Weigh In: 2016 Grammy Nominations’ Snubs & Surprises

Published: Tuesday 8th Dec 2015 by Rashad
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It’s that time of year again!

Indeed, the air is still buzzing as yesterday brought with it the highly anticipated 2016 Grammy nominations unveiled, per usual, via an announcement special weeks before the actual showing.  But, what also comes with the ‘per usual’ announcement are the jaw-dropping surprises, snubs, and all out “shut-outs” that accompany the annual spectacle.

Always a heated debate-starter, the coveted tally saw the likes of Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Rihanna, Madonna, and more all go without mention.

For Bieber, whose manager made headlines for his rant regarding his 2013 Grammy shutout, his long-awaited nod came this year as, otherwise, it would’ve been a fourth-go-round despite consistently clocking some of the year’s biggest hits.  Like the ‘What Do You Mean’ maestro, Scott has been very vocal about shut-outs in the past.  And, while Omarion‘s rant is the main protest making headlines, we’re sure many more are to come.

In the meantime, tuck in below for our list of other surprises and snubs:

Surprises:  Kendrick Lamar Leads Nominees

With his 3rd studio album, ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’ beau Kendrick Lamar soars to the forefront of 2016 nominees with a whopping 11 nods (including mention in top categories ‘Album of the Year,’ ‘Song of the Year,’ and more).

Snubs:  Big Sean Shut Out, J. Cole limited to rap categories

J. Cole may have earned critical acclaim aplenty with his latest project ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive,’ but apparently the Grammy committee thought rap honors would be enough.

Surprises:  D’angelo, Jazmine Sullivan, & Miguel Wave Flag For R&B

The biggest surprise is arguably seeing D’angelo‘s name amongst nominees in the ‘Record of the Year’ arena.  With a lauded comeback that’s scored major thumbs up from critics, the soulful crooner finds himself accompanying some of the year’s biggest hits (while not able to claim the same) in the coveted category.

Elsewhere, Jazmine Sullivan and Miguel – whose projects also courted much critical fanfare despite not matching such on the commercial front – also landed 3 nods respectively.  We must even shout out our girl Tamar Braxton for landing a nod for her soaring R&B ballad ‘If I Don’t Have You.’

Snub:  Janet Jackson, Ciara, Mary J. Blige, and Jill Scott Slept On

While Jazmine Sullivan, Miguel, and co. have much cause to celebrate, their more seasoned counterparts – Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, and Jill Scott – aren’t singing similar tunes.  Lending some of their most critically acclaimed work in years, soul queens Blige and Scott got no love for their respective ‘London Sessions’ and ‘Woman’ albums.  The committee also slept on Jackson’s ‘No Sleep.

Elsewhere, Jackson’s oft-touted ‘musical daughter,’ Ciara, saw her 2015 dealings greeted with a similar fate as her tune ‘I Bet’ was nowhere to be found on the final nominations tally.

Surprises:  Tori Kelly nominated for Best New Artist

Youtube beauty-turned-industry force to be reckoned with Tori Kelly makes her presence known right out the gate with a much-deserved nod in the ‘Best New Artist’ category.

Snub:  No urban act in ‘Best New Artist’ category

Fetty Wap may have lent 2015 three of its biggest hits (and landed in history books as a result), but the achievement was none-too-impressive to the Grammy committee as they omitted the rap newcomer. Elsewhere, ‘Jealous’ duet partners Nick Jonas and Tinashe have new reason to live up to the title of their hit tune as both were overlooked in the category even though they gave 2014 & 2015 a number of memorable bops.

Surprising Shut Outs:  Justin Bieber, Lana Del Rey, Omarion, Rihanna, Madonna, Tina Campbell

It’s official:  the Grammy’s hate Justin Bieber as he, for the fourth time, gets a shut out from the nominations in any major category.  Yes, we’ll be the first to admit his offerings are not exactly the most qualitative, but what we’ll also admit is that they’re right on par with many-a-release lent by country pop princess Taylor Swift (a Grammy darling).  How and why the Canadian crooner keeps getting the cold shoulder, we’ll never know.  But, he at least has a ‘Best Dance Recording’ nom to celebrate.

Omarion, whose comeback hit ‘Post To Be’ saw itself posted in the top 20 of the Hot 100 for most of its tenure on the chart, was nowhere to be found in any applicable category (read his response to the news here). Elsewhere, ‘High by the Beach’ beauty Lana Del Rey was highly disregarded by the Grammy committee as she and her emo-trap-pop offerings and she was absent from the list of top contenders.

Lastly, on the gospel front, while sisters Karen Clark Sheard and Dorinda Clark Cole (of the legendary Clark Sisters) are set to go head to head as they both landed nods for their respective 2015 releases, two of gospel’s other favorite sisters – Mary Mary – can’t boast the same.  For, while older sister Erica Campbell swept the 2015 Stellar and Grammy awards for her debut solo project ‘Help,’ the Grammys won’t be helping Tina Campbell to similar success as her solo project – ‘It’s Personal’ – got no love from academy.

P.S.  Why no love for Rihanna’s ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’ in the ‘Best Music Video’ category? It was clearly one of this year’s better visuals.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Barb-wire (#8DaysOfOnika) December 8, 2015

    Rihanna 🙁 So sad kiii.

    • You tried December 8, 2015

      Where is that invisible ..I mean Rihanna Riegn at! It surely isn’t in sight ! I’ve never seen it myself lol but she’s clearly somewhere in a corner wishing shed had a little more humility ! It goes a loooooong way! A laughing stock! 4 singles none of them nominated not even her animation movie songs! And I liked them.. Cute of TGJ to feel bad for her

    • Anne December 8, 2015

      The Grammy Committee forgot she calls the sha sha shots. Seriously though, BBHMM is one of the dumbest songs I’ve heard in a while so I’m glad it didn’t get nominated. AO felt too contrived and was poorly delivered in my opinion. I have to admit that I am a little surprised that 45S was snubbed but I think it boiled down to the fact that there were bigger and/or better songs to nominate and it just didn’t make the cut. Either way ‘Anti’ is in trouble. She sure could have used the boost that “Grammy nominated” would have given her if she could have used that phrase for at least one of her singles in her upcoming release ads, well that’s obviously not an option. There’s really no momentum for ‘Anti’.

      • Fancy BISH December 8, 2015

        Anne is speaking that TRUTH chile lol 🙂

      • You tried December 8, 2015

        Anti-GRAMMY lol

  2. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare (The Tipping Point) December 8, 2015

    I honestly don’t think that Janet was snubbed at all. “No Sleeep” was entered in the pop category, which made absolutely no sense. What did they think would happen?

    I am very surprised about Rihanna though. I honestly thought 45S would get a nom as well as a nom for the BBHMM video.

  3. Fancy BISH December 8, 2015

    TGJ, Justin Bieber is nominated for Best Dance Recording for “Where Are U Now” …..so ya’ll need to make dem edits lol 🙂

    • Ciah’s Turtle December 8, 2015

      exactly lol

  4. Ciah’s Turtle December 8, 2015

    The Grammy’s be payin tha gurls. smh Janet’s album wasn’t snubbed. It just wasn’t worthy of a Grammy nom. And Rihanna will have plenty of Noms at the 2017 show im sure

    • John December 8, 2015

      No, Janet Jackson’s album missed the deadline.

      • ka December 8, 2015

        That’s what I was going to say best pop makes no sense seeing how it was ruling R&B chart for like 11 weeks and janet moved the release date of the album like a week or two after the deadline janet has a long term plan QUEEN!

      • Ciah’s Turtle December 8, 2015

        still not worthy. Unbreakable was a Fan Album.. it was cute. nothing more..nothing less. #dismissed

    • Pray for the Youth December 8, 2015

      Maybe. But Adele will most likely dominate the 2017 show. I still can’t believe they gave Sam smith as many Grammys as they did this year.

    • Indie December 8, 2015

      shut up b****

    • Indie December 8, 2015

      Unbreakable was the best album out this year, it was not snubbed thought was released 2 days after the grammy deadline! No Sleep should have been nominated though it spent almost 10 weeks at no.1 in the R&B Adult Contemprary Chart

      • Ciah’s Turtle December 8, 2015

        no.. it shouldn’t have

    • pat December 8, 2015

      bih STFU

  5. SAGE December 8, 2015

    I am LMAO at the Tranet snub!!!! 😛

    “NO SLEEP” more like “NO NOMINATION” for that FLOP BS.


    Tranet cant leach off MJ no more. LOL

  6. Reminiscent December 8, 2015

    1) TRANET has never really been popular with the Grammys so… KIIIIIIII. Her album may have a chance to be nominated next year but I highly doubt that is going to happen… The only nomination I would give it is “producer of the year” to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis because we all know they are why she exists. TRANET’s hamster whispers and stale 2001 dance moves just ain’t cutting it no mo’!!!;)

    2) Mary J Blige deserved at least ONE nomation for “London Sess.”

    3) Who da FUQ cares about omarion and Justin Bieber though but Rihanna and lana deserved one.

    4) MADJEsty is wrapping up another RECORD BREAKING tour… The QUEEN OF POP with a 32 YEAR CAREER is not bothered at all. 😉

  7. .:: Centurion ::. December 8, 2015

    No Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna, and/or Janet nominations. The Grammy awards next year will be a mess.

    • OMG Logic!!! December 8, 2015

      Sounds like they’ll be great for once, and they’ll be even better in 2018 when Adele crushes the competition.

  8. Fancy BISH December 8, 2015

    I think my BAE Nick Jonas’ Jealous was released September 8, 2014, which made it eligible for LAST YEARS Grammy Awards…the cutoff is September 30th of every year…of course, the song didn’t heat up until a couple months later, but oh well…my bae gonna be alright…with his fine self lol

    • Avi December 8, 2015

      Nick Jonas stinks. He doesn’t deserve any Grammy nominations. He’s basically a water down brunette Bieber, but with half the success.

      • Fancy BISH December 8, 2015

        What do you mean? 🙂 Sorry that Nick Jonas isn’t your flavor…but for me, Nick has more flavor than Baskin-Robbins lol

  9. dee December 8, 2015

    Love Janet! Her cd was amazing but No Sleep was a complete snooze.

  10. DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 8, 2015

    These so called “SNUBS” only make the grammys look more creditable. Justin SHEber WHISPERNET & RIHFUNDED dont deserve ANY award much less a Grammy.. continue to seeth in agony.

    • SWISH December 8, 2015

      learn how to spell pig!

  11. king z December 8, 2015

    no sleep was snubbed, but unbreakable wasn’t.

    nick jonas song jealous did come out before the 2014 deadline, but his album came out AFTER the deadline. thereby making it eligible for this year.

  12. Dante December 8, 2015

    Jhene Aiko, hands down, deserved a nomination for Souled Out.

    • Pray for the Youth December 8, 2015

      ….I’m pretty sure Jhene already got a nomination for that album for 2015 Grammys and lost to Beyoncé sooo… Yeah.

      • Dante December 8, 2015

        It was for the Sail Out EP ‘so… Yeah.’

      • Pray for the Youth December 8, 2015

        I stand corrected, Probably because they all sound the same… Her best music is from her mixtapes. But she’s been making the same song with a slightly different beat for a while now.

    • Gmail Login October 3, 2016

      O HAPPY FOR KENDRICK, but they just kissing his now (although 1 of my fave albums),

  13. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans December 8, 2015

    Ariana should’ve been nominated for “Adore” and “Why Try?” in the “Best Pop Vocal Performance” category. Janet and Ciara!!!!!!! Rih!!!!!!! I just can’t! We all know how big of a war it would’ve been on here if “7/11” was nominated and not “BBHMM”. At least Nicki got her three nominations. Wasn’t “Anaconda” nominated last year?

  14. Kitteneyez December 8, 2015

    They snubbed Ciara Dance Like We’re Making Love and I Bet were both good Big Sean shouldve gotten a nom for Best Rap Album Drake shouldve gotten nominated for Hotline Bling for Soty & Roty Rihanna music was S*** this year only Beyonce song worthy was Feeling Myself will not be watching grammys next year it will be shitttttt

  15. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans December 8, 2015

    Oh, shoot! I forgot about Miley being snubbed for that “experimental” attention-seeking album she released. She completely wasted her time doing that, especially since she won’t get anything for it in return. Anyway, “I Luh God” needed to be nominated in one of the gospel categories because it wasn’t last year.

  16. Ann December 8, 2015

    Tori kelly didnt even have a major hit and hasnt sold many records she’s overexposed already Plus Scooter needs to stop making her out to be a pop star when she is really RnB she needs to just stand there and sing! I guess they couldnt think of anyone else..

  17. TRANET December 8, 2015

    Comment deleted

    Moderator: Hello Aaliyah Dana Carter and Sage would you please stop commenting under multiple user names

    • SAGE December 8, 2015

      LOL nice try liar pretending to be a moderator. I’m not Aaliyah Dana Carter and am not posting under multiples. I despise Tranet Hackson but my agenda here is my own. Kinda clear that TGJ doesnt mind anything that adds clicks & comments… so that was FAKE. Now who are YOU really? Some pressed Tranet stan mad cuz she’s been irrelevant for over a decade and was only ever famous cuz of MJ’s name power & JJTL’s actual talent? Bwhahahahahaha. Hmmmm.

      FLOPBREAKABLE flopped. Already out the top 100.

      • BeyHive December 8, 2015

        Kii you got exposed so badly and that little mini dissertation proves how guilty you are

      • SAGE December 8, 2015

        Nope. Why would a mod ask somebody who was posting under multiple IDs to stop when they could just delete those posts and IP ban them??? LOL Airhead! The only 1 exposed was the clown whose skin is so thin about Tranet Hackson that they resorted to posting under “TRANET” so they could pretend to be a mod who “deleted” a comment. ROFLMAO! 😛 I luvluvluvluv that my anti-Tranet posts are pissing the 3 fans its has left off! Bwhahahahaha Theres more where that came from trust!!! 😉

      • BeyHive December 8, 2015

        Kiii I love how you’re trying to divert from the fact that you exposed as the sad little troll you are. Sam and David have clocked multiple trolls in the past want me to post links??? so why would they stop I mean you are nothing but a sad delusional little troll who has been deprived of attention and a social. You spend all your time trolling Janet posts looking up her chart statuses and try to discredit her past achievements tell me boo why the hate? Are you mad at the fact that she’s worth a billion and you can’t even buy a mcflurry without overdrafting.

  18. MsYonce December 8, 2015

    Yeah they really did Rihanna dirty. I’m not surprised that BBHMM video didn’t get a nod.I mean with the video being blocked for all the violence in it plus the controversy that followed it I wasn’t expecting it to be nominated. at all. American Oxygen video should have been nominated and Four Five Seconds deserved at least 3 nominations alone.

  19. MsYonce December 8, 2015

    TGJ exposinggg omgggg looool

  20. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans December 8, 2015

    “I’m the incredible, super sexual…call me, ‘Cici’. Let’s go and I know that you see me. Can’t be just like me, can’t make that happen ’cause I am the original and you ain’t got that swagga.”

    Yes, Cici! Don’t pay the haters and Grammy committee any mind. They can keep snubbing you to death, but you stay working and grinding writing and recording those songs. They’ll eventually have to recognize you for all your hard work and tireless efforts. Just wait til you come back to the top with a smash hit single when everyone least expected it. They keep sleeping on you, but don’t worry because you’ll wake them up soon.

  21. Chris December 8, 2015

    Big Sean was not shut out. He is nominated for in rap for his song with Kanye and John Legend

  22. open my gmail inbox December 8, 2015

    Harry styles is proud, & dont give a damn about womans, he doesn’t have extreme need of woman in order to be happy, he is the happiest & most stable guy in 1D. in that case calvin will make better partner for taylor. because he made better commitments, & always being there for her. She should be happy because she already a queen in the industry, she has a better committed guy, & she has the best woman under her wing, such as selena gomez, cara delevingne, Gigi hadid, ellie goulding… hence naturally she is the powerful woman in the industry.

    • OMG Logic!!! December 8, 2015

      Most Powerful Woman in the Industry title already belongs to Adele. Sorry bout it.

  23. Vidiii December 8, 2015

    Ciara’s I bet isreally missing!!!! Certificied song!
    Dance like were making love must be nominated fot best dance performance!!!

  24. JOHNVIDAL December 8, 2015

    This year the nominations are really bad in the main categories. They have been trying to fix a little bit the mess that happened in 2009 (Taylor Swift album of the year) these recents years, but these nominations are worse than last years. The sad state mainstream music industry is in is also to blame of course.
    That said, who the hell thought those supposed snubs TGJ is mentioning in this article were going to get any nominations? You really thought Madonna, Janet, Rihanna or Justin Crapper were going to be nominated this year? 🙂

  25. Royalkev December 8, 2015

    It’s not a big deal that Janet’s ‘No Sleep’ didn’t receive a nomination. It was a low key introduction to the Unbreakable era and not meant to be this massive statement. It was probably chosen as the lead single for artistic purposes. The album has a lot of different vibes and I think Janet simply wanted to give us something that sounded familiar first. The album is a masterpiece and I think it deserves recognition as a collective body of work. It’s laughable seeing some of these people critic Janet with favs that had some very questionable musical direction in recent years. Btw, I think Mary and Ciara deserve a nod. It’s sad seeing some things go under the radar that shouldn’t.

    • Royalkev December 8, 2015

      It’s laughable seeing some of these people critique Janet

    • ka December 8, 2015

      Night and gonna be alright are my jams!!!

  26. Navy Nick December 9, 2015

    It is sad Janet, Ciara, Mary & Jill were all left out… I even feel bad for Beiber, his song what do you mean was the shiz…. SO HAPPY FOR KENDRICK, but they just kissing his now (although 1 of my fave albums), J cole deserves some love too…. These people are really

  27. Awsq February 2, 2016

    What about Logic?…GrMmys are joke anyways it’s all mainstream bs

  28. gmail inbox login October 3, 2016

    t is sad Janet, Ciara, Mary & Jill were all left out… I even feel bad for Beiber, his song what do you mean was the shiz

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