New Song & Video: Adele – ‘Hello’

Published: Friday 23rd Oct 2015 by Sam

After much ado, Adele has unleashed haunting new single ‘Hello.’

The track is the first taste the masses will have of the Brit diva’s third album ’25’ (which arrives on November 20th via Columbia/XL). She’s described the body of work as a “make-up” record.

As the focus of a major marketing campaign, ‘Hello’ was first previewed in snippet form as a surprise on The X Factor UK last week. That ignited worldwide excitement on social media, which has intensified following the single and LP’s formal announcement.

Now, with the song finally here, buzz is expected to erupt – especially given that its accompanying video (starring Tristan Wilds) has been unveiled too

What are you waiting for? ‘Hello’ awaits  after the jump…


Understated both sonically and visually, ‘Hello’ relies on its lyrical potency – which is all sorts of piercing.

As Adele has succeeded with doing in the past, this release manages to appeal to the masses without ever sounding like a rehash.

Titan status is rare in today’s industry, yet with ‘Hello’ (and inevitably ’25’) the singer proves why hers in much deserved.

Your thoughts? 

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  1. AllHailMariah October 23, 2015

    Where is Digital Distortion? #IggyIggz

    • Nicki Ninja October 23, 2015

      In the dump where she and Her *** tape belongs.

  2. Roy October 23, 2015

    Absolutely beautiful!!! She’s back!!!!

    • lisa489 October 23, 2015

      Her voice just speaks to the heart, Beautiful tone and lyrics just pierce. Quality, Quality.

  3. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 23, 2015

    Ugh, this bIsh always knows how to get me in my feelings 🙁 chile I bawled

    • truth(Janet is QWEEN, MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) October 23, 2015


      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 23, 2015

        Yo What’s up bîtch ? #TellMeWhatYouWannaDo #ButDontDoNothingStupid ????

      • Pat October 23, 2015

        @truth little h** chill gul!

    • Glorious Sun October 23, 2015

      right, lol…

  4. BeyIsKing October 23, 2015

    The song is trademark Adele. It’s simple and elegant. It’s a proper song. Real music right there

  5. BeyIsKing October 23, 2015

    It’s a breath of fresh air to an ailing music industry, it’s refreshing to hear a song like this after years of nothing but garbage EDM songs on the radio and charts

    • King Stephy October 23, 2015

      YES! She is a so ANTI-THIS GENERATION, and I love it. Adele music sounds like some masterpiece unheard-of recordings from the 1960s. But, she still somehow keeps a modern sound to it. She’s what this generation needs so badly. Refreshing is exactly what she is. Artist(s) like her is what brings diversity to mainstream radio & to the overall industry.

  6. HailBeysus October 23, 2015

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????

    • HailBeysus October 23, 2015

      P.S lets not forget are girl’s album ’21’ is still charting on the Billboard Hot 200 4 years later and stands at #114! Girl go on and straight up annihilate the compitetion! That song is gold! Her voice and its natural rasp give me LIFE!!! So happy to have been a fan since the beginning and see all she has accomplished! I am witnessing a LEGEND IN THE MAKING!!!

    • HailBeysus October 23, 2015


      • HailBeysus October 24, 2015

        Update!!!! 25 is currently #1 in 90 COUNTRIES OFF PRE SALE ORDERS ALONE!!!!

  7. How Many Drinks October 23, 2015

    Gorgeous I love it

  8. King Stephy October 23, 2015

    Baaaybeeee… I’ve already listened to this song about 10 times. Those low raspy notes, that husky smokey tone, beautiful thick full resonant mid-chest belts & you can understand every word that’s coming out ha mouth. This song is an overall 7/10 for me. Which is a VERY fair & honest score for today’s standards.
    I’m so happy she delivered with her first single. Now, I’m just itching to hear that full album. Also, there’s a rumor floating around that she covered Mariah’s “Can’t Let Go” song. And, that it’s on her bonus track Target edition. I hope to God, that it’s true. Her voice is so haunting & it captivates the shittt outta me. Excellent Job, Adele. BYE

  9. Sweetnothings78 October 23, 2015

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this woman.
    That folks is PURE undeniable talent.
    Haters good luck, you’re faves are in for a slow xmas.

    Welcome back the incredible Adele.

  10. BeyIsKing October 23, 2015

    Lmao…what was up with the flip phone though?

    • toohotfortv October 23, 2015

      She was giving an ol nasty nostalgic tea… yasss lol

  11. truthtea October 23, 2015

    I love that this bish doesn’t need to jump around a beach half naked just to sell or get attention!

  12. Tyler Makivelli October 23, 2015

    SLAYYYYYYY! But where’s RL8? Almost a year later and still no album. Should I send out an Amber Alert??

  13. Career Ender October 23, 2015

    RIP to ANTI and Basic Swift she’ll be on the summit of BB200 and HOT100 Most of the time
    Welcome back Slaydele , slay on!!!!

  14. Career Ender October 23, 2015

    everyone releasing on the 20th and after has no spotlight!!!
    she gon remain ontop atleast the whole December

  15. Career Ender October 23, 2015

    was your fave planning to release this year? tell them hurricane Adele has touched down
    advice : tell them to pull a Rita Ora (ironically) and come back in 2016 in November

  16. Career Ender October 23, 2015

    watch this song outsell your faves’ last 3 singles combined both in the US and WW

    • Kelvin October 23, 2015

      Watch this outsell beyonce’s entire discography combined

  17. Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 October 23, 2015


    The empress of the music industry is back and proved her salt

    • King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

      My god you’re ugly AF. Sad cause Asian have the coolest looking eyes, yet you phucked yours up.

      • OMG Logic!!! October 23, 2015

        Wow. At least his hair is nice and he has options other than buzzcut or afro.

      • Arianator Barb October 23, 2015

        That was mean but damn if I didn’t laugh

      • Arianator Barb October 23, 2015

        I take that back, it’s not funny. Don’t make fun of how people look that’s not cool at all.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 23, 2015

        @0MGfæggot and what exactly do you class as ‘nice’ hair you inbred weak bîtch with no backbone.

  18. King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

    Funny how the pest are the first and only to bring up Rihanna. Lol, also funny how both Qeer Ender and Byeler comments are a minute difference. Same person much?
    This song will be big off of hype, but I don’t see pop radio playing this much. I’m glad she went back to her folk/pop voice and not that I’m a 30 year old soulful black woman in church voice. Good luck tho, you know these fans stans for numbers, when the flop comes in, they’ll drop you like Lana Del Ray on the BB top 200.

    • Career Ender October 23, 2015

      Marikos please, didn’t you see what HateBird did on the last Adele post?
      he started attacking Beyonce and hive
      what goes around !

      • King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

        Has nothing to do with this post and righy now. Focus on Beyonce’s label mate outselling her whole discography with one album.

      • Career Ender October 23, 2015

        I know that, hence I said “what goes around”
        I don’t have to worry about Beyoncé who went double platinum with her last LP
        the only maggot under pressure is your dirty southern a$$ and the rest of your Nazi crew
        save Rih’s subsequent slide to obscurity!

  19. Weezy Tha G.O.A.T October 23, 2015

    The video makes me like the song even more. Real talent is back and I can’t wait for her new album.

  20. Nicki Ninja October 23, 2015

    Poor R8. Rih had two years to slay but she was scared.

  21. Suicide Blonde October 23, 2015


    • Career Ender October 23, 2015

      I was watching a programme on National Geographic Channel about the 90s
      guess what they showed Nirvana, I saw that druggie blonde vomiting and throwing itself at instruments and breaking them on Live stage performance and disguise it as ART
      He was worse that Gaga
      this why Beyoncé >>> Dead Drugd’out Suicidal Cobain

      • OMG Logic!!! October 23, 2015

        Nirvana is overrated, but Thighyonce is in another league altogether when it comes to being over hyped, overrated, BS.

      • HailBeysus October 23, 2015

        @OMG Logic umm EXCUSE ME!!!! Nirvana is not overrated!! They are literally the pioneers to grunge rocm music! Their inspiration is very much highly influencing rock artist hell all artist of today! From the lyrics to sound Nirvana created a HUGE IMPACT from one studio album. It’s so sad how people of today will call just anyone overrated.

  22. Slay_Hive October 23, 2015

    Oh wow!! I wasn’t expecting to love it so much!! Werkkk Adele

  23. King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

    I listen to the song first and then watched the video. Song was ok, but the video really took it there. I’m sorry, but I’m a MTV generation, we kinda gotta have a video to help when a song is kinda… blah. She’s beautiful tho, stay heating Adele, not skinny just to be. She always looks older, I keep forgetting that she’s in her mid 20s. Older in a wise, elegant way. Night.

    • K- defender | 재 이현 김 October 23, 2015

      an MTV generation person? Please. you need a visual to go with music because you lack the intellect to understand audio art in its original form.
      there’s a reason you stan for side shows who flop when the visual isn’t dynamic.

      • King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

        Oh boy, tell me more about how important image is. Lol

    • OMG Logic!!! October 23, 2015

      MTV generation? LMAO Girl MTV hasn’t had music on it’s channel in over a decade. The last time MTV prioritized music videos was in the early 90s.

  24. JJFan1814 October 23, 2015

    Simply the best lead single of 2015. Welcome back Adele.

    • Career Ender October 23, 2015

      oh shut the fug up AJAJA, you should be doing over time at your stríp club so that you can afford to purchase Mama Jigsaw’s flopping albun

      • Arianator Barb October 23, 2015

        Girl bye, There’s nothing wrong with stripping. I used to do it and I’m thinking about going back cuz it’s the shiiiitt!!!

  25. ????Queen Molly???? October 23, 2015

    This song is absolutely amazing!!! Welcome back Adele.

  26. SCREAM QUEENS October 23, 2015

    Adele: Hello
    Justin: Sorry, my album has been delayed until 2017
    Ariana: My new single Focus will now be released Oct. 30th 2016
    One Direction: Made In The Am was also made for 2017
    Taylor: Luckily I released 1989 ahead of time. Thank you.
    Rihanna: I no longer have a career…

  27. K- defender | 재 이현 김 October 23, 2015

    the snippets weren’t serving me anything but my gosh; i was blown away from the song alone.
    my love life is perfect right now but this song digs up feels from the past.

  28. King Stephy October 23, 2015

    Y’all catch how the F**** posted that comment under that Asian MAN’s reply section, JUDGING that MAN’s PHYSICAL looks. But, he’s suppose to be straight… Mmmhmm
    Matty, there is nothing ugly about you boo.

    • ????Queen Molly???? October 23, 2015

      Mark is very evil and nasty. Matt is a beautiful and great person ????

    • CherylSoldierr October 23, 2015

      Right boo? With his no avi having self. A true messy QUEEN

    • Arianator Barb October 23, 2015

      Girl I can smell the d*** in his breath from here

  29. ????Queen Molly???? October 23, 2015

    @Matt I agree the snippets did the song no justice… But this song right here has to be one of the best/powerful songs of the year. Kudos to Adele

    • CherylSoldierr October 23, 2015

      After I bet

  30. Mrwest October 23, 2015

    HELLO!!!!!! #perfection

  31. K- defender | 재 이현 김 October 23, 2015

    When your fave cant sell their MUSIC based on the MUSIC and has to resort to flashy videos to make an attempt to sell, you come for Adele like Markeisha

    • King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

      I’m sorry… that you’re ugly AF. But I’m not the first to say it, YOU knew that, hint the reason you went under the knife. Stay out of your feelings Lil Kim twin sister.

      • K- defender | 재 이현 김 October 23, 2015

        Please. i’ve explained korean culture on this blog so many times

      • OMG Logic!!! October 23, 2015

        If you stepped out of Compton for a day out of your life you would educate yourself on other cultures. Plastic surgery is extremely common and is no different than a dentist appointment to South Koreans.

  32. King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

    Hahaha, these 9ueers want me to be gay so bad. Even making advances on me.
    “if I had 1 hour in a room wit you ALONE, I would be all ova that DICCKK” -Stuffy, the LAME.
    I’m going to pass, no thank you.

    • Nicki Is Queen October 23, 2015

      It’s ok boo you can come out of the closet now it’s 2015 people have become very accepting

      • King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

        How about this, I’ll let one of you nasty queens see it or do whatever ya want when The Pink Print goes platinum in the US.
        Looks like that’s NEVER going to happen. Sorry 9ueers.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 23, 2015

        @NickiIsQueen SCREAMSSSS ???? Let that höe know!

      • Nicki Is Queen October 23, 2015

        Girl The pinkprint may not be platinum yet but at least Nicki released it unlike Rih who won’t be releasing Anti-edges because she knows at this point even Ariana will scalp her

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 23, 2015

      Babes Lmao you sound deluded af! You make so many homophobic comments which scream insecurity and denial, on your part. Nobody really cares what you stick into your hole at night, but tbh you don’t come across as a heteroséxual male that is comfortable with his Sèxuality. Take this comment and shove it up your ass #KandiKoatedNights #BedroomKandi #MyLittleSecret

      • King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

        Nobody cares, yet you losers are always trying to convert. Sorry, but I’m just not one of yous. How does it feel to know that God hates you? Hahahahahaha Off to the fire place ya go. Lol

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 23, 2015

        ???????????????????????????????????? you apparently hate gays but you’re on tgj like its your occupation? TGJ is like a blog version of a gay club (90% gays and women, 5% questioning, 4% trans, 1% straight guys that lost a dare). The odds are against you SKIDMARK.!Take the L like its a 10 inch dildô and call it a day.

      • Nicki Is Queen October 23, 2015

        DRAG HIM YASS! He’s crazy if he thinks we’re gonna believe him when he says he’s straight

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 23, 2015

        Bîsh I’ve got a gold pass with Jesus and Beysus ???? What do you have? Besides an idiotic internet girlfriend that you created, and an obsession with gay people????????

    • HailBeysus October 23, 2015

      I was checking the Billboard charts earlier and i saw my girl Adele has 21 still charting after 4 years and My fav Beyonce has ‘4’ still charting after 4 years and her fifth album ‘Beyonce’ still charting. I seen no Rihanna Albums hahahaha!!

    • OMG Logic!!! October 23, 2015

      How does it feel to believe in imaginary sky men? Do you believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy as well?

  33. Meteorite October 23, 2015

    Gurl just stole my gas money! Pre-ordered on iTunes ????????????????

  34. King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

    Plays Janet to the pest and lames. (And Clown Molly)
    “????????Who’s gonna be there… after your T cell count falls..????????

  35. Nicki Is Queen October 23, 2015

    I’m here for Adele! This new song snatched my wig. RL8 won’t be released till late 2016 because of this

  36. King Stephy October 23, 2015

    And, he proves my point again, just fell right into my trap… What “straight” man even entertains that??? Lol. Gon’ take yo black ass to bed. Don’t nobody want yo tired confused self.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 23, 2015

      Lmao *in my stephy voice* BYE! ????

  37. King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

    I thought Stephen wasn’t ever going to acknowledge me because I dragged her out her character a few nights ago. Again, full of lies. Hahahahaha Just like Mariah diamond plaque and album cover.

    • OMG Logic!!! October 23, 2015

      What were Minnie Mouse Jackson’s 2nd week sales again?

      • King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

        More than Jackie first weeks.

    • Terny October 23, 2015

      Keep Mariah off ur snout ???? loser & go play an aaliyah record or something..

  38. ????Queen Molly???? October 23, 2015

    Mark I hope you burn in hell you sick b******. Wtf did Matt do to you? You’re heartless and mad at life stop taking your anger out on others because your bitcchh ass is stuck in the closet looking miserable fat and sloppy.

    • King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

      Funny, tell thay to my 6 pack. How those streach marks, molly? How’s those saggy t1ts and lose V? Do you hate me and all men because you don’t have one? Lol

      • ????Queen Molly???? October 23, 2015

        Really you wanna say I hate all men? When all you do is attack and put down females hahaha don’t be a hypocrite Mark. Do you even respect your mother? I doubt it you seem like the type of coward who would disrespect their mother.

      • King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

        I think you hate men because we don’t want your fat ugly lazy @ss. No one even looks at you nor talks to you, hint the reason you look for acceptance on this blog. But it’s ok, you as a black woman (lol, you think being mixed makes a difference ), you’ll get that welfare, foodstamps and a government apartment for $35 a month with your bills payed. These other pest, slay_hive, career Ender and others have to stay in their mothers government house. Lol

      • OMG Logic!!! October 23, 2015

        You say “we” like you want ANY woman lol. I don’t know who you think you’re fooling, but it isn’t any one around here. A black, straight man that prefers to hang around gay blogs, obsesses over divas, and talks like a bitchy drag queen? The only pu55y you’ve ever seen is the one you came out of and don’t pretend otherwise.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 23, 2015

        Ugh @OMG bish I can’t stand you, but draggggggggg on! ???? I digress….

  39. kiiiii October 23, 2015

    Mark is about to get dragged for filth kii let me get some popcorn

    • King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

      They’re having a hard time doing so. I want a challenge, but I may have to go to the rap…. up blog to get it. They seem… smarter.

  40. HailBeysus October 23, 2015

    So funny how these Rihanna dtans say the BeyHive start all the drama. But if you go back and check the last 10 music past on TGJ you find the first hateful comments you find are 5 Rihanna stans hating, 2 lost stans hating, and, 1 Nirvana stan hating. Then 2 Beyonce stans hating

    • King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

      Irrelevant, this post two pest brought her up out of the blue. Funny, if Rihanna is so irrelevant and wahed, why is she always on you pest minds and the tip of your fresh out the @ss hole from a stranger in the park tongue? 🙂

      • HailBeysus October 23, 2015

        Ill be looking for your comments next time a Bey Stan brings in a hate comment first. Because you Seamen Swallower’s are always using the ‘Beyonce fans are always bringing up other artists first!’ comment to justify your hateful comments.

  41. Dev October 23, 2015

    It was okay. I kinda left off where 21 left off musically, i’m hoping that she takes more risks with the sound on the rest of the album and that this is to lure people in.
    Was that Mack Wilds in the video? Kudos for her having a black man in there at this height in her career.

  42. K- defender | 재 이현 김 October 23, 2015

    who was the one to cause marks Meltdown?

    • King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

      Hehe, with a face like that, you must have a meltdown every time you look in the mirror.

  43. King Stephy October 23, 2015

    “How about this, I’ll let one of you nasty queens see it or do whatever ya want when The Pink Print goes platinum in the US.”
    Really? I don’t even have to drag this phaggot out the closet anymore… Cause, he’s just prancing his ol’ happy go lucky ass right on out. Who in the WORLD of a straight grown ASS man, would propose to a BLOG full of gays too “see” or “do whatever ya want” to his penis???
    Baaaaaybeeee And, the fact that the phagggot brought up “GOD”, when he stans for Satanic homosexual loving artist, makes him truly delusionally retarded. Wow, now I know I said I wouldn’t address this phagggot ever again, but man I just cannot at this absolute unintelligent, feebleminded, empty-headed, decelerate in the brain cells burnt black ugly ass field niggggger c*** he’s exposing his got damnself to be. LMAO!!!
    My work here is done, goodnight. BYE

  44. Career Ender October 23, 2015

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Marikos looka like that ugly fat phaggot called Essence Of Sean
    such a miserable knee-grow

  45. King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

    Plays Unpretty

  46. King Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2015

    And just like that, I got Stephy in his feelings, again. So easy. Night losers.

    • OMG Logic!!! October 23, 2015

      Don’t forget to watch your fave movie “Mean Girls” before you go to bed. As a Black straight man you must maintain your c untiness in tact if you’re going to fit in all the gay blogs you hang around in.

    • Adelaphant October 23, 2015

      Aye yo, Stephy gotta point tho. Why do you come on a site filled with gays?

      • Pat October 23, 2015

        Are yall crazy? Is this a joke? @King Mark111 /.\, is a female!

  47. like a prayer October 23, 2015

    i love it. her songs have mainstream appeal and this song def sounds more current for the current top 40 client

  48. Thando October 23, 2015

    Adele is evidence that if you write your OWN music using realities of life that everyone can relate to as a source of inspiration, you really don’t need imaging, s**, and pageantry to ensure commercial success.
    Beautiful, simple, timeless music. I’ve loved her since 2007.

  49. Theman October 23, 2015


  50. Regina George “BIH Where?” October 23, 2015

    BEAUTIFUL! Baaaaby MOTHA came to SLAY DOWN!!!! EVERY OTHER ARTIST IN OR NEAR HER LANE… Do yourself a favor and hold off on that release… Mmmmmkay… Otherwise the gp is gonna have a kii kii

  51. shakira stan October 23, 2015

    Beautiful song .

  52. whateveeeeeeeeer! October 23, 2015

    Really!? Just NO! I do not get all the hype? Basically she ripped off Lionel Ritchies Hello (is it me your looking for) and the lyrics are filled with every cliche in the book. I gave her a fair 3:57 seconds of my life and that’s all I will give her. Peace!

  53. Royalkev October 23, 2015

    Omg, I love it! I didn’t dislike Adele before, but she kind of bored me. Although I feel too many people stan for her sells, I must say that this song takes talent to sing the “right way”. I haven’t liked a song by Adele this much since ‘Chasing Pavements’. ‘Hello’ song is amazing!

  54. Gee October 23, 2015

    The song and video flow together perfectly. Adele once again proves talent will forever win.

  55. janvier October 23, 2015

    Good song adele. Just hope its not going to be 21 in reverse where instead of her being hurt, she is now apologising for hurting someone(her ex). Anyway slay adele, great vocals technique.

  56. janvier October 23, 2015

    And mark really you and everyone else can easily see through you. You are a closet feminine gay man( I won’t even call you bi-curious). You don’t av to hate yourselve get the courage and live your life happily.

  57. Benjamin October 23, 2015

    I like it, it’s nice.

  58. RDK October 23, 2015

    Dope song and video, Adele doing what she does best getting people in there feelings. so beautiful she doing her thing overall high quality right her.

  59. .::Centurion::. October 23, 2015


  60. red wine October 23, 2015

    love the visual and song, this is how u do it release your song and video on the same day and slay i guess drake wont be getting that #1 single

  61. RICHIE_RICH October 23, 2015

    I love this!!!! On repeat all morning . I’m not a huge Adele fan , but Hello has me intrigue.

    Them eyebrows are snatched for the gods and heavens. Y’all don’t want her cat eyes either. Slay me this morning Adele.

  62. No favs, just here for the music October 23, 2015


  63. @JanetCIARA_ October 24, 2015

    Queen said “bish what Vocal Surgery?”

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