Chart Check: It’s Official! Adele’s ’25’ Moves Over 1 Million Units Its Second Week

Published: Friday 4th Dec 2015 by Rashad

‘Rumor Has It’ hitmaker Adele saw rumors swirl about the second week performance of her triple platinum new album ’25.’  Indeed, after the set shifted a mammoth 3.38 million units its first week (and smashed history books along the way), industry analysts began projecting its second week would see it move an additional 850,000 units – a prediction later revised upward to 1 million.

Well, that projection has gone from rumor to reality.

While the final numbers are not set to be revealed until Sunday, December 6th, official reports have already surfaced that as of 2pm EST today the diva’s latest opus did pass the 1 million sold threshold.  As a result, it becomes the first album ever to sell 1 million copies in two separate weeks.  This, just as the album’s leading tune, ‘Hello,’ greets another week at the top of the Hot 100.

That Adele reign simply will not let up!  See the top 20 of this week’s Hot 100 below:

Screen shot 2015-12-04 at 8.27.32 PM Screen shot 2015-12-04 at 8.27.43 PM

Screen shot 2015-12-04 at 8.28.14 PMScreen shot 2015-12-04 at 8.28.30 PMYour thoughts?

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  1. HailBeysus December 4, 2015

    Congratulations Adele! Amazing!!

    • Carey Like Mariah December 4, 2015

      This is great! It’s nice to see a real talent prevail in the music industry, as opposed to Texan thotties or drugged up, knock off fashion models. Reminds me of when Queens like Mariah, Aretha, and Brandy reigned. ??

      • HailBeysus December 4, 2015

        Are you seriously that desperate to throw shade you reply to a Bey Stans comment just so you can be second for all to see??? Lmao!

    • Carey Like Mariah December 4, 2015

      LMAOOOOOO yes & no. I was originally going to be the first to comment, but my phone reloaded while I was typing and when it finished your comment was first. My initial comment wasn’t going to be shady, but I’m at home bored so I was like ‘Hey let me start a Stan war while I’m at it’ but idk clearly my plan backfired because this comment section is dead af. ☹️

      • Pat December 4, 2015

        @Carey, take your trifling ass somewhere and sit down.

    • You tried December 4, 2015

      All you haters hating on Queen bey in other Adele post ! FUNFACT! BEYONCÉ the album was over 3million mark in 3 weeks ! Just going to sit thT right there

      • King Mark111 /.\ December 4, 2015

        Lies. And even if you’re counting WW sales, 25 is already at 5 million WW in TWO weeks. Your fave is basic, deal with it.

      • Carey Like Mariah December 4, 2015

        Fun fact: LeToya was the most talented vocalist of DC. Followed by Michelle, then Kelly. Also, where are Beys latest two singles on the charts? The ones with Coldplay and that British producer/singer, idk his name.

      • Carey Like Mariah December 4, 2015

        Tell them, Mark! Aaliyah’s self titled ?s on Bey’s, honestly. To this day Aaliyah’s remains can probably still dance and sing circles around Beyoncé.

      • Pat December 4, 2015

        3 mil after three weeks, Guh stop lying, lol!!!

  2. WE FOUND RIHANNA December 4, 2015

    & #ANTI is next b******!

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 4, 2015

      ANTI can do 500K the first week and I’ll be happy.

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans December 4, 2015

        Mark, I really think it could seriously do that or close first week. The WORLDWIDE anticipation is no joke. It’s supposed to be released today, but who knows if we’ll get it by midnight?

      • AJ December 5, 2015

        It’ll be llucky if it does half of that tbh.

      • killian December 5, 2015

        King mark you sound black fat and ugly hearted,just stop with your hating on Beyonce ish,its old and tired and weary and dragged as you are,bey has vocals and looks and dance steps and she’s like fine wine -seasoned,she’s black and can’t sell like Adele without antics and that’s the truth thanks to hating folks like you and the Mariah deranged Carey goat

  3. MsYonce December 4, 2015

    Congratz Adele! Look at Justin slaying the top 10 thoo congrats boyyyy??

  4. King Mark111 /.\ December 4, 2015

    This is when you use the word EPIC. This will be diamond after 2017. Wow, just WOW. Poor Pest.

  5. LORAX December 4, 2015

    I really wish that neilsen soundscan existed in the 80’s or 90’s…

    Their is no way that this is the FIRST EVER album to sell one million copies in two seperate weeks!!!

    I’m sure Michael Jackson done that with ‘Thriller’ and Prince did that with ‘Purple Rain’.

    But these albums came out in 83 and 84 respectively so sales werent countede as much back then but how exactly can Thriller go Diamond in the U.S in ONE YEAR as well as Purple Rain without them selling a million in two different weeks? Unless both albums were selling 300K copies every week for an entire year. Still, CONGRATS ADELE.

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 4, 2015

      No one cares, they were/are great and no one is taking that from them, but they never sold 3.4 and 1 million in the first two weeks. BUT there have been albums that sold a million in a week WEEKS after released, mainly around Xmas.

      • Realtalk December 5, 2015

        Is it really about numbers or is it about QUALITY? Congrats to Adele but this isn’t a high quality cd. It’s ABSURD to mention this cd with even MJ’s Bad let lone Thriller or Off The Wall or Prince Purple Rain, it doesn’t matter how many BS sales they come up with this is not even Adele’s best record!!!!! Decent? Yes. Classic? Absolutely not!!!!!!

    • HailBeysus December 4, 2015

      As i remember reading Thriller did indeed sell at least a million copies for acouple week’s at its peak. But Adele is the first artist to dl this during the soundscan era.

  6. Pat December 4, 2015

    Next…this album is a complete snooze feat, bring on #Anti!

    • RihYonce December 5, 2015

      Yea I’m definitely ready for #ANTI now

  7. another taken day something ain’t wrong December 4, 2015


  8. DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 4, 2015

    Congrats to adele lol @ the bey shade. Fact still remains that 15+ years after her debut in 1997… bey was the first to start the MASSIVE SALES trend… bey 2014 taylor 2014 now adele 2015… bey had to have something to do with that 3.4 million changing the game with the new friday date. Its a win win imo if bey promotes next time sales could be huge & bey will likely be the first black female artist to sell 1 million 1 st week. Esp with her label mate getting ppl back purchasing quality albums again.

  9. HailBeysus December 4, 2015

    Lmao it never gets old. Beyonce is on everyone’s tongue. I don’t why these lesser can’t just admit they love Bey and stop all this nonsense already. Beyonce needs to just be shady af and drop an album the same week as Rihanna and lets see who reigns supreme lol!

    • Incredible December 4, 2015

      Not for the right reasons tho.

      • HailBeysus December 4, 2015

        Still doesn’t take away from the fact she is n their tongues lol!

  10. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans December 4, 2015

    If you’re purchasing, streaming, or viewing the music video for Post Malone’s single, please STOP! That racially-confused ignoramus USED THE N WORD and played the VICTIM (like what his “kind” excels at) like it wasn’t a big deal. Let him suffer and face the consequences for his actions. TGJ, please make some posts against promoting him.

  11. DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 4, 2015

    I meant to say bey 2013 taylor 2014 & adele 2015. I think taylor is the only to have more than one Album sell 1 mill in a week correct me if im wrong. Congrats to the H O L Y T R I N I T Y while we wait for ANTI SOCIAL… its been 1 stressful year for the navy

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 4, 2015

      Beyonce does not have an album that sold a million in the first week. Stop trying, Beyonce was still a lil over 900 on the 10th day. That’s 3 the first music week and 7 the following week. And save the WW, because no one counts WW first week sales. Bye and die. ☺

      • RihYonce December 5, 2015

        You tried that BEYONCÉ sold 1 million the first week, BB only counted 3 days because it was released on s Friday , stop trying to downplay her success , where is your fav ? Oh ok

      • King Mark111 /.\ December 5, 2015

        “Ten days after its release, Beyoncé had sold 991,000 copies in the US, making it the best-selling album by a female artist in 2013 -Billboard
        7 days in a week, it was on day 10 and still at 991K, meaning it didn’t sell a million until it’s 3rd week (music tracking week). Nice try, but the writing is on the wall. 🙂

    • Realtalk December 5, 2015

      The fact that Taylor is even in the conversation says it all about today’s music and music buyers!!!!!

  12. Incredible December 4, 2015

    Beyonce could never.

    • RihYonce December 5, 2015

      Who cares she still the queen & a better singer than Adele who is a one trick pony

      • Jay_Scorpio_Navy_2005 December 5, 2015

        1 trick pony????? BISH where

      • OMG Logic!!! December 5, 2015

        One trick pony? Hasn’t Thighyonce wore the same leotard, patted her pu55y on stage, and sang the same stripper songs for a decade now?

  13. DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 4, 2015

    Lmfao @ F A G MARK having DIABETIC SEIZURES over DIABETES UNBOTHERED. Has the truama of Aliyahs death damaged yur reading that much? Have a stadium of seats b4 u catch SICKLECELL ANEMIA TOO like Tboz. WHERE did i say bey sold 1 mill 1st week??? She did however sell 1.3 mill WORLDWIDE 1st week… if she can do that 800k in the US why wouldnt she be able to sell 1 mill in the states? WHEN will rihrih even sell half a million states side when she just barely cross that mark ? When has BASICliah?

    • HailBeysus December 4, 2015

      Death @ “Has the trauma of Aaliyah’s death damaged your reading that much?”
      Gurl that entire read in that comment is going to have Marsha seething ??????

  14. HailBeysus December 4, 2015

    Lmfao at Marsha and Radio i mean Carey like Mariah seething over Beyonce because Marsha’s fav is a flop/never was and Mariah is a Has Been still trying to desperately be relevant in todays music ????

    • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans December 4, 2015

      I ❤ your avi! Looking like an enchanting goddess of the underpins waterfall or something. She’s so photogenic.

      • HailBeysus December 4, 2015

        Thanks! I love this pic of her. You should get an avi.

    • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans December 5, 2015

      I was literally thinking about doing it today, but I don’t know if I should follow through with it because I’d want one of Ciara although I Stan the most for Janet. I don’t want my fellow Jan Stans and Ci stans to think I’m fake and just an attention-seeking follower. Janet already has her legacy and legendary status secured, but I feel like I need to work on giving Ci Ci more attention to get her where she needs to be. I don’t know what to do.

  15. Music all the way December 4, 2015

    And everything always has to end-up being about Beyonce…
    And all of you bit@hes claim to hate her….
    Anyway,this album is awesome,, Now all I need is Anti to drop and slay me.

  16. DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 4, 2015

    WHEN will rihrih even sell half a million states side when she just barely cross that mark WORLDWIDE. ANTI SOCIAL will be lucky to outsell una 200k even so no #1 for ANTI DEPRESANTS… even justin beiber 3rd week sales will slaughter Rihfunded assuming she even release this year… only 26 days to go unti ANTI SOCIAL OUT IN 2016

  17. DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 5, 2015

    An Aliyah stan using the word BASIC & “never been a mega seller”??? Oh the irony. A was great but Bey murdered her with Dil. Ciara ashanti & A keys would have gave ali a run for her money. God did A a big favor saved her from the embarrassment of competinvg with REAL success stories.

    • obsidian December 5, 2015

      That was a pretty mean thing to say from behind the comforts of your “Dell” computer!!!

  18. DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 5, 2015

    RECEITS of LOCALIYAH selling 35 million when her 3 albums only sold 3 mill each in us & was hardly known world wide. 15 mill ww maybe but even that might be a strech.

    • RihYonce December 5, 2015

      Right lmao the inflation

  19. DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 5, 2015

    Even RIHANNA slays Aliyah in the sales department & overall success not garganuion like bey success has been but close & atleast made a lasting impact on pop culture Ali has done nothing great successwise but ill admit her voice was good and music was great.

  20. No favs, just here for the music December 5, 2015

    I was really hoping that she would sell a million and set this record! I’m so happy for her.
    Congratulations Adele!!!

  21. RihYonce December 5, 2015

    Congrats to Adele !!! Love her album , I’m ready for #ANTI now like seriously

  22. Barb-wire (#8DaysOfOnika) December 5, 2015

    Absolute Death @Focus struggling to enter the top ten after all the hype kiii I hope her album sell even less. Donut licking thot.

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 5, 2015

      Well at least her gay brother don’t r*** children.

  23. King Mark111 /.\ December 5, 2015

    And since y’all wanna bring up queen Aaliyah sales. She has sold 35 million albums world wide off 3 albums. While beyonce hasn’t even achieved that with 5!
    *Sips this red whine on a Friday night*
    Princess of R&B, keeping the haters mad after 14 years of her death. 2 double pat albums and a gold album with only one underperforming single, would had went 2x plat with the nest two singles AND it did. All at the age of 22. Someone was looking members to keep in a group at this time. Aaliyah did all the thing Beyonce wouldn’t be able to do until age 21 and AFTER. Singer, dancer, actress (staring lead role in her first two and sadly only movies. Someone was being some MTV made for Tv Hip Hoprea.) See Ya!

  24. HailBeysus December 5, 2015

    Death!!! At these Aaliyah stans calling Beyonce a lesser and hype when Aaliyah was just that in the 90s! Always Monica and Brandys lesser kiii!!! Both girls sold millions and didn’t need to die to sell their work oop!
    Beyonce has sold over 30 million albums.
    DIL 10million
    B’Day 7million
    IASF 7million
    4 3million
    Beyonce 5million
    All while alive and well in 13 years.
    Compared to Aaliyahs 3 albums 35 million in 25 years and after death album spike in sales ?????

  25. cocobutta December 5, 2015

    Defo a merry Xmas in the Adele household.

    This shows no s** sells like a person who just appeals to all demographics of humanity.

    Her music maybe slow and at times DRAB but when you see her personality in interviews and stuff it warms you to her pkus a great voice

  26. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! December 5, 2015

    1989 sells another 51,391 copies in the states this week, and is back in the top 5 of the album, nearing 60 weeks out!

  27. MsYonce December 5, 2015

    “Well at least her gay brother don’t r*** children.”

    @Mark You’re f****** disgusting you should be blockedddt

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