Christina Aguilera Responds To Cancellation Of Whitney Houston Hologram

Published: Saturday 21st May 2016 by Sam

Whitney Houston‘s hologram made headlines this week when a planned duet with Christina Aguilera was cancelled at the 99th hour.

Initially billed as a surprise showing on next week’s finale of The Voice, the pre-recorded segment “leaked” online shortly before news of its TV axing was made public.

The Whitney Houston Estate praised both Aguilera and the show, but rested their decision to pull the performance on the fact that the technology in-place did not do the late singer justice. [Editor’s note: it looked great conceptually, but it was painfully clear that a body double was used]

Now, Aguilera is speaking up and out on the would-be collaboration…

“I was honored that the Houston family asked me to perform a duet with the legendary Whitney Houston. Sadly, the technology could not meet up to the talent that Whitney possessed.”

Optimistically, she added…

“I do know in time the performance the fans and I have been hoping for will come to life.” [Source]

While many have reservations, the concept would be uber cool if executed correctly. Pending then, we need Xtina to hurry and start performing her own songs. These endless duets and group performances on ‘The Voice’ are enough.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Annalise May 21, 2016

    “Sadly, the technology could not meet up to the talent that Whitney possessed.”

    That was always the case though, so made you think it was right to get on that stage and try to outsing a fake pre-recorded hologram of a legend? Wrong on so many levels Christina!

    The ONLY exception I would have made was perhaps if Mariah did a performance of ‘When You Believe’ with Whitney’s hologram. Even then, it wouldn’t be the same without Whitney and Mariah trying to battle each other for the last note at the end. Whitney’s Magic just can’t be cloned, duplicated or recreated!

    • Annalise May 21, 2016

      *so what made you

      • LmfaoHoe May 21, 2016

        Thank you, anyone that’s seen Whitney Live or least seen her live performances knows she never performs her songs the same way as the record or previous performances. Hell even in her late years she performed I Look To You, Didn’t Know My Strength, and Million Dollar better than the studio versions too.

    • Dev May 21, 2016

      These voices, this version… It just shows that a hologram cannot be as versatile and the original. You’d be hearing the same notes and runs at every concert which isn’t Whitney

      • Annalise May 21, 2016

        Yes, you are so right! There’s something special about the spontaneity of live performances. Anything is possible, and each note and run is unique in its own way. It simply cannot be replicated!

    • King Mark111 /.\ May 21, 2016

      Calm down, she didn’t even try to out sing it.

      • Annalise May 21, 2016

        Do you ever get tired of doing the same back-and-forth attention-seeking? That was a pointless response, since you don’t even like Christina (or ‘pigtina’ as you like to call her). Let’s just skip to the part where I call you a fâàg, and you run away like a b**** ?

  2. Yc18 May 21, 2016

    Who cares?

  3. mr.m May 21, 2016


    • King Mark111 /.\ May 21, 2016


  4. Cinnamon Girl May 21, 2016

    Can they at least find a black woman who looks like Whitney? That hologram was clearly a mixed race woman

  5. Rebelhive May 21, 2016

    The problem with female holograms is the style changes and it looks old because of the way the hair or dress was unlike tupac who was shirtless and jeans

    • Faf May 21, 2016

      Yes but they could’ve easily put her in something she would’ve work today

      • Faf May 21, 2016


  6. Jdek May 21, 2016

    Good. I didn’t want to hear screaming. I did want to see a Whitney hologram performance though.

  7. Yeee May 21, 2016

    Ugh so y’all gonna act like Whitneys best vocals were in 2009 or 1992?

  8. Pettyisms May 21, 2016

    It’s a Hologram people! If you don’t want to see it, then don’t watch it. I think we are all adults here and can make adult decisions. Keep it simple in 2016! There are more bigger issues out there than Whitney’s Hologram. Stop stressing over Mickey Mouse Sh!t! If she was alive today, I bet none of you bandwagoners would be at her concert supporting her. GTFOH!

    • LmfaoHoe May 21, 2016

      I would ! it’s evident Whitney could still sang her ass off, her vocals where fine check her autopsy her vocals were not damage at all. That tour was bad timing, especially at her age. Also people put too much expectations on her expecting Whitney from the 80s to early 90s prime. Had that tour only been two nights a week she would’ve been given time to restore fully n rest. Her own vocal coach said the same thing. She was rushed back into touring too fast without rest.

  9. Really(Beehiveallday May 21, 2016

    ITS too late nowwwwww, this is almost the entire performance and most people would have watched it just like this on the youtube.

  10. Grande the Way May 21, 2016

    Everyone knows that Christina stans Whitney. Her title “The Voice of a Generation” was even an ode to Whitney THE Voice. I would have loved to see this performance for the sake of being able to see my two favs on the same stage. But as someone mentioned above, a hologram could never really do Whitney justice because she always added her own flare to live performances. I don’t think Xtina was in poor taste and Whitney’s family clearly thought the same.

  11. Citi May 21, 2016

    Y’all need to admit that Xtinas voice was ON POINT during IHN. She slayed my life I haven’t heard her voice that strong in a decade since the B2B era.

  12. King B May 21, 2016

    Hmmm… It’s okay I guess cus I never liked tribute kind of performance or hologram watsoever. I just want your album as lately I’m obsessed with Dirrty and Bionic (the song). Her controversial and sexual image as well as provocative video makes me think that she can be THE NEXT MADONNA. Too bad, Bionic and Lotus underperform.

  13. Kitty Puurrzz May 21, 2016

    No matter how they try to spin it, Xtina’s vocals were in TOP FORM! Let’s speak on that oppose to trying to speak on the negative …!

  14. eric May 21, 2016

    She speaks as though the technology can capture the real Whitney Houston. A hologram is nothing more than the product of some real person performing in a motion capture suit. It’s a lousy gimmick and people act like it’s some amazing thing.

  15. Meteorite May 21, 2016

    I personally would like to hear Christina’s take on ‘It’s Not Real Right But It’s Okay’

  16. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely May 21, 2016


  17. JoeJoe May 22, 2016

    Christina did a great job and Whitney’s Estate asked Christina to do it for a damn reason. Whether you like her or not her voice can’t be denied. The girl can sing her ass off.

  18. DanYiel Iman May 22, 2016

    Baby that duet was EVERYTHING!

  19. Indie May 22, 2016

    Whitney’s estate asked Christina to do this performance so that they could promote the hologram people, talking ish about Xtina need to do one! What real vocalist is going to say no to Whitney’s people? Also if you take a look at the music industry and how they want to white wash R&B and black singers, then you’ll understand why the family’s of the deceased legends do, holograms and continue do things to keep the memories of them present, if not trust me when I say that the industry will make sure our black icons are forgotten! At least now we know that Whitneys family are serious about making sure the quality of things they choose to keep whitney in our memories is of high standard!

    • Trishann May 22, 2016

      If that’s the case then The Estate should’ve saved it for a Bey, Brandy, Kelly Rowland, someone blk to perform I wish! Choosing Christina is just a reminder of the whitewash that kills the blk women’s spirit because we’re loosing what we’ve identified as Rnb female vocalists!

      • SCALPING THOTS May 22, 2016


  20. SaveOurSelves Productions May 22, 2016

    I was deeply nauseated by this attempt to recapture Whitney Houston. It was a violation of her life and a desecration of her death. I did not know how to respond. It really was not her body movements. It made me wonder was that her face and mostly it took away from the genuine emotions I had packed away after her death. We had put her to rest and this horrible attempt made me grieve all over again. Just awful. I am glad it was pulled.

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