Updated: Justin Bieber Breaks VEVO’s All-Time Viewership Record

Published: Saturday 26th Mar 2016 by Rashad
justin bieber vevo record history

Much like fellow chart-topper Rihanna, the last year has seen Justin Bieber‘s name and the phrase “breaks (or sets) the record for…” in print seemingly every other week.

In addition to being the youngest person to ever debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, breaking the record for most Hot 100 entries in a single week, and only God knows what else, now Bieber can lay claim to yet another title in history books thanks to his Beliebers.

VEVO has the news:


Pop star Justin Bieber has become the first artist to reach 10 billion views on the music video websiteVevo.

Many of his videos boast nine-digit view counts, while certain songs have been streamed well over a billion times, from one of his first hits “Baby” to “Sorry” from his latest album Purpose. Shockingly, 4 billion of those 10 billion came in the last 7 months.

As if that’s not enough, Bieber may be well on his way to adding another history-making VEVO feat to his long list of accomplishments.  For, as of time reporting, his video for ‘What Do You Mean’ is logged at the 894 million views mark.  Should it reach 1 billion, it will make him the only artist in streaming history to have 3 music videos pass that threshold.

It should be noted, however, the only other artists who have at least 2 VEVO videos to pass the 1 billion views mark are ex gal-pals Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.  So, should Bieber make the historic move, it may not be too long before he has company.

VEVO Viewership Counts of

Today’s Major Artists (at least 3.5 billion)*

10,075,610,204 views – Justin Bieber (119 videos)
8,408,329,348 views – Taylor swift (72 videos)
8,397,854,449 views – Rihanna (97 videos)
7,204,961,624 views – Katy Perry (93 videos)
6,301,529,703 views – Eminem (61 videos)
5,948,971,191 views – Shakira (104 videos)
5,928,079,642 views – One Direction (172 videos)

5,269,594,041 views  – Pitbull (143 videos)
5,029,689,314 views – Beyonce (120 videos)

3,943,550,124 views – Adele (30 videos)

3,911,851,083 views – Nicki Minaj (51 videos)

3,669,971,548 views – Lady Gaga (121 videos)

3,497,404,515 views – Selena Gomez (106 videos)

3,493,126,554 views – Ariana Grande (52 videos)

*as of time reported

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  1. Career Ender March 26, 2016

    Rihanna who?

    • Ż•ï•G•G•Ŷ Iggz March 26, 2016

      Career africa who? Taylor tori azalea who? Thot you’ll never be who?

  2. Career Ender March 26, 2016

    when Rihanna’s peers go head on head with her she always take all the L’s
    Look at Bieber leaving her in dust

    • Ż•ï•G•G•Ŷ Iggz March 26, 2016

      the legendary career madagascar better drag ha

    • datredd23 March 26, 2016

      Biebers era is over Rih is just beginning hers wait on it honey!

      • Career Ender March 26, 2016

        beginning where?????
        the hooooooo is flopping harder than MJ’s nose after he was exposed by one of the boys
        less than 300k in 2 full months

      • datredd23 March 26, 2016

        A million free copies given and 14 million streams in the first 24 hours says otherwise I’m sure Rih is happy with that 25 million check while your commenting on her on a blog sweetie

    • rosy3 March 26, 2016

      Who cares rih bothering you today you not important for me to drag today

  3. Beyonce4mationstan March 26, 2016

    This has nothing to do with this post, but can somebody fix this site to where I won’t get hit with all these pop ups and viruses every time o wanna check out the site? Smh

    • HailBeysus March 26, 2016

      Lol i thought they stopped em. I rarely get a pop up since multiple reader’s complained back in December. Its like every other week. Before it was every damn time i clicked on a post lol!

  4. HailBeysus March 26, 2016

    Damn Biebs slay a ton!!! Katy and Taylor slaying too I see. I wonder who will be the next artist’s to have a MV reach 2b views.

    • Career Ender March 26, 2016


      • HailBeysus March 26, 2016

        Lol chile! Let’s let AntiSuccess ride it’s ‘slaying’ era. B6 is coming and im Hella excited!!

      • datredd23 March 26, 2016

        Rih will be second soon she is about to surpass Taylor again! And she has the most subscribers where is Beyonce she’s so legendary but not even close to the top even with all those music videos she released last album lol

      • HailBeysus March 26, 2016

        Lmfao the Navy stay lying. Justin has over 20 million subscribers. Cheatanna has 19 million. Beyonce has 5b views Rihanna has 8b views. Half of Beyoncé MV’s before Vevo and YouTube where a thing lol! Try harder sis.

      • rosy3 March 26, 2016

        OK formation under bubbling chart

      • rosy3 March 26, 2016

        Ask Jayz

      • rosy3 March 26, 2016

        Formation Google where can you find it and come back with receipts whose flopping I’m a take my time with your attention seeking,ass today I see that you using every nasty words to get attention you need to run along and take some meds I cannot drag a delusional schezophrenic I pity you

  5. Career Ender March 26, 2016

    Anti era currently on life support, once Work falls from grace her era is done

    • rosy3 March 26, 2016

      Sure we will take your analysis

  6. Nicki Ciara Alicia March 26, 2016

    Katy Perry and Taylor Swift over Rih and Adele is a pure joke

    • KJSTYLES March 26, 2016

      You rite

  7. Nicki Ciara Alicia March 26, 2016

    These new records are tacky and unnecessary, what’s worse is that the untalenteds are breaking these records SMH the music industry died when MJ died… His impact

  8. Career Ender March 26, 2016

    Just Heartbreaking, after all the shxt the nazi threw, they no where to be seen. Dead Ghost buster!
    FlopRih going through a traumatizing era due to the
    complete and utter failures at every single
    To shelter her ego from all the floppage she
    lies at every turn to mask her disastrous AntiSuccess album and Anti Special school ward hall tour to make it seem like she slaying, meanwhile she’s catching more L’s than SA’s unstable Rand.
    Bye! flop

    • Ż•ï•G•G•Ŷ Iggz March 26, 2016

      How’s the mudhut?

    • datredd23 March 26, 2016

      Your obsessed with Rih bitter h** this post had nothing to do with her yet even comment you’ve posted has been dedicated to her! Lol seethe on as work will spend it’s 6th week at number one !

      • Career Ender March 26, 2016

        the ship jumpers were dragging “4” few post below
        now take this lashings! !!!!!!!!!

    • rosy3 March 26, 2016


      • Raurz March 27, 2016

        Is s***…

  9. Career Ender March 26, 2016

    The Legendary Career Ender is not here for these wheelbarrow nosed bxtches who eat chicken intestines as the most precious meal their ghetto behinds can afford

    • HailBeysus March 26, 2016


    • Ż•ï•G•G•Ŷ Iggz March 26, 2016

      the legendary career soshanguve is dragging huntie

    • rosy3 March 26, 2016

      He leaving your favorite too your blind assume can’t see bey is under the bubbling under

    • datredd23 March 26, 2016

      If being the most pressed commentor on a 3rd rate blog makes you feel legendary then good for you sis we all need something to make us feel special sorry a blog defines your life and Rih stays unbothered

  10. LEXX March 26, 2016

    Why is Rihannas name in every FUQING post?

    Can’t any artist exist on this site without Rihanna or Beyonces name being mentioned? Seriously? WTF.

    Rihanna is still the most viewed female artist and is the female with most subscribers on vevo and the most watched female on vevo – Beyonce isn’t far behind also. Let them both coexist and get a life.

    • Career Ender March 26, 2016

      basic nobody bxtch, amd you said all that to say whaaaaaaattttttt???????
      she’s still catching more L’s than her flopped sock line nobody remembers

    • HailBeysus March 26, 2016

      Actually Basic Swift has dethroned her for most viewed female artist 8.4b fRih has 8.3b. Its a small gap Rihanna will close, but her and Taylor will def be fighting for that Title in the year’s to come if both can keep up the consistency.

      • YOUR MADGEsty March 26, 2016

        Hey Sis. Lemme ask you something…
        Would you ever go and see Rihanna live in concert? I know you’re not a fan, and I love the BISH, but I’m just wondering? LOL.

      • HailBeysus March 26, 2016

        I would like to say I would never pay to see that heaux live. But i would be lying lol! I’ve admitted before that I’ve been entertained by some of her performances. Her attitude is what carrys her imo. She sounds like crap live and she’s always disrespectful to fans. Those are my main reasons as to why i stay away from her. But as of right now. No i wouldn’t pay to see her live. Although i can admit, sometimes I feel like im depriving myself from experiencing what she has to offer. She is one of the biggest pop stars of our time. Maybe one day, but as of now. No thanks she can keep those tickets lol!

      • YOUR MADGEsty March 26, 2016

        Okay, I understand. Well, I’ve seen Rih. on every one of her tours since ‘Last Girl On Earth’ (and I’ll be seeing her on this current tour of hers in a few months) and she’s only gotten better with her ‘Diamonds World Tour’ being her peak thus far in terms of performance however her ‘ANTI’ tour may change that.
        The difference between Beyonce and Rihanna is that one is a highly diligent and detailed performer who strives for constant perfection in her performances (Beyonce) whereas the other is an entertainer by the likes of a ‘Rockstar’. This is what seprates Rihanna from the other pop stars and why inthink her and beyonce will fotever be compared. She is not the best live singer at all but her charisma and confidence on stage is inspiring – she knows how to keep a crowd in high spirits and is a great showwoman. I still think that she is more comfortable in non-choreographed routines; she’s more free and upbeat when it’s just her and the crowd. I know you’re not a fan but go and see her live… someday. It’ll be a worthwhile experience. In my opinion, she is like a female freddie mercury… without the voice of course. 😉

    • rosy3 March 26, 2016

      I’m hoping rih lawyer send this blog some paper this is getting out of hand Wendy Williams did that to Sandra rose she will never print anything about wendy or they sue her as

  11. King B March 26, 2016

    They say Rih is digital queen, but Katy had diamond singles before her.
    They say Rih is a social media queen, but Katy rules Twitter, Shakira rules FB and Selena rules Instagram.
    They say Rih Vevo Queen, but it’s Katy and Taylor that rules.
    They say she’s GLOBAL, but Beyoncé outsold her in Japan, Brasil, and now her albums is tanking in UK, Australia, France, Germany. And Bey sold her WORLD TOUR effortlesy.

    • HailBeysus March 26, 2016

      You always come through with the tea!!

    • datredd23 March 26, 2016

      Bye Rih is slaying in all avenues while a few are only dominating in one gtfoh!

    • Barb B**** March 26, 2016

      Beyonce slays her on instagram as well

    • Melanie Fenty March 26, 2016

      But what is Beyonce Queen of? Top album seller? Top singles artist? Top touring artist? Top social media celeb? NOTHING. She’s NOTHING. The TRASH is NOTHING!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. Career Ender March 26, 2016

    look at itttttttttttt leaving its cheap somalian paraffin prima-stove unattended , smashing it’s yiangshu phone’s qwerty with its dirty nasty hoovess trying to get The Legendary one’s attention but failing harder than its SASSA CARD when swiping off at Woolworths!

    • Ż•ï•G•G•Ŷ Iggz March 26, 2016

      You responded tho ? Dumb career jo’burg

  13. YOUR MADGEsty March 26, 2016

    Another post that has absolutely nothing to do with Rihanna or Beyoncé and yet here their names are. LMFAO.


    Congrats. Justin – Prince of Pop. 😉

    • Career Ender March 26, 2016

      Awwwww look who we have here !!!!
      The face of stomach stretch marks
      Fug outta here with a face that resembles fish gills

      • YOUR MADGEsty March 26, 2016

        You are far too uneducated and unintelligent for my liking; your comments are hilariously pathetic and lack any form of humor, in spite of your desperation to come across as “entertaining”, and you come across as somebody who hasn’t a single quota of a life outside of this blog and only does what they do for attention.


        Please go away and find somebody to love, Sweetheart. Please.

      • Career Ender March 26, 2016

        Says a bxtch whose highest achievement is a kindergarten diploma *dies*

  14. ♊Mølly♊ March 26, 2016

    Damn the hive are so intimidated by rihanna… Wheres the album Kmichelle said was coming out?

  15. Career Ender March 26, 2016

    The fact that she’s sailing that ship to ferever and infinity and beyond with all the retards in the cargos screaaaaaaaming ‘slay kweeen’

  16. Career Ender March 26, 2016

    as if my education has a value to add to this blog full of miserable evil souls like LB and Centurion

  17. Career Ender March 26, 2016

    The ho lied about the platinum plaque and the tour attendance , pitty she can’t lie about those flushing-toilet-vocals-of-hers

  18. Nia Long March 26, 2016

    KIII CE is SO stupid! Rihanna is behind by barely 2 billion with 22 less videos than JB.

  19. datredd23 March 26, 2016

    120 vids compared to 97 hmm with almost double the views

    • HailBeysus March 26, 2016

      Its actually 107 videos. There are 13 unlisted video’s that we can’t view. Anway Beyoncé is unbothered. Half her videos were released before Vevo became the forefront of Music Video viewing. The fact she still managed to rack in 5b views is impressive.

  20. JOHNVIDAL March 26, 2016

    LMAO Top Vevo artists: Justin Beiber, Rihanna and Taylor Swift LOL Nothing but talentless trash. If there was any doubt about the credibility of having “digital success” there you have it 🙂

    • datredd23 March 26, 2016

      They debuted in the new Millennium these are the accolades nowadays it’s not the 90s where people requested videos to see on a countdown show every artist old or new wants to stay relevant and videos streams and digital sales are the current climate you need to get with the times!

  21. King Mark111 /.\ March 26, 2016

    Funny how Beyonce have the most videos, yet less viewers. Hummel…
    I never really count these teen bobbers. It’s like how those Britney Spears, Nsync and Backstreet Puffs were doing diamond left and right, yet 5 years later they were done. Same with JB, One Direction and even Taylor Swift. The test is always the 10 years mark. Most fades out at or before 5 years (Ciara, Gaga, Brandy and so on.)
    But congratulations, a lil more time we’ll see if his the prince of pop or not.

  22. LB March 26, 2016

    Yonce has got 120 videos and could only get 5 billion views? LMAO

  23. HailBeysus March 26, 2016

    Lol at the Rihtàrds. Everyone knows Bey has 107 video’s on youtube. There are 13 unlisted video’s currently unavailable to view, which is why everyone was wondering when the album might drop. But of course what can we expect from The Rihtàrds that stan for a crackhead and never do their research or back up their arguments with receipts kiii!

  24. LB March 26, 2016

    OMG, work might just be #1 for the sixth week

    • King Mark111 /.\ March 26, 2016

      That’s not surprising. That song is hot and there’s no competition.

  25. LB March 26, 2016

    Death at Career ender trying to shade Rih when Yonce has got 120 videos and only 5 billion views

  26. Barb B**** March 26, 2016

    Rihanna ain’t Queen of s***

    • Melanie Fenty March 26, 2016

      Girl beyonce couldn’t help PussyPrint sell 1M WW ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  27. .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

    Baphomet, the most hypersexual w***** in Pop music, can’t barely scrape up 100M views and get a damn VEVO certified video. Why the RoachHive bothered by Rihanna so much? LMAO

    • .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

      dedicated *to…

  28. Krista March 26, 2016

    March 26, 2016 at 1:21 pm
    King B says:


    They say Rih is digital queen, but Katy had diamond singles before her.
    They say Rih is a social media queen, but Katy rules Twitter, Shakira rules FB and Selena rules Instagram.
    They say Rih Vevo Queen, but it’s Katy and Taylor that rules.
    They say she’s GLOBAL, but Beyoncé outsold her in Japan, Brasil, and now her albums is tanking in UK, Australia, France, Germany. And Bey sold her WORLD TOUR effortlesy.


    Sips TRUTH TEA slowwwly

  29. BEYONCE SUCKS ASS AND BALLS March 26, 2016

    Lol but why are Beyonce stans bringing up Rihanna? Where is B6? They should be worried about an album release since Adele still got Beyonce in witness protection LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  30. Krista March 26, 2016

    But honestly who gives a s*** about Vevo views when your album can’t even sell 500k genuine copies ?

    • Melanie Fenty March 26, 2016

      Or when you struggle to chart…
      Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100: #7(-1) Formation, @Beyonce [5 weeks]. *peak #4* ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  31. killian March 26, 2016

    Yal should be worried about rihanna being viewed the most ..i thought she was the “digital queen”.congrats to her though! Beyonce has 107 videos the other 13 are on private(cant be viewed) and come on lets be sincere if vevo was a thing when beyonce just came out she would be tops because most of her most popular videos were before the vevo era

  32. LB March 26, 2016

    The hive still talking about Rihanna when they should be searching for B6 just like the rest of us are searching for formation on the charts.

    Not Adele getting Yonce scared she cannot even snippet the mess that is on B6.

  33. King Mark111 /.\ March 26, 2016

    I read somewhere that Rihanna has two fan bases, the Navi and the BeyHive. It’s so true. No other fan base spend that much energy hating on Rihanna.

    • LB March 26, 2016

      Death!!!! That is way too accurate.

  34. Lolz March 26, 2016

    Kii but I thought Rihanna was digital Queen?

  35. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 26, 2016

    Rihanna name pop up in every posts which is sad geez give that girl a break off her name

  36. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!!! March 27, 2016

    Taylor swift actually has a higher average though…. Per video. She averages 116 million , compared to Justin who averages 84 million per video.

  37. March 27, 2016

    akk my favs are on there, so it’s all good,nicki is doing her thing.

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