Jennifer Lopez Slays For ‘Vegas Player’ / AMA Performance Hits 60 Million Views

Published: Thursday 26th Nov 2015 by Sam

Cop a gander of Jennifer Lopez!

The 46-year-old serves all sorts of divadom a-front of ‘Vegas Player’ magazine.

Proving that she only gets fiercer with time,the mother of two appears in the Fall/Winter issue of  publication ahead of the January launch of her Sin City residency – ‘Jennifer Lopez: All I Have.’

In other J. Lo news, her show-stopping performance at the 2015 American Music Awards last Sunday has officially gone viral.

Details below…

The showing, which saw the icon pay homage to the year’s biggest hits (by the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj), has yet to be uploaded to her VEVO (likely due to the multiple usage rights).

However, between multiple uploads, the performance has amassed over 60 million views.

Got to give it up to La Lopez; no new music out yet, but slaying performances of other people’s songs better than they ever could. Work!

Your thoughts?

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  1. StrawberryMuffin24 November 26, 2015

    Go Jlo she killed it at the AMAS!

    • bonBon489 November 27, 2015

      Shut up.

      Jennifer Lopez/Jlo is a dancer. Benny Medina and Puff have fooled america. SHE CAN’T SING, she has NO VOCAL ABILITY.

      Stop dressing her up as the greatest entertainer of all time. She is an ACTRESS playing a Singer.

      She is basically a DANCER who slept her way to the top

  2. black heart people November 26, 2015

    Omg!!!dam…jlo just never stops she killed the performance I just knew she has more in her …I love this woman

  3. Lake Erie November 26, 2015

    Damn J-Lo! The originators of those songs she performsed should definitely recreate thier routine lol cuz compared to their 1,2 steps, whining/booty shaking.There is no comparison. Slay J-lo!

  4. Taylor Tori Azalea November 26, 2015

    Wait……. Who?

  5. StrawberryMuffin24 November 26, 2015

    Jennifer Lopez you know bish if you clicked on her thread!

  6. CT November 26, 2015

    She making sure those Vegas tickets sell. No female in the industry can see j lo on the stage simple as that.

  7. aretha November 26, 2015

    the queen of them all . slay

  8. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 26, 2015

    What would happen if I dare utter the words on this blog, that she is just as good of a performer as Beyonce?

    • Tyler Makiavelli November 26, 2015

      I would respond by saying: Beyonce would sing circles around JLo and that she’s a glorified back up dancer with a mic.

    • Arx November 26, 2015

      JLo definitely performed B17ch Better Have My Money better than the original performer…

  9. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 26, 2015

    Furthermore, what kind of fvcked up video did you put in this post Sam. Do you even try anymore?

  10. IG: @mixedboy November 26, 2015

    I have to give props Jlo really Slayed that AMAs performance. The original artist should take some tips!

  11. NoHateNoShade November 26, 2015

    She slayed Nicki, Bey, & Ri all on they own s***!.. What type of 46 year old is this!? Lol. One of the best performances ever. The thing is when our entertainers usually turn her age we still tell them they got IT! Even tho we know there is usually something slightly different about the way they perform, but Miss Lopez actually still does have IT! and then some.

    • Royalkev November 26, 2015

      ^ So true! … She didn’t slay Bey though! 🙂 Still, I don’t think JLO get enough credit for what she does on stage!

  12. shakira stan November 26, 2015

    I lived for the shade Nicki gave her with her eyes
    …the old desperado doesn’t know when to quit .
    But she slayed though ….give even a pig it’s due

  13. Molly November 26, 2015

    When will Ciara?

  14. DestinysChild November 26, 2015

    Why is Beyonce name being brought up lmao? Y’all do realize that performing is more than just dancing right? Sure JLo is an amazing dancer even at 45 years old, but Beyonce kills her on stage. Period. Beyonce brings fierceness, charisma, energy, beauty and most of all VOCALS to the stage. Her live arrangements are second to none! Y’all so pressed man it’s not even funny and this is not up for debate.

    • NoHateNoShade November 26, 2015

      Lmao! Jennifer brings all those things as well. She is most definitely FIERCE, CHARASMATIC, ENERGETIC, & BEAUTIFUL. Now her VOCALS may not be as good as Beyoncé but she w/o doubt slayed her vocal arrangement & notes at the beginning of that AMA performance. Let’s not forget Bey & Jen did have a PEPSI commercial together. I think they are both great.

      • DestinysChild November 26, 2015

        Call me when J. Lo has people crying and passing out at her half filled shows. 😉

      • NoHateNoShade November 26, 2015


  15. another bty day something ain’t wrong November 26, 2015

    Jennifer Lopez did amazing

  16. Ahah’ November 26, 2015

    when will Khia?

  17. Anti (hives scared of R8) November 26, 2015

    Hahaha it’s funny how you people ask when will _______??? Bi#ch when will you??? Lol broke ass

  18. Royalkev November 26, 2015

    This woman beauty slays! Jenny’s performance at the AMA’s was just perfect! The woman was born to entertain!!!!

  19. LB November 26, 2015

    Her VMA performance was incredible

    • LB November 26, 2015


  20. I can’t November 26, 2015

    Are we just gonna ignore that cringe worthy singing at the beginning?? I mean choreography was great but she’s gotta stop with that whole singing thing

    • JOHNVIDAL November 26, 2015

      Not only that. But that cringe worthy singing was lipped LOL Yep, that´s how bad she is. She can´t sing not even recording basic songs on the studio.

  21. King Stephy November 26, 2015

    J Lo betta slay. I can’t believe she’s 46 tbh…

  22. Are You Serious November 26, 2015

    when will Marsha Ambrosius?

  23. JOHNVIDAL November 26, 2015

    Too bad she was never a huge music seller and that now she is literally unable to sell a damn thing no matter how much promo she does.

  24. Sandra Rose Bitsch November 26, 2015

    when will Alesha Dixon?

  25. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 26, 2015

    I like J. Lo’s music, but I’m not gonna pretend like she only received 25,000 people at a stadium show for the “Dance Again” Tour, in which her promoters literally handed out free tickets outside when the concert already began, even though they played it off and said she sold the stadium out. I’m not here for the trickery, but if she actually sings live I might buy a ticket.

  26. Are You Fvckin Serious November 27, 2015

    nice t.i.t.s.

  27. PINK HOT December 3, 2015


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