Beyonce Shares Family Snaps From Halloween Bash

Published: Monday 9th Nov 2015 by Sam

Beyonce and Jay Z paid playful homage to their status as music’s first couple this Halloween.

The Carters – baby Blue Ivy included – rocked African ensembles inspired by Eddie Murphy’s 1988 movie ‘Coming To America.’

Though a woman of few words these days, Queen Bey stayed true to her tradition of sharing the moment online.

And while there’s no word on where exactly she and her family celebrated, what is known is that more pics from the party await below…

Via Beyonce:




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  1. HailBeysus November 9, 2015

    My Queen looking GORGEOUS as always!!! Aww little Blue looking Fierce and Fabulous!!! Lobe the first pic of the three of them. So adorable!!!

    • HailBeysus November 9, 2015


  2. Fran November 9, 2015

    Little miss Blue is snatching and slaying lives! She is so pretty but looks like a handful!. I bet all the haters are squirming at this.

  3. 2bad2bme November 9, 2015

    I am slayed by the carters. They are too much for the internet

  4. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 9, 2015

    Awww! I love seeing a beautiful black family together and happy! Who could ever hate on a MARRIED woman with a child? She’s literally out here working and TAKING CARE of both her husband and child? What type of real woman puts aside her celebrity privileges to afford multiple nannies, and actually cares for her own child. Ooh! DONT even get me started on how black women make the best mothers, cooks, dressers, ride or die wives, etc. Every man, regardless of race, NEEDS a special black woman to love and call his own (queen). I would’ve loved to see Mariah and dem babies.

  5. Tyler Makiavelli November 9, 2015


  6. Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 9, 2015


  7. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 9, 2015

    C’mon, y’all! Just put your hate and disdain for her aside for a moment, and just be thankful that she’s actually seen as a positive black role model. We all know how the media loves to pick and tear down successful black people (poor old MJ was hated just because the greatest entertainer to walk the earth was black and insecure racists couldn’t deal with it), so let’s not add to it. Bey ALWAYS checks for her black people and she includes them in everything she does. She’s not a sellout. Just remember who paid bail for all of those young black people in jail during the Trayvon Martin riot. She could’ve easily been a puppet and ignored the situation to protect her image and career, but “her mama taught her better than that”.

  8. shakira stan November 9, 2015

    And the award for the ugliest celeb baby goes to who?

    • Danny Bey November 9, 2015

      Your mother’s child.

      • shakira stan November 9, 2015

        Mmmh my mother ain’t a celeb ,but who can fault a hive for being stupid ,that’s like their sec nature

    • HailBeysus November 9, 2015

      Ohhh I KNOW I KNOW!!!! SHAKIRA????….

      • shakira stan November 9, 2015

        Shakira has no baby called ‘shakira”do some research before attempting your weak shade .

    • Tyler Makiavelli November 9, 2015


  9. Lorax November 9, 2015


  10. shakira stan November 9, 2015

    Beyonce is nothing but a cheap insecure sell out ,I can’t forget how many times she has claimed she wanted to be a latina ,she ain’t proud of her roots ,so why should we be proud of her .

    • Tyler Makiavelli November 9, 2015

      Latino isnt a race, its a culture. You can be black and Latino. So she admires the culture…Wtf are you trying to prove here sir?????

  11. XXX November 9, 2015

    I can’t deal with the cuteness overload in these pictures. This family is everything.

  12. XXX November 9, 2015

    Don’t feed trolls…

  13. ????Queen Molly???? November 9, 2015

    The slayage what a beautiful family

  14. shakira stan November 9, 2015

    And this fraud has infiltrated into the pop culture so deep ,she has a bunch of delusional ghetto skanks worshipping her every move .I weep for the new genetation ,where strippers and thieves are glorified and called legends.

  15. WINTZ November 9, 2015

    Who bullies a baby?????????

    W T F!! It is too soon for this demonic behaviour: y’all booking a 1st class ticket to hell.

    • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 9, 2015

      You better work with that haircut! Serving me all kinds of “Good Girl Gone Bad” teas. Come through and be admired, ma’am.

    • Avi November 9, 2015

      “Who bullies a baby?”

      A loser.

  16. HailBeysus November 9, 2015

    Why is that Shakira stan so pressed??? Poor thing is having a meltdown over some pics. It obviously needs medical help.

  17. DIABETES UNBOTHERED November 9, 2015

    THE HOLY TRINITY! Praise BLUESUS CHRIST of savior… the jealousy is real this evening.

  18. shakira stan November 9, 2015

    Look at them dressed so rich ,while black folks All over the world are filled with poor ,jobless youths .What has this woman done to give back ….

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 9, 2015

      Go listen to GOATY(Shakira) bleat and stay off this blog, u hateful piece of shitt!!!!!!!!!!

    • HailBeysus November 9, 2015

      Beyoncé Knowles – former Destiny’s Child soulstress – is not only one of the great survivors of the music industry, but also someone who cares deeply about people.

      The list of charities she supports is both long and varied, but perhaps the greatest contribution she has made is the Survivor Foundation, an organization she founded with fellow Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. The foundation’s accomplishments are many, including the Music World Cares Christmas Carnival that enabled over 300 low-income households to enjoy a fun-filled day of food, entertainment, a visit from Santa Claus and free toys from the toy giveaway. The singer also held a series of food drives before her concerts in 2006 to collect the food that was so desperately needed by victims.

      Beyoncé was also an Ambassador for the 2005 World Children’s Day, and released “Stand Up For Love,” the anthem for the event which takes place annually around the world on November 20 to raise awareness and funds for children’s causes.

      In 2007, Beyoncé partnered with a variety of anti-hunger organizations, including Feeding America, The Houston Food Bank and The Global Food Banking Network, in conjunction with her Beyoncé Experience tour.

      Beyoncé is a co-founder of CHIME FOR CHANGE, a platform designed to empower women and girls through education, health and justice.

      Beyoncé donated a handbag to an auction benefitting Women’s Fund for Scotland. But her concern for people is sometimes more discreet, as was shown when she visited two people who were injured during a fireworks accident at one of her concerts, arriving at the hospital shortly after the concert ended. Head nurse Darryl Williams said, “She was just very concerned about the people injured in the audience. It was unannounced and we kept it very low-key so that she could spend time with them.”

      Beyoncé has supported the following charities listed on this site:

      American Foundation for A*** Research
      Artists for Peace and Justice
      Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes
      Boys & Girls Clubs of America
      Candie’s Foundation
      Clinton Bush Haiti Fund
      Clothes Off Our Back
      Entertainment Industry Foundation
      Feeding America
      Food Bank For New York City
      Global Poverty Project
      Keep A Child Alive
      Kids Wish Network
      Love Our Children USA
      Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation
      Miss A Meal
      Music Rising
      Phoenix House
      Prince’s Trust
      Save The Music Foundation
      Small Steps Project
      Stand Up To Cancer
      Survivor Foundation
      The Lunchbox Fund
      The Samburu Project
      Women’s Fund for Scotland

      Causes she has Supported
      Abuse, Addiction, A*** & H**, Animals, At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths, Bullying, Cancer, Children, Creative Arts, Diabetes, Disaster Relief, Education, Family/Parent Support, Grief Support, Health, Human Rights, Hunger, Miscellaneous, Poverty, R***/Sexual Abuse, Unemployment/Career Support, Water, Women


  19. Brandys Starr November 9, 2015

    Love the theme. Black power suits them perfectly. Blue Ivy is a gorgeous little girl, always #photoready like her mother. They all look GREAT.

  20. DIABETES UNBOTHERED November 9, 2015

    PRAISE BLUESUS CHRIST OF SAVIOR… the jealousy is REAL this evening.

  21. Tyler Makiavelli November 9, 2015

    Shakira Stan/Lovebird needs serious help.
    A mind is a terrible thing to waste SMDH.

  22. RihYonce November 9, 2015

    Yes bey is so beautiful !!! & little Blue is so sassy I know she probably act like she’s grown lol

  23. DIABETES UNBOTHERED November 9, 2015

    Bey is aging better than shakira… bey still looks almost exactly the same as the b’day era. Rihornes will be ugly by 34 assuming shes still relvant… as for Shakira…

    • Tyler Makiavelli November 9, 2015

      Aye, remember when Rihanna still had edges? And when Shakira was actually socially relevant????? LOL

  24. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 9, 2015

    @Shakira Stan, I’m not gonna even act like I don’t have a copy of “Oral Fixation, vol. 2” sitting pretty in my album collection at home, and that I don’t have that infamous “Garden of Eden” recreation poster plastered high up on my wall. That album slayed my life and “How Do You Do?” is one of the best album opening tracks I’ve ever heard. “The Day and the Time” is subtle slayage too, so I won’t comment on your feelings of disdain for Bey.

  25. Royalkev November 9, 2015

    How cute are they!!! Blue is looking like she’s having a Sasha Fierce moment in that 2nd pic! Run the world mama! These Carters KNOWLES how to slay Halloween!

    • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 9, 2015

      I listened to “Focus” and “Angel in Disguise” last night…and I was SLAYED INTO OBLIVION AND BEYOND BELIEF! Those layered, relaxed vocals are no joke. I SWEAR that woman is the Vocal Bible indeed. But do you agree that the R&B Bible is “The Diary” by Alicia Keys?

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 9, 2015

        Let’s not even pretend that the title track for “One in a Million” wasn’t vocal heaven and the standard for production quality back in the mid-late 90s R&B, but I even think the “Red” Album was more consistent and vocally challenging than her second album. What’s so special about that album to you?

      • Royalkev November 9, 2015

        I love Angel in Disguise! That’s one of my favorites from Bran! “The Diary of Alicia Keys” is a masterpiece indeed. That album made me a fan of hers. Favorites on that album: ‘Diary’, ‘Samsonite Man’, ‘Karma’ and of course, “You Don’t Know My Name’. Who are your favorite artists?

      • Royalkev November 9, 2015

        That ‘One and a Million’ album does go hard though! I like both ‘Million’ and ‘Aaliyah’ (the album), it’s hard to compare the 2. OIAM was very listenable, ‘Aaliyah’ was more grown up and artistic. I still think OIAM sounds more advanced then a lot of R&B music from the time period. There’s a couple of reasons why I easily can prefer one over the other.

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 9, 2015

        I don’t even have a favorite artist because I pretty much like them all. I listen too ALL genres, but I must say that when Annalise and I bonded over “The Downward Spiral”, I was SHOCKED! I had no idea that she even listened to music like that. I love people like Lise and you that expand their musical norms and actually acquire a taste for something not popular at the moment. I’m gonna have to have a chat with her about “Pretty Hate Machine” soon because I NEED to know what she thinks about it. Anyway, “Nobody Not Really” and “Dragon Days” slayed my entire existence. That very well may be her best album thus far, because aside from “Go Ahead”, “Lesson Learned”, and “I Need You”, “As I Am” is the only album to come close to that modern classic. What are your favorites from the “Red” album (I like calling it this because her body was amazing on that cover. Her waist was so skinny! She was probably a size zero)? “I Can Be” is a little hard on the ears at first and “Extra Smooth” may be too funky for some listeners. But NO ONE CAN DENY how EPIC the “Rock the Boat” video was. Mark, wasn’t that choreography legendary?

      • Royalkev November 9, 2015

        My favorite on “the red album” would definitely be ‘What If’. Aaliyah’s voice is soft, but clear. She gets her point across in that song with lots of conviction. I would just have that one on repeat 10 times when I listen to that album!

        I love her nerve in “U Got Nerve”. Musically Aaliyah always came across very s*** in a cold way to me (although she seem very inviting and warm on a personal level). I just like the attitude that song has. ‘More Than A Woman’ was instant for me! The video for that song is my favorite by Aaliyah .. . Aaliyah in that white jumpsuit >>>> and black laced up leather pants >>>> …Slayage!

        I agree with you concerning Alicia, but I do think ‘The Element of Freedom’ was slept on. I also really liked Lesson learned. 🙂

  26. No favs, just here for the music November 9, 2015

    Awwww cute

  27. brazio November 9, 2015

    Blue looks like she was whipping her hair back and forth!!lol

  28. King Mark111 /.\ November 9, 2015

    Thank god Blue is taking after her mother now.

  29. King Stephy November 9, 2015

    They look absolutely stunning!

  30. King Mark111 /.\ November 9, 2015

    Y’all sleeping on Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number. R. Kelly did a great job with the production. People try to give Tim and Missy ALL the credit, but Aaliyah already had her street but sweet sound from the go. Age was in the New Jack Swing era, but it was a lil more gangsta, Back N Forth sound like something Dre would had done. That album really what gave Brandy and Monica first albums the direction to take. Yes you had TLC and MJB, but TLC was stright up New Jack Swing and MJB was a lil more hip hop, production was a lil ruff. Aaliya’s production and voice was smooth. With One in a million, it was one of the first albums to have digital beats.

    • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 9, 2015

      Mark, I know, but I just CAN’T with R. Kelly’s creeping ass in the background of the cover. I really pissed me off how much he was involved in her career when it should’ve been her uncle. Truth be told, my mom and dad have separate copies of that gem, but my mom almost didn’t purchase one because she was extremely upset with the hold (creative control) R. Kelly had over such a young girls career. It really drove her crazy. Anyway, I’m just glad that she helped contribute towards making it multi platinum. I’m sure Baby girl is grateful to my mom for that.

    • King Stephy November 9, 2015

      Her best albums were “Aaliyah & One In A Million”. The production on those two albums BIRTHED a whole new sound wave within Urban-Popular. One In A Million made all the urban acts to have that sound on their up & coming LPs. As for her Debut album, that was just another R&B album imo. Yes, it still slays… Cause, Kells was in the PRIME of his melodically driven ear for music. But, it didn’t really sound innovative nor futuristic the way her latter albums did. Still a solid body of work tho.

    • Royalkev November 9, 2015

      That album didn’t give Bran and Mo direction! Aaliyah was so chill on that album, soothing almost like Sade. Brandy’s first album was so Pop-ish and Mo had sass for days. All 3 have a totally different vibe on their debuts.

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 9, 2015

        Yes!!!! Speak it, RoyalKev! She served and served with the choreography in the “More Than a Woman” video and that white jumpsuit with the slick back ponytail was everything! Plus, that black guy with the braids she danced with at the end of the video was so damn fine! I always regret her not starting a relationship with him. They looked so cute together. He could’ve literally been her own personal version of D’Angelo. Lol! I agree with those leather pants too. If they can add Taylor Swift’s outfits to the Grammy museum and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, then they sure as hell can add Aaliyah’s signature shades, eye patch, bandana, makeup, and her infamous clothing. If she was still Ali e, I swear she would’ve been playing stadiums like crazy and starring in super big motion pictures. God bless that beautiful black woman and may she rest in peace.

  31. Indira November 9, 2015


  32. fatusankoh November 9, 2015

    Beautiful family I love the Carters God bless protect them for life

  33. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 9, 2015

    I mean…this woman was SO INNOVATIVE and ahead of her competition that she LITERALLY used a looping sample of her crying as a baby. Who would’ve ever thought to do that? And now that same song is more popular than her own #1 Hot 100 hit. Another music video with memorable choreography.

    • King Mark111 /.\ November 9, 2015

      It wasn’t her as a baby. That was a rumor. Somebody would had been #1, but billboard changed their rules that year, they (if I’m not mistaken) put radio play as it own chart or only counted radio play for the hot 100, i have to look it up.
      I have one, i Care 4 u was recorded for One In A Million, but it was already mastered, so they held it for 5 year and put it on jer self-titled. Listen to the production of Care, now go listen to My Love by Justin Timberlake, they sound simular.
      Miss You was recorded in 89, so was Rock The Boat. Somebody was recorded in a night. Haters want to act like this girl was a flop, how when a year before her death she had a movie and a #1 hit? Lol, yea her self-titled had a slow start but don’t act like it wasn’t #2, and she wasn’t filming and had movies lined up. But I’m sleep tho.

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 9, 2015

        You BETTER STAN DOWN FOR YOUR QUEEN AND DEFEND HER! Mark, that beautiful soul genuinely cared about her fans. All she cared about was incorporating them into everything she did…and the media hated her for it because she was 1. A successful and beautiful black woman that didn’t perpetuate stereotypes and 2. She was a good role model and always had a good attitude in pubic. They’ve been hating OUT THE GATE since she SERVED HEAVEN with “At Your Best” but remind them again who recorded one of the best covers of ALL TIME between the ages of 14-16. How could a black woman do this? Because she was more than a black woman….”More than a Woman” to be exact. She IS (NOT WAS) the epitome of mixing innovation and beauty. I’m so pissed at Cheatboard for robbing a black woman of a #1 song. She won anyway, though, because it’s still remembered and receives good airplay in GA.

  34. MsYonce November 9, 2015

    Blue snatched Beyonceee bish she’s so cute

  35. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 9, 2015

    @Royal Kev, That beautiful black queen had a slick, classy and special way of saying “N****, get your s*** together and go. I’m done playing these games with you” without actually saying it. Lol! I lived for her songs like that. Ex. A: “Loose Rap” (I love the guys vocals) Ex. B: “Don’t Know What to Tell Ya” (another innovative beat), and Ex. 3: “Read Between the Lines” (she was SUPER direct in this song. There’s no way you could misinterpret what she was saying).

  36. .::Centurion::. November 9, 2015

    They look decent, even though their appropriating culture. That moustache looks good on Jay; it ‘hides’ his fat lips. And is Beyonce really putting make-up on that 3 year old child? Just… wow. #MotherOfTheYear

    • Tyler Makiavelli November 9, 2015

      “is Beyonce really putting make-up on that 3 year old child?”

      Its Halloween you idiot.

      • .::Centurion::. November 9, 2015

        STFU. Is that suppose to be an excuse? That child is 3 years old, 3 YEARS OLD! She could’ve pulled off her ‘costume’ even without the make-up, you wanna know why, because she’s 3 mfn years old.
        Cut the bullsh*t excuse. Putting make-up on a child, especially of that age, is unacceptable. Good parents don’t even allow girls to wear make-up until their near adolescence. FOH ghetto fish.

    • you A hater November 10, 2015

      the amount of make up on blue’s face is very minimalistic, you going off for nothing. in fact its barely make up its literally a cat eye, and some design on the side … you acting like they put eyelashes, blush, foundation, etc on here face (this isnt toddlers and tiara’s) and this is no different than the typical face painting that are put on kids at kids parties (which is far worse and alarming than what is on blue ivys face) you are just scratching for reasons to fault beyonce …. thats just sad…

  37. Barb-wire November 9, 2015

    Okay I’m stanning hard for Blue right now! The fierceness, the attitude yassss!!!!

  38. King Stephy November 9, 2015

    @Aaliyah Dana Carter, you’re so dumb. I just can’t even acknowledge you anymore… Bye

  39. another bty day something ain’t wrong November 10, 2015

    They all looks nice

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