Watch: Adele Performs ‘When We Were Young’ At The 2016 BRIT Awards

Published: Wednesday 24th Feb 2016 by Sam

Adele has headlined charts globally since unleashing her third studio album ’25.’ So, it was only fitting that the music megastar was the night’s top attraction at the 2016 BRIT Awards.

Closing the ceremony (which is dubbed the UK’s Grammys) moments ago, the songbird (who took home four honors) soared with ‘When We Were Young’ – the second single from the LP.

With ’25’ having already sold 15 million copies worldwide since its November rollout, it looks set to sell a whole lot more after the 27-year-old’s stunning showing.

Watch her showing at London’s O2 Arena below…

Power, poised, and potent, this was a performance that truly resonated.

Your thoughts?

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  1. #JACKIE February 24, 2016

    It was okay. Boring song. Does she have any uptempos?

    • maurice February 24, 2016

      When she hit the three key high note near the end, she was really shaky.
      I was stunned when they said she sold 19 million albums already.
      I don’t know, she’s a lovely girl, and I remember her way back when she performed with Mark and Amy, but her music doesn’t do it for me.

    • Kayla C February 24, 2016

      No not everyone wants to do choreo and shake their ass

    • Yes, and February 24, 2016

      Didn’t you say in a previous post that you listened to her album, and it was boring. So you should know if she does or not, H**.

      • #JACKIE February 25, 2016

        If I’m not mistaken she has three albums. I did not listen to her entire discography, b****. Stop checking for me.

      • Yes, and February 25, 2016

        You said you listened to 25, you lying c***.

      • Yes, and February 25, 2016

        I leave this right here for you, you fake h**

        February 22, 2016 at 12:03 am
        #JACKIE says:




        I finally sat down and listened to the album and it’s really not that great but go head gurl.

    • monarc087 February 25, 2016

      This is the Wrong single. All I ask, or Send My Love to Ya Next Lover would be the best best. They keep dressing this young woman like a 40 Year old.

      Release the strong single – All I ask or Send My love and leave this middle of the river old lady single When we were young its sooooooooooo boring.

      Lady Gaga is under 30 and looks 45 years old
      poor Adele is under 28 and looks 45. smh

  2. AnnaliseKeatingsBoxBraids February 24, 2016

    That grammy performance was a monstrosity. This was better, but her live performances are hit-and-miss. And miss me with the hating-beyonce-stan shade, because I’ve always rocked with Adele. But she doesn’t consistently deliver on her performances.

    • monarc087 February 25, 2016

      Adele usually sounds like perfection live, she has had ONE bad performance of All I ask. Stop hating.

      The black girls and Flaming gays on this site always hating and trying to tear people down. Hears a footnote to ya momma’s — she should have swallowed ya’ll miserable A-sses.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsBoxBraids February 25, 2016

        She is belting out from the top of vocal chords in an attempt to Imitate to soulful vocals that are flawlessly delivered by Aretha, Patti & Nina Simone amongst others. Her voice does not naturally lend itself to that type of singing which is why she damaged her vocal chords years ago and had to cancel her tour. She cannot consistently deliver nor can she tour.
        And what has being gay or black got to do with expressing an opinion, you filthy kûm-guzzling racist uncle-tom? I’ve left nothing but positive comments about Adele, HOWEVER I will still judge her in the same manner that I judge all of the artists on here. Excuse the essay, I just really needed to drag you all the way of your high-horse.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 25, 2016

        Only once? The underwhelming performance at the oscars? At the VMA with Someone like You? And many others. The moment the song is a little too big vocally, she struggles. Nothing wrong with her beautiful voice. But she´s not a powerhouse and some people want her to be one. She just isn´t.

  3. YOUR MADGEsty February 24, 2016

    I hope that one day she will be able to sing and sustain that Eb5 note during the bridge with an open throat and genuine resonance.

    In the upper parts of her range (which isn’t that high at all) she always sings with a pushed, squeezed sound.

    Her overall vocal technique is alot to be desired; I still wonder how her voice is going to suffice once her tour starts.

    Anyhow, she is a great interpreter and is very expressive with what she sing… Overall nice performance. 🙂

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 24, 2016

      She can’t hit any higher than a Eb5, her voice won’t let her.
      Adele’s a singer/songwriter. Not a TECHNICIAL vocalist.

      • YOUR MADGEsty February 24, 2016

        That is true.

        However, there have been singer-songwriters whose voices posses far more technical profiency.


        Adele’s main vocal issue is that she hasn’t yet found her ‘mixed’ voice; she continuously pushes her chest voice higher than needed which, in turn, causes her overall voice to lose balance and that happens quite frequently.


        She is a Lyric Mezzo Soprano by Pop standards anyhow because she isn’t a classical singer, of course. She should be able to belt as high as F#5/G5 at least and even some mezzo sopranos can sing higher such as Beyonce’ who is a FANTASTIC technical singer with a well developed voice and range brought on from years of vocal training. Adele is a great interpreter with a talented voice but I don’t see her improving as a vocalist anytime soon. 🙂

      • monarc087 February 25, 2016

        Tyler – shut up. You work at Mcdonalds and now your a vocal coach. Queen bye.

  4. well well February 24, 2016

    live is never flawless, but good rare in my ears. 🙂

  5. Anti460 February 24, 2016

    Her Tour will be boring ….

  6. Theman February 24, 2016

    She did a great job! She’s delivered on many occasions. Great voice & beautiful girl.

  7. shakira stan February 24, 2016

    Not Adele outsinging beyonce effortlessly again .

    • Umbrella Girl February 24, 2016

      Never. Everyone out songs Umbrella Girl tho. Even Katy Perry out sings Unbrella Girl

      • shakira stan February 24, 2016

        And beyonce is no Micheal or Whitney so sit.

      • Cough Cough February 24, 2016

        @shakira: Bey can’t sing as good as Whitney and can’t dance as good as MJ but she damn sure can sing better than MJ (adult)and put on a better performance than Whitney so she’s up there as a whole. Rihanna isn’t even on a Miley Cyrus, Sia, Katy perry, Level

    • Rosie February 24, 2016

      When are you going to stop hiding behind Frih?

      • shakira stan February 24, 2016

        Are you talking to me?

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 24, 2016

      Beyonce can sing and dance her ass off. The fact that she can dance for hours on end is merely a bonus. Which is something that Frihanna will never be capable of doing

      • shakira stan February 24, 2016

        Lmao dance her off. you mean being out danced by Bruno basic?
        She can’t even whine or twerk like rihanna and shakira and you call that fat pig a dancer .

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 24, 2016

        What has Rhianna’s stiff ass brought to the table besides that weak ass dutty whine and stupid finger guns.
        Wendy was right! The butch SUCKS

  8. Rosie February 24, 2016

    I wish her voice would stop being so shaky during performances.
    I still can’t at her album already selling 15 million? It’s never happening again.

    • shakira stan February 24, 2016

      It will happen again cos she is above her peers .. Adele is what 27 and makes songs like hello rolling in the deep and beyonce at 39 with a 30 years career makes songs like formation 711_Adele will keep selling well till others step up their game .

  9. Rosie February 24, 2016

    Also dead at Borde coming out of hiding for the first time since 2014 to do a cute lil Bowie cover. Must be trying to hype the sophomore album. Too bad Halsey already replaced her!

    • #JACKIE February 24, 2016


  10. No H0m0 February 24, 2016

    amazing performance by a very humble person! Adele is the biggest artist on the planet because she’s relatable, humble and funny..

  11. No H0m0 February 24, 2016

    When Adele did 35 million on her “21” people said she will never see the same success again now she sold 19 million copies in 3 months.. I hope she can sell 25 million on this album..

    • JOHNVIDAL February 25, 2016

      35 million copies now? Damn it I see people like inflating things too much. Weren´t those 25 or 30 million copies?

  12. Thando February 24, 2016

    First they said she would never repeat what 21 did, then she did and now she will never do what 25 is doing. Beyonce fans are praying for this woman to fail the desperation is comical. The irony of them talking about versatility when beyonce has been doing the same thing since dangerously in love. All her live dvds are almost identical the only thing she changes are the song arrangement and lip syncs heavily, something her fans are still in denial about even after she did it in front of her own president. And she did not release formation to charts cause she knows it’s not going to go anywhere. She did not say “f*** that charts s***” the charts said “f*** you” to he rand make no mistake ALL charts matter album and singles you cannot relegate a chart to insignificant just because you’re no longer successful in it that is NOT how it works.

    • Arx February 25, 2016

      Im a fan of Beyonce and Adele… I’m a fan of talent. bloop

  13. Jamie February 24, 2016

    Say what you want. She killed this performance. I absolutely love her. She’s one of very few artists who stays true to herself and her artistry. This is why she’ll have longevity! Hate if you will, but Adele is here to stay. Oh and slay!

    • Dev February 25, 2016

      I’m lost at your comment. What do you mean “she’s one of very few artists that stays true to her artistry” Most artists project the image and music that they want to preform regardless if the public or not.

  14. King Mark111 /.\ February 25, 2016

    I love this song. Very 70s soul.

  15. JOHNVIDAL February 25, 2016

    Her album is ok. Overall it is a little bit boring. “21” and “19” were better. She has taken the direction of doing more vocally demanding songs and it doesn´t totally suit her. She shines brighter in smaller but beautiful and different songs. I feel her new album is a little bit generic. Plus her voice doesn´t wow. So she cannot command attention with just big pop ballads as if she were Celine Dion. I hope she ends going back to “19” type of material in the future when the label stops pressuring her to go more commercial to make more money.

  16. 2bad2bme February 25, 2016

    Jazmine Sullivan is a better vocalist and (In my opinion) better artist so why has she not gained as much success? Let me think….#Race

  17. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music February 25, 2016

    Nice performance

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