Mariah Carey Glows As Gladiator In New ‘Game of War’ Promo

Published: Saturday 14th Nov 2015 by Sam

Mariah Carey is morphing into quite the media maven these days.

Famed for her vocals, the elusive chanteuse has been branching out with a multitude of new projects.

The latest is the role of a glamazon in new advertising spots for popular phone app ‘Game of War.’

You’ve seen the commercial and now Mimi is sharing the first still snap. Check it out above and peep a behind the scenes pic from the shoot below…

Thinking about how I would defeat the dragon in the @GameofWar commercial… 😉 #AheroLiesInYou

A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

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  1. Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015


    • Taylor Tori Azalea November 14, 2015

      Lmfao it took you 3-4 full days to recover and re-grow your edges after the hive scalped your thotic asSs

      • Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

        lol b**** when? and this coming from someone who gets dragged like cray cray? hahahahahaha

        Molly teas

      • HailBeysus November 14, 2015

        @Taylor KIIIIIIII that comment is giving me all kinds of kIiiiiii’s ????????????????

      • Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

        lol lol lol

        Lmfao at these lies and assssss kissing. basic b****** be always cosigning each otha. hahahahaha

      • Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015


        dont u stan 4 taylor gurl, tha industry puusssy gurl? lmfaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooo

  2. LORAX November 14, 2015


    I just can’t.

    The advert was one thing but that poster pic. is TEEEWWW much! She betta stay getting em’ video game cheques!

    • I support great music November 15, 2015

      Yasssss slayyy Mimi????

  3. ????Queen Molly???? November 14, 2015

    Lmao bye moo

    • Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

      when will ciara? lmao bye

      • ????Queen Molly???? November 14, 2015


      • Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

        your fave. lol you tried it boo boo.

      • Taylor Tori Azalea November 14, 2015

        When will Mariah find a man her own age with her wrinked pusSsy???

      • Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

        dont u stan 4 taylor gurl, tha industry puusssy gurl? lmfaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooo

  4. King Stephy November 14, 2015

    WHy she look betta in ha real photo than the main photo. DEAD! Get money QUEEEEEN

    • RICHIE_RICH November 14, 2015

      Mother is sit-ting in the REAL pic

  5. Jiji November 14, 2015

    She’s also getting her own lime of Hallmark greeting cards. She is making money left and right. Good for her.

  6. HailBeysus November 14, 2015

    Gurl Bye stop trying to make this game happen. It will never be Clash of Clans ????????????????

    • ????Queen Molly???? November 14, 2015

      Kiii its tragic

      • Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

        not when jackie happened sis. tha self drag hahahahaha

    • Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

      but can beyonce even unlock a phone?

      • ????Queen Molly???? November 14, 2015

        Can mooriah go one second without photoshop?

      • HailBeysus November 14, 2015

        Bitxh don’t do it! You know what happened last time! ???????????????????? please leave Linda in the grave as well hahahahahaha

      • Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

        lol lol lol

        ill repeat. Can beyonce even unlock a phone?

    • Taylor Tori Azalea November 14, 2015

      It won’t even have half the success that kardashian mess had

  7. JOHNVIDAL November 14, 2015

    Aww Go girl!

  8. Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

    she got millions hunty. when will you, your mama, your lost father, and your mama’s pimp?

    • Mimis main one November 14, 2015


  9. Taylor Tori Azalea November 14, 2015

    She stays photoshoping and she stays in the 90s BYE Cowriah

    • John November 15, 2015

      You like Taylor Swift though? She can’t even sing.

  10. BeyRihLiyah November 14, 2015

    Lol its funny how mariah can get you lames ass bítches mad continue to seethe

    • Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

      lol exactly

      she a certified legend

      an iconic.

    • Taylor Tori Azalea November 14, 2015

      Death or should I say Aliyaah @your comment when you do the same on Ciara posts

    • Queen Barb November 14, 2015

      Like how nicki gets your fat ass pressed?

  11. Yonce November 14, 2015

    Fat flop no one is checking for.

    • Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

      and who are you? hunny dont get too comfortable bcuz kfc sponsors ur mamas pole dancing classes.

  12. Barb-wire November 14, 2015

    The Queen of shade!!! Slayyyy Mom.

  13. Queen Barb November 14, 2015

    She hasn’t retired yet?

    • Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

      has flopnika got a Grammy yet b****?

      • Taylor Tori Azalea November 14, 2015

        Giirl you are pressed and I see a repeat of 4 days ago coming your way

      • Queen Barb November 14, 2015

        Who needs a Shammy when you’re a rap legend. Nicki is in her own lane. Mariah is 50 years old trying to act and dress like Nicki

      • Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

        kiiii kiii kiii

        not this b**** and its grammyless th0t fave actin like the grammys ain’t s***. kiiii

        is polonyprint platinim?

    • John November 15, 2015

      Nah, but Nicki might as well. Her and that plastic b*** can sit down.

  14. Lake Erie November 14, 2015

    Aaaaw, MC looking good! That commercial was too cute.

  15. HailBeysus November 14, 2015


    LOL!!! She still refuses to read the receipts or post any her self because she knows she’ll end up CLOCKING HERSELF HAHAHAHAHA!!! Also im so sure BEY wants to desperately sing like Mariah so in about 6 years she can be voiceless too hahahahaha stay pressed h**!!
    November 11, 2015 at 6:13 pm
    Mariah The Legend says:
    Screaming at this b**** now claiming it was sarcasm when it clearly meant what it said. HAHAHAHAHAHA. If it were sarcasm, you wouldn’t have the “bawahahahaba”. LOL. The struggle to save its semi illiterate assss.
    I read those receipts, and their from WIKIPEDIA. Oops!!!! Isn’t that why refuse to post a receipt? LOL. WHERE IS THE LINK f**? LMFAOOOOO
    November 11, 2015 at 6:31 pm
    HailBeysus says:
    Kiii this bitxh claiming I use Wiki hahahaha!!! Like I said its using any excuse to justify its belief in Mariah’s Self inflicting false receipts hahahaha!!! Ive made clear in past post i don’t use your mama’s dictionary for the gullible and stupid HA! But obviously you do which is why you falsely claim you read the receipt i posted their a lie hahahaha!!! You’re stupid incoherent and shadey AF!!! You’ve been dragged for filth even tho you try and hide behind Mariah’s success KIIIII yet u failed miserably hahahaha!!!! I posted my receipt yet you can’t so much as post yourself showing mariahs 180 million albums sold and singles that surpass beys 118 million mark KIIIII Bitxh stay self shading because this is fun i got nothing better to do today but play zombies on BO3 hahaha!!!
    November 11, 2015 at 6:38 pm
    Linda says:
    LOL. I didn’t even read that entire novel. Save the excuses hunny. Where is your receipt boo boo? I’m still waiting. If those “receipts” aren’t Wikipedia receipts, then WHERE IS YOUR LINK? Kiiiiii. Do you understand English? POST A WEB LINK!!!!!
    BYE idiot. Drag your pressed delusional ass out of here!! Pathetic to have to cosign yourself!! centipede please kill yourself!!!!

    November 11, 2015 at 7:16 pm
    Tyler Makiavelli says:


    November 11, 2015 at 7:06 pm
    Tyler Makiavelli says:

    Sam! Put these trolling ass b****** on blast. Its about time the you set the record straight by exposing these h*** for who they really are.

    • Taylor Tori Azalea November 14, 2015

      Kiiii I live

    • Terny November 15, 2015

      Uhn uhn.. Essay.. My A.D.D kicked in.. sowi tho ????

  16. HailBeysus November 14, 2015

    @MOORIAH STAN Remember that. I was talking to Mooriah then you replied under alias account Linda hahahahaha Slay-Hive caught it amd exposed your dumbass KIIIIIII

  17. IG: @mixedboy November 14, 2015


    • Taylor Tori Azalea November 14, 2015


  18. Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

    who is linda? loooooool. im dying. yasssssssssssssss at this b**** trolling my name. i guess i join tha club of people whos names hv been trolled by the beyhive. beyonce stans are so pathetic kiiiiiiii

  19. Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

    isnt me or is that failbeysus and the Taylor troll tha same person? kiiiii these gworls are pathetic hunny

  20. HailBeysus November 14, 2015

    KIIIII The lies it spills!!!! Taylor!?!?!? B**** is really trying to redirect the heat. You know damn well them receipts are %100 because it literally took a few minutes for both Linda and Mooriah to reply hahahaha!!!! Then it took you 3-4 days to reply to the mess you created. Bitxh trying to go with the My username has been trolled KIIIIII Bitxh bye just stop with the lies and take the recommended dosages of your meds and dont over do it like your fav oop!!

  21. Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

    Lmfao gurl u are a mothercucking kiii. u know u were Linda and you trolled my name

    is my drags that good? kiiii

    my impact

  22. King Stephy November 14, 2015

    YAAASS @MAriahTheLegend DRAGGGIN you h**’s! Gon’ Girl! Hold it donw for the queen of soundscan. Their faves (minus Celine&Madonna) are LESSORS

    • Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

      thank u girl *kisses*

  23. HailBeysus November 14, 2015

    Ooop not you agreeging tha when people are under pressure of being clocked they resort to accusing others multiple accounts???????????????????? heres some more lovey receipts for you.
    Mariah The Legend says:


    LMFAO!!!!! now I’m LB? death. why would LB hide behind an account when she drags you for FILTH? Death gurl death.hahahaha

    November 11, 2015 at 11:59 am
    What now says:


    They don’t understand the trolling or commenting on a blog game sis, so they accuse everyone of being everyone when they start getting dragged and get their real feelings and mental state f***** with. Poor f*** really believe that this blog is real life. KIIIII.

    November 11, 2015 at 12:05 pm
    Mariah The Legend says:


    LOL. exactly @WhatNow. when they get dragged for filth they start claiming its someone else. Molly is so weak and pathetic. She gets dragged on blogs. she gets dragged on twitter by her cousins. LOL. that bixth is so wack.


  24. HailBeysus November 14, 2015

    KIIIIIS FOR DAYS ON THIS B**** IM LIIIIVING FOR THE KI KI’S ????????????????????????

  25. Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

    hollering at this b**** pasting my old comments

    I live 4 theee applause applause applause

    i live 4 thee applause applause, live 4 thee applause applause…….. kiiiii

  26. HailBeysus November 14, 2015

    HAHAHAHAHA ANNNNNND On that note im done. It has nothing else to say and resorts to gaga music after it got its edges ripped again. Bye Gurl i told you not do it but you did KIIII!!!

  27. Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

    bye felicia

    that was entertaining. lol

    • Taylor Tori Azalea November 14, 2015

      Giirl it was entertaining to see you lose again……. Props To Hailbeysus for snatching your only few remaining edges

      • HailBeysus November 14, 2015


  28. #JACKIE November 14, 2015

    She’s gross!

    • Terny November 15, 2015

      Says a miserable washed out Stan of an equally even more miserable more washed out sorry excuse for a fave!#OuchTht’sGonHurt …i’d keep it cute if I were you

    • John November 15, 2015

      Though she’s receiving more money than Ciara did for Jackie.

  29. nonya November 14, 2015

    she looks like a good girl gone thot. I just cant with Mimi today. Please try again!

  30. No favs, just here for the music November 14, 2015

    I know she’s a grown ass woman but she just has a type of look that makes her so adorable

  31. OMG Logic!!! November 14, 2015

    Why does she look better in the 2nd shot instead of the photo shopped commercial shot? I understand the need to touch up the body, but her face doesn’t need it.

  32. DIABETES UNBOTHERED November 14, 2015

    FUN FACT: SURVIVOR BDAY IASF & SELF TITLED all debuted higher than ANY WHALEriah album… Another fun one… bey has 4 times more grammys than PIG riah… lol

    • Terny November 15, 2015

      Where’s your neck tho?

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED November 15, 2015

        My NECK??? NONXISTANT just like the laughing stock of the industry FAIL RIAH .

    • John November 15, 2015

      How many of those are actual grammys Mathew didn’t buy for her?

      • HailBeysus November 15, 2015

        KIIII Bitxh you do realize their are about 25,000 thousand grammy voters. There are also only 30 fields with a combined total of 86 categories. Lmfao just stop with the buying BS! Matthew must have some Bill Gates money if he buying Beys Grammys cause shiiiit!!! Hahahaha

  33. Mariah The Legend November 14, 2015

    FUN FACT: mariah’s music box sold more copies than beyonce’s total album sales.

    +mariah’s music box – 32 mil
    +beyonce’s album sales – 30 mil


    • HailBeysus November 14, 2015

      KIIIII not even bitxh didn’t i clock you last for these INFLATED LIES!!!! It has 26 million claimed sales and that 32 comes from her record label OOP!!!!

    • Terny November 15, 2015

      Hahaha… A true definition of the word LESSOR! MARIAH >>>>>>>>beyonce

  34. Erotica November 15, 2015

    Yo! Get dat check Mimi!!! I bet you after this, other game companies will be endorsing celebrities to promote there games. Always a trend setter Mimi!!! #ItsLikeThat

    But on a side note, I totally could see Xtina slaying a dragon while Figter plays in background.

    • HailBeysus November 15, 2015

      Umm…. Mariah just followed this trend. You seem to have forgotten that Green Day had a deal will rock Band, Van Halen had a game with Guitar Hero, Ellen Page was in Beyond Two Souls, William Defoe was is a game, Liam Neeson endorses Clash of Clans, even Hayden Panateir is in a more recent horror game. Plus My fave was suppose to be creating a Dance game then backed out and they tried sueing her for like $100 million lol. Celebrities and game’s is nothing new sis.

      • Erotica November 15, 2015

        You Dead Right

  35. Career Ender November 15, 2015

    Riddle me why after banishing this canadian sewege unblocking municipal worker aka Slayriah Carey (Tour de flop)
    he had to come back as a flop accout to stay clear of my ruthless draggings?
    Slayriah use your old account so i can scalp you accordingly
    auch a coward move you pulled, but everybody knows its you!

      • HailBeysus November 15, 2015

        LMFAO!!! What pressed stan made that video!?!?!? Beyonce’s vouce has changed drastically over the year’s and every album she’s dropped show’s it. Using a playback track from early 2000 would be extremely noticeable! That sounds like her Glastonbury performance just overlapped on all the other video clips. Some are EXTREMELY OBVIOUS. You a damn fool and just did a self drag sweetie by believing this filth hahahaha

  36. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 15, 2015

    Yes, yes, yes! I love her business hustle! It’s random and unexpected, but sure to keep her name on the tongues of haters alike. Can’t wait for her movie too!

  37. Kashem November 19, 2015

    Very nice

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