Beyonce Readying New Stadium Tour?

Published: Wednesday 13th Jan 2016 by Sam

Beyonce has established herself as today’s top tour de force and it looks as though she’ll be flexing that muscle in 2016.

Details below…

CBS Pittsburgh reports that Queen Bey is on the cusp of announcing a series of summer stadium dates, including a stop at the city’s Heinz Field venue in late May.

If indeed true, it lends credence to suggestion that new material from the multi-Platinum maven is near. Her game-changing self-titled set was released in December 2013.

As with most things Beyonce these days, news pertaining to ‘B6’ has been shroud in secrecy. But between this, her recent Lip Sync Battle stint, and upcoming Super Bowl performance, it looks as though a lot is bubbling in camp Bey.

It goes without saying, any such trek would be a sure-fire box office blockbuster. 2014’s ‘On The Run’ with husband Jay Z grossed $110 million from just 20 shows.

The singer’s 2013-2014 solo arena tour ‘The Mrs. Carter Show’ yielded $229.7 million from 132 shows.

Keep it locked for more info.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mariah The Legend January 13, 2016

    let’s drag beyonce girls.

    • RASHAD January 13, 2016

      Lets drag Moo Moo who is singing in a casino in has-beenville. Mariah has never had a #1 grossing tour and never will!

      • HUR January 13, 2016

        Beyonce will never sell $200million records and beyonce she will never have 18 #1 songs.

        Mariah is one of beyonces favorite singers.

      • Tyler Makiavelli January 13, 2016

        And Mariah will never have a world tour as successful as the Mrs Carter Show

    • Arfa January 13, 2016

      Rihanna and Beyonces career are over

    • ?Queen Molly? January 13, 2016

      Drag Moo into a gym maybe then her waist trainers will finally get a rest.

      • Mariah January 13, 2016

        Ya’ll haters do know Mariah Carey is slim again? And also you all know Mariah was never a touring artist and still slayed Beyonce in the music business. Hints why your fave is a fan

      • Tyler Makiavelli January 13, 2016

        Beyonces tour grossings >>>> Mariahs

        The Mrs Carter Show ALONE >>>>> every Mariah Carey tour

    • Grande the Way January 13, 2016

      A sad life you must have.

    • killian January 14, 2016

      You’re just filthy and I’m so sorry Mariah has a fan like you,Mariah is the epitome of love,finesse and class..but you are no lamb no no you’re just trashy and bitter more like a blehing goat.

  2. Overdose January 13, 2016

    I’m sure it will do better than Anti Christ tour is doing.

    • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 14, 2016


  3. Jewel January 13, 2016

    I’m here for it! Beyonce can slay a tour with no music as she’s ready proved (unlike some) People will still pay to see her because she is a true performer. With new music this will be HUGE. Hold on to your wigs.

    • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 14, 2016

      Hold on to yo tampon

    • RASHAD January 13, 2016

      Shouldn’t you be somewhere picking a door lock so Rihanna’s album will finally come out. Worry less about B and worry about that mythical album!

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        ^^^Who is this? Hi random (RASHAD). ?

    • RASHAD January 13, 2016

      You believing me being new or not is about revelant as Rihanna is to vocal ability! Now get used to me because I will be tugging at your wig!

  4. CL says Hello Bi+ches January 13, 2016

    Lmao oh no. The OG drag queen is gonna bring us the same tired hair flipping dance routine and beaver showing antics.

    • RASHAD January 13, 2016

      Your fav does he same and grosses less on tour so have a seat!

  5. Your faves toenail January 13, 2016

    I doubt it. I love bey but we don’t need anything new from her right now.

  6. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 13, 2016

    Well…We gon see

    • ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? January 13, 2016

      Girl, Rih taking over the ENTIRE freaking continent of Europe with stadium shows! I can’t wait to see her Wembley Stadium show receipts. I bet she’ll sell out alp 90,000 tickets. I’m so damn proud of these black women! Have you bought any tickets for a concert for the “Anti Tour” yet?

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 13, 2016

        Yes! I can’t wait! I’m seeing her in March here in the American Airlines Arena in Miami. I can’t wait to hear 16k people yelling “Aye Yo, ya yo” Where are you seeing her?

      • ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? January 14, 2016

        I’m seeing the digital queen of popcorn two shows at the Energy Consol Center in Pittsburgh and the Phillips Arena in Atlanta. I wish I could’ve attended a stadium show, though. I’ve never been in a stadium, but I bet hearing that loud roar of noise with the audience cheering, screaming and applauding must be exhilarating, especially for the ones in the GA floor section. But I heard that the sound quality is bad in stadiums, and I wouldn’t want to be in one on a cold or rainy day.

      • ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? January 14, 2016

        Sorry, I meant pop

  7. blue January 13, 2016

    nothing is ever a surprise anymore…thanks for the spoiler tgj.

  8. Love Life January 13, 2016

    Yes Queen Bey, true performer

  9. Duffster Lovato January 13, 2016

    The Nazi are gonna be here hating. I’m ready for new Beyoncé music, get ready to get slayed.

    • Overdose January 13, 2016

      They’re jealous because the goats tour is flopping sis.

      • blue January 13, 2016

        give me proof its flopping or stop speaking out your ass. All you’ll achieve is to make disgusting noise and stink up the whole comment section

      • Overdose January 13, 2016

        That s*** still ain’t sold out and it’s been on sale since last year. I thought she’s the biggest star in the world?

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        The ANTi tour hasn’t started yet. ? Was Ciara selling out those nightclubs and 2,000 seat theatres?

      • Overdose January 13, 2016

        Adeles Tour hasn’t started yet and it’s already sold out. Boreyonces tour sold out before it started #EXCUSES.

      • blue January 13, 2016

        proof its flopping or shut up! Clear out you crystal ball or magic mirror and find it. Cause i never heard of a flopping tour adding more dates to high demand

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        But Rihanna has already added more dates for her upcoming world tour which consists of Arenas and Stadiums. Was any of Ciara’s nightclub venues sold out?

      • Overdose January 13, 2016

        And it’s still flopping death @ the ‘high demand’ damage control when the original dates aren’t even sold out.

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        DEATH @ Ciara cancelling her nightclub status tour. Were those 800-person capacity nightclub venue tickets not selling? ????

      • Blue January 13, 2016

        so your argument is that they added more dates a tour that is guaranteed not to sell, so they can sell more? you are genius

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        Poor thing is gonna get Ciara dragged to Kingdom Come, and I’m starting to like her.

      • Overdose January 13, 2016

        It’s not an argument it’s the truth. The Tour is selling like sh!t. #THEEND.

      • Blue January 13, 2016

        there’s your opinion and there is rihanna’s last two tour’s selling out and there’s rihanna adding more dates due to high demand, what should i believe? #sophieschoice

      • Blue January 13, 2016

        unless dates are cancelled or the box office reports come out, The Anti Tour is doing just fine

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        You’re still trying? Why was Ciara failing to filling those 2k capacity theatres?
        • Club Nokia Los Angeles 1,453 / 2,405 (60,42%) $44,288

        • Best Buy Theater New York, N.Y 1,746/ 2,150 (81,21%) $48,145
        ??? We need answers sis. ?

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        You’re still trying? Why was Ciara failing to fill those 2k capacity theatres?
        • Club Nokia Los Angeles 1,453 / 2,405 (60,42%) $44,288

        • Best Buy Theater New York, N.Y 1,746/ 2,150 (81,21%) $48,145
        ??? We need answers sis. ?

      • Overdose January 13, 2016

        #THEEXCUSES #TheTourIsFlopping #DEAL

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        Ciara achievements:
        • No tour
        • No baby daddy (the only Future Ciara had in the music industry left her too)
        • No edges
        • No walls (the NBA’s biggest “cheerleader”)
        • No memorable hit
        • No memorable album
        • No success
        • No career highlight
        • No hype
        • No relevance
        • No legacy

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        I’d be mad too if my fave had the relevance of a Bravo TV reality star.

      • Overdose January 13, 2016

        Saying that won’t change the fact Anti tour is still flopping #Scardyanna #AntiFlop #SheisDone

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        Oh but it’s not. ? While I appreciate your persistence and diligence, come back when Ciara fills those 2k theatres.
        • Club Nokia Los Angeles 1,453 / 2,405 (60,42%) $44,288
        • Best Buy Theater New York,N.Y 1,746/ 2,150 (81,21%) $48,145

      • Overdose January 13, 2016


      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        #SaveJackie ???

      • Gina January 13, 2016

        Is Anti tour even sold out yet?

    • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

      Why are you here?
      US Top Album Sales: #59 @ddlovato , Confident 5,188 (171,000 total). ?????

      • Duffster Lovato January 13, 2016

        Demi can outsing you fav in her sleep.

      • Duffster Lovato January 13, 2016

        Where’s ANTi on the charts? Oh i forgot no Rihlease date.

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        Is that it? Tell me, why are people not buying her music?
        US Top Album Sales: #59 @ddlovato , Confident 5,188 (171,000 total) ???

      • Grande the Way January 13, 2016

        Rih has 8 Grammys while Demi can’t even land a nominations, why are you trying it? Anti will probably outsell Confident in its first week.

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        ANTi is non-existent like Fatty Lovato’s relevance.

      • Duffster Lovato January 13, 2016

        Is she waiting for a clear coast to announce a release date i guess so #WhereIsANTi #SaveR8 #ANTi2050

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        Why is Fatty Lovato being outsold by an a capella group Pentatonix? Why is it being outsold by Lana Del Rey of all people? Is Fatty still a cutter?

  10. RASHAD January 13, 2016

    Do your thang Ms. Carter! 19yrs in show business & still kills it on stage!

  11. Kitteneyez January 13, 2016

    I wish I could see her again was blessed to have met her and seen her multiple times

  12. RASHAD January 13, 2016

    Remember when the Navy said ‘The Dimaond’s world tour would outgross The Ms.Carter Tour’ LOL! Thanks Sam & company for providing those receipts above!

    • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

      Okay, you’re clearly trolling. ??? Why don’t you stop being a weak ass heaux hiding behind random usernames and come and play sis.

      • RASHAD January 13, 2016

        Actually I’m new on here (Well at least to the comment section). However I’ve been reading this blog since 2008. After reading the constant shade you & a few other throw at Bey I finally decided to I step into the Lion’s den.

        So get used to me! Now go hire a lock smith & help Rihanna open that 8th door!

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        Riiiiiiiight. You’re new, but you’re already attacking regular commentators. LMFAO. I can’t with these weak ass phāgs hiding and dedicating troll accounts to the Navy ???

      • RASHAD January 13, 2016

        Oh my… Reading is paramount when it comes to blogging boo! I clearly stated I’ve been reading this blog since 2008 & see that you and certain other members always attacking B for a while which I why I decided to be a commentator!

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        Oh wow. Now the troll wants to get smart with me. ?You’re not fooling anyone baby, no matter how hard you try to sound intelligent and/or genuine.

    • Blue January 13, 2016

      remember that time when the diamond tour and ms carter tour had different amount of dates??? NO? Thats right it was years ago…give it up!#tiredshade.

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        Right. 96 dates vs 132 dates. Even when the Mrs Carter World Tour was announced, it had more dates than the Diamond World Tour and they both kept adding new dates.

      • RASHAD January 13, 2016

        Girl sit down! You Rihanan stand always talk about B not having a #1 single which is weak and old shade!

        Fact of the matter is B out grosses Rihanan nightly Averering $1.3 mill per show! Not to mention Rihanna was performing in stadiums!

      • Blue January 13, 2016

        correct me if im wrong, but bey did 230mil/132 dates thats like 1.7mil on average
        while rihanna did 148mil/96 dates
        thats 1.5mil per night. big difference… good on beyonce she represented and all that but again not much of a difference not to mention the trail of broken attendance records the diamond tour left in wake.

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 13, 2016

        The Lies! ? Rihanna and Beyonce were grossing more or less the same per show, and Beyonce had more shows. Beyonce’s Arena venues were not outgrossing Rihanna’s Stadium venues. You’re trying way too hard, and learn how to spell weak phāg.

      • WhosBad January 13, 2016

        @blue Remember that time the Mrs.Carter show still out-grossed the Diamonds World tour with the same amount of dates because Beyonce averages more per night? kiiii No matter how you keep trying to flip the script Beyonce tour stats will remain above Rihanna’s that 11 date difference 150 million gross difference is never going away boo kiiii

  13. B&B January 13, 2016

    What other celeb performed at a secret show in vegas for 6 million dollars? Haters gone hate, Beyonce gone give life.

    • RASHAD January 13, 2016

      Nobody only the Queen?

    • Christina Aguilera January 13, 2016

      Christina performed for 8millions and Mariah for more last year (private show)

    • Grande the Way January 13, 2016

      Christina Aguilera has. Both are queens tbh.

  14. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? January 13, 2016

    THIS IS F****** SLAYAGE! Her and Rih doing these stadium dates WITHOUT HAVING TO CLING TO ANOTHER RELEVANT ARTIST is absolutely nuts!!!! I swear only black women can slay this hard! Everyone, haters included, start getting your money ready cause WE ALL KNOW those tickets won’t be cheap. And this time, have about five friends on separate computers ready to buy tickets at the same time cause her shows selling out quickly is no joke at all.

    @Annalise and @Molly, if this is true and she releases the tour dates, are y’all gonna go to a show? Since they’re stadiums, I’m sure the tickets shouldn’t be too expensive like her arena shows.

    • ?Queen Molly? January 13, 2016

      Im defiantly going sis.. Gonna have my sugar daddy pay for it ❤??

      • ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? January 13, 2016

        Lol! You go, ma’am! Do you. I ain’t mad.

  15. ?Queen Molly? January 13, 2016

    I know she’s coming to slay all our lives. Cant wait!!

  16. #JACKIE January 13, 2016

    Meanwhile Anti Tour still has tickets for sale. #WheresAnti #Justice4Anti #AntiLivesMatter

    • Rima January 13, 2016


      • #JACKIE January 13, 2016

        Bye sis!

    • RASHAD January 13, 2016

      Bey gonna scalp this goat again & I can’t wait!

  17. Mariah January 13, 2016

    Beyonce doing what she does best. Tour. Dahling get that coin

  18. Tyler Makiavelli January 13, 2016

    Slay! Beyonce is a f****** beast when it comes to touring.
    I know the Navy isn’t trying to throw shade when The Cubic Zirconium Tour is Rihannas ONLY $100+ million grossing tour to date *sips tea*

    • ?Queen Molly? January 13, 2016

      Is there an issue between us? Cause I felt some slight tension in that CB post.

      • Tyler Makiavelli January 13, 2016

        I didn’t like your approach tbh. The quotation marks and the little ” the weekend says hello” remark really weren’t necessary. Especially since we are supposed to be cool.
        Its all good tho.

      • ?Queen Molly? January 13, 2016

        Wasn’t trying to come at you that way…. But i feel where you’re coming from ❤❤


      • Tyler Makiavelli January 13, 2016

        Its cool! I’m not tripping over it

  19. RihYonce January 13, 2016

    She’s coming for blood !!!

  20. Grande the Way January 13, 2016

    The fact that she was able to pull off one of the most successful tours in history with no new material is a testament to her legacy as a performer. If this is true, I’m excited. Hopefully it doesn’t sell out too fast.

  21. RihYonce January 13, 2016

    2016 is the year of BEYONCÉ!!

  22. Grande the Way January 13, 2016

    Also, is it me our has touring been the only thing besides streaming consistently increasing in music. I’ve never don research into it but it seems like every major artist started booking stadiums around the same time. Tours gross alot more now too, though that probably has to do with inflation.

  23. RihYonce January 13, 2016

    Definitely getting my coins ready because the queen is taking my money this year !!! Her album is going to be sick Sia, Mike-Will, future, bone thugs n harmony , deputy, and who knows who else it’s lit !!!

    • Tyler Makiavelli January 13, 2016

      I’m excited to hear the Bone Thugs track.
      I already know that s*** is going to be FIYAH!!!!!!

      • RihYonce January 13, 2016

        Yes I the most excited about that & the mike will track I know it’s going to slay on urban radio

    • Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB January 13, 2016

      Queen Nicki will never work with that thief again

      • Tyler Makiavelli January 13, 2016

        I don’t have a beef with Nicki or the Barbs but don’t think her Build-A-Body ass is immuned from being dragged.

      • BeyBarbFenty January 13, 2016

        lol can u like not thx

  24. WhosBad January 13, 2016

    For the Navy members who keep trying it with The Mrs.Carter World Tour, the “she had more dates1!!!!” excuse is not going to work


    Beyonce Australian Leg, South American Leg and 2 European Legs (Not even including her two US legs with 47 dates) = 85 Dates Gross 143.1 Million gross

    Rihanna ENTIRE tour= 96 dates Gross at 141.9 Million

    Any questions?KIIIIIIII

    Now that I have got that out the way come through Bey!!! I’m excited she has finally decided to do a Stadium tour since she is clearly capable of doing them she is about to get them coins yet again!

  25. King Mark111 /.\ January 13, 2016

    It’s going to be the same ol b*** shaking, wig whipping, copying someone’s work mess. Her fans are still paying off that payday loan from the last 3 tours in one year. Poor Slave_HIVe jaws this summer from all those BJs he will have to give.

    • Tyler Makiavelli January 13, 2016

      You weren’t saying all that s*** a few months back tho.

      September 21, 2015 at 1:30 pm
      King Mark111 /.\ says:
      Beyonce can perform tho. But you have to take an artist for what they are. There’s very few double threats and even fewer triple threats. Onky artist I know are triple threats is Janet, Beyonce, J.Lo and Aaliyah

      • RASHAD January 13, 2016

        Notice he didn’t repond back lol!

      • Tyler Makiavelli January 14, 2016

        Thats because her flip flopping ass knows that she just got LOCKED

      • RASHAD January 14, 2016

        Rihanna fans are in such as state of denial when it comes to her messy era. I will continue to snicker as she keep paying them dust while they stuck unlocking doors & decrypting codes just to buy an album that is destin to flop lol. #Pathetic

      • Tyler Makiavelli January 14, 2016


    • Gina January 13, 2016

      And it will still probably outgross Rihannas tour as per.

    • WhosBad January 13, 2016

      This is the stupidest shade ever. How are her fans “poor” yet she grosses more EVERY tour from them buying her tickets,tickets that cost more than the “other” one who does stadiums yet get’s out-grossed by the one doing Arenas? Y’all tug boats never make any sense kiiii

      • HailBeysus January 13, 2016

        ITS sad because it couldn’t afford a $17 ticket to an Aaliyah tour. Now it’s SEETHING because it can’t afford a, $150 ticket to a Rhianna tour lmfao!!!!

    • King B January 14, 2016

      Meanwhile, Aaliyah has no Grammys( 5 Noms and 3 ALBUMS), only one no. 1 ( after 6 years), cant slay hot 100, can’t sell albums, no highest grossing tour and last but not least SHE’S LOCAL.

  26. LB January 13, 2016

    You might as well save yourself the money and just buy a Giselle DVD, it is the same thing over and over again….yawn.

    • Tyler Makiavelli January 13, 2016

      Riggght because you’d rather spend your hard earned money on a tour full mediocrity, tardiness, and cocaine use

    • RASHAD January 13, 2016

      If you mean the same thing you mean consistency! Something Rihanna has shown in terms of bad vocals, stiff dancing, and no passion when she performs!

      A Rihanan Stan coming for B performing skills is hilarious. A 2005 performance form Bey will slay anything Rihanna does on the Anti Tour

  27. Gina January 13, 2016

    Of course Rihanna fans would be seething. This is anther artists who will outshine Rihannas dead era. Which is embarrassing considering Beyonce is on the edge of 2 decages in the game.

  28. BeyBarbFenty January 13, 2016

    this is great news!

  29. HailBeysus January 13, 2016

    All Hail The Queen!!! She coming for that $300 M tour!!! Its about damn time Beyonce did a Stadium Tour!! She is over due for this kind of a tour. Poor thotanna just cant catch a break!!
    DEATH AT LINDA JUST GETTING DRAGGED !!! Always quick to co-sign with the Navy but sadly they dont do the same for you kiiii!!!!

    • killian January 14, 2016

      Yes it’s about time..shes coming to slay all touring records except maybe madona’s

  30. B&B January 14, 2016

    Look at the shares of this post, only when it comes to Beyonce…. whats that word? “Kiiiiii!!!!” Lmao. I bet half of them are her haters lol!!

  31. ? January 14, 2016

    Lol at Rihnavy coming out of hiding?

  32. King Mark111 /.\ January 14, 2016

    When people crop a REPLY to make it sounds and fit his agenda. Let’s post the reason why I said that.
    September 21, 2015 at 12:51 pm
    lisa489 says:


    as she laughs that everyone brought fancy and made her a millionare off 1 single.
    She’s gagging all the way to the back on you dummies
    Jlo – a dancer – not a singer – all smoke n mirrors
    Iggy – a model – not a rapper – all smoke n mirrors
    Ciara – a model and dancer – not a singer – all smoke n mirrors
    Justin Bieber – a model -not a singer/dancer – smoke n mirrors
    Beyonce – a Singer – not a dancer/actress – smoke n mirrors

    September 21, 2015 at 1:30 pm
    King Mark111 /.\ says:


    Beyonce can perform tho. But you have to take an artist for what they are. There’s very few double threats and even fewer triple threats. Onky artist I know are triple threats is Janet, Beyonce, J.Lo and Aaliyah.
    But oc pest will see what they want to see. I take Beyonce for what she is, an unoriginal artist, good singer, yet just a booty shaking dancer that can’t act. Unless she’s playing a light brown paper bag.

    • RASHAD January 14, 2016

      Rihanna is a model with a microphone who can’t sing, can’t dance, and couldn’t deliver a performance that can rival anything Beyonce has given us from 1997-2016.

      It amazes me the audacity you Rihanna fans have coming for B when she constantly slays when she performs. Give me one performance where Rihanna gave Bey a run for her money I’ll wait?

  33. King B January 14, 2016

    Did Aaliyah win an Oscar? If she’s a triple threat, she should have one. But as usual, no grammys, can’t sell singles albums and local. FLOP.

  34. HailBeysus January 14, 2016

    SCREAMING @Markeisha always finding ways to try and get around contradicting himself!! I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WITH THAT CLOSETED FAAAGGGG HAHAHAHAHA

    • Tyler Makiavelli January 14, 2016

      Kiiiii ikr!
      The jokes continue to write themselves haha

  35. Theman January 14, 2016

    She will not sellout stadiums alone. This is boring. She’s toured enough already. It’s the same show over & over. Album sales & hit singles aren’t her thing so she tour. It’s the only thing that makes her look as though she’s super successful!

    • RASHAD January 14, 2016

      Right because people spent all that money for the On The Run tour to see Jay-z lol! Bey has never done a Stadium tour by herself however what other talent can do only stadiums and put on a production worthy of a sold out success. The recipes above clearly shows Bey is a major touring act.

    • RASHAD January 14, 2016

      typo: receipts

    • Tyler Makiavelli January 14, 2016

      “She will not sellout stadiums alone”

      The Mrs Carter Show was an ARENA tour and still managed to gross enough money to be considered one of the top three most successful female tours in music history.
      So you sound like an idiot.

  36. Papa Preached January 14, 2016

    You all do know, artists make more money off of tours than album and single sales, right? Ijs.

    Papa has preached.

  37. Royalkev January 14, 2016

    Bey’s plotting something and whenever she strikes, I’m ready! King B will EASILY fill these stadiums. She was the showstopper (although Jay held own) on the OTR tour! Of course, everyone will want to see the touring force that is Beyonce! She’s the best performer to come around in the last 20 years!

  38. bria January 14, 2016

    Bbbbroke and gotta pop it

  39. Mariah The Legend January 14, 2016

    LMFAOOOOOOOO. beyonce wont fill stadiums in america alone. she so delusion. kiiii. FLOP TRASH

    • Tyler Makiavelli January 14, 2016

      Just because Mariah is nothing more than a Vegas Show Girl who’s never had a record breaking world tour in her 30 year career doesn’t mean that the same applies to Beyonce * sips tea *

  40. Gina January 14, 2016

    So Beyonce can sell out dozens of arena dates but these fools are saying she can’t sell out a stadium. Scremaing@ the denial

    • Gina January 14, 2016

      With NO new music

  41. NONONONOO January 14, 2016

    ATTENTION ALL STANS..MRS cAMEL NEEDS YOUR COINS AGIAN..SHE HAS DEBTS TO PAY..HER WEAVE MAKER..HER SUROGATE…HER LAWSUITS.Her cooter rejuvenation cause its too wide and too big from her camels hump….TOO MANY TO NAME.. Announcing her “Super Freak Tour” with more weave slinging..p popping..wild bucking horse dancing..and songs about loving jizz..and other tmi subjects.. sorry h** no wic vocuchers or section 8 rent vouchers with be accepted.. enjoy!!

  42. bria January 15, 2016

    And her handlers will get the lions share

  43. Mariah The Legend January 15, 2016

    beyonce sell out a stadium? LMFAOOOOOOOO. omg the faaghive are so delusional. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  44. Mariah The Legend January 15, 2016

    anyway this lip syncing trash NEEDS to tour so she pay her Debts. kiiiiii

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