????????

        And your fave is still overrated trash and your still ugly ????

      • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

        your fave is still broke, depressed and careerless while you’re broke, fat, ugly and could never pull the men I can in my sleep. Keep fisting your lonely hole with cucumbers dreaming dumbb ass biitch!

  49. Cough Cough July 9, 2015

    There better be some MAJOR voca moments on this album, a la I need her to pick up, vocally, where 4 left off. Self Titled was good but vocally, VERY UNDERWHELMING for Beyoncé standards, especially coming off the amazing vocals on 4. Back to SANGIN bey!!!

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 10, 2015

      Back to the topic at hand, I think B needs a lil something from each era. She needs the club banger beats from B’day (something like ‘Back Up” which was hugely slept on), the Electronic influence from IASF and maybe some of the soulful samples for DIL. Also maybe some afrobeats from 4.
      I would love if she did two-part songs like she did back in destiny’s child, and maybe even interludes. There so many routes she can go in! It’s exciting just to think about it ????????

  50. Molly July 9, 2015

    Death at these pathetic bums using my name now @slayhive i would never call you a slave boo

    • Mark111 July 9, 2015

      Oooh, the exposure!!!
      that how stupid you looked.

      • Molly July 9, 2015

        LMFAO you’re a joke Mark goodbye faggottt ass n*****

    • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

      Lol the stupid biitch is having a meltdown. She forgot to change her email. Now she wanna change her name to everyone else’s while using his avi. Lmaooo this sh*t is hilarious. Just admit it and exit with pride.????????????

      • Molly July 9, 2015

        Girl Mark is so sad boo. Screaming at his pathetic attempts kiiii he needs to kill himself tbh

      • DEL BEY July 9, 2015

        Relax Molly, death uno

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 10, 2015

        KII, a bit!

    • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

      Lol its probably Markeisha

      • Alex July 9, 2015

        Markeisha, marquise, shaquan, helol his dumb ass don’t know who he wanna be with his Buckeyed ass!!! Lmao!

      • Alex July 9, 2015


  51. Molly July 9, 2015

    Queen of Twitter you bums stay mentioning me right @KeriQween/Niggermark

  52. Molly July 9, 2015


    • JasmineVStan July 9, 2015

      Too bad Ciara’s isn’t lol

  53. Keri Qween July 9, 2015

    Mentioning you when? Bye maid no one talks about you. Go back to twitter with the rest of your closeted lonely buddies where your famous ????????

  54. Molly July 9, 2015

    Bitchhh im iconic all day all you hoeees know this @KrustyQwween get on my fuckingg level.

  55. african music lover July 9, 2015

    The Exposure in this post though……Come through Bey,i definatly missed you on the chart,,I need IASF back, that album had fierce, vocals, good production,rachetness, everything was just on point,,looks like we might get a new Bey album b4 getting Rihannas,,but its all good with me,,, To the trolls that are being exposed,i hope TGJ pays you guys because if they dont,yall are just plain misserable and pathetic and need to get a life.

    • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

      Shut your retarted ass up girl!!!

      • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

        ???????????????? girl u mad or nah?? U can’t be me babyyy

      • Slay_Hive July 9, 2015

        Cokehanna fans wanna be me so bad????????????????

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 10, 2015

        IDIOT! Your Avi is cropped closer to beyonces face than Slayhives. SMH someone is desperate trying to prove a point, and is making themselves look more guilty because of it!

  56. Stephon Maurice Jackson July 9, 2015

    I CANNOT! Molly, slays me! Good work boo!

    • Molly July 9, 2015

      Lol I can’t with some of these childish bitchesss.

  57. CherylSoldierr July 9, 2015

    Not Matilda Phoenix bringing her seething a$$ in here! The scalping she just got on Twitter, trying to drag w her Asian cabbage doll face CL. B**** go sit tf down w your try hard, eyelid taping, Korean wannabe a$$.

    • Molly July 9, 2015

      He wants to call me a consigner when he stays in my DMs kissing my ass.

  58. Rosie July 9, 2015

    Kii @ Molly reading up and down this page. Whew.
    Bird Bïtch/Fag911, don’t come for Ciara’s inability to sell 50K albums when Big Bird can’t even get 50K FREE YouTube streams.

    • CherylSoldierr July 9, 2015

      Not to mention CL/Korean wannabe Phoenix/ kelly kelly Stan. Her Asian cabbage patch Korean kids bop fave can’t even put together an English sentence & she’s trying to drag w it.

    • Molly July 9, 2015

      This post is a kiii… Not this f ag being mad at me because he exposed themselves.

  59. Keri Qween July 9, 2015

    Sit your tired ass down ????????

    Is Lana’s AA meetings free ? That should be your concern

    • Rosie July 9, 2015

      Is “Lana alcoholic kii!!!11,,.” the only drag you got? If your fave did a tour right now it would literally have less people attending than a typical AA meeting in North Dakota.
      Log off and go work on that Burger King application ugly. You’ve already been exposed.

      • Keri Qween July 9, 2015

        The irony Roseanne when you use that tired YouTube drag in every post that you make

        You need to expose your fat ass to a fitness class.

      • Rosie July 10, 2015

        “lmao lana alcoholic kii!!1 roseanne fat lmao drag!!1” are literally the only comebacks you know whenever I drag you and they both were already tired and washed up (like fave, like stan) back when LB used them in 2013.
        Please learn how to do a proper read. The reason the YouTube drag can and WILL continue to be used is because it’s an actual FACT.

  60. CherylSoldierr July 9, 2015

    WHY is Demetria McKinney getting ten times the views as Keri boo?

    • Keri Qween July 9, 2015

      I don’t know her like the US doesnt know your fave

      • CherylSoldierr July 9, 2015

        KIIIIII @ that self clock. Getting outviewed by an unknown? Looks like nobody knows Keri!

    • Rosie July 9, 2015

      Why is said British indie band I mentioned almost a month ago with no hits or relevancy in the U.S. whatsoever (their last North American tour had venues slightly bigger than my local bar) have over 25 times more views on YouTube than Keri Hilson?

      • CherylSoldierr July 10, 2015

        Girl why is Keri getting less views than most cinnamon challenge videos??

  61. shakira stan July 10, 2015

    Call me when she gets another nu 1 …..ooops that hurts

    • Legend B July 10, 2015

      Hun Really ????????????????????????????. Shakira would disown your maggot c****** a*** for this.

  62. Legend B July 10, 2015

    Just scrolled thru the comments because i know its your normal seeeeeethin biitches pressed that QUEEN SEASONS are upon us!!! YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS KII KII. Those pics got other people favs already having nervous breakdowns. IM JUST READY FOR THE EPIC SLAYAGE! I know u hoees are too kii kii. #Queeeeeeeeeeeen

  63. Rihanna Lately July 10, 2015

    Lmaooo I knew mark was keri, its not something new lol.

    • Centurion July 10, 2015

      You are a troll and a disgrace to the Navy. We don’t even use you, you stupid river-front shack-dwelling tribal hyena steaks smuggler.

    • CherylSoldierr July 10, 2015

      Vs 40k? And you’re talking about a reach? Girl go sit tf down on your termite mound and stream those k pop flops.

      • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 10, 2015

        Lmao NO NO. The last official music video by CL or her 2ne1 group ECLIPSE that dismal view count. Lmao I literally can’t with you

        Chav soldier the reacher

      • CherylSoldierr July 11, 2015

        Who tf was talking about CL views? Stay on topic b****.

  64. RICHIE_RICH July 10, 2015

    Ohhh how did I miss this epic post. Guess you’re Ru Paul now Markish????????????????

  65. Rihboy July 10, 2015

    ???????? oh how exciting.

  66. Centurion July 10, 2015

    DEATH!!!! They’ve done this to me many times, as well as Blue Ivy Rodriguez, LB, BritneyRayCarey, Slayriah and many other Beyonce draggers.
    The KiiiHive ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS resort to trolling under Shityonce draggers, especially the Navy. It happens every now and then. I’m embarrassed for them. ???? ???? ???? I’m glad I’m not in a stanbase with these pùssy ass weak ass hoez.

  67. RihYonce July 10, 2015

    I agree with everybody I want Bey to combine everything we need more pop bey, soul bey, ratchet bey, dancing bey !! I really want her to have black hair this era

    • Legend B July 10, 2015

      I want a pop, soul, dancing and soft rock Queen Bey. Something similar to Halo and IIWAB! And Hell Yes to that black hair or the brunette hair color she wore during TBE Tour.

  68. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig ???????????? July 10, 2015

    LMAO!!!!! *brings out the whiteboard*
    Hive – +10 points
    Naïvy – -10 points


  69. Linda July 10, 2015

    LOL. Not again. hgdfzfdszcxbcdjfd. The hive were trolling as the Nhevi/Navy/Navi again. Nothing to see here. There was nothing new I missed. Oh Gaaad. The hive are so tired.

    Anywho Im excited for new Bey music. Hopefully my boo Queenty Perry doesnt block her for getting a number 1 again. The hive were so mad. pnbddyhcshbn. Still like her music though.

  70. Naomi July 10, 2015

    Omg I can’t believe this post. The Navy trolls stay getting dragged. Molly you better read these bottoms.

  71. Stevie Nicks stan July 10, 2015

    Nice try fleas

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig ???????????? July 10, 2015

      *plays bootylicious* Awww you still mad Beyoncé & co are making bank off of that Steve nicks sample. -10 points for being a petty bîtch ????????????

  72. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig ???????????? July 10, 2015

    David I got your dumb ass, got you out here moderating comments and deleting posts because of your fear for me. ????????

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