Beyonce Bounce: Red Lobster Sales Soar After ‘Formation’

Published: Tuesday 9th Feb 2016 by Sam

US restaurant Red Lobster got the most direct of endorsements from Beyonce in her new song ‘Formation’ and are now reaping the benefits.

Details below…

The anthemic track – which playfully, yet powerfully, celebrates Afro-American culture – has gifted the chain a a significant boost. To be specific, a sales spike of  33 percent Sunday over last year, the company announced.

Speaking to CNBC, Red Lobster CEO Kim Lopdrup said:

“We are absolutely delighted with what we saw over the weekend, particularly the consumer sentiment that we saw expressed.

It’s clear that Beyonce has helped create some Red Lobster fans, and we are very grateful to her for that.”

Referring to the increase as the “Beyonce Bounce,” the chain revealed that some of its employees have already begun renaming popular menu items after the superstar.

Cheddar Bay Biscuits are now Cheddar “Bey” Biscuits and their Bay Breeze drinks are “Bey” Breezes.

What’s more, Red Lobster also saw an unexpected boost on social media over the weekend. The term generated more than 300,000 tweets and trended on Twitter for the first time in the brand’s history.

A response tweeted by the company earned more than 14,200 likes and 13,600 retweets — the most the company has ever received. Adding more sweetener to the tea, Google searches for the brand also spiked exponentially.


The power in Beyonce’s brand continues to prove itself unparalleled – at least from a Pop cultural perspective.


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  1. truthtea February 9, 2016

    How ghetto!

    • You tried February 9, 2016

      @truthTea you probably never even road through the ghetto! How the hell is Bringing more money to a already popular nation wide restaurant ghetto ! No that’s Power! And for them to recognize her says ALOT! You are a ignorant fool

    • You tried February 9, 2016

      The navy is sooooooo sad because in the beginning of their Favs “floppage” that had been deemed by ONLY them to be a Era! bey came through EXPLODED WITH A FREE SONG! One performance NO INTERVIEWS PROMO COMMERCIALS A ZILLION APP GIVEAWAYS! Bey got the whole world talking “good/bad” with only one song that’s an actual FREE BUZZ song

    • Truth(Nicki WHACK and Adele FAT…WHET!!) February 9, 2016


    • BeyBarbFenty February 9, 2016

      How racist!

  2. Fancy BISH February 9, 2016

    Chile, my favorite dish is the Crab Alfredo…if you haven’t tried it, GET IT 🙂

  3. LB February 9, 2016

    Did the sales of Brazilian hair extensions, fried and chicken and pigs feet also go up, I feel like they should have.
    Ghetto mess

    • LB February 9, 2016

      *fried chicken

      • HailBeysus February 9, 2016

        Oh Shut up and go eat some chedder BEY Biscuits!!!

      • Phil February 9, 2016

        Good correction!

    • You tried February 9, 2016

      Quick question?? Where is that Work video???? ??????? lol she ducking just like she did from Adele and Justin with her album! She’s going to wait until Beys slayage from Formation die down before she release that trashy video with those drawed on eye braws that cheap Stripper outfit and Drakes impact to push the song! She and her team is tired and like the navy has said about other artist “HER TIME HAS PAST” yall are sooo MAD RIGHT NOW ITS FUNNY BECAUSE ALL THE WHOLE NATION IS TALKING ABOUT WVERYWHERE IS BEYONCÉ

  4. T February 9, 2016

    Why the navy always the first ones to comment? Y’all been pressed all weekend huh? Lmao. Red lobster needs to cut Queen bey a check. Red lobster gonna be lit for awhile lol.

  5. No favs, just here for the music February 9, 2016

    Saw it coming and no surprises here. She makes an impact in whatever she does.

    • Cresha February 9, 2016

      Everything she does is a MOVEMENT , now get in formation!

  6. Cresha February 9, 2016

    Lol Rihanna can’t even sell socks (or albums) but that’s none of my business.?☕️

  7. LB February 9, 2016

    Rihanna can sell $9K earphones though

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 9, 2016

      Rihanna can’t even sell her own album.
      She had to give 1 million copies away for FREE lol

  8. truthtea February 9, 2016

    B*tch, who said I was a part of the Navy? ASSuming sh*t as usual! Let’s just say I’m not a part of the neurotic Beyhive, or the Navy. I shade everyone equally.

    • Truth(Nicki WHACK and Adele FAT…WHET!!) February 9, 2016

      Fu ck u jo

      • Truth(Nicki WHACK and Adele FAT…WHET!!) February 9, 2016


  9. King B February 9, 2016

    US BB 200
    #78 4 , 67 weeks
    #96 BEYONCÉ ,108 weeks
    #116 IASF, 98 weeks
    I’m confused, Rihanna released her album, but Beyoncé enjoying sales gain of her old albums even before Superbowl?

    I heard that FORMATION ticket sold out in France under 60 seconds (Pre sale)
    Now, what’s the point of topping Most Marketable Celebrity List?

  10. King B February 9, 2016

    Born to die spent it’s 210th week and had sold 1.35 Million. Anti -40k in it’s second week, didnt Artpop did more?

  11. YOUR MADGESTY February 9, 2016

    In today’s Pop world…

    Only Beyonce and Rihanna have a name that is BIG and POWERFUL enough to do this, especially in terms of female acts.


    • What now February 9, 2016

      You better come thru with that icon as your gravatar!!!!!!

  12. King B February 9, 2016

    I hope she tour Asia. She needs to gain more fans in those countries even though she already had a huge one. Esepecially when SOUTH KOREANS are crazy about BEYONCÉ. Not to mention countries like Indonesia and Philippine.

    • HailBeysus February 9, 2016

      and south America as well. I don’t think i saw any South America dates.

  13. ShakaZulu February 9, 2016

    Beyonce is truly out here SLAYING!!!! Get into the QUEEN

  14. Smile February 9, 2016

    RIRI & Bey really are some of the most marketable celebrities. Who else can sell out $9,000 headphones from a selfie and get menu items named after them from name dropping in a video?

    Love to see black women on top!

  15. RihYonce February 9, 2016

    Hold on to your weaves !!! Ty confirmed last night that her album is done !!! & its “Awsome” & her producer boots confirmed 2 weeks ago that it’s “dope” & it’s a “steroid ” omg I can’t !! & it’s been confirmed the album WILL be out before the tour starts so expect it before April 27th ?? I hope it comes out Friday

    • HailBeysus February 9, 2016

      Gurrrrl don’t play with me!!! Im already all fuxked up after this weekend. From that epic wig snatching to that scalping from the SB HT show. Than my ass was tryna be looking cute wit my braids hanging out the car window. Well lets just say that didn’t end well and now im looking like a mummy! Girrrl tickets are going on sale in like an HR and IM STRESSING HOPING I GET FRONT ROW!!!!! I CANNOT WITH THIS BISH!!!!!!!

      • RihYonce February 9, 2016

        No games !!! Google it i! Everybody has been talking about it , her album has been finished for a while anyway but I’m glad we finally got confirmation

  16. briano 1 February 9, 2016

    Movement to get her handlers they money

  17. HailBeysus February 9, 2016

    Where is Marsha?? Didn’t that broke mothafucka say the BeyHive couldn’t afford Red Lobster!?!? Because his broke ass could only afford to eat there seasonal with his paychecks KIIII!!!! The struggle of flopping burgers at BK us real!!!!

  18. briano 1 February 9, 2016

    I looove my sisters i truly do even in the midst of madness there is always a comment that shows everybody aint an impressionable sheep

    A sis rightly pointed out that thia socalled movement is not about new legislation, policy changes noooooo its about a tour

    You know the lions share of the money will go into white hands so much for the movement just like the sales hike to red lobster again all beys movement will do is transfer money from black hands to white hands and a few crumbs for her

    Promote education, technical skills, carpentry this is all about promotonh beyince bamn

    • HailBeysus February 9, 2016

      Lmao what comment??? Cause i only see yours saying

      briano 1 says:


      Movement to get her handlers they money

      Did you forget to change accounts????

      • briano 1 February 9, 2016

        No i was referring to a comment on lsa

        Your reasoning abilities SHOULD have let you know this was A POSSIBILITY as i didbt say where the comment was

        But your impaired brain function is showing…

      • HailBeysus February 9, 2016

        Kii the backtracking. Can’t believe it took you several hours to come up with that basic lie! But okay briano 1 I believe you ?

    • IOWNTHEWORLD February 10, 2016

      Proceeds from #Formation World Tour are said to be going to aid in the Flint Water Crisis

  19. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 9, 2016

    I hate to disapoint but this was MY FAMILIES doing. We love RED LOBSTER… They should make an ALL YOU CAN EAT chain. #COLLARDGREENSNCORNBREADSBITCH!

    • HailBeysus February 9, 2016

      Lmfao!!! You are too much great and mighty Diabetic All Seeing Oracle!

  20. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 9, 2016

    If jayz gets to go to red lobster, i wonder where RIHSCEDULED took Chris Brown after he hit it right.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 9, 2016

      Fistopher and Hœhanna’s favourite spot was actually KFC, so it’s hilarious that the slavi are trying to drag one of the most expensive chain restaurants in America, when their hœ-ish fave eats KFC biscuits and fried chicken. I have factual receipts, as per usual:

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 9, 2016

      A jail cell

  21. SWISH February 9, 2016

    convinced half of y’all just stan for an artists’ numbers and not their music ???

    • BeyBarbFenty February 9, 2016

      it is because she has THAT much impact and power in her name that a single name drop can increase sales of a product. she is a marketing genius. how is that not an accomplishment?

  22. SMH February 9, 2016

    Mess. You people actually think this is an amazing accomplishment lol. This generation is so lost its ridiculous lol.

  23. briano 1 February 9, 2016

    This movement of hers is about transferring dumb black dollars into white hands and getting some crumbs for herself

  24. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? February 9, 2016

    I can’t lie, though. Those cheddar biscuits and apple sauce are the TRUTH! Might just go there for Valentine’s Day.

  25. briano 1 February 9, 2016

    Oh yeah and according to you dumb dumbs music has no effect on people

    The harm she and her bum husband have spent spewing garbage and promoting the prison pipeline and drug culture ignorance anti education idolatry materialsm is as real as the red lobster sales hike

  26. briano 1 February 9, 2016

    The harm they have done is real. These two are the anti civil rights movement in disguise

    But children of the real movement know this. So sad that once again bey is exploitong the black community for her self. Oh well God is on the throne and he will have the last word and his power is REAL power. So glad there is a God.

  27. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 9, 2016

    Meanwhile RIHFUNDED is still supposed to be the most marketable celeb (mostly due to her team trying to Salvage/SAVE her dying vrand by hoping onto 2nd rate beyonce-lite deals to compliment her beyonce-lite diet coke -head career).

  28. What now February 9, 2016

    I think I’ll have Red Lobster tonite KIIII.

  29. HailBeysus February 9, 2016

    UGH!!! So apparently the dates for the tickets changed??? I COULD HAVE SWORN WHEN I FIRST READ IT, IT STATED THE PRE-SALE TICKETS GO ON SALE AT 10AM FEB 9. Now I gotta wait tell the 15th. WTF WHY Y’ALL PLAYING WITH MY EMOTIONS!!!

  30. truth teller February 9, 2016

    Are yall really that dumb? Yes, I know and it isn’t your fault. Substandard education to begin with and then celebrites teaching you not to care about education but money

    Her handlers put her up to this as they KNOW that no other demographic is supporting Beyonce these days and they can totally quash a real movement by floating and controlling this FAKE one

    This MOVEMENT is the only way her handlers can get money out of their investment (Beyonce) and again further divide, confuse our communicty many of which are not owkring with much intellectually to begin with, and they know this.

    I am so tired of our cmmunity being manipulated by white supremists and their pawns who are just trying to stay by the tabel getting crumbs

    no real empowerment, no transfer of real knowledge that can help people…playing on peoples emotijons (imagery) while saying I’m better than you and richer than you as per normal, and oh i’m n ot black like youir black e… guys…come on..spend your money on yourselves

  31. truth teller February 9, 2016

    the same way sales has gone up your intellect has gone down it you have consumed what Jay n Bey have sold for decades

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 9, 2016

      That s*** sounds stupid. Stop it!

      • truth teller February 9, 2016

        I’m sure it does to you.

  32. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music February 9, 2016

    It the most popular restaurant in the whole mofo state

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