Product Vs. Promotion: Ariana Grande’s ‘Focus’

Published: Thursday 7th Jan 2016 by Rashad
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Once America’s sweetheart, some will argue it was Ariana Grande‘s sweet tooth (see:  donut licking incident) that left a sour taste in music lovers’ mouths.  If so, it’s this very distaste that has seen itself reflected in the chart performance of ‘Focus’ – the official first single from the singer’s third studio effort ‘Moonlight.’

Barely giving time for the heat from her donut disaster to cool, Grande quickly tried to shift the public focus back to her music when she announced the single’s arrival in September 2015.  By October, the horn-heavy tune was blaring from the speakers of her faithful #Arianators, many of whom praised the songstress for the rhythmic bop and the increased intensity of its accompany music video’s choreography.  Outside of the fan group, however, some critics were none-too-impressed and quickly noted the number’s similarity to her last album’s inaugural single – the Iggy Azalea-assisted ‘Problem.’

But, that’s just where the problem began…


Making an impressive debut at #7 on the singles’ chart (her sixth top 10 entry), the song’s premiere on the tally was accompanied with news she’d entered history books for being the first artist to debut in the top 10 on the Hot 100 with releases from his or her first three albums.

The placement came as a glimmer of hope for fans who feared the negative press surrounding the young singer’s diva behavior would impact the focus on ‘Focus.’  Sadly, they were right.

Drowned in news around the triumphant comeback of Adele and devoid of the promo push afforded ‘Problem,’ ‘Focus’ quickly faded out of the top 10 and has been on continuous descent since.  The feat quickly led Ari & co. to distance themselves from the record, so to speak, by sharing with outlets the song was not indicative of the sound of ‘Moonlight’ as a full body of work.

The damage control, as of time reporting, hasn’t done them any favors.

focus tgj product promotion

That Grape Juice wants you to weigh in: ‘Focus’ – Product vs. Promotion?

Did the Max Martin-produced cut just miss the musical mark all together or is it just suffering from a marketing mishap?

Your thoughts?

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  1. truthtea January 7, 2016

    This was just Scooter doing damage control! His ways may work with Justin but I don’t remember Justin licking donuts and proclaiming his hate for America!!! Ariana is a product and her career is officially over! That’s what having an entitled bad attitude will do to you!

    • LmfaoHoe January 7, 2016

      Not only that I believe in the curse, anyone who has been compared or dimed the New Maraiah Carey has been cursed or shall I say jinx of a career-ender especially without longevity or timeless / quality records. —> Leona,Xtina, ect females. (Only examples)

      • LmfaoHoe January 7, 2016


      • Grande the Way January 7, 2016

        Umm Christina’s career lasted well over a decade. For a teen bubblegum pop act who was expected to die out with the genre in 2001, that is impressive. If thats not longevity idk what is.

    • DOnt M3$$ January 7, 2016

      Yeah Justin “only” had a video leaked of him singing about killing “n*gga’s” and joining the KKK 🙂

  2. Penny Sparrow January 7, 2016

    It’s because
    She is TRASH
    The song is TRASH
    Her fans are TRASH
    This Monkey’s career is already at a gravesite waiting to be buried.
    And I’m crying at her dumb under aged stans calling this mess a buzz single????

  3. Everyone’s A Critic January 7, 2016


    This article is a bad after at trying to be critical. Looking for something that ain’t there.
    The song ain’t hot in the charts but it’s got views and the kids love it. Job done.
    It was microwave pop at best.. Never one for the history books

    Nothing to see here moving on

    • Everyone’s A Critic January 7, 2016

      *bad attempt

      • King z January 7, 2016

        Lol you use bad criticism to judge an article for being a bad critic.

        There’s irony somewhere here I just know it!

      • Everyone’s A Critic January 7, 2016

        did I request you and your two cents???

        Whilst you think about the answer to that question you can’t find yourself OUT OF MY COMMENTS

      • Faf January 7, 2016

        I disagree it may have not smashed to carry an album but it’s platinum and went top 10
        She should Just release an album after her follow up

      • January 7, 2016

        Focus is not platinum why you lying? But then again you the same fool that said the pink dust was platinum

  4. Mad-on-her January 7, 2016

    The song is fine, but I think the public are put off by too obvious a re-hash of a former hit. Reminds me of Bey with De Ja Vu. Great song, but the attempt to recreate Crazy In Love was too transparent. See also: Gaga: Judas/Bad Romance.

    • King z January 7, 2016

      I agree. I love focus but all I hear is problem when I listen

  5. Mariah’s little lamb January 7, 2016

    She’s simply trash she’s a fad she’s literally yesterday’s news ariana grande-supreme is so 2014

  6. Career Ender January 7, 2016

    what’s she promoting? Khazhakstan LARVENE cheap polish brand?
    catch the pun!

  7. Skyfall January 7, 2016

    If she promoted Focus more and consistently it would of at least peaked to 5. Her next album will do fine.

  8. Tumblr January 7, 2016

    She has a beautiful voice but her music is garbage. I cringe at her trying to be séxy. Go back to Nickelodeon little girl.

  9. sleazy January 7, 2016

    its the sing NOT ariana

  10. Dev January 7, 2016

    I don’t see it for her. She has no defined image or style carved out, and her voice isn’t as great as people make it out to be. Yep, she can cover Mariah sings but has no clear voice of her own

  11. MUSICHEAD January 7, 2016

    Just like Christina Aguilera, people are turned off by her attitude. She is young so she has some growing up to do but there are too many stories about how nasty she is behind the scenes. Her best days may be behind her.

    • Playa January 7, 2016

      Like your girl Brandy the 90’s has-been. Flop after flop after flop after flop.

      • Dev January 7, 2016

        Has been is better than never been.
        Brandy still HAS and recording career
        Brandy still HAS and acting career
        Brandy still HAS respect from other artists.
        I guess being a has been isn’t all that bad.
        Never mind where Ariana HAS been, where is she now in her short recording career

  12. Kayla C January 7, 2016

    I wish you all do more reporting on Selena Gomez and less on Ariana. In my opinion Selena’s new album is what Ariana wishes she could do

  13. Gee January 7, 2016

    The song is a rehash of problem and became stale quickly and that is why the song fell off the charts so fast.

  14. JOHNVIDAL January 7, 2016

    She´s just a flop. As expected. She started imitating you know who, keeps doing it, generic and terrible music only the likes of those people called “singles artists” release. And nobody can understand what she sings. Zero artistry. Zero impact so far. And already on the decline. But it was expected from the start.

    • Grande the Way January 7, 2016

      Lol do you ever get tired of being bitter? It can’t be good for your health.

  15. Grande the Way January 7, 2016

    Actually many fans, myself included, hated the song when it came out and we’re apart of those dragging it. Not only did it sound like a Problem remix without Iggy but Jamie Foxx’s background vocals were unnecessary, unwanted, and incredibly annoying. They didn’t bother promoting it because if her cupcake stans who support her every move hated it, then the general public wasnt going to like it. The video saved it from flopping completely. All in all, Ariana made history, got her solo top 10 single for those salty haters and delivered her best video to date. Everyone has long since forgotten the donut scandal. It had nothing to do with Focus free falling on the charts.

    • OMG Logic!!! January 7, 2016

      Any video brimming to the edges with shameless product placement isn’t worth even mentioning.

  16. FC/JC January 7, 2016

    I still play “One Last time” my fav Ariana bop…. But she could have kept this focus mess

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