Rihanna Fans Launch ‘Release ANTI’ Petition

Published: Thursday 7th Jan 2016 by David

Almost four years after the release of her last album ‘Unapologetic’ Rihanna gears up to release her new LP ‘ANTI’ this year.

Alas, her fans are unhappy with the campaign built to support it as they feel it has been scarred by several false starts.

Today they take matters into their own hands.

Find out how below…

Some of the Grammy winner’s fans have teamed up to create an online petition ordering her to release the album or scrap it and release another.

Click here.

A release date for the project has never been confirmed by the singer who spent 2015 hard at work on movie and fashion projects as well as raising money for the numerous charities she is involved with.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 14.29.44

Your thoughts?

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  1. Everyone’s A Critic January 7, 2016

    Wow.. The thirst.
    People clearly have nothing going on to be demanding someone to release unfinished work!

    Thirsty Navy bums..

    • Cici Finna Be A Bride January 7, 2016

      But why is it unfinished after all these years? ????

    • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 7, 2016

      @that ho critic…Biitch yo dry PUUSSSY is the only thing thirsty u dry molded pusssy mothafucka.

      • Everyone’s A Critic January 7, 2016

        The only thing mouldy is your mothers N******. It’s time for your breast feed you dependant on your mama, scrounging asss looking asss biiiiitch

    • Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

      Also, this is for the Navy. Especially Markeisha the thug bottm, CentLESS, Mariah the HAS BEEN 😉 and Loose biitch! Beyonce is a certified LIVE singer. This is footage of her DRunk in Love Grammy performance. The vocals were completely different and better than the live performance. The bumm hoess staying denying Beyonce’s talent only for it to turn around and bite them in their pancake ass!! When will Rihanna?!! When will ANTi-Depressant?? Release DATE??? You hoess wigs?? LMAOOOOOO

  2. HailBeysus January 7, 2016


    • Applause January 7, 2016

      Beyonce stans shouldn’t be laughing this was you flops in 2013.

      Your fav had to make a porno album for sales.

      • Everyone’s A Critic January 7, 2016

        An album that was one of the biggest selling albums of 2013 despite being release at THE END OF THE YEAR!

        And yes the album was raunchy but there was CLASS and it was s***.. Not sleazy. And emotionally the album was deeper than just s**. But your inexperienced b*** wouldn’t know how to appreciate the beauty and honesty of BEYONCÉ.. It’s a shame

      • ShakaZulu January 7, 2016

        B**** shut up Beyonce had the game on lock when she dropped in 2013 and the whole 2014 was all about her. Y’all kill me trying to drag Bey all the time find somebody else to compare your flop artists to cause like Bey said ain’t no passengers on her plane!! ??

      • Applause January 7, 2016

        I said what I said

        You insecure flops can stay mad.

  3. Applause January 7, 2016

    Can they start a petition to get her some vocal lesson first.

    This true QUEEN GODGA is on her way. R.I.P. Thothanna

    • Everyone’s A Critic January 7, 2016

      Gaga… Seriously?
      She really has you liberal twinks hypnotised doesn’t she?

      • Applause January 7, 2016

        Gaga is this gens Queen of pop. Yall will deal. 2016 Grammy slayage coming up.

      • Everyone’s A Critic January 7, 2016

        This generations Queen.. Let’s not. She may be the twinks queen but she don’t get no love in MY community.
        She kind of got outdone by the smiley Monster.. She’s kind of responsible for that.
        Pop queen is either Rihanna, Taylor or Adele. Take your pick

        Bey is just the queen of entertainment.. Different lane of course

      • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 7, 2016

        @critic biitch shut yo DUSTY ass up ho. No one likes u

      • Everyone’s A Critic January 7, 2016

        This truth child clearly wants my attention. I love it. I’m all up in your mouth like them dildoooos you practice on cos your nasty mouth can’t get the real thing!!

        Wash out your mouth. You will find your manners in the same place you found this confidence to TRY and come for me.

  4. ShakaZulu January 7, 2016

    I still can’t believe she went the whole 2015 and didn’t drop. Her tour bout to start and she ain’t dropped s*** yet. I love RiRi but this Era is just a mess ?

  5. Penny Sparrow January 7, 2016


  6. Navi Love January 7, 2016

    Shoutout to tgj for being unbiased
    And fair.

    • Teyana’s Abs January 7, 2016

      David likes her a lot so he’ll never shade her.

  7. King z January 7, 2016

    so people are really trying to force this girl to release her album full of bleats and neighs when clearly visiting a local petting zoo would suffice?


  8. Hur January 7, 2016

    It would help if they had everything spelled right.

  9. Penny Sparrow January 7, 2016

    I see certain Navy members pulling a Rosie when Anti flops.

    • Rosie January 7, 2016

      I don’t know your old ass but do you not see Lana in my avi? If I stanned for hits like the Salvation Army then I would never be stanning for 99.8% of my faves in the first place ugly

  10. Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

    ???? This ANTI era is more pathetic than I could have ever imagined. The Navy has sunk to the bottom. The meltdowns are the worst I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine the seething when she finally releases AND flops. Lmaooo get it together girls. Karma is a b**** she won’t kill you. ( unless you let her) #MESSsSSSS

    • Applause January 7, 2016

      Wasn’t the hood hive dragging Beyonce in 2013 for taking so long to release? Oh how you fatherless thots forget.

      • Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

        *but she won’t kill you*
        Beyonce wasn’t releasing official singles and videos, performing at major televised events nor did she mention her album. She gave us The Mrs. carter Show while she finished her album. #Professional Dont compare Beyonce to this mess. Rihanna’s struggle is being billed as the worst in pop history. Anti’s struggle eclipses FartPop. I smell a Britney Jean 2.0 on the way.

  11. T 4 Tinashe January 7, 2016

    ?????. Look at Ciara Brazil’s comment.

  12. Cake like Lady GaGa 25 January 7, 2016


    poor titanics

    • Applause January 7, 2016

      But why are hives showing out? Do we need to put them in their place again like its 2013/2014

      • Cake like Lady GaGa 25 January 7, 2016

        especially @slave_to_H.IV with his non existence hairline

      • Applause January 7, 2016

        Not @shit_hive hiding further than his hairline.

  13. Teyana’s Abs January 7, 2016

    Karma is a b**** isn’t she?

    • HistoRih January 7, 2016

      Your faves biggest achievement in life is getting knocked up. Fall back.

      • Everyone’s A Critic January 7, 2016

        Teyanas album was the best RnB album put out. Like seriously let’s not come for Teyana Taylor cos her album sounded exactly how Anti SHOULD.

        Had to pause nigguh wait a minute…

      • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 7, 2016

        Somebody PLEASE stuff a YEAST INFECTED PUUSSY in this ho mouth!! Lets have critic band from this site

      • Everyone’s A Critic January 7, 2016

        Biiiiitch when you can differentiate BANNED from BAND you can come for me. Brush up on your literacy and we can talk then.

        You clearly have Tourette’s so I won’t drag you. I was told not to insult the handicapped

  14. Lettin’ Ya’ll Know… January 7, 2016


    People are really seething for this album.


    It’ll be released when it’s released.

  15. Applause January 7, 2016

    Hypocrites are the worst. That is what the hive is.

    Can’t stand Drunkhanna but how can the hive of anyone come for Jayz side chick for doing the same thing as Lateyonce.

    • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

      The hipocrisy in you comment is unbelievable, when your out her calling Beyonce a flop yet Caca went flopping like a fish out of water out of the mainstreams eyes. Gurl bye with your self dragging ass!!!

      • London Gyal January 7, 2016

        Hipocrosy? Like thighocrocy?

      • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

        (Sigh) im getting London poverty living uneducated teases from this hoeee

  16. WE MISS YOU RIHNAVY!!! January 7, 2016

    @Selective_Follicle_Hive WORRY about getting your hairline done or doing a GoFundMe to get Bosley, I’m sure Rihanna’s album would be out faster than you could say “Miracle Grow”. Worry about the fact that NO ONE uses you, not even ya mammy. Stop letting trade bareback you into thinking you’re THAT bittch cause I’ll fix tha mug in Central Park REAL quick.

    • Applause January 7, 2016


    • beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 7, 2016

      No one uses you,not even your mommy? Just because your mommy pimped your walls to support her false lashes and weave addiction doesn’t mean all parents do.We all know your crop top and dirty stained undies brought all the sugar daddies to the yard

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 7, 2016

        SCREAMING!!!!!! Yas @Beykim, you betta make an entrance and readT to the gahts! *nae naes on rihslavy’s grave*

  17. beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 7, 2016

    Hey y’all.Long time but now I’m officially back…I see Anti isn’t released yet just like Mark’s out of the closet Youtube video

    • Taylor Tori Azalea January 7, 2016

      You’re back????
      uhm who are you???

      • beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 7, 2016

        Was that question for me ir those irrelevant has nots in your name?

  18. Cake like Lady GaGa 25 January 7, 2016

    @loosebottom why are u busy starting online petitions instead of using that free wifi at soweto mall to apply for a job? absolute mess

    • Everyone’s A Critic January 7, 2016

      RIP Everyone’s A Critic ?


      • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 7, 2016


  19. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 7, 2016

    Although, it is frustrating since us fans have been holding on to a string of hope since November and still no album out, but greatness takes time. Rome wasn’t built in 6 months. The BBHMM video alone proves that she is pushing the boundaries and looking to excel. I’ll wait as long as I have to for that masterpiece.

    • Rima January 7, 2016

      Lmao shut up loser

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 7, 2016

        How about you hop tf out of my reply box especially since you ain’t got sh*t to say. You f*ckin with the wrong one baby girl. Now go on, go play with your box of crayons.

    • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

      DEATH Not THAT IRRELEVANT MONSTER GETTING DRAGGED BY SPEAKTRUTHNOFALLACY! Kiii I’ve never seen you drag or someone come at you since I’ve been here (raises glass ?)

  20. WE MISS YOU RIHNAVY!!! January 7, 2016

    NAHT @Laverne aka Molly & Slay_Hive running out of both of the Rihanna post because they couldn’t hold in the Fleet for more than 30 seconds.

    • beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 7, 2016

      Ima need a couple ribbons and a band to pay tribute to the so called Navi.That darn flee is as afloat as the Titanic

  21. HailBeysus January 7, 2016

    Is this Gaga stan really trying the Hive!!! Gurrrl i like Gaga but I’ll gather that hoeee in a second! Don’t do it. Im also going to need receipts of Rihanna doing the same thing as Beyonces self-titled era. Also a receipt of the Hive doing a petition for Bey to release and receipts of the Hive Seething for an album drop. Make sure these are creditable sources as we please!

    • Rima January 7, 2016

      B**** gather beyonce an education better yet gather slay_hive some edges.

      • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

        Bitxh The Queen will always be more educated than your Bamboo LOOSEBOOTY ass!!! Worry about getting your fav some Hits and relevancy first. While your at it help ArtFlop scan 1 million as well!

  22. Rima January 7, 2016

    Gaga > Keshit> trashyonce > trashanna

  23. Barb-wire January 7, 2016

    Dead @The navy f@@gs thinking Skankanna will leave Travis Scott’s d*** long enough to release the flop album. This is tragic…

    • Cake like Lady GaGa 25 January 7, 2016

      Is that why the stankPrint is still without a platinum plague? because she was busy with Meek Mill d***?

    • Applause January 7, 2016

      Barfs still around in 2016? Ha

    • CL says Hello Bi+ches January 7, 2016

      When are you gonna get Nicki to release Grammy worthy material?

  24. Beykim loves Bieber one direction Beyonce miley and gaga January 7, 2016

    Confession I have a crush on Mark I may be An under aged thøt with bee sting sized titties but I want his thick meat inside me?

    • beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 7, 2016

      Mark honey bee,you know darn well aint nobody wanna see you pink bedazzled strap on.

  25. Applause January 7, 2016

    @FailedInSpeechClassBeysus Releasing flop singles all year long.. Doing all these commericals and no album until the end of the year.. Seems like the same ish TRASHHANNA is doing.

  26. Taylor Tori Azalea January 7, 2016

    You’re back????
    uhm who are you????

  27. CL says Hello Bi+ches January 7, 2016

    Omfg, the monsters don’t learn. You don’t start Stan wars BEFORE the release of your fave’s album!!!!
    I you do, you don’t start fighting with 2 Stan bases at the same time.

    • Applause January 7, 2016

      Monsters have never been scared of speaking their minds. We are hype.

      • CL says Hello Bi+ches January 7, 2016

        Smh, you’re gonna put me into overtime defending MoMonster

    • Penny Sparrow January 7, 2016

      You better come THRU with your flawless and simplistic drags

    • Porsha Williams Stan January 7, 2016

      You slaughtered Analise Stale Wig yesterday..

      • CL says Hello Bi+ches January 7, 2016

        He tries SO hard

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 7, 2016

        SIGHHH!!! LMAO, another figment of your imagination FortuneCookieTwiínk/MatthildaChingChing, I came for your blood and you went running after I cut your throat. I see why you and your troll are madT ! KIII

  28. Cake like Lady GaGa 25 January 7, 2016

    kiiii, where @Molly the maid at? I am CRYYYINGGG AT HIS COWARD AZZZZZ

  29. No favs, just here for the music January 7, 2016

    LOL! Wow…never thought they would take it this far but I can totally understand their frustrations I guess…

  30. Penny Sparrow January 7, 2016

    If The Trashvy can conjure up random petitions for their fave then I’m sure the Barbz can make one for the Grammy committee to eventually give their fave a Grammy or even score a billboard #1.

    • Cake like Lady GaGa 25 January 7, 2016


      I just got my eternal life from this READ!

  31. Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

    Honey I thought the Monsters were extinct. They appeared out of hiding and grew an extra set of balls girl. Lmaoooo Get artpop platinum, then come back and talk!
    P.S. I’m actually looking forward to gaga’s next project.

    • Applause January 7, 2016


      Like your hairline sis?

      Monsters don’t f*** with you or Rosie all the s*** you guys talked eat rocks fat h**.

      • Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

        Girl go back into hiding with that weak and tired ass shade.

  32. Applause January 7, 2016

    Loosebottom and Markeshia are scared of entering this post

  33. Taylor Tori Azalea January 7, 2016

    Didn’t B do the same back in 2013 difference was she released five ‘BUZZ’ songs
    1.Standing On a a diick
    2.Grown Ho3
    3.Kneel Down/I been sucking
    4.Rise up
    5.God made you ugly
    The self drags are just too much

    • beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 7, 2016

      Did this Taylor Tori Azalea chic just come for Bey? How you go call Bey a Ho3 when Taylor released Suck it off and Blank Walls along with Wet dreamz to brag about being a protein shake with man.fluids.Iggy really girl,is the Unwritten classic anything to brag about

      • HailBeysus January 7, 2016


      • Danzou January 8, 2016

        Lol at “blank walls” and “suck it off”

  34. CL says Hello Bi+ches January 7, 2016

    Extinct is yonce’s ability to get a #1 on billboard. How long since single ladies?

    • Applause January 7, 2016

      Cries in basic b****

    • Taylor Tori Azalea January 7, 2016

      9 years or 8 years ago
      I lost count it’s been a long time ey

    • Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

      Don’t try it b****! When was gaga’s last hit or platinum album? Y’all are in the same boat as the navy until she releases her next album and scans double platinum. Bloop!!! Drunk in Love was the hit of 2014.

      • CL says Hello Bi+ches January 7, 2016

        But it still wasn’t #1. Nor was it yonce’s most successful song on radio

      • Porsha Williams Stan January 7, 2016

        Applause outsold Drunk in love WW

      • Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

        Beyonce doesn’t need a #1 to sell but Gaga will need a miracle to scan platinum again.?

      • CL says Hello Bi+ches January 7, 2016

        Kii, applause stayed on the chart for longer.

      • Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

        Applause is POP but it wasn’t enough to help DeadPop outsell self titled. Bloop 2008-2013. R.I.P.

      • Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

        Drunk in Love also outpeaked applause on the hot 100. Screaming!!!!

      • CL says Hello Bi+ches January 7, 2016

        Beyonce relies on cheap tricks and gimmicks , sell like that. Spreading her photoshopped thighs at th grammys infront of a kid, singing about k** AND having to resort to surprise tactics to release an album

      • Rima January 7, 2016

        Get at us when Beyonce does 1 million first week. Face it Beyonce is a trashy slore who swallows k** for a living.

      • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

        DEATH!!! Everyone knows Caca had to rely on manipulated sales to that 1 million sold! Caca is Queen of Gimmicks and has been dragged by alot of her music peers for being a try ! ???? Meanwhile Beys last album was selling for 16.99 and still did close to a million! I can’t with these bitxhes self drags!!!

      • Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

        Lmaoooo b**** gimmicks killed gags career. Staaawp!! Sort of like that stale bacon dress or that thong she performed in on the vma’s 2013. She even wore it in the audience. Luckily she has no ass or fits. No one seemed to be offended. Attention w****. Let’s not!!

      • Porsha Williams Stan January 7, 2016

        An attention w**** would be the woman who strips in front of her child.

      • Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

        Someone say stripper?? B****** bye!!!! Lmaoooo Has Dead Pop sold a million yet btw?? http://youtu.be/1ix-eKV2yJE

  35. Porsha Williams Stan January 7, 2016

    The monsters are dragging!!

    • beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 7, 2016

      The only thing the monsters ever dragged is Gagas singles down the chart,oh and their feet when they had to ho but it

  36. HailBeysus January 7, 2016

    For all Basic Bum Bitxhes who have a IQ of -30

    Beyonce released 2 promotional singles.
    Standing On The Sum for H&M
    Grown Woman for Pepsi.

    Rihanna Releases 3 singles and releases them to radio.
    Promotes the hell out of them along with music video’s.
    They flop so her team calls them promotional singles lmfao!

    Beyonce never released a statement or teased artwork for her album. Nor did she release a name for the Album.

    Rihanna Talks about how anti is almost finished release artwork and a name for the album. Has people coming forward talking about her ORIGINAL release date.

    The reach you pathetic k** guzzling lessers do HAHAHAHA

  37. GagaLovesBey January 7, 2016

    TGJ is a mess tbh, and death at that Penny Sparrow account.

  38. blue January 7, 2016

    some people have nothing better to do with their time…how do u scrap and unreleased album? Where is the logic in all this? The navy have been spoiled for too long and now cant take the fact that rihanna is not willing to meet their every little whim.

  39. Porsha Williams Stan January 7, 2016

    Applause is a pop classic. DIL a stripper classic? Idk

    • beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 7, 2016

      Plays Love Gaga,Disco stick ho

    • Everyone’s A Critic January 7, 2016

      Wanna talk about stripper classics standing for Porsha Williams.. The thirsty girl who can’t articulate sentences. The irony is just too much.

      Drunk in Love goes OFF way more than anything gaga EVERY done! Just my opinion. Gagas music is just very camp and can’t be compared to beyonces discography

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 7, 2016

        You betta cut that høe!!!! LMAO #iLive! Not when your fave got her ass beat by Cynthia-Robocop-Bailey’s old ass. Not when Kandi’s dragged Porsha through the ATL whilst she was pregnant. HØE have a seat!!!

  40. Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

    If you irrelevant hoess want my attention, you must pay for it! I DONT have time to entertain the help. Lmaoooo Annalise come get your s****, she’s out of line. Mad hoesss!

    • Rima January 7, 2016

      Who tf are you calling analise s****? Aren’t you the one who bows down to her. You molly and rosie are only good for being followers and great ass lickers.

      • Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

        B**** byyyyyeeeee!!! Receipts or die!!!!!! Lmaooooo

      • Rima January 7, 2016

        The receipt is up Analise ass

      • Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

        Well you shouldn’t have a problem retrieving it as you have your own wing up her ass pressed b****!!! Step tf out of my reply box and back into your hibernation.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 7, 2016

      @SH, this prepubescent s**** hœ has been seething for half a year and wanted so desperately to be accepted by us LOL!!! it’s actually funny how many times we rejected it. The Naziii can keep it!

      • Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

        LMAOOOOO I be over here dying at these bums. and they think we’re mad???!!!! We know who’s really mad. Now she wants to drag me into ya’ll mess. You do not want the entire Hive on your ass…lmaoo That’s why these girls go into hibernation and trolling mode. I just laugh!! Keep snatching these hoess edges and sanity!!!! YAAAASSSSSS!!!! 🙂 🙂

  41. Taylor Tori Azalea January 7, 2016

    kiii even Gugu sold one million a week
    But certain Queens can’t
    Aplause featured no one and Artpop had 2 top 10 songs
    The flops just write themselves
    another epic kiii goes to the hives daily scalping
    literally every stan base has had their turn to drag the hive SMH even the hive drags themselves

  42. Porsha Williams Stan January 7, 2016

    R.I.P. hive

  43. Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

    Yet they call Beyonce a stripper…kiiiiii Not when gags has her entire pusssy and ass cheeks exposed for the world to see. Taylor looks appauled. Lmaoooo


    • Slay_Hive January 7, 2016


  44. Cake like Lady GaGa 25 January 7, 2016

    Why is @slave_to_H.IV occupying TGJ more than he occupies a seat at the salon trying to regrow his missing hairline?

    • Taylor Tori Azalea January 7, 2016

      Drag sister today I’m giving you your dues

  45. Rima January 7, 2016

    Gaga = ART

    Beyonce = Ghetto slutty hoodrat

  46. Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

    Beyonce- Double Platinum
    Art Pop- DUST 🙂

  47. Britney Stan January 7, 2016

    First the molly dragging now slay hives getting scalped I live.

  48. Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

    Look how caca is standing up in that video. She is such an attention seeker. Gimmick hoeee!!! Her fans need to run back into hiding like the cowards they are. Because as soon as she flops AGAIN, they will be no where to be found with rihanna-sized missing edges!

  49. HailBeysus January 7, 2016

    Self Titled = Critically Acclaimed Game Changing Considered One Of The Best Album’s Released In The 2010s So Far.
    ArtFlop = Tired and Forgotten KIII

  50. Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

    Where did they go? Talked so much s*** but running back into hiding. lmaooo bye bye. Do what you do best girls!!! *inserts wave emoji*

    • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

      Kiiii they was doing the most to lmfao! Co-signing each other and all lmfao! Poorthings ???

      • Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

        lmaoooo yes hunny. They just want some attention for themselves and their fave. a hot ass tired mess.

  51. Duffster Lovato January 7, 2016

    I love Gaga but the monsters should stay hidden whist they weep and pray for a platinum certification.

    About ANTi RiRi should go back to making those generic pop singles else her career is dead, she didn’t release in 2013 cause of Gaga, Katy and Queen B, fast forward to 2014 the rumoured Bey album and Taylor kept Rihanna running then on to 2015 Adele blew her away even Bieber slayed and now its 2016 she has to face Queen B, Katy and Gaga. Tragic

    • blue January 7, 2016

      the fact that you think that the girl who released an album yearly for 7 years, in the same month for 4 of them straight no matter who was releasing around her, was afraid to release an album in the same year with people she has release with before? #logic

      • Duffster Lovato January 7, 2016

        Rih’s ready to make timeless music and it just ain’t working. She could drop albums then cause she cared bout singles sales. What a pity when BadGal RiRi decides to make timeless music she becomes scared. I’ll wait for that BEYONCÉ 2.0 album Rih’s gonna drop in 2030. 😉

  52. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 7, 2016

    I CAN’T with @HongKongFuey/MatthildaANÜS and his fake account he got to boost his self esteem. Where’s the receipt of me being EL please? I know you’re only working with one GOOD eye, so’ll give your ass some mo time 😆

  53. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 7, 2016

    Why is this even a post? the petition has just over 100 signatures 😆 few people outside of the blogsphere even know she has an album coming out.

    • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

      YAAAASSSS MS ANANALISE!!! YOU BETTER COME THRU AND GATHER THESE HOEEEES!!! I can’t stand bitxhes that have someones name in their mouth when that person is.not around to @them. Its weak pathetic and bottom of the food chain lesser stat!

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 7, 2016

        These høes are upset that I butchered @MatthildaChongChang last night, so they chose to discuss me whilst I’m gone. What kind of frail fragile hœs is the third world ghettos and villages producing? I cannot!!

  54. JanStan January 7, 2016

    Y’all stan for sales like Beyonces 5 million in 12 years as her best selling album is a standard. Every album she’s released since then has flopped in comparison but y’all acting like they were smashes. If you’re stanning for sales Stan for Adele and Taylor otherwise stfu and go away.

  55. DIABETES UNBOTHERED January 7, 2016

    #RIHANNA-UNBOTHERED *SNORTS More COKE* lol this album BEEN DONE. NO LABEL not even the p*** poor ROC NATION releases album title & cover without plans to release the album within the next 2 months. I bet rihs team is solely waiting for a SAFE COAST CLEAR Realease oppurtunity. In other words they waiting for JUSTIN & ADELE to stop selling above 150k per week… *SIPS Grapejuice* *SHOOTS INSULIN*

  56. Rosie January 7, 2016

    Why are Monsters getting cocky again? They’re acting the same exact way they were before Artpop. A mess. I thought they learned their lesson after that.

    This is really the messiest era of all time, and karma is real for her delusional ass stans who probably only stan due to her singles sales and manufactured “bad bishh!!!!” image.

  57. DIABETES UNBOTHERED January 7, 2016

    Its clear that SELF TITLED has RIH & ROC NATION SHOOKE & SHAKEN… they have to compete with bey not only artistically & comercially but in Album rollout as well… to make matters worse B6 most likely will occur on the 10 year mark anniversary of B2(Bday). & all this talk about Sales fact still remains that in terms of woman Bey is # 3 only behind much newer/younger acts Taylor & Adele & #1 ahead of literally ALL black acts of today. Pretty impressive that B6 will out perform R8 even tho Bey been in the game 20 years to Rihs 10.

    • JanStan January 7, 2016

      Stop with the made up statistics. No one was here for bday when it was released so why the hell would people care about a rerelease? Stop ignoring that BEYS best selling album just scanned 5 million and that was released over a decade ago. I’ll be here to haunt yall asses with the billboard receipts/drag to the pits of hell when y’all try it.

      • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

        Gurl bye its clear Bey got you pressed. Beyonce is unbothered and she continues to scan multiplatinum with or without a hit. Her overall record’s sales are around 152million worldwide. She doesn’t trail far behind Janet in over record sales and she did it all with 5 album’s. I also liked the fact you skipped over alot the arguments about impact, longevity being dubbed and argued as the best entertainer alive. Changing the game with her last album. But Yet you quickly came for Beys sales. Its clear you only stan for Janets Sales. Gurl bye and drag your sorry ass on over to the Abyss of the irrelevant stans

      • JanStan January 7, 2016

        I love Bey but wtf are y’all talking about with this sales bs. I don’t stan for sales so it don’t matter to me but u can’t drag Gaga and then point to Beyonces sales to do it. I Stan for impact and legends status OBVIOUSLY and will drown a bish in the Hades river if they try to come for Gaga or Janet.

      • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

        Kii i see i got you backtracking on your statements now. You stan for Legends and Impact. Yet you looked over everything else in the arguments and came straight for sales. Girl bye with yourself contradicting ass!! Your telling me all this because i refuse to fly from the Hive to Stan for Anothers album sales to shade Caca! Ill shade caca’s ass with my favs stats. The Hive ain’t the Navy. We dont don’t ship to swim and stan for another.

      • JanStan January 7, 2016


        U is a dumb ass crack ho. My response was to a post stanning for Beyonces sales and the made up delusion that anyone would avoid her album release. USING RECEIPTS. Are u so f’n stupid that u think because your ass replies to me the original posters post goes away? I backtracked nothing accept to put my foot back on your neck bish.

      • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

        Kiii gurl you shifting subject’s faster than Basic Swift switches men. First it was Sales you came for. You got called out for displaying yourself as a sales stan. Than switched your backtracking ass comment to i stan for Impact and Legendary status. Now you switching it up again by going back to sales. Girl you ain’t slick with these head concution whiplash subject changes. Your foot was in nobody’s neck. But ill grab that crusty ass weave and stomp that fatass potato head to floor and sit on it so i can get nice and comfy. Ill be replying back later because i gots to go into a slumber right now. So go on ahead and feel free to reply back!

      • JanStan January 7, 2016

        Ho my original post was a response to diabetes unbothereds mess post. Anyways reading comprehension is obviously not your thing so instead of worrying about sitting on potatoes, or record size zuchinni squash, or whatever it is u like to have in the vicinity of that human grand canyon u call a hole, buy the Rosetta Stone language teaching kit….in English. Next.

      • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

        Indeed reading and knowing who the fuxk you’re replying to is needed! B2(BDAy) is Diabetics way of hoping Queen Bey would Release another B’Day type album not a rerelease. Of course you would know this if you actually been around long enough to read Diabetics comments instead of jumping on his/her reply section dumbass motherfuxker! Now get that fatass potato head back under my ass where it belongs KIII!!!

      • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

        Actually scratch that B2 is actually the order of Beys releases not a rerelease. So yes sweet heart comprehending what you read is a must.

  58. Ciah’s Turtle January 7, 2016

    lol Rih Stans are good for petitions. not surprised

  59. #JACKIE January 7, 2016

    The navy is so delusional!!!

  60. ?Queen Molly? January 7, 2016

    All these weaves on the floor ki

  61. Slay_Hive January 7, 2016

    Also, this is for the Navy. Especially Markeisha, CentLESS, Mariah the HAS BEEN 😉 and Loose biitch! Beyonce is a certified LIVE singer. This is footage of her DRunk in Love Grammy performance. The vocals were completely different and better than the live performance. The bumm hoess staying denying Beyonce’s talent only for it to turn around and bite them in their pancake ass!! When will Rihanna?!! When will ANTi-Depressant?? Release DATE??? You hoess wigs?? LMAOOOO

  62. ?Queen Molly? January 7, 2016

    My nigggga Slay_Hive ???

  63. Slayty Perry January 7, 2016

    Lmao! This petition is a mess. Not “Good luck getting that album release you speak of”. At this point demanding her to drop the album almost guarantees the album will flop. She might as well take her time to try and save this era. And NOT LittleSuicides being resurrected with new found confidence. As if Katy didn’t slaughter their favs career in 2013. As if Miley didn’t put the final nail in the coffin. As if Beyonce didn’t come in and bury her and deliver the eulogy. Flopga is done. No matter how many geriatric singers she clings to, how many shows she leeches off of, the girl is done. Her next single will be front loaded, debut high, and then free fall just like Applause did. I hope Katy releases at the same time as Flopga this year again, just so I can watch her snatch Flopga again on all fronts: Singles, albums, tours etc.

    • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

      KIIIIIIII That whole read was on point!! (Raises Glass ?)

      • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

        Gurl you aint choking nobody with them out dated receipts. Where is the Prism and ArtFlop era??
        Gaga Total Sales 55.1 million
        Add artpops 4.4m era sales you get 59.5 million sold
        Katy Total sales 54.2 million
        Add Prisms 16.9 million you get 71.1 million. KIII YOU MAD!!

      • JanStan January 7, 2016

        R u seriosuly trying it? Sneaking in singles sales to try to close the gap that has Gaga with 2-1 album sale domination? People use singles these days to inflate the fact that ain’t nobody checking for their albums. Hell prism barely even outsold Artpop. On the grand scheme of things they both flopped but unlike Katy, Gagas Grammy cabinet isnt collecting dust.

      • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

        Gurl bye your logic is hella stupid. No one is pushing albums like artist’s before the 2000’s. Its becoming more and more rare. Adele’s the only true Mega Blockbuster album seller. Than followed by taylor. Next is Beyonce. Followed by Rihanna and Gaga. Than Katy Perry. Singles have always been used as over all record sales. Also Katy did almost 3x what artflop did. Artflop 700k Prism 1.6m. Slaty Perry wasn’t just talking about Albums. She was talking Singles Tours and Albums. Flopga was outdid overall and you mad so makng excuses by discrediting the overall sales of both artist’s. Katy slayed her during both their last eras.

      • JanStan January 7, 2016

        Holy s*** u really are trying it.

        Monster Ball Tour 133 mil
        Born this Way 183 mil (even with cancelled shows)
        Artrave 83 million
        Add cheek to cheek and multiple Grammy’s to this. Outsold Katy albums 2-1.
        3 tours=$400 mill box score

        Prism World tour 160 mil
        California dreams 59 million
        Hello Katy 1.5 million
        3 tours=$222 mil box score

        What voodoo spell done turned your ass inside out where your math says Katy is slaying Gaga. While your catching up on that Rosetta Stone add some basic math for drag queens to that. Ugh.

      • Slayty Perry January 7, 2016

        “Prism barely sold Artpop” LMAO!

        Prism’s US sales: 1.4 million
        ChartFlop’s WW sales: 1.8 million

        That is the only receipt I need. You’re dismissed.

      • Slayty Perry January 7, 2016

        But go ahead and cling on to Flopga’s “glory days”. Here in the present, Katy scalped her in albums, singles, and touring and will do so again this year.

      • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

        Death this basic bitxh telling me to do basic math! Girl i did the math! But in what way or form did i ever give numbers for the tours??? Your basic 3rd grade reading levels are starting to show. Also bitxh i know you didn’t just add any of. Cacas collaborating era to her solo era ????? Next time a Hive member want to add DC sales I better not catch a bitxh complaining. Have several seats imbred hoeee because you’re dismissed!!

      • Slayty Perry January 7, 2016

        Prism sold 1.6 million in the US, so only about 30k for surpassing Chartflop’s WW numbers

        Prismatic World Tour grossed $189 million

      • JanStan January 7, 2016

        Dragged to the trenches with receipts and still holding on for dear life. Gaga has TWICE THE TOUR RECEIPTS, TWICE THE ALBUM SALES, 6-0 grammy record, and ANOTHER GRAMMY NOM THIS YEAR BETWEEN ALBUMS WHILE GETTING NOMINATED FOR A GOLDEN GLOBE FOR ACTING. Katy won’t EVA accomplish that with 50 more eras. The b**** is BASIC.

      • HailBeysus January 7, 2016


      • JanStan January 7, 2016

        I’m done dragging u lessors stanning for the most basic b**** ever acting like her Grammyless awards cabinet is some crowning achievement. Shes a lessor that makes music for lessors hence why y’all are so impressed by the Kim Kardashian of music. Now be gone I can feel the stench of your basicitis beginning to literally go viral. Bye!

      • HailBeysus January 7, 2016

        Hahaha Bitxh you can’t drag. i mean look at are first encounter. You ran like a bitxh and everything you said in this argument is Null and Void from are first argument. BUT I see why you mad. Janets a has been thats being slayed by Madinosaur in the Battle of the PreHistoric’s. Gaga set a knew record for shortests career ever to spike and fall into the Abyss of the forgotten KIII

  64. OMG Logic!!! January 7, 2016

    Adele had vocal surgery, a kid to raise, and a husband to f uck that’s why it took her 4 years to WRITE another album. Rihanna doesn’t write or produce or compose anything. Why is it taking her 4 years to release another McAlbum?

  65. The Return of Makiavelli January 7, 2016


  66. BeyBarbFenty January 7, 2016

    this whole post is a mess tbh
    it’s been 4 years riri
    watchu been doin

  67. King B January 8, 2016

    Beyoncé completed B day in 3 weeks.

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