Chris Brown Previews New Music

Published: Wednesday 13th Apr 2016 by Sam

Chris Brown has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons of late. However R&B’s bad boy is attempting to re-affix the focus on his music. Albeit subtlety.

Fresh from rolling out a trio of remixes for Urban hit ‘Back To Sleep,’ the 26-year-old impacted Instagram with a preview of a new track.

Though the song is untitled and further details weren’t divulged, we have been hearing fervent murmurs about a new C. Breezy LP due this year. Could this be lifted from the set?

Take a listen below and let us know if it should!


A video posted by @chrisbrownofficial on

Sounds hot.

We’ve made no secret of our desire for Chris to craft a more focussed album and accompanying campaign. A sentiment we stand by.

Still, if this is the sound he is cooking up, we’re “in.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ty April 13, 2016

    No he needs to go away his oversaturated…. How can work on his craft if he keeps releasing music non-stop with no break or time to grow!!

    • Arfa April 13, 2016

      Can he just go away and suck a diick already ??

      • monarc087 April 13, 2016

        Why release more music?

        1. He won’t promote it?
        2. He won’t be able to perform it live?
        3. He will release multiple singles at once and confuse the public.

        This boy has dug his own grave, he continues to destroy his career

  2. Terny April 13, 2016

    Next?!! ??

  3. DanYiel Iman April 13, 2016

    Well I enjoy his music solet it ride!

  4. BAMMMMM April 13, 2016


  5. Samsung brought my albums April 13, 2016

    Bye sis clown

  6. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ April 13, 2016

    I hate him because he makes me wanna try being a bottom.
    MAYBE then I could find something in common with the hives

    • Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) April 13, 2016

      “I hate him because he makes me wanna try being a bottom.”
      We all know damn well that’s the only life you know, don’t even try to play yourself like that. You already look like you were born with an extra chromosome but now you’re really convincing me

  7. Pat April 13, 2016

    Save it!

  8. B2B April 13, 2016

    If he going to release every year, can we get proper roll outs? RCA ASS

  9. Anti(hives scared of R8) April 13, 2016

    Boy go away!! Seriously there is no versatility in his sound.If you heard one CB album you’ve heard them all.
    Take a break, and work on a different sound.Stop rushing these flop albums.

  10. No favs, just here for the music April 13, 2016

    Why?? Did he not just release a full mixtape of 20+ tracks then an album right afterwards?

    It’s way too much. Were is his team? Where is his management? or does he just not listen to anyone’s advice?

  11. #JACKIE April 13, 2016

    The world does not need anymore Chris brown music.

  12. Coolness April 13, 2016

    I see he’s going for that London Grime sound. He hinted at him releasing a MIX-TAPE soon so I’m not sure whether it’s an LP he’s actually gearing up for. Either way, he puts out way too much music for it to be so mediocre.

  13. Tran uk anti bloper honey love but it okay girl April 15, 2016

    It would be better for him to get into acting instead of trying to release Silly music that noone will buy or listen to that’s why people want him to take a break or go away don’t no one like him like that

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