Sorry: Justin Bieber Ends Adele’s 10-Week Reign On Hot 100 With ‘Hello’

Published: Monday 11th Jan 2016 by Sam

Pop’s Justin Bieber is proving his potency with comeback LP ‘Purpose.’

Having already birthed chart-topping smash ‘What Do You Mean?, the LP has just scored another with its follow-up ‘Sorry.’

Details below…

The melodic jam unseats Adele‘s huge hit ‘Hello’ on the Billboard Hot 100, ending the ’25’ track’s 10-week reign atop of the coveted tally.

Bieber achieves the feat after seeing the song notch eight total, and seven consecutive, weeks at #2.

Interestingly, the track becomes the 21-year-old’s second consecutive #1 and second ever chart-topper on the tally after waiting more than six years (and 46 entries) for his first (‘What Do You Mean?’ shattered that glass ceiling in September).

Already a digital and radio monster, ‘Sorry’s climb was aided by another 20 million US on-demand streams this week, as well as 145 million audience impressions on the airwaves. On the sales front, it’s already a Platinum certified smash but it shifted another 128,000 units over the last seven days.

Fun Fact: ‘Sorry’ ties OutKast’s 2004 hit ‘The Way You Move’ with eight total weeks at #2 before hitting the top of the Hot 100.

With ‘Love Yourself’ racing its way up the charts, is Bieber about to make it three consecutive #1’s? Stay tuned!


Justin’s may jar many (and the density of his talent may be questionable), but there’s no denying that he has been bringing the bops this go round. So, even if from a song perspective alone, congrats a definitely due.

Randomness: Are we the only one’s who feel Justin’s singles are exactly the sound Chris Brown should be pushing?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Josh January 11, 2016

    Up this comment if you’re pissed that it was Biebs who surpassed Queen Adele

    • OMG Logic!!! January 11, 2016

      Pissed, but grateful. As a lamb, I can’t have anyone, even Queen Adele, threatening Mariah’s throne.

  2. Ciaras Navy January 11, 2016

    When will beyonce?

    • Rosie January 11, 2016

      Ciaras Navy”

      • Ciaras Navy January 11, 2016

        “Lana has a penis for a nose”?

      • Rosie January 11, 2016

        I don’t get this weak ass attempt when people legitimately believed your fave was trans at the beginning of her career

    • Blue January 11, 2016

      when will beyonce what? she already has a song to last 10 weeks at #1.

    • The Return of Makiavelli January 12, 2016

      Beyonce has, ya big dummy #Irreplaceable

    • killian January 12, 2016

      When will your disgrace to Black female vocalist sell 20,000 copies of #Wackie

  3. Kitty Puurrzz January 11, 2016

    Monica needs to promote Code Red. Amazing body of work with NO promo.

    • Farrah Abraham Stan January 11, 2016

      Girl bye she been promoting all over. Nobody wants it. Deal.

      • Kitty Puurrzz January 11, 2016

        B**** die.

  4. Danny Bey January 11, 2016

    Thank God.

  5. FC/JC January 11, 2016

    Like how in TF, I literally have no faith in the Billboard charts…. Bieber out of all people….. The charts or so biased and include Zero diversity when compared to the 90’s and early 2000’s. This disappoints me.

    • #TeamTinashe Stan January 11, 2016

      Boo boo don’t be mad Ciara’s career now rhymes with “Fatality”, juat congratulate no need to be mad at Billboard as they cannot configure on who should be #1 on their charts.
      HASHTAG: #GetEducated ?

      • Ciaras Navy January 11, 2016

        Tinashe hasn’t charted since 2014 shut the hell up.

      • FC/JC January 11, 2016

        LMFAOOOO, No response needed.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan January 11, 2016

        @CiarasNavy …. the name is a joke in itself sorta like “FutureCiara” and “Cici Finna Be a Bride”. ??. Tinashe’s featured song “All My Friends” is actually climbing on the US iTunes charts and is a Top 10 in the UK. How about Ciara right now boo?

    • Navyboi88 January 11, 2016

      I don’t think it’s biased at all, sorry is a really good pop song just like TS shake it off. Justin hasn’t gotten to enjoy the #1 on the hot 100, so he deserve it, its long overdue.

    • Selenator January 11, 2016

      How can they be biased when they’re based off stats

  6. HailBeysus January 11, 2016

    Lol at the idiot asking when will Beyonce. Irreplaceable spent 10 weeks straight on BBCharts. Anyway congrats Biebs.

    • Ciaras Navy January 11, 2016

      But she hasn’t went #1 in 8 years .

      • HailBeysus January 11, 2016

        Its fine if she gets another #1 single or not. The fact will always remain Beyonce has 5 #1 singles that place her as 3rd overall female artist’s with the most week’s at number 1. Meanwhile you got other’s with 10 #1 or 13 #1 and they ain’t even above Bey. Her singles are very successful. She’s also proven she doesn’t need #1s to sell.

      • Selenator January 11, 2016

        Ciara hasn’t in over 10 years, why bother with this shade?

  7. Rosie January 11, 2016

    His comeback is so real. Purpose already sold 3 million worldwide too. Death.
    It’s corny in some parts but still easily his second best album after Journals (even with the backlash that was the album that let a lot of people take him seriously after it died down). Hopefully The Feeling (ft. Halsey) is the next single.

    • Ciaras Navy January 11, 2016

      So will you be bandwagon stanning for Justin next? Or maybe Ariana?

      • Rima January 11, 2016

        The way Lana is struggling she needs one. Golden Globe winners on my team.

      • killian January 12, 2016

        I like Justin…he’s white and really cool ,deal with it.

  8. #TeamTinashe Stan January 11, 2016

    Congratulations to him although I am not a fan nor wished he was #1 right now.
    An artist like Justin Bieber will be seeing many more of these features due to “hype” that stems from social media online. We’re just in a different era where it doesn’t matter if the song isn’t all that, it’s really just the hype of fans buying anything from these artists.

    Also people saying Beyonce hasn’t seen a BB Hot 100 number 1 yet since 2008, well I wouldn’t parade over that because I am very sure that she can get one due to social media hype now and as well as Rihanna. Whoever is popular right now will continue seeing #1’s on this chart. This is what I believe.

  9. Stephon Maurice Jackson January 11, 2016

    Congrats Justin! One Sweet Day record is SAFE

    • FC/JC January 11, 2016


    • LB January 11, 2016

      OOP, thumbs up

  10. Rima January 11, 2016

    Watch the d*** change her avi to Justina soon.

  11. Farrah Abraham Stan January 11, 2016

    Sorry SLAYS the gurls can’t take!!! Seeethe h**!!

  12. Navyboi88 January 11, 2016

    Sorry, deserves it, is easily one of the best tracks on his new album.

    • Blue January 11, 2016

      was kinda afraid she was gonna break it, thank god for the biebs. i actually like sorry, not in the “its the greatest songs ever” way, but in the ‘head nodding’…lets just hope his reign is short lived.

      • Navyboi88 January 12, 2016

        I give it 2 weeks, then his other song love yourself probably will hit number 1 for a week…….then be ready

  13. LB January 11, 2016

    So not Giselle? It has been 8 years.

    • Britney Stan January 11, 2016

      You better clock that flop.

  14. Rihannnnnnaaa January 11, 2016

    Why are people trying to drag beyonce down by saying she can’t get a no1. YALL ACT LIKE SHE DOESNT HAVE 5 ALREADY 8 if u include destinys child. Instead worrying about no 1 singles how about you focus on her getting 5 consecutive no1 ALBUMS. She doesn’t need no hit single to sell. Also she’s stated over and over again she no longer wants to chase after hit singles which is why beyonce is beyonce n no one else can do that

    • Britney Stan January 11, 2016

      Its almost been 10 years

      • Arx January 11, 2016

        Its almost been 10 years since Britney went platinum.

      • Rihannnnnnaaa January 12, 2016

        Yeh it’s been ten years without a no1 single yet she’s the most relevant artist out there . While Britney hasn’t had a no 1 album in ten years nearly

    • killian January 12, 2016

      @rihannnnnnaaa thanks for such positive talk. I dont know why Beyonce has got this people pressed .shes a goddess in her own lane.

  15. Britney Stan January 11, 2016

    The only Justin I use. Congrats baby boy

  16. LB January 11, 2016

    Everybody knows getting a #1 album is all about timing, a #1 hit is harder to get especially since Billboard changed their rules and Giselle’s payola cannot work anymore.

    For more than four decades, federal law has prohibited broadcasters from accepting secret payments or anything of value in exchange for airplay of a specific song. While music companies have long tried to sidestep the law, Mr. Spitzer says they have continued to violate it.

    The state investigation found that Sony BMG, which releases music by acts including Jennifer Lopez, Good Charlotte and Beyoncé, had provided stations with entertainers for station-affiliated concerts or paid for station equipment or other bills in exchange for having its songs played. It also provided vacations and electronic goods for on-air giveaways in a direct trade for airplay. And it hired independent promoters to funnel money to radio stations.

    • HailBeysus January 11, 2016

      The state investigation found that Sony BMG, which releases music by acts including Jennifer Lopez, Good Charlotte and Beyoncé,

      The article only mentioned beyoncé name to give an example of The Star Studded Line they had. It doesn’t say anything about Beyoncé songs being linked to a bribery. The gave a JLo example. You know damn well if they found a link to one of Beys songs they would have used it instead of JLo lol! Funny how you seemed to not highlight any of that part, but the part where Beyoncé name is only mentioned once!

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 12, 2016

      I remeber when Youtube took away bot views, it was mainly Sony artist that had false views, that was in 2009 i think. Funny, since they got out all the bad seeds, Beyonce hasn’t had a #1 hit since. Smoke and mirrors? Recall before that the world stopped when Beyonce dropped a single. Don’t get me started with Mariha in the 90’s.

  17. JOHNVIDAL January 11, 2016

    Why the hell is this talentless guy having like 3 semi-hits at the same time now with these generic songs? I seriously have no faith in the industry. Adele is just an exception (overrated as she is getting).

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 11, 2016

      Because his fans goes out and support. Plus, believe or not, adults are talking him in. While you stay living in the days of yesterday.

  18. Selenator January 11, 2016

    Selena is about to get another top 5 ht with Same Old Love! It is currently #1 on pop radio, her second single off Revival to do so.

    • Britney Stan January 11, 2016

      She better slay with those rihanna rejects.

      • Selenator January 11, 2016

        This ain’t the Stars Dance era. They write for Selena now and she co-wrote most of the album.

    • Swifter January 11, 2016


      • Selenator January 11, 2016

        The biitch your fav stans for ♡

  19. King Mark111 /.\ January 11, 2016

    JT will have a problem next go around. I’m not surprised, I said last week that Love Yourself would top the chart very soon, I wouldn’t me suprised if it hit next week. Adele had a nice run tho. I feel sorry for the pest, they haven’t said “#1 hit by Beyonce” all decade. How sad? Hahahahahaha

    • LB January 11, 2016

      Are the Obamas really leaving office without Giselle seeing another #1?

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 11, 2016

        Seems to be. Maybe Obama will sign and executive order for her to too the chart before he’s out of office. Lll5

  20. .:: Centurion ::. January 11, 2016

    Charlie Carver just came out of the closet. ???

    • LB January 11, 2016

      I think we all knew she was gay as soon as she was all too comfortable in teen wolf, just saying.

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 11, 2016

        I honestly didn’t see it coming.

  21. TruthTeller2016 January 11, 2016

    Not the Navy in here shading other artists. When your fave can’t even get a release date. Rihanna has been shook since 2013 December 13th. Unlike Rihanna, Beyoncé doesn’t need #1 songs to sell an album. It’s new decade, and Rihanna hasn’t scanned multi-platunum album in the US since GGGB(since 2007). None of her recent released singles has been able to out chart Drunk in love (peaked at #2) on the Billboard hot 100. She better hurry and release that flop album and catch that L.

  22. Jamie January 11, 2016

    I wish Justin end this fantasy I have of me and him. I think he has grown into one fine lady.lmao

  23. .:: Centurion ::. January 11, 2016

    US Top Album Sales: #88 @LanaDelRey, Honeymoon 3,626 (208,000 total). ?????

    • Rima January 11, 2016

      Kiiii of the century lmao.

      • .:: Centurion ::. January 11, 2016

        This is more tragic than UltraVodka

  24. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? January 11, 2016

    Alright, Adele! It’s time to start promoting “When We Were Young” now, so it can block his singles from staying at the #1 spot too long. This shouldn’t never happened….and now he’s feeling confident enough to play at stadiums again.

  25. Lamb January 11, 2016

    I’m sorry but Sorry is a hot song. Justin made me a fan with certain songs from this album. I can hear “Company” being a single. That song goes all the way in.

  26. WE FOUND RIHANNA January 11, 2016


  27. King B January 12, 2016

    Didnt Aaliyah only scored her number one after 2 albums? 6 or 7 years after her debut? Atleast Beyoncé’s song are classic and remembered even if not no. 1. Example : Halo, IIWAB, Listen, Run The World

  28. King B January 12, 2016

    Aaliyah Fans : Talk about no.1 when Aaliyah scored one on her 3rd album. After 6 or 7 years

    Navy:Laughed at Lana when BTD outsold Unapologetic or Loud effortlessly.

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 12, 2016

      Aaliyah first two hits were #5 and #6, so she was never a flop. Del Flop album sold 7 million WW, but her last two album flopped with a total of 500K. Call me when she can have 6 back to back successful albums.

      • King B January 12, 2016

        Beyoncé’s first two solo songs went number one! And Lana is doing well for an alternative act. She’s done multuple soundtracks and had a sold out tour. YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL>>>>>> Any Aaliyah’s single. Even Ciara had more hits worldwide. I remember Takin Back My Love was constantly played on Radio last time.And Lana is more international than Aaliyah.

  29. SippingmyTea January 12, 2016

    I like Sorry tho! I am not even a justin bieber fan but that song is popping!

  30. The Return of Makiavelli January 12, 2016

    Ummm, why is the Navy acting like Rihanna’s singles have been slaying the charts as of lately?

    Oh! And where’s Anti?

  31. HailBeysus January 12, 2016

    Funny how a certain someone comes with their fav having a #5 and #6 hit. Yet says they aren’t a flop, but continues to shade The Queen for having #2 single that was off a multiplatinum album that debuted on BbH200 at #1 a flop KIIIII!!! I seem to recall someone calling out this individual and said “You only give allowances to certain artist’s (Aaliyah).” Lmao the contradicting and self drag I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT!!!

  32. King B January 12, 2016

    Though Beyoncé doesn’t hit number one, her album went to number one. But Aaliyah? Did she had one? Beyoncé had 15 top tens in US and 18 in UK? But Aaliyah? She had 2 or 4 in UK. How can you shade B?Did Aaliyah had Grammys? Ciara had one. No Grammys after 3 albums? Nicki can cling to singles. So is Katy. Britney had album sales. But Aaliyah? No grammys, no diamond album, a number one song based on airplay but no single sales, no sold out tour and local and u guys called her Princess? Then Ciara can be called queen then. Even LANA had a no.1 album and 200 weeks charting album? AALIYAH? NONE OF THE ABOVE MENTIONS DESPITE 3 ALBUMS.

    • HailBeysus January 12, 2016

      Wait a minute! So Ciara did Aaliyah better than Aaliyah KIIII!!!

      • King B January 12, 2016

        Yeah. EVERYONE. You can call Rita or Cheryl local,but they had plenty top tens and number ones in their country. But Aaliyah biggest is in US and she was outsold by everyone. Including Brandy and Monica. And the so called has been Ciara when she probably had more top ten. Call LANA a flop but BTD basically outsold her album and single sales in UK. Call Xtina ” pigtina” but she makes Aaliyah a non existent. Call lady gaga ” gags” but Gaga had GRAMMYS and no 1. Laughing at KATY for being Grammyless. Did AALIYAH had one? Mark calls everyone a flop and gave them an insulting names but his fav? cant even do well in her own country.

      • HailBeysus January 12, 2016

        (Gulps Tea Doused In Honey ☕☕☕)

  33. Career Ender January 12, 2016

    Hahahahahah King B scalping Marikos hahahah
    have y’all seen how Marikos is a coward?
    one of the few old posts below , he said Rihanna have Em, Jay and T.I. biggest hits of their career and HAILBEYSUS clocked him with receipts and then the tránny chaser cowboy ran away
    Marikos talk the most shxt like his faves are on The Beatles level and untouchable
    Here’s more L’s for you , you fat depressed lonely darkskinned trånny chaser cow boy L L L L L L

  34. King B January 12, 2016

    He laughed at DIL sales. But did Aaliyah cross the 3 million marks after 15 years??? 15 YEARS. Beyoncé can still sell.Every new releases or any performance can boost DIL sales. For his fav, i dont think so. Her album is nowhere to be found.

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