Redemption: Adele Slays ‘All I Ask’ Performance On ‘Ellen’

Published: Thursday 18th Feb 2016 by Sam

Adele revealed she cried after an audio error botched her Grammy performance this week. But there were no tears to be shed today on ‘Ellen.’

Undoubtedly out to prove a point, the vocal powerhouse once again belted out the Bruno Mars penned ‘All I Ask’ – and, this time, blew the roof off the studio.

Clear, confident, and in control, the British songstress reminded why hers is a voice that commands both attention and respect.

Watch her wow below, where a performance of ‘When We Were Young’ also awaits…


Again, slayed.

A premier talent, a premier performance.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Arfa February 18, 2016

    Beyonces career is over

    • Anti-Singing Garbage voices February 18, 2016

      Keep dreaming.

      Beyonce sold out tour etc tells a whole different story.

      Again keep dreaming, hope you choke in your hate dream.

      • Londonhonesty February 19, 2016

        Im so glad she flopped at the grammys stank fat h**
        Beyonce is the best and no one needs to be compared these racist white media wish they would keep slaighing queen and make us proud

    • ras February 18, 2016

      I’m not even hating but that was okay. U kind of expect more from a diamond selling artist tho

    • ras February 18, 2016

      Yall put Beyonce up against every female in the industry, old and yound, and she always end up coming out unphased.

      • Londonhonesty February 19, 2016

        Praise God for giving us beyonce now lets support our black women as i suspect there are many beyonces out there being surpressed by the racist system… Dont fool yourself there are no ends to the talents of our black queens

    • Andrew February 18, 2016

      Let’s get objective. Personnally a big fan, we can’t never expect something twice from her. But I agree a bit with you. For example she is a bit loosing this coolness that some rising stars have actually. In fact, she was the most followed on star instagram but she isn’t anymore. her music doesn’t attract new fans, meaning like you have to be a connaissor to listen to her. The only moment everyone is not indeffrent towards her is when she performs, and this is what makes a true singer, the fact that he or she CAN sing. All the pride, fame, fade away. So she better make some good music to remind people of her most important abilities.

  2. TheKingTone February 18, 2016

    Beyonce career ended because? Tf is wrong with you guys! For one there’s room for everybody. Two is Beyonce will stay slaying for all of you EGGS hating on her.. Adele is good but sometimes you want to see someone performing then staying in one spot all the time…

    • rosy February 18, 2016

      People think society suppose to sit and watch someone belt out a balad all day everyday so the haters need to stop comparing beyonce and adele each artist have their own fans and in their own lanes so why dumb people don’t see everyone has different taste I read back in the day people would say david bowie cannot sing look at the legend he has become it ain’t always about the damn voice I remember earlier on too they use to put tapes of bey on the net saying she cannot sing too haters need a life I don’t see how they use so much energy for this hatred it’s beyond me get a f****** life

  3. Facts4U February 18, 2016

    It was a great performance
    I just personally haven’t been moved by her vocal showings this era in general. Eitherway she redeemed herself (well to those who feel like she had something to prove ?)

  4. What now February 18, 2016

    I’m crying. Slay moi bih! Slay!

  5. Formation February 18, 2016

    Beyonce is still the superior vocalist.

    • Kayla C February 18, 2016

      Lmao you gays are delusional

  6. Dev February 18, 2016

    I think that she does what she does well but i personally don’t see her as this great powerhouse singer that people seem to think she is, you listen to the All I Ask without the visual and its not that much of a vocal feast. I still that its her vanilla no offensive image that plays a part in her success much like Susan Boyle. Adele doesn’t really have an image to play with, to have accusations of being to sexual or be chastised for her outfits because she’s not that typeof artists. (some) of her songs are good but not marginally better than ballads heard on many other artists albums.

    • music all the way February 18, 2016

      Thank you.. this is what I have been saying

    • HK February 18, 2016

      A great singer doesn’t always have to be a powerhouse in my opinion. I personally don’t think that Beyonce is a powerhouse vocalist either. She’s a GOOD singer, well trained but what she is is an amazing performer. Macy Gray, Aretha Franklyn, Jill Scott, Amy Winehohse weren’t exactly “powerhouses” either. Does that mean that they weren’t great vocalists? NO!

      Sometimes it’s more about the emotion they put behind the song. You don’t have to be Whitney or Mariah to have a great voice.

      While I do see why some people try to discredit Adele’s talent, we don’t need to do that in order to stand up for our black artists. Saying that Adele is “overrated” and “untalented” is unfair because that would mean putting her in the same box as Vanilla Ice, Iggy Azelea and other white artists. In my humble opinion Adele does not belong in that category and I do think that her talent deserves its merit.

      I appreciate what she does just like I can appreciate what Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara and others do as well.


      • Dev February 18, 2016

        You made a few mistakes. 1) assuming that bi was black, & 2) assuming that i said Adele wasn’t a good singer, i said I don’t see her as this powerhouse singer that other people do. I have seen Jill Scott, Amy Winehouse in concert. Jill Scott has a powerful voice and so did Amy Winehouse. I am not trying to discredit Adele i’m stating my opinion and i never said that she was overrated and untalented or that there wasn’t enough room for everyone

  7. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 18, 2016

    When i hear ppl sing ballads i pay more attension to VOCAL POWER than anything else & Adeles voice osnt that powerful. Beys 2010 grammy vocal performance >>> ALL of adeles.

  8. Lana Lover February 18, 2016

    Mediocre singer Beyonce Leona and Tori kelly can easily outsing her.

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 18, 2016

      Girl bye! Mediocre?
      Do you even know WTF you’re talking about. Beyonce is arguably the best TECHNICIAN in Pop right now. You sound stupid.

      • Lana Lover February 18, 2016

        I was saying Adele is mediocre and that Bey and the rest can outsing her.

  9. just sayin February 18, 2016

    OMG I knew they were going to be on damage control patrol asap. She’s the music industry’s darling of the moment.

    We all knew blame would be placed on the “sound” to cover up for Adele’s shakey, off-key, flat, wrong notes. Let’s face it: Adele is basic AF. A fluke that caught on with suburban soccer moms and depressives. And as usual, white people are trying to make her into a legendary non-black “soul” singer— another attempt to whitewash history. But nope. Not buying it. This girl is beyond overrated, although a nice person I’m sure.

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 18, 2016


    • Londonhonesty February 19, 2016

      Yes but God is higher than the devil

  10. LDN Chick February 18, 2016

    DAMAGE CONTROL. Her vocals are overrated, but good performance nonetheless.

  11. Theman February 18, 2016

    She is a great singer. Beyonce is a good singer. But she doesn’t have a special voice. Adele’s songs are also amazing. Two awesome performances. Beyonce while she can sing it’s just that. Adele doesn’t have to do a ton of vocal tricks because she delivers. These artists aren’t robots. Beyonce isn’t perfect either. People are just upset that Adele sales the way that she does with great music. She was awesome! Excellent singer!!!!

  12. Theman February 18, 2016

    If a black artist with a voice like Adele was selling like she was you haters would be singing a different. She is amazing!

    • Sam February 18, 2016

      I disagree. Black people give their singers a hard time because the standard is usually high and there are a lot of great black singers that haven’t made it but should.

  13. King Gemini February 18, 2016

    Everyone criticizing her should stop she doesn’t have the biggest range in the world but you can’t deny her talent. She has true souls and feeling in her voice naturally that’s what sets her a part and yes she can actually sing. She doesn’t have to be Whitney she’s Adele she’s in her lane and she has soul. Yes Beyoncé is technically trained to a tea in vocal ability so don’t try to discredit her either they both are amazing singers and Beyoncé doesn’t get the love she deserves for her voice because it is truly an instrument that does beautiful things

  14. Stephon Jackson February 18, 2016

    Love Adele. Her tone is her saving grace. Instant classic tonal quality.

  15. Theman February 18, 2016

    Adele’s tone, emotion, passion & interpretive skills are what sets her apart from others. Power & range aren’t the world if they aren’t used correctly. Adele is a great singer with great music. Beyonce is greater performer/entertainer than she is a singer. She’s very good at that too though.

  16. QueenDime February 18, 2016

    The only problem I have is when stans /media be claiming her as a powerhouse when she is clearly not. As if she’s close to the powers and range of Whitney, Mariah, Aretha, Celine at their prime and after. Adele is talented but she isn’t a vocal beast (due to studio magic no shade). There are also unbias videos on YouTube that shows Bey, Keke Wyatt,Monica, Emelia ect as better vocalists than her in each key and range they hit. Yeah I understand yah saying she was pitchy yet had that been Bey or Mimi the media would be dragging them for filth.

  17. LmfaoHoe February 18, 2016

    This was nice. I knew she wasn’t powerhouse when she performed Skyfall a few years ago at the Oscars and Barbrah Streisand out sang her with her performance.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 18, 2016

      She really struggled with that. That´s an example I always use. That same year Barbra and especially Shirley Bassey at 70 years-old ate her alive. Not to mention the phenomenal job Gaga did with way more difficult songs than Skyfall two years later at that same stage. Too much for being SO praised by her voice. It´s very beautiful, and it goes amazingly well with her music. But people exaggerates it.

  18. Barb February 18, 2016

    Adeles voice is flat. It’s not true soul.

  19. JOHNVIDAL February 18, 2016

    I always say it. Adele never delivers live when it´s time to deliver in huge occasions. Hers is a extremely beautiful voice, nut it just doesn´t wow. Grammys, Oscars and more awars ceremonies are proof. It´s hilarious when I say this or for example when I defended Celine Dion a month ago when she did a little live version of Hello for fun in her Vegas show. Most Adele fans were attacking her on youtube for no damn reason. First of all Celine is 50, Adele is in her 20s. Secondly, it´s an Adele song, imagine Adele trying a big Celine Dion one 🙂 And last but not least Celine sings Adele under the table. There´s no more to it. To anybody who has doubts about it go listen to Falling into You or Let´s talk about Love albums. Adele is not comparable to taht in any possible way. She´s another type of artist, she´s a songwriter. But when it comes to deliver vocally she is not impressive, period. Of course she is like a flying God next to taylor Swift and the current disgraces we have nowadays out there 🙂

    • Blue Fresh February 18, 2016

      Give us the truth!

  20. Blue Fresh February 18, 2016

    Adele is all of our fault. Instead of calling “21” the 5 good songs album that it was, we hailed it as a masterpiece. We let sells blind us into thinking that she was some special artist. She is not. Mediocre to the max. If ANYBODY thinks she is anywhere close, and I mean anywhere close to Whitney’s vocal level, you are delusional.

    “25” is one of the most boring, uninspired albums to be released in recent memory. And this stale thing will go on to win AOTY next year. Popular music is in dire straits. Thank goodness for the underground.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 18, 2016

      Total agreement.

  21. Thando February 18, 2016

    The desperation among bee fans to find chinks in this woman talent is embarrassing ad is super talented and deserves every ounce of praise she gets

    • Blue Fresh February 18, 2016

      But the very first comment states that, given this performance I’m assuming lol!, that Bey’s career is over.

      I like Beyoncé. I like Adele, particularly “19.” I don’t see people coming after Adele. Everyone knows that Adele is talented. That’s not the issue. The issue is people are making way too much of her music when it objectively fails to rise to the level of praise she receives. Also, she is being hailed as one of the vocal greats and she simply is not that. She is a duplicate of Taylor Swift performing from a different perspective.

  22. Theman February 18, 2016

    Adele’s voice is better. Beyonce fans can stay salty. Her voice is amazing & she has delivered tons of times live. Celine may have power/range. But that doesn’t make you better. All of Adele’s albums are great. Y’all are haters. Y’all stay wanting people to fail in order to suit y’all’s whack claims. Adele can sang very very well..

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