Usher Performs Songs From New Album

Published: Thursday 7th Jan 2016 by Sam

Usher brought the campaign for his new album to a screeching halt in 2014 after a number of the singles it spurned failed to produce fireworks on the charts.

And after sitting out much of 2015, it seems as though the New Year will finally bring fresh material from the 37-year-old superstar.

While performing at a Samsung event recently, the crooner previewed a selection of tracks from the LP (which previously had a working title of ‘UR’).

Check ’em out below….

The first song roused us more than the second. It sonically seems to pick up where the funkified sound of ‘Good Kisser’ left off. Promising.

What do you think of the new music Usher’s been cooking up?


Your thoughts?

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  1. …. January 7, 2016

    Poor Usher been lost in the sauce for so long now. Can’t believe he hasn’t released an album since 2012. EDM ruined him. R.I.P

    • Christina Aguilera January 7, 2016

      Flat ass.

  2. #JACKIE January 7, 2016

    Anti teas.

    • ?Queen Molly? January 7, 2016

      Hey queen ❤ you see the monsters getting dragged today? Ki

      • #JACKIE January 7, 2016

        Honey I’m still trying to get caught up on all of the posts I missed!!! Which one

      • ?Queen Molly? January 7, 2016

        The rihanna petition post. The hive dragged the monsters so bad kiii.

  3. ?Queen Molly? January 7, 2016

    Thats cool but we have The Weeknd and Justin bieber no one is really checking for Usher. He’s still daddy tho and I’d blow him any day ??

  4. Jamie January 7, 2016

    Usher is so cute!

  5. Career Ender January 7, 2016

    the one who has a diamond album unlike the favs of these termites trying him in this post

    • ?Queen Molly? January 7, 2016

      Still pressed African build a bear ass fagggott??

      • Career Ender January 7, 2016

        if I were to cut your basic veins, shxt would flow instead of blood
        you take a sewage work to whole nada level Lavender!

    • XYZ January 7, 2016

      He Has a Diamond Album, yes. But, to Be honest, he hasn’t released a consistently good album since confessions.

    • XoMoDe January 8, 2016

      Usher has a diamond album from TWELVE years ago. The album that followed struggled to go merely platinum and these days he struggles to go Gold. It’s hilarious that someone would play the “diamond” card to justify him when his immediate dissent after it was startling. Diamond albums are rare and not likely to happen a second time, but most artists who have one were able to use it to better cushion themselves for a while after that inevitable peak. Usher didn’t. He has done a very poor job of readjusting and maintaining after his peak. Confessions backfired on him. He lost his sense of self and is now basically a run-on sentence.

  6. LmfaoHoe January 7, 2016

    Child black folks age just like fine wine especially when you take good care of yourself. Usher is so fine and still he needs to be slaying fr, I believe he needs to stay true to his roots no more pop or be edms. I know we won’t get another Confession, but least a satisfying album of true volcals,musicianship, depth meaningful lyrics no more turn ups or sexual songs (at least two tho 😉

  7. Ciah’s Turtle January 7, 2016

    he looks so cute on that scooter. But need a Confessions type of album. that EDM stuff he was doing was ok..but lets bring it back Ursher

    • Ben January 7, 2016

      if you listen to his last albums you will find out that he did plenty of rnb songs. they just keep releasing those edm tunes (4 edm songs on “looking for myself”).
      nobody cares for edm anymore so i doubt he’ll do them

  8. UR January 7, 2016

    Well, nobody else might really be checking for him but I am. Just looking for a good R&B album from him – nothing he hasn’t produced prior to Looking 4 Myself.

  9. RihYonce January 7, 2016

    I’m ready for his comeback! No more EDM!!! R&B is back so he should stick to that , & even do a another trap record , I believe Usher can storm back & either way he’ll sell more than any other R&B male artist

  10. Linear January 7, 2016

    Why is he wearing tight pants? That’s gay. Anyway Usher sold out to pop and started trying to be like the 3rd member of LMFAO. Threw his core fan base under the bus so I’m done with his fake sellout a***.

    • coolness January 7, 2016

      You leave these exact comments whenever an Usher post is up. God, get over that and yourself.

  11. Jhené Aiko Stan January 7, 2016

    He needs to do something different. Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake, Pharell, and Bruno already did the retro funk sound. We don’t need a rehash of Confessions either. That kind of R&B is stale and redundant at this point. He needs a revival.

  12. FC/JC January 7, 2016

    I used to really live for this man, He just doesnt excite me anymore….. He should move to New York or something, Maybe a change of location will uplift his mussic.

  13. Slayty Perry January 7, 2016

    Usher needs to do something different. I was feeling Good Kisser though

  14. coolness January 7, 2016

    If anything got better with Usher as time passed, it was his looks and his voice. He’s never been more attractive and his vocals are crisp now (hello at that falsetto in the above clips) Too bad his hunger and consistency took a dip. I’m tired of waiting on not just him, but so many other artists stalling with their album releases. Get it together people!

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