Brand Power: Rihanna Pushes Puma Profits

Published: Thursday 18th Feb 2016 by Sam

Slaying stages may not be Rihanna‘s forte, but she’s more than triumphant when it pertains to her endorsement endeavours.

The Bajan beauty, whose alleged battle with bronchitis saw her pull out of the Grammys this week, is helping Puma pull ahead of the footwear pack.

Details below…

Today the company revealed that its fourth-quarter sales rose 11.5%, after they improved their standing in their sought-after female customer base with a strong celebrity endorsement.

Puma attribute the growth to its multiyear partnership with RiRi, which kicked off in late 2014.

Specifics about he deal have been scarce, but it’s believed to be a lucrative deal, one the brand will no doubt feel was worth it in light of the boost. Beyond the quantitive lift, the partnership helps revitalise the brand qualitatively – after years of dwindling sales and public perception which saw it labelled “popular in the past.”

The ‘Work’ wailer’s first full collection— christened Fenty Puma by Rihanna—made its debut at New York fashion earlier this month. Shoes designed by the diva went on sale at the tail end of 2015. {Source}


Great to see Rih succeeding in ways her music isn’t.

Unlike purchased Platinum plaques, sales of tangible items like footwear can’t be so easily engulfed in smoke and mirrors.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mariah The Legend February 18, 2016

    that Rihanna reign just wont let up

    • Lil Kim thee ONLY QB February 18, 2016

      Sam, it was meek who helped those sales too. He put them hood nigras on to Puma. Icon. Trendsetter. King Meek came to slay.

      • SWISH February 18, 2016

        LMAO @ the delusion

      • MinionRush February 18, 2016

        How dd u manage to type that reach with a straight face, lol I can’t… Meek bish? Really?

  2. UPGRADEBOY February 18, 2016

    What about pushing ANTI sales?

    • Lala February 18, 2016

      Anti is a success no matter how you cut it. This website just makes it seem so… Years from now it’ll still have its platinum plaque and no one will remember the whole fiasco. It’s water under the bridge at this point

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 18, 2016

        A platinum plaque that was BOUGHT not EARNED!

      • FAF February 18, 2016

        @lala y’all full of s*** bc y’all dissed Nicki and i said the same thing with pfrr

    • .:: Centurion ::. February 18, 2016

      What about Beybøla’s #1 hit? #8YearsAgo

      • MinionRush February 18, 2016

        Lol soon to be 9 years since… ?

    • MinionRush February 18, 2016

      Delusions of Grandeur from the fretful hive… Anti is platinum. You cannot come for the RIAA and not look stupid.

  3. “””” February 18, 2016

    This post was created to generate clicks and create a Stan war so please be wise by just reading and moving along

  4. ?Queen Molly Stan? February 18, 2016

    Sam you could have kept this post tbh,Rih can’t sell her own music so what makes you think she can sell a brand that nobody even wears.

    • rosy February 18, 2016

      Molly your p**** ain’t worth selling either it’s so deep men are complaining on the Vegas Strip that your p**** smell like garbage

    • Joint…. James Joint February 18, 2016

      You’re dumb as fxck! Even when facts r starring u in the eyes u refuse to acknowledge it. Puma attributed the sales increase to their partnership with Rihanna and you’re out here acting like u can’t read. You’re giving people reason to think you’re stupid. Y’all just don’t like to see other black people do well. Black lives only matter when it aligns with your prerogative. GTFO here! And take you’re hood rat, dumb, ratchet ass friends & faves with u! … Stupid h**

    • King Mark111 /.\ February 18, 2016

      Ciara was dropped from Epic. Anti sold 1.2 million so far.

      • MinionRush February 18, 2016

        Funny enough I actually like cici… But these nutcases on this site try to tear successful artist down like that’s gona help their faves not flop. She wasn’t dropped tho, rumour is that she left.

      • Cinnamon Girl February 18, 2016

        And Ciara has signed 3 million dollar
        modeling contracts so far

    • WTF…IGNORANCEisBLISS February 18, 2016

      The Lord knows he could have kept you faceless chile

  5. AndThatsNoShade February 18, 2016

    Cute but how’s the album doing?

    • rosy February 18, 2016

      She making money with designing rih can be proud and hold her head high b**** no artist stay on top forever so what the f*** is the haters tripping about Taylor ass will not stay up there either her mistake is coming just ask adele for one all you trying to put rih accomplishments down sound pathetic rih has credibility when it comes to fashion Sam stalk rih page everyday for good and bad news yall need a life go run and help ciara she ain’t got a career left or a stage hop off rih none of these artist stay on top forever let’s see when your fav get their s*** or failures the s****** rate will go up dim wits haters

    • Joint…. James Joint February 18, 2016

      Still platinum! Still went #1! Still selling! Still on your mind!
      How you doing?

      • Cupid February 18, 2016

        Get them together babe!!! Lol they can’t handle rih’s success! They’re going to hate her if Work goes #1! It’s already #1 in streams and her combined sales puts her in the #1 or #2 spot. Only need a video now!

      • Who let the dogs out… rrrruff February 18, 2016

        Okayyyy.. Let it be known hunnie! Congrats to rih n puma ?

  6. LB February 18, 2016

    Most Marketable celeb in the business. Her brand power, especially in fashion is without question.
    Well done Rih

    • #JACKIE February 18, 2016

      But has Anti sold 200k yet?

  7. .:: Centurion ::. February 18, 2016

    “The German firm said its fourth-quarter sales rose to €878.9 million ($979.3 million) when adjusted for currency effects. Sales grew at a double-digit percentage rate in all its product categories.

    Puma attributed the significant sales growth to its multiyear partnership with Barbadian pop star Rihanna which began in late 2014. The terms of the agreement weren’t disclosed at the time but the company had stated earlier in the year that it wanted to boost its standing in the female consumer market. Sneakers designed by Rihanna went on sale in the second half of 2015.”
    More power to you Rihanna!

  8. .:: Centurion ::. February 18, 2016

    Rihanna is currently has endorsements with 3 multi-billion dollar companies:
    • Puma
    • Dior
    • Samsung,
    …among other companies with lesser equity. No wonder she’s the most marketable celebrity.

  9. .:: Centurion ::. February 18, 2016

    Rihanna is currently endorsed by 3 multi-billion dollar companies:
    • Puma
    • Dior
    • Samsung,
    …among other companies with lesser equity. No wonder she’s the most marketable celebrity.

  10. Ciah’s Turtle February 18, 2016

    “Great to see Rih succeeding in ways her music isn’t”

    Sam always feeling it lol

  11. What now February 18, 2016


  12. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy February 18, 2016

    From Dior, Stance, Samsung to Puma, I can’t wait to see how those official numbers from Forbes in two years. She is a force to be reckoned with. Although, I must admit that the timing in the release of information is funny though #DamageControl #JenMadeACall

  13. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 18, 2016

    Meanwhile while rih was getting paid $25 mill in monopoly money Bey got paid $50 million & $25 million for OTR TOUR regardless of how wel the tour did. Selling out STADIUMS in minutes yet somehow bey is only #2 in marketablity while the one that still has head ache migrain & constipation seats still available for $20.

  14. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 18, 2016

    $50 million PEPSI >>> SAMSUNG + PUMA

  15. LDN Chick February 18, 2016

    Shame she can’t push her album sales or tour tickets sales.

  16. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 18, 2016

    + DIOR = #POORDAT! *WHEREMYRIHFUND* thats what will be trending soon when rihcanceled cancels the anti tour… bronchitis does tend to linger on a bit.

  17. LDN Chick February 18, 2016

    If Rihanna is such a marketable celeb why is her Tour and music flopping with all these endorsements. Why is Beyonce slaughtering her Tour in the UK which is supposed to be her biggest ‘market’ (key word)

  18. Tyler Makiavelli February 18, 2016

    What are those album sales looking like Sam?
    Is the tour off to a good start?

  19. Lmaoooo February 18, 2016

    Lol congrats PUMA! Congrats Rihanna!

  20. RihannaISQUEEN February 18, 2016

    Music is succeeding Sam? Isn’t Work the #4 song in the country. The music video didn’t even drop yet stay mad 🙂

  21. briano 1 February 18, 2016

    Where is misinformation on the charts? Oh yeah.

  22. briano 1 February 18, 2016

    The fleas live in their own world

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 18, 2016

      Is the album flopping or nah?
      Is the tour flopping or nah?
      Stop frontin and keep it 100.

  23. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 18, 2016

    Rih is most marketable cuz she can sell SOMEONE ELSES product but still cant seem to sell her OWN. Meanwhie Red lobster is doing good buisnesd. Lmao #STADIUMSTatuz

  24. Joint…. James Joint February 18, 2016

    Congrats Rihanna!
    Bob Marley said it best “dem ago tiyad fi see wi face” … Keep them talking baby girl

  25. #JACKIE February 18, 2016


    • MinionRush February 18, 2016

      Stanning for basics like Ciara, I can understand how not knowing legends is your forte.

    • WTF…IGNORANCEisBLISS February 18, 2016

      Who? Did this b.+ch really Wrenk herself this publicly?? Your fingers needs to be nailed through the bones to prevent your ignorance from bombarding the net.

      Bob Marley.. Even 1 mil years from now will still be more internationally known and more legendary than your fave will ever be.

  26. Mariah The Legend February 18, 2016

    formation is still no where to be seen kn the charts LMFAOOOOOOOOO.

    beyonce’s career is over.

    • #JACKIE February 18, 2016

      Coming from a loose booty bottom who stans for a casino singer.

    • WTF…IGNORANCEisBLISS February 18, 2016

      Lol wow is it that hard to chart a single of streams like riri music does?

  27. Lmaoooo February 18, 2016

    They so tired to see rihanna winning… Tired fi see mi face but u can’t get me out of di race!!! Yasss for that bob Marley tribute

  28. GurlWepa1989 February 18, 2016

    It’s always a backhand compliment with this site especially when it comes to Rih. Great for Puma, they got the right girl to front their brand. As for her music, if Samsung pay me 25mil for giving out my record for free and sponsoring my tour then why the hell not. These days most artists don’t even make that kind of money on record sales unless you’re Adele or Taylor. At the end of the day, Rih’s getting paid regardless so haters keep on hating because Rihanna reign just won’t let up.

  29. King Mark111 /.\ February 18, 2016

    Last year she single handily saved Dreamworks Studio, Home out grossed Konfu Panda 3 so far. Now she’s saving Puma and Tidal. QUEEN! Meanwhile, Formation is still not found on the charts.

    • MinionRush February 18, 2016

      Are u sure about Home out grossing Kongfu Panda?

      • King Mark111 /.\ February 18, 2016

        Home: $386M WW
        Kong Fu Panda 3: $266M
        I’m not sure if it opened in China yet tho, China is a HUGE market with movies.

  30. briano 1 February 18, 2016

    It’s disturbing

    Rihnna is shining bright like a diamond putting in work

    And some are angry


    Glad i am not like that

    I support all real people doing their thing

    Never liked fake insecure sneaky user types

    Go Ri. We see you shining. We aint paying these mentally disordered people No mind

  31. MinionRush February 18, 2016

    Wowwww! Congrats

  32. WTF…IGNORANCEisBLISS February 18, 2016

    They can’t handle you rihanna and so young too

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