Hot Shot: Janet Jackson & Missy Elliott All Smiles At Catch Up

Published: Sunday 8th Nov 2015 by Sam

Decades of domination.

Both Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott are two of modern music’s most enduring figures and celebrate their sisterhood on new single ‘BURNITUP!’

The pair also caught up recently and shared the snap above on social media moments ago.

Taking to Twitter, Missy – whose comeback effort ‘WTF (Where They From)’ now arrives November 12th – wrote:

I had a Blast 2night catching up with my sis @JanetJackson & Wissam yall! #BurnItUp!

Here’s hoping the ladies catch up on a video set pronto. The world is waiting for that all-out dance visual from Janet and it’s important – while aiming for longevity – to not miss a crucial window of opportunity to slay.

Janet Jackson’s chart-topping new album ‘Unbreakable’ is out now.

Your thoughts?

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  1. HailBeysus November 8, 2015

    I miss hearing Missy on the radio! She needs to drop an album and dominate with that fire once again!!!

  2. Taylor Tori Azalea November 8, 2015

    You meant to say “Unbreakable is now out of the Billboard 200″lololololololololololololololol

      • Taylor Tori Azalea November 8, 2015

        Good for her and what does L.U.F.T.A mean???

    • Taylor Tori Azalea November 8, 2015

      In Janet’s whispering voice “my chart topping album (Unbearable) is now out of the Billboard 200 after less than 5 weeks”

      • Royalkev November 8, 2015

        It’ll still be in the top 40!

    • Dontazz November 8, 2015

      Lies.. Check billboard dummy.

    • Renzo585 November 8, 2015

      No it isn’t lol you’re an idiot

    • Antoine November 8, 2015

      Trolling as usual!! Get a life and do not comment on it and please stop reading the article’s if you don’t like her. Your more sour than a lemon in its first stages!

    • AJ November 8, 2015

      Yet she still sold more and earned more than Iggy and Jj is an indie artist *sips tea*

  3. Royalkev November 8, 2015

    I can’t get enough of Janet’s album! I’ve been soaking it up for weeks! ‘Dammmn Baby’, ‘Night’, ‘Unbreakable’, ‘The Great Forever’, ‘Burn It up’, ‘2B Loved’, ‘Black Eagle’ … this album is just truly exceptional. It’s so classic!

    Btw, I love JJ’s freindship with Missy! 🙂

    • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 8, 2015

      I Love your commentary and respect for Brandy. It’s honestly so refreshing and meaningful to be able to converse with you. Okay, now I REALLY don’t wanna upset you, but I just cant, for the life of me, get into “Necessary”. I always skip it when listening to “Afrodisiac”. Also, although epic in production and vocal performance, I can’t help but feel that “Sadiddy” is missing something. I don’t know. How do you feel about it? Ooh, let’s not even get into how beautiful that exotic black woman (I’m more than convinced she has Asian in her) looked in that picture in the photo booklet, in which she’s lying on a mattress in her lingerie. She slayed me! Also, although she was clearly uncomfortable in the “Afrodisiac” music video, her body and that hair color was absolutely amazing. I tell you…her, Aaliyah, Kelly Rowland and Slaychelle Williams have the best bodies for black artists.

      • Royalkev November 8, 2015

        Thanks for the compliment! <3 I actually love 'Necessary', it's my favorite cut on 'Afrodisiac' (after 'Talk About Our Love' and probably 'Sadiddy'). LOL. I'm not mad that you're not really a fan of those songs, I just like it when my favs step outside of the box from time to time. Those songs may rub a few B-rocka fans the wrong way, but it makes me more of a fan. I get bored when artists recycle the same sound. If it does happen, I appreciate when there's growth (and it's done in a way that's refreshing, otherwise I might not be very stimulated by the music). To be honest, I thought I liked this album more than 'Human', but as time went on 'Afro' turned out to be my least favorite Brandy album (although I respect all the experimentation done on it).

        I read your comment below about B and Janet doing a duet. I would love to hear the harmonies on that one! Bran slays in that department and Janet lowkey does as well (but it's never pushed to the forefront of her artistry because she's so dynamic).

        Btw, I agree with you, Bran and Aaliyah always had nice bodies! I prefer Brandy when she's more sassy than s*** though. I think she's s*** when she's confident (and not trying to be overtly sexual). Ameriie, Toni Braxton (and Aaliyah actually) have all been apart of my little 3-way race for the spot coming in after my favs (for the women).

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 8, 2015

        Yes! You always serge the truth! It’s truly a blessing to get your take on these things.

  4. Queens! November 8, 2015

    I love both of them!!! And no, JJ’s album isn’t out of the Billboard 200. #Dead at this child calling Unbreakable “unbearable”. The poor child listens to Taylor, smh.

    • Taylor Tori Azalea November 8, 2015

      K but why do I not see this comment about ME on MY reply section
      For the record Taylor’s vocals > Tranet’s whispers

      • Aaliyah’s Ashes November 8, 2015

        Say what? Taylor’s vocals > Janet?? Reciepts please

      • RealtalkBSWalk November 8, 2015

        Awwww you have such HATE for Janet, for what tho? did she personally attack you? Did she talk about your mother? What sweetie? For you to waste valuable time to come on every post and post HATE is so sad awwwww and you know Janet don’t even know you exist but you know she exist.She will never know how you feel and if she did she would laugh at you! Taylor, Tori, nor Azelea don’t know you exist either love awwww. Do you know that you will NEVER EVER see the success of any of these stars I mentioned in this intervention? Your in my prayers

  5. dee November 8, 2015

    No sleep! I’m dead at this point. No second single in 5 months. That is why the cd is dead to the bed. No promotion= No sales.

    • RealtalkBSWalk November 8, 2015

      Janet released this album for her fans she is touring for her fans. Janet don’t feel the need to promote this album because its not an album made for promotion when you have true fans you don’t need to promote anything because its only for them and they already know you. This will be Janets last album she will only produce other artist on her label. Janet is a changed woman a free spirit and the “industry” will not have her bound.

  6. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 8, 2015

    Honestly, I would love for Jan and Missy to serve up a “Strawberry Bounce” or “R&B Junkie” 2.0, although Jan might not want to sing about those things anymore. Also, I’m here for a collaboration between Legendy Norwood and Missy and/or Jan. Could you just imagine how EPIC it would be to have Jan’s sweet, soft little voice and B-Rocks’s iconic runs on one song together? OK not even gonna lie. I Stan down hard for Jan, but we ALL KNOW who would take control of that song, own it with vocals, and make it her own.

  7. No favs, just here for the music November 8, 2015

    Does Missy age at all? Lol
    Both ladies look fantastic. Can’t wait to hear some new music.

  8. King Mark111 /.\ November 8, 2015

    The Taylor fan isn’t even a Taylor fan, it’s a stan of her stats and only uses it as a shield. The media is getting sick of her entitlement ish. Just wait when the media turns on her, she don’t have the strength of Britney, Janet and MJ to get through it.

  9. another bty day something ain’t wrong November 9, 2015

    Nice of missy & Janet

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