Miguel Previews Rihanna ‘Kiss It Better’ Remix

Published: Wednesday 23rd Mar 2016 by Sam

Whether a fan or critic of Rihanna, the common consensus is that ‘Kiss It Better’ serves as one of the strongest tracks on her polarizing new album ‘ANTI.’

Jury’s out on whether the song – which she was supposed to perform at the Grammys before pulling out – is the follow-up to chart-topper ‘Work.’

What is certain, though, is that R&B crooner Miguel has cooked up a remix of synth-heavy number which he has previewed.

Take a listen below…

Kiss it Better preview #tacotuesday ????? #wildheart

A video posted by Miguel (@miguel) on

It sounds a touch unmastered, so we’d lean towards this being unofficial. But it most definitely has piqued our interest. The track is hot on its own accord but definitely could work as a collaboration too – especially on the lyrical front.

We’re all for it.

Your thoughts?

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  1. HailBeysus March 23, 2016

    Can these artist’s just leave other artist’s song’s alone! Im not here for the remixes! Altho i do like the sound of their voices together.

    • monarc087 March 23, 2016

      Honey. Rihanna reign is over. Her concert tickets were going for $30.00 on the floor and 1st level. I would not pay $5.00 to see her after 3 years ago she was 2 hours late and was high.

      She is finally getting her reaping, the american buying public DOES NOT work hard to earn coins so they can pay $100 a seat for a LATE, LAZY, off key performance.

      Rihanna can go to hell.

      • rosy3 March 23, 2016

        Your mouth has holitosis take care of that and then tell us what is over girl bye same old shade

      • Rihboy March 23, 2016

        Lol yet I went to all her shows! Yesterday d.c. She was on time, not high, very focused and engaging, and more. Furthermore floor tickets were definitely way more than that. I was in 106 and paid 450 for myself. So I know the floor closer to her had to be atleast 6 to 7. Furthermore other apps and outlets were selling discounted tickets for subscriptions so not everyone paid fave value. Furthermore the tour was packed. People were standing in every crevis, entrance way, curtain !! You sound so bitter. I mean dedicating your time to falsifying receipts? ??? bye girl! Rihanna is unbothered and fine. She said at her tour on stage in front of everyone she knows most of us downloaded the free album or pirated it but at this point t she don’t give a s***. Boss up!!!

      • RihQueen March 27, 2016

        Rihanna Reign is over but her song is riding billboard hot 100 and her album went back to number one again last week

  2. Raurz March 23, 2016

    I need think anything can help this ANTI-climax campaign although I do think the material is some of her most solid yet. I just think the campaign has been handled so wrong. The album is still doing extremely well considering.

    • Raurz March 23, 2016

      I don’t think*

  3. grapejuicefan March 23, 2016

    Leave it alone Rihanna sounds just fine alone on her song

    • rosy3 March 23, 2016

      I know these people the album is good they comming with all types of remix the album is on repeat she outdid herself with this album very good and the haters on,here know they like it rih knows a hit she not going for something she aint feeling I think Kanye wanted to put her in what he wanted I thought bbhmm was not her and trap music nope that’s bey genre rih can sing rock pop everything her voice is that versatile

  4. Terny March 23, 2016

    Anything to get hits huh TGJ?!???

  5. Everyone’s A Critic March 23, 2016

    The song is a masterpiece. I love and respect Miguels artistry but I don’t want a remix, I want a video!
    This would’ve been a great opportunity to get that Bey collab though… Just think about that!

  6. Career Ender March 23, 2016

    She could remix it with Christ Himself and ANTiSuccess will continue to tank, final destination -> Bermuda Triangle

    • rosy3 March 23, 2016

      Formation is with the terrorists in guantonamo bay no one can find it on billboard or itunes Google play where’s Waldo

      • HailBeysus March 23, 2016

        Bitxh stfu with that tired shade. You Rihtàrds are so desperate for a ‘drag’ y’all gotta go the lengths to use a FREE BUZZ SINGLE lmfao!

      • Rihboy March 23, 2016

        Oh so it’s a buzz single now??? swallow those words and then choke on them. It’s a single that she new not to release for sale because of the foreseen flip it would and is currently. Streaming did nothing for it.

  7. F March 23, 2016

    She needs to release Kiss It Better as a single asap, I don’t know why she’s gonna release Needed Me, I like it, but not single material. I hope she closes this era with Love On the Brain or Consideration

  8. BeyKnowlesBest March 23, 2016

    This song is gonna be another number one hit for her

  9. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 23, 2016

    I like it, and I can’t wait to hear the full version! However Rih, don’t make this sh*t the official single; the original is fine. You can release this a month after the original has been released as a single with a video; I know urban radio will eat it up.

  10. THE BEYHIVE March 23, 2016

    Sounds like a FLOP

  11. Duffster Lovato March 23, 2016

    Not gonna lie Kiss It Bet ter is a jam, don’t like this. It’ll be a well deserved #1 like Diamonds was.

  12. BeyKnowlesBest March 23, 2016

    Kiss it better is the stand out track on the whole Anti Album the minute I heard it I was addicted, the potential of the song accompanied by a good video could raise the sales of Anti alone! the production behind that song is amazing ….Very Reminiscent of tlc red light special one of Rihanna’s best songs to date !

    • F March 23, 2016

      Yes, she needs a good video, I was kinda disappointed with Work, one thing Rihanna always gives us are good visuals

  13. Barb-wire March 23, 2016

    Anti finally Gold in the US? Chile, don’t know how the biggest pop star in the world needs a certification bought for them so that it can look good in front of its peers. #TheStruggleToKeepUp

  14. Anti(hives scared of R8) March 23, 2016

    They’re not ready for a Miguel/Rihanna duet! Kiss it Better remix will slay effortlessly on the charts. RELEASE AS THIRD SINGLE. Miguels first #1 hit.

  15. mmmhmm March 23, 2016

    the navy can’t say anything abt buzz singles when it took Rihanna 3 try’s before Work came out or did we forget those like she did?

    • Rihboy March 24, 2016

      But alll three buzz singles were for sale and are platinum. So we can talk. Bbhmm and four five seconds debuting in the top 10 at that. Where is formation ?

    • RihQueen March 27, 2016

      Three buzz singles, FourFiveSeconds peak at number 4 on billboard and certified double platinum, BBHMM peak at number 15 and certified platinum s*** Beyawnce dropped her self titled and only got one song to even embark in the top twenty!

  16. Danny Bey March 23, 2016

    I think Kiss It Better is my all time favorite Rihanna song next to Diamonds. I think Miguel will add something to it that will give me life especially after seeing him perform it live, not that it needs it tho. Either way, I’m here for that song whatever shape or form.

  17. Rihboy March 23, 2016

    She actually just shut it down on Instagram. Saying its “unofficial” but she liked it.

  18. PRINCE MACHIAVEL March 23, 2016


    If You Stop The Hate, You’ll See She Really Did Good On Her Live Performance This Time Except WORK, She Sound Lazy And Drugys As F***!

  19. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 23, 2016

    He should leave it alone

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