Did You Miss It? Janet Jackson Denies Cancer Rumors

Published: Wednesday 6th Jan 2016 by Rashad
janet jackson 2015 thatgrapejuice cancer rumor

It appears ‘All For You’ singer Janet Jackson has had all she can take of rumors circulating around the status of her health.

As fans know, the pop diva caused alarm when she announced postponement of her top-selling ‘Unbreakable’ tour due to a mandatory surgical procedure.  Providing little more detail than that, fans and media outlets immediately began to speculate on the nature of the surgery, with some even reporting the songstress was suffering from throat cancer ( as reported here).

Usually mum to rumors, Jackson took to social media to set the record straight on her recovery and give fans even more reason to rejoice:

Screen shot 2016-01-06 at 9.37.11 PM


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  1. #TeamTinashe Stan January 6, 2016

    This is fantastic news!!!

    And not the C SQUAD getting dragged again. Guys please stop ✋

    • WE MISS YOU RIHNAVY!!! January 6, 2016

      Now it’s no shade, and I love ‘Chicken-Of-The-Sea’ more, but an ashy hand should never through shade, and right now Tinashe’s career is on excema when it needs to be on “Wetter than waterfalls”. Don’t do too much.

      • FC/JC January 7, 2016

        OKAY! like can we not try to throw slick shade when TunFish cant even chart any singles from an upcoming Sophomore release.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 6, 2016

      I’m Soooooo Glad My Boo Janet doesn’t have cancer #WontHeDoIt!. Hopefully you get it instead. TOODLESSSS *skips away*

  2. Cough Cough January 6, 2016

    Yes, that’s great to hear! Put those gossips in check and rest up so you can serve the world up with more slayage!


    • King Mark111 /.\ January 7, 2016

      Omg! Her show gotten so much better. I HAVE to buy tickets when she reschedule St. Louis showing. Icon! Queen of Dance!

  3. Chante January 6, 2016

    One word


  4. Lake Erie January 7, 2016

    Thank God. Rest up Ms.Jackson! Can’t wait to see you in the Spring or Summer, depending on how she revises her schedule.

    Sidenote: I bet Janet loves the fact that she can just tweet or post on IG directly to her fans. Lol. No need for the press/interviews/etc anymore.

  5. Cake like Lady GaGa 25 January 7, 2016

    Now I’m gonna need her to add three South African dates to her tour. The legend has never graced us with her presence

  6. Weezy Tha Goat January 7, 2016

    So happy to hear, I wouldn’t wish cancer on my worst enemy. Get well Janet?

  7. CL says Hello Bi+ches January 7, 2016

    I know I troll this woman but wishing DEATH and life threatening illness upon people is not something I do or condone like others *side eyes*
    Glad she’s ok

    • Troll Account January 7, 2016

      That’s what’s wrong with this world SMH

  8. FC/JC January 7, 2016

    From MOTHA’s LIPS! Got IT!

  9. Royalkev January 7, 2016

    There you have it! I’m relieved and ready to see Janet when she makes it my way … The ‘Unbreakable’ show must go on now!

  10. SAGE January 7, 2016

    Tranet Hasbeen Flopbreakable album & tour both flopped EMBARRASSINGLY. THAT is why she needed “surgery”…to stall. Hahaha. Its what u get when u are only as valuable as your BROTHERS fame and last name.

    • jan January 7, 2016

      You have to be very ugly pathetic sad and stupid person…

    • Sandra January 7, 2016

      Did you notice she tried to copy the King of Pop on the whole album, even tried to imitate his vocals? Too bad for Janet the public saw through her copying b******* and rejected her. People don’t like copycats, they like originals. It’s sad Janet could never carv out her own identity or career, just always depending on her brothers name.

      • g January 7, 2016

        Did you forget that her brother is MICHAEL JACKSON! Naw , she just woke up and said I want to be and talk like Michael Jackson smh! I can’t believe some of you dumb people!! It makes me laugh on how uneducated you guys are and want to talk about an artist you prob know nothing about.

  11. What now January 7, 2016

    I feel the same way as Matt. I may not be a fan, but wishing someone upon death or a serious health problem is just sick. I’m glad she’s OK.

  12. Sandra January 7, 2016

    Who cares about Janet? The only Jackson that matters is Michael. He still outsells Flopnet even in death.
    Janet is only famous in the US. Poor Janet, her album still flopped even though she tried to copy Michael. Is Unbreakable past 300k globally yet? No surgery news could resurrect Unbreakable on the charts. It’s over for Janet’s career

  13. Sandra January 7, 2016

    231,000 copies in the US for Unbreakable. Pathetic!

    • Linear January 7, 2016

      That’s actually more than I would have predicted she’d sell.

      • Sandra January 7, 2016

        Without the free albums she gave away with t-shirts she did at her tour, she would’ve sold half of that.

  14. Sandra January 7, 2016

    Control and Rhythm Nation were good albums but ever since then, Janet’s music has gone downhill. Her personality is also very off-putting and she’s not the same person as when Rhythm nation came out. Whats with the ugly orange wig and plastic surgery she’s done? She looks horrible.

  15. Lady Gaga January 7, 2016

    Hmmm…why do I get a feeling of deja vu? Oh yes, because I had a hip surgery & cancelled my flopping tour. Welcome to the club Janet!

  16. Lady Gaga January 7, 2016

    Also, she’s worth more when she’s dead, considering her consecutive flop albums. Just sayin’

  17. Lady Gaga January 7, 2016

    Where is Janet in the charts? http://www.mediatraffic.de/year-end-albums.htm

    Oh, she’s with me enjoying flopdom. All hail the Queen of Flops! Yaz, Janet is at least queen of something: of flopping, whispering & now gimmicks. I”m so happy I inspired her

  18. Linear January 7, 2016

    More than half Janet discography has flopped.

    • Sandra January 7, 2016

      True. Dream Street, Janet Jackson, Damita Joe, 20 YO, Discipline, Number Ones, Icon, Unbreakable = 8 flop albums. For someone with such a small discography as Janet thats quite alot. She only has 5 successful studio albums really, the rest are flops.

  19. Sandra January 7, 2016

    Janet’s itunes positions today, after all the publicity with illness rumours and speculation:

    Would You Mind

    #171 Bermuda

    Every Time

    #188 Oman

    Album: Unbreakable

    #32 Swaziland
    #77 Burkina Faso
    #177 United States
    #184 Antigua and Barbuda
    #200 The Bahamas

    Album: The Velvet Rope

    #174 Dominica

    Tragic. She’s not charting in any important market. People just do not care.

  20. Lady Gaga January 7, 2016

    Top tours of 2015: http://www.thatericalper.com/2016/01/01/taylor-swift-had-top-grossing-tour-in-2015-smashing-rolling-stones-record/

    So Janet’s poor fans said she will slay in 2015 with her album & tour, yet neither is in any of the relevant year-end list. Who did she slay exactly? Ciara? Lol!

    Janet should have slain her fans instead for leaving her in the dust :p

    The receipts have spoken, and of course Sam will not feature those, but he focuses on Rihanna’s misfire, when in fact, the biggest non-event of the year was Janet!

    • Linear January 7, 2016

      At a Prince forum, one of her silly and delusional stans actually said they believed Unbreakable could do JT 20/20 numbers. 😛 Hell, this album wishes it was Discipline — and that one was Dream Street part 2.

      • Lady Gaga January 7, 2016

        No one checks out her music, people just check her out to see how far she’ll flop 😛

    • iconic January 7, 2016

      go and buy some artflop…maybe it will help your idol…she dont have a money for another meat dress

    • iconic January 7, 2016

      well i think you should shut your ugly ass…lady gaga can clean janet’s toilet everyday… with her tongue…

  21. Lady Gaga January 7, 2016

    With rate things are going, Janet will have to clean everyone’s toilet as everyone is surpassing her. And she needs to hang on her Arabian benefactor, as the only way she can make money these days is through gold-digging

  22. Lady Gaga January 7, 2016

    Her fanbase should be called Janetors, cleaning up after everyone else. They should be the most humble fanbase considering their idol is currently being slain by almost everyone hahaha. So @Iconic, maybe you should start cleaning first

    • iconic January 10, 2016

      you have to be very ugly and sad person…but youre pretty funny anyway 😀

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