Azealia Banks Announces The Name Of Brand New Diana Ross Inspired Song

Published: Sunday 31st Jan 2016 by David

‘Coco’ isn’t the only project Azealia Banks is preparing to release this year.

Yes, before its cinematic release the rapper has announced that she is to drop a brand new number on February 7th to lead the way for her forthcoming album ‘Business & Pleasure.’

Full story below…


‘Beat’ follows the 2014 unveiling of the rapper’s debut album ‘Broke with Expensive Taste’, home to the songs ‘Miss Amor’, ‘Desperado‘, ‘212’ and ‘JFK.’

Keen to keep her public profile afloat following her departure from the major label system, the entertainer teamed up with Lionsgate to create the aforementioned ‘Coco’, the feature film in which she stars alongside ‘Scream Queens’ star Lucien Laviscount, Jill Scott, Common and Lorraine Toussant.

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  1. JMar January 31, 2016

    is banksrupcty still trying to release music seems no one care about girl have sevearl seats and stop with the foolery.

    • Count Zeze January 31, 2016

      Bankrupt? She writes all of her own songs, is always touring and owns her masters. Try again

      • OMG Logic!!! January 31, 2016

        #DEAD @ the delusion! She writes all her own songs that no one is checking for much less buying. Her “tours” consists of festivals where she gets the spot no other bands wanted. Try again.

      • JMar January 31, 2016

        show proof that she writes her own if she do no one checking for them this b**** is a complete flop.

    • TurkeyNoodleSavage January 31, 2016

      I know she has a big mouth ; and can be annoying at times . but musically ? She’s not to be f*cked with ! Girl is EVERYTHING !

  2. Erotica January 31, 2016

    She still trynna make “Fetch” happen?

    • Get on your Knees (Arianator Barb) January 31, 2016

      Can your basic ass come up with anything original?

      • Erotica January 31, 2016

        As someone who graduated with a Bachelor degree in English literature and is musically inclined, I know I can.

        When you want to get in the studio and do this?

  3. #JACKIE January 31, 2016


  4. Weezy Tha Goat January 31, 2016

    I like her, she just needs to work on her anger problems and probably wants to turn over her Twitter account to her team. But sadly the damage has probably already been done, she has offended so many people and has burned some many bridges. Maybe she could just write for other artists.

  5. Cough Cough January 31, 2016

    Yes I am SO HERE FOR THIS. I just ignore everything she says and listen to her music lol

  6. Nah.Son. January 31, 2016

    I stand by my AB. IMO broke with expensive taste was probably one of the best albums of the last decade. Sonically, it was the most refreshing album I’ve heard in years. The thing that makes AB so great is that she doesn’t need to rely on features, she makes good music on her own & she slaughters tracks vocally and lyrically. Idc if the rest of the world catches on or not, as long as she keeps making good music. Idc about her antics or opinions, I’m here for the music. Thanks.

  7. Liam January 31, 2016

    I can’t wait…her music always slay

  8. RIP January 31, 2016

    Not a fan of her rants and antics,but she makes great music.
    BWET was a great body of work.
    If only her label would’ve given her PR training and anger management. Looking forward to her new album!

  9. Ciah’s Turtle February 1, 2016

    S L A Y – Z

    Never been more ready.

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