Hot Shot: Beyonce Attends Ciara’s 30th Birthday Bash As Storm

Published: Sunday 25th Oct 2015 by Sam

As R&B stage blazers go, few can touch Beyonce or Ciara.

Hence, it was great to see camaraderie among the ladies last night at Ci’s 30th birthday bash.

Hosted by the ‘I Bet’ singer and footballer beau Russell Wilson, the Halloween themed shindig was attended by many a notable name – who fully embraced the fancy dress M-O.

Jeff Dye shared a snap of himself with Queen Bey, who served all sorts of sass as Storm from X-Men.

Details below…

Tweeting the snap, the actor and comedian wrote:

Confirming it was indeed Ciara’s celebration, Dye posted another shot of himself with the birthday girl and Wilson – who slayed as Catwoman and Batman respectively:  


Needless to say, we hope there is a pic of the ladies together. How epic would that be?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. HailBeysus October 25, 2015

    Whaaaaaat??? I didn’t even know they were friends lol! Godd for Cici! P.S Bey gurl you I know love you, but this costume is a no for me lol!

  2. UPGRADEBOY October 25, 2015

    Beyoncé looks so fierce

  3. AdelephanT October 25, 2015

    wow Beyonce knows CIARA? that’s cool, but she even kinda look like Hee IN that pic tho

    • BeyzInTheTrap October 25, 2015


      • Adelephant (previously HYDROQINONE) October 25, 2015

        yes Child it is I, I’m back the hiatus is over, can’t believe that Centurion Bish is still here tho, I can’t stand her and she’s like a terrible stain u can’t get rid of…

      • BeyzInTheTrap October 25, 2015

        that b**** is like a s*** stain that you cant get rid of

    • Madame Pum Pum ( The Wickedest Whine) October 25, 2015

      She’s been a Ciara fan from the start sis. Don’t forget that only one year separates DIL from Goodies and she gave her a shoutout in 2007 during a BET 106 interview.

      • King Mark111 /.\ October 25, 2015

        WOW! I never thought of it that way.

      • Faf October 25, 2015

        There’s a pic of all of them Lala just posted on ig

    • FAF October 25, 2015

      ??? They did just stand up to cancer together
      *pulls vid of beyonce praising Ciara on 106*

  4. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 25, 2015

    YESSSSS Slay Mutha Bey! Storm is my fave X-men! I need to see a full pic tho

  5. DanYiel Iman October 25, 2015

    Alright Beyonce & Ciara & Russell y’all better WerQ!

  6. King Stephy October 25, 2015

    Queen Bey looks great!

  7. red wine October 25, 2015

    rihanna would never

    • HailBeysus October 25, 2015

      Why must you bring Rihanna up? Hasn’t the Seamen Swallowers been bitxhing for the past week about how Rihanna is always brought up in post that aren’t about her. Yet here’s a stan trying to throw shade. Smh!

    • bash October 25, 2015

      …get an invitation

      • You tried October 25, 2015

        WEAK LOL
        “Rihanna would never..”
        “GET AN INVITATION” ????????????????????????

  8. King Mark111 /.\ October 25, 2015

    Janet’s show, Adele’s album, on stage with Icky and now Ciara’s B-Day bash? Beyonce been doing the most this month.
    It’ll be nice to see a pic of the two tho. Somewhere Molly is beaming!

    • ANTI October 25, 2015

      Bey is desperately clinging onto relevance every since Tidal has been a shipping among Hurricane Apple Music. The thirst is real.

      • Naomi’s Edges October 26, 2015

        You do realize you’re making her relevant by commenting on this very post. So it is you..who is clinging onto her.

    • Lana Fan Disappointed By Honeymoon October 25, 2015

      Seeing that she’s in the music industry, anyone with a gram of grey matter in their brain could assume that she knows industry people. How is that thirsty to be out and about? And aren’t you a Madonnasaur fan? The crypt keepers snatch is thirsty.

  9. King Mark111 /.\ October 25, 2015

    If Ciara’s chanel logo had been a DC, the geek in me would had went off. Favorite singer dressed as some of your favorite comic book heroes = chocolate and peanut butter.

    • Barb-wire October 25, 2015

      “Favorite singer dressed as some of your favorite comic book heroes”

      Mmhh strange… considering the fact that you’ve shade the fu¢k outta 20kara every chance you got but none of my biz anyway.

  10. .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

    Where’s the pic of both of them together? This is just equivalent to both flops attending the same award show ceremony.

    • King Mark111 /.\ October 25, 2015

      You just brought me back to reality. They BEEN in the same room, many times. lol

      • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

        Exactly. They just don’t like each other.

      • King Mark111 /.\ October 25, 2015

        Someone don’t like anyone that they can’t use… Not saying any names. But she’ll pay you dust until you’re popping and then right after pay you more dust.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 25, 2015

        LOL whaaaa…. But last time I checked Beyonce and Jay-Z have been using Thothanna for 10 years…. And Beyonce does not like her one bit ????. But then again you were too afraid to say names, so maybe you were talking about someone else ????

      • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

        Bey used Gaga when she just came out and then dumped her; she clinged and used Justin Timberlake and ruined ‘Until The End Of Time’, and now she’s clinging to Adele for a potential hit. She’s pushing 40 and reaching menopause so she needs to sit her recluse clown āss down and go give Jay Z those demonic camel babies he wants.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 25, 2015

        This comment may have been in your reply box but it was for marsha911… I know your pûssi was throbbing when you saw that reply notification but have a mvthafvcking seat!
        Adele is the one who is requesting to work with B, not the other way around. Likewise with JT, he was the one who reached out to B to remix his song. Gags originally recorded Telephone for Brit, but decided to do it on her own with B as a trade off for VideoPhone. And how is a 34 year old nearing menopausal age you inbred cûmbucketbumbîtch with no credentials ????

      • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

        Oh don’t worry Annashit wigs. No one was talking to you, I guarantee it, or ever does for that matter. Why don’t you go create random usernames and drag them since no even acknowledges you. ???? ???? ????

      • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

        And Beyonce is 36. For check out her father’s interview. I mean how could you not? Get to it toot sweet.

      • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015


      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 25, 2015

        ZZZZZZZ another contradiction since you just acknowledged my comment with 3 replies, you gender-confused twát ???? Bye BÎlllCôsbyStán/Centûrrophîls ???? You can’t even admit you’re a male or female, but you have the nerve to criticise a woman that couldn’t care less about your existence.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 25, 2015

        36 is still not nearing menopausal age you idiot!!! ????????????

      • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

        Menopause can occur as early as in your 30s – late 30s for that matter. ???? ???? ???? LordT. You need stop trying my intelligence cuz you get burned all the time for it.
        And I’ve said I’m male many many times. Why you recycling your drags?

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 25, 2015

        You’re a male? LOOOOOOOL ???? And menopause that occurs before the average age of 40/50 is classed as premature… But whatever. ????

      • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

        But I’ve said I’m male many times as you’ve ALWAYS asked. Really b*tch? SCREAMING @ this weak b*tch recycling shades and its desperate attempts to drag. Oh Annashit wigs… ???? ???? ???? Is it short term memory or utter desperation? ????
        Now as for menopause, yes you can get in your 30s prematurely, but I did say, and I quote, “She’s pushing 40” so at least you didn’t have to embarrass yourself like you did last tim. 😉

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 25, 2015

        LMAO Phæggoturion / centURINE NOPE, you are a habitual liar I’ve asked many times about your gender and you have not responded (but if you really want to ’embarrass’ me, why don’t you post a receipt of you saying that before). And when did early 30s, equate to pushing 40…. Pushing would imply that you’re rounding up. Such an annoying try-hard cvnt. ????????????????And to answer your original comment, how would she be clinging to anyone if said people (Adele, JT, Gaga, etc) were the ones who reached out to her?

      • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

        SCREAMING!!!! Oh wow. Doesn’t this weak b*tch always ask if I’m male or female? KJGGTDDGGVLHT ???? ???? ????. Not you talking BS and lies on a Holy day. Now it wants me to go through TGJ posts. ???? ???? ????
        Here’s one I remember where I answered you:
        I’ll try and remember this post the next time you recycle drags Annashit wigs . Now as Beybøla and aging āss clinging, she can’t get a hit, whether a local hit or a global smash hit regardless of topping charts. Does that answer your question?

      • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

        Oh and age 36 is not ‘every 30s’. ???? ???? ???? #BeyHiveLogic. That cūm guzzelling hooker’s father said she was born in 1979. She’s pushing 40 and aging like sh*t. ???? #Deal.

      • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

        Oh and age 36 is not ‘early 30s’. ???? ???? ???? #BeyHiveLogic. That cūm guzzelling hooker’s father said she was born in 1979. She’s pushing 40 and aging like sh*t. ???? #Deal.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewsWig October 25, 2015

        HOLLERING!!!!! I CANNOT at this 3rdWorld GED-less Afrika Bambaataa-looking faag and it’s inability to comprehend simple instructions!! You stated your SĒXUALITY not your GENDER on that post, which is what I asked you now. You have NOT answered that question before today. I can’t at you falsifying receipts 😆 I’m at a loss for words. And I can’t at you nazi’s clinging to Mathew knowles’s nutsack when you all have claimed he was a ‘liar’ and only wanted to have his daughter in the spotlight, but now you want to read his words like they are bible scriptures.
        LMAOOOO and why are you permanently angry and pressedT. Sincerest apologies for saying that your pussi was throbbing, when in fact it was your 3inch smegma-covered d*ck that was throbbing when I left my comment. My BADT 😆

  11. Barb-wire October 25, 2015


    • King Mark111 /.\ October 25, 2015


      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 25, 2015

        Hœhanna ????

      • Barb-wire October 25, 2015

        Kiii ^^^

  12. gilbert October 25, 2015

    DAMN! Bey looks hella good in that costume! fierceness

  13. @JanetCIARA_ October 25, 2015

    They both petty, so I don’t expect a pic….. But i can’t help but to believe it will happen, that will be special, Bey has always shown Ci so much love! And I can’t help but to love her for that! They both support each other and it’s a beautiful thing to see amongst two queens in a shady industry!

  14. @JanetCIARA_ October 25, 2015

    Why is Navy in here being Salt? Shouldn’t they be signing petitions to force their fav (whom is now suddenly in “charge” of her own career) to release her chronically delayed album?

    • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

      Is Jacket platinum?

      • King Mark111 /.\ October 25, 2015

        Heck, is Jackie gold? 100K? But I’m sleep tho.

  15. kb October 25, 2015

    Damn!! Y’all are so pathetic.

  16. SCREAM QUEENS October 25, 2015


  17. MsYonce October 25, 2015

    Adele, Gaga, Justin, Nicki and many more wanted to work with Beyonce. So how is she using them again? Plz yall sound foolish.. The thing is Rihanna jumped on the Nicki bandwagon as soon as she came out tho ya know when she was actually going platinum.. Nicki been flopping before Bey worked with her . BEYONCE IS EVERYONE’S DREAM COLLABORATION AND YALL SHALL DEAL!!

  18. King Mark111 /.\ October 25, 2015

    Centurion, anyway. Remember when SOMEONE admired Lady Gagging and was best friends and blah blah blah. NOW you never hear her talk about her. Lol. NOW she’s on Adele’s step. I also recall her doing the same with Shakira in 2007. But I’m sleep tho.

    • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

      Yeah. She’s a serial bandwagoner and trend hopper. She’ll be all over CL and/or Willow Smith when they happen. ???? ???? ????

  19. MsYonce October 25, 2015

    Clinging to Adele? But Adele is the one who said she wanted to work with Bey not the other way around.. Lool y’all just want to hate so badd. Worry about Anti!!

  20. MsYonce October 25, 2015

    Lets forget your fav clinging to Nicki, Emienm, Ti, Jay and Kayne ( the only reason she got so many Grammy’s)Let’s not forget Drake oh and Britney

    • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

      And gave them their biggest hits. She did alright by clinging to them don’t you think?

      • MsYonce October 25, 2015

        “she did alright by clinging to them” ohh the irony of it all

      • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

        This stupid b*tch can’t read. ???? ???? ????

  21. MsYonce October 25, 2015

    Britney made S&M go #1 ….

    • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

      Yes, her 10th. 🙂 Speaking of #1s, when was the last Yonce had one?

    • King Mark111 /.\ October 25, 2015

      S&m was already #2 and was already going to be #1 that week. Both versions were going to chart high, so BB merged them instead.

  22. MsYonce October 25, 2015

    Yo the Navy so salty that a lot of people wanted to work with her. Every new artist and successful artist dreamer collaboration is Beyonce and y’all are maddd abouttt.

    • MsYonce October 25, 2015

      About it

  23. MsYonce October 25, 2015

    Why are y’all so angry that people want to work with Beyonce??? Lool

  24. .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

    Huh? A lot of people have worked with Rihanna. Eminem, Jay Z, Calvin Harris, Drake and T.I. (who Rihanna clinged to because she wasn’t making any hits according to that b*tch) best selling songs all feature Rihanna. What is this bish saying? 😕

    • Adelephant (previously HYDROQINONE) October 25, 2015

      Oh look it’s the Troll formerly known as I stan For a talentless w****, Bish u still lurking these parts i thought ur ass was expunged permanently from this platform, guess u really don’t have a life afterall…..

      • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

        Hi Tyler.

  25. HailBeysus October 25, 2015

    LMAO saying Riri gave Jay, Em, Brittney, and Kanye. Let’s just look over the fact that 99 problems was jays hit and is a HUGH influence in Rap and pop culture. Its still being referenced to this day. Lets forget Stronger, All Falls Down, Monster and Gold Digger that Kanye made with Jamie fox. Brittney Spears had MEGA HITS RIHANNA only dreams of! Oops i did it again, hit me baby one more time, im a slave for you, toxic, etc etc etc. GTFOH With all them lies hahahaha

    • King Mark111 /.\ October 25, 2015

      Learn to read, she didn’t even say Britney and Rihanna DID give them their highest selling singles to date. She also gave Em’s his last two #1’s. You can name their other songs all you want, but those songs did not and I repeat because you’re slow, did NOT sell more than the song that was feat Rihanna. FACTS! Man lie, woman lie, YOU lie, numbers don’t. Goodnight. 🙂

      • HailBeysus October 25, 2015

        You should refrain yourself from my thread seeing as you know nothing of what im talking about! Ms Yonce listed a few names and YES BRITNEY was listed and yout bestie replied with a simple “but she gave them their biggest hits”. Theres a difference from a best selling single and an artist’s best hit song. Umbrella isn’t considered jays best hit. Renegade is widely regarded as his best hit amd following that is 99 Problems! Just check Forbs, PitchFork, Rollng Stones, and Billboards. Remember look up (artist name) biggest hit song. Not best selling song.

      • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

        Umbrella – Jay Z’s biggest hit
        Live Your Life – T.I. biggest hit
        LTWYL – Eminem’s biggest hit
        We Found Love – Calvin Harris’ biggest hit.
        What’s My Name – Drake’s biggest hit.

        Seethe b*tch seethe. 🙂

      • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

        They all have Rihanna’s name to them. Forgot to add that. Stay pressed. ????

  26. MsYonce October 25, 2015

    Not at y’all fav featuring on

    Nicole Scherzinger
    Elephant Man
    Baby Cham
    Memphis Bleek
    The Dream (twice)
    Maroon 5
    Anddd moreee lmao stoppp

    • King Mark111 /.\ October 25, 2015

      • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

        LMFAO. Talk about desperation. Now its name calling every artist Rihanna has ever collaborated with. ???? ???? ????

  27. MsYonce October 25, 2015

    Y’all don’t have a problem with Rihanna working with all these people but y’all have a problem with people wanting to work with BEYONCE.. I cantttt! Y’all would find anything to hate I swear it’s so dumb

    • .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

      What? Girl go sit down with your 975356488 comments. You’re dodging questions, talking bullsh*t, contradicting yourself etc. You’re not even making sense anymore.

  28. King Mark111 /.\ October 25, 2015

    Another fun fact Centurion, my goddess. S&M remix is also Brney Spears, yes the princess of pop BRITNEY SPEARS’ higest selling single to date with 4 million. 4 million. Scream & Shout came in second with 3 million.
    They mad now. Oh well.

    • King Stephy October 25, 2015

      Wait, didn’t “Hit Me Baby” sell like 8 million physical singles globally back in 99′ tho?

      • HailBeysus October 25, 2015

        Yes there basing all these sold called facts off of digital sales alone LMFAO!!! But let them continue to lie. It helps them cope with Rihanna’s flopping era hahaha

  29. How Many Drinks October 25, 2015

    Adele has always stanned DOWN for Beyonce since 19 era. She just recently started follwing her on Twitter too, even though Beyonce hasnt tweeted in fxckinh years lmfao. Navy Salty that the most prestigious love them some Bey.

  30. How Many Drinks October 25, 2015

    Oh and Queen looks fierce in that photo!

  31. Royalkev October 25, 2015

    Aww, happy birthday to Cici! Her Catwoman is all kinds of s***! It’s nice to see Bey come out and support her! I just glad to see that. I need a full length shot of Bey because I know she’s killing it! Storm is so fitting for the Queen!

  32. Adelephant (previously HYDROQINONE) October 25, 2015

    …head down as I watch my feet takes turns hitting the ground eyes shut I’m in love ans I’m racing the earth and I’m soaked in your love and love was right in my path IN my grasp and me and you belong….

  33. .::Centurion::. October 25, 2015

    Anyway, happy birthday Ciara.

  34. Fran October 25, 2015

    She looks stunning as storm! Wow! Great look. Happy B Day Ci.

  35. shakira stan October 25, 2015

    She is doing everything to stay relevant.

  36. RICHIE_RICH October 25, 2015

    Yess queen Beyonce. Let the haters know the Storm is coming.

    Happy bday Ciara????????????????????

  37. B2B October 25, 2015

    Rihanna was not in Empire State of Mind, nor was she in Holy Grail; Jay-Z’s biggest pop hits to date. She was not in Tip’s Whatever You Like, his biggest hit to date. She also was not on Golddigger, Stronger, and did we forget the 5X platinum N***** in Paris? Rihanna ain’t gave nobody s*** but herpies! F*** outta here.

    • HailBeysus October 25, 2015

      Don’t bother. Rihanna stans only know digital sales lol! They seem to forget to calculate physical sales.

  38. #JACKIE October 25, 2015

    Happy birthday my beautiful queen!!!!❤️❤️❤️

    • EPIC October 25, 2015

      Don’t you mean Tranny queen.

      • #JACKIE October 25, 2015

        No b**** I meant what the f*** I said.

      • EPIC October 25, 2015

        Lol b##** don’t get mad because I corrected you.

  39. janvier October 25, 2015

    Lol the navy got.dragged for filth…….. shiiiiiit.

  40. ????Queen Molly???? October 25, 2015

    No pic of them together tho? Bye!

    • EPIC October 25, 2015

      LOL Why would Beyonce want to be pictured with your Tranny flop fav, GIRL BYE!

      • Kayla C October 25, 2015

        There actually is a pic of them together. You feminine gays really are the pits!

      • EPIC October 25, 2015

        LOL Girl where, are you talking about that photo shopped pic of them together lol. Like I said, lol, why would Be your want to be pictured with that flop lol.

      • EPIC October 25, 2015

        * Bey want to be

      • Ehhh October 25, 2015

        You must have a very boring or miserable life huh?

      • EPIC October 25, 2015

        Lol Girl my life is amazing. You can stay mad though lol.

  41. Ehhh October 25, 2015

    I’m all for artists supporting each other. But, it’s pretty weird that Beyonce is now attending Ciara’s bday event being that I have never known her to in the past to do so. And they could be at the same event (award shows) and never be seen together, so why go to her birthday party. But then again she has showed love for her in the past. Anyway this is all about Ciara’s Birthday…. Happy Birthday CiCi!!!!!!

  42. smh October 25, 2015

    Not true the photo of them together was photo shopped

  43. 4everBrandy_Ci October 25, 2015

    Beyoncé supporting and showing love to Ciara! That’s what’s up and Happy Birthday to Cici!!!!!! =)

  44. RihYonce October 25, 2015

    The queen looked amazing !!!! HDD is reporting new music is coming in November for bey !! I hope this is true ! I really think bey would slay as storm she looks stunning & Ciara look beautiful as well

  45. Lake Erie October 25, 2015

    I really like the pic of Ciara and her Boo. And Ciara & Bey look GOOD! This info goes to show you can’t believe everything you read or see for that matter. Cuz I honestly am shocked. I would have loved to be at that party or even a fly on the wall.

    Happy Birthday CiCi!!!!

  46. Usual Observer October 25, 2015

    The real shade of it all is that BEYONCE is at CIARA’s event. I know y’all ain’t forget about that time Rihanna called herself trying to flex on Ciara about booking stages when CiCi stays booked. And, I’m not even a Ciara stan. These are just facts. Ciara is a signed, professional model, honey. That’s why it’s best to stay humble, my darlings. Look at this mess of an era Rihanna is having… Karma is a b*tch ONLY IF you are.

  47. Usual Observer October 25, 2015

    One thing no one can deny about Ciara is that she has heart and tenacity. She never backs down and she keeps it moving right along, swiftly and professionally. Bey been a fan of CiCi. They started out as solo artists around the same time. Outside of Bey and Rihanna, Ciara is definitely the other most well known black female SINGER in the industry.

    • Usual Observer October 25, 2015

      …of this generation, Janet stans

  48. Rihboy October 25, 2015

    I’m pretty sure she attended just for publicity. Probably didn’t even looks Ciara’s way. Furthermore, she looks frightfully terrible as storm. Her TRUE age is showing here plenty. Plus storm was so last year. Karrueche slayed it

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 25, 2015

      How is it a publicity stunt if Ciara personally invited her? It’s not like Ciara is at the height of her success right now, so what does attending this party do for Beyonce (besides showing support and being an actual friend). I know it’s hard for you nazi’s to comprehend what true friendships are, considering the fact that the only friend Thothanna has is her Rick-James looking coke-dealing thug Floplissa Ford. And LET’S NOT go there with ‘publicity stunts’ when you clearly stated that your own fave was using TravestyScott for PR for her Puma campaign. Thothanna was svcking his d*ck behind closed doors for free PR, so you don’t get to have an opinion Sis.

  49. Ashleigh October 25, 2015

    This wasn’t eeeeeven at Ciara’s party. It was beyonces cousin Angie’s party. #PoorCiara

    • #JACKIE October 25, 2015

      Wrong b**** it was Ciara’s party now deal.

  50. #justsayn October 25, 2015

    Beyonce is at Ciaras event bcuz of Kelly Rowland and Lala… We all know Bey dont hang out with nobody but her husband blu ivy angie and Kelly or Solange.

    • Jake October 25, 2015

      Exactly ! And Gwyneth Paltrow

    • Thetruth October 25, 2015

      Gweneth Paltrow is a hollywood friendship! If Kelly wasnt at this event Bey wouldnt be there… Everybody scratching their heads like… this is low key odd! Glad to see them all having a good time! & Kelly plz release new music soon bae!

  51. Jake October 25, 2015

    It’s likely not the first nor the tenth time they’ve been together . Lala is Ciara’s best friend ( with this Yolanda girl ) , Kelly and Lala are best friends too , Lala and Angie ( Bey’s cousin ) are best friend too , Lala & Carmelo have been friends with Jay and Bey for years , Kim K is friend is with Ciara , Kelly and Serena … It’s only natural they all meet at some point at one or an other baby showers / birthday / wedding or girls night.

  52. cocobutta October 25, 2015

    Ok guess Michell

  53. Lonstermash October 25, 2015

    I thought she looked amazing as Storm. As a Wolverine cosplayer, I wish to God I could have been there and taken a cool picture with her. Check out my work at

    • DAMMMN BABY October 26, 2015

      DAMNNNNNN u are f****** hot, lemme see that eggplant

      • Lonstermash October 27, 2015

        Lol. Why, thank you. Never heard it called an eggplant before.

  54. Naomi’s Edges October 26, 2015

    Cute to see them together

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