Sneak Peek: Ariana Grande – ‘Focus’ Video

Published: Sunday 25th Oct 2015 by Sam
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Five days until ‘Focus.’

Ariana Grande‘s seemingly never-ending countdown to her new single has almost reached its peak.

October 30th marks the arrival of the ‘Moonlight’ lead release and it appears the soaring songbird will hatch the track’s accompanying video simultaneously.

Teased in earnest over the last month (much to the delight and agitation of fans), the latest arrives in the form of a sneak peek preview of the song’s visual.

Check it out below…

°₊·ˈ∗ #5daysTilFocus ∗ˈ‧₊°????????????⛈????????

A video posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

With all the pre-release hoopla, the song almost has to be a home-run so as to not disappoint. The answer arrives in a mere matter of days.


Your thoughts?

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  1. King Mark111 /.\ October 25, 2015

    She has a great voice. You know it’s her on the radio. I’d say out of the Disney/Nick girls and guys, Nick Jonas (well, he’s the only one doing it come to think of it) and Ari takes the lead. Not by much, but Ari has the full package. Selena, Demi and the rest are all just gold (good in this time I guess) sellers. (Yes Miley went pat, but look at the miles of stunts she had to do to get there.)

    • BernieSanders2016 October 25, 2015

      You idiot Ariana’s last two albums BARELY went gold. They all suck. I like her albums but she has ZERO selling power.

  2. @JanetCIARA_ October 25, 2015

    I literally cant wait anymore…. “One Last time” still slays me!

  3. Sweetnothings78 October 25, 2015

    Who cares Adels back now. Good luck ya little hooker looker

  4. King Stephy October 25, 2015

    She sounds like Christina now. That’s amazing how she transforms into different artist(s). Can’t wait to hear the new song.

    • King Mark111 /.\ October 25, 2015

      Sound NOTHING like XXtina. AND she only sounded like MooRiah on her FIRST album. LEt it go, she has her own voice now.

      • King Stephy October 25, 2015

        NAh, she sounds like Christina now (without the SOUL). She has that “stripped era” sound. I can hear it, and she still incorporates Mariah into her airy vocals sound too. That’s just the truth.

    • King Mark111 /.\ October 25, 2015

      Ok, wait. If you mean by her talking, then yea.

    • Meteorite October 25, 2015

      Ugh No!
      How about she just sounds like herself.

  5. shakira stan October 25, 2015

    She is so lame …this has got to be the stupidest song I’ve ever heard.

    • nonya October 25, 2015

      ummm….well you need your ears checked. As a matter of fact get your whole face checked.

  6. Lmao October 25, 2015

    Girl bye! Still wasting your time with them useless countdowns just release the song and then begin with a major promo campaign for this outdated mess

  7. Boy October 25, 2015

    Why am I sooo over her hype. Just go to some donut shop. Lick some “bagels” and sit in a corner an yell at every American how you hate the country and the people in it. Bye.

  8. Gee October 25, 2015

    I still don’t understand the hype of Ariana and the song gives me problem 2.0 but Scooter is a marketing genius so I see this song doing well at least a top 10 hit.

  9. Lmfao_Hoe October 25, 2015

    I ain’t gonna lie it does sound like she’s channeling Xtina for sure ” Stripped era ” anyone? Of course her vocals arent on to high standards as hers but definitely hear that influence.

  10. Meteorite October 25, 2015

    I must be the only sane person who remembers Christina’s Stripped era like it was yesterday, because I am not hearing what you guys are hearing. The clip sounds nothing like Christina’s voice from “Dirrty” or “Fighter” or “Beautiful” or anything else off of that album or her live performances. But whatever, if the lot of you want to be delusional and feel the need to compare Ariana to someone, then by all means…

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