Bounce Back! Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Set Top UK Chart Again

Published: Tuesday 17th May 2016 by Sam

British Beyonce fans are drinking up new album ‘Lemonade’ by the gallon.

A chart-topper upon its release almost one month ago, the visual LP has in recent weeks had to take a step back to make room at #1 for Drake’s ‘VIEWS.’

Yet, based on current data, Queen Bey’s only view come next week will be atop of the Official UK Album Chart.

Details below…

Per the Official Charts Company, the 34-year-old is on-course to return to the pole position on the coveted count.

She’s presently outpacing Drizzy by more than 3000 copies and is firmly fending off arguable competition from ‘Meghan Trainor’s ‘Thank You.’

‘Lemonade’ serves as Bey’s third album to reach the top of the UK tally – with 2003 debut ‘Dangerously In Love’ and 2011 ‘4’ completing the count.


This is a phenomenal feat – especially given how little (traditional) promotion has been put forth.

With a series of UK stadium dates dotted over the summer, we imagine sales should sustain (if not rise) in the weeks and months ahead.

Again, amazing!

Your thoughts?

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  1. HELP May 17, 2016

    that’s my b****

    • whenindoubtthetruthwillout May 20, 2016

      Epic Fail by Sam yet again!!!!

      Beyonce HASN’T returned to the number one spot in the UK album charts!!!!!

      The new number one album for the week beginning 20th May is Drake’s ” Views “.

  2. Aml May 17, 2016

    I won’t sleep tonight now

  3. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? May 17, 2016

    Slay Mama??

    • RihNavy May 17, 2016

      Are you white?

      • Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? May 17, 2016

        Why is my race any of your business?

  4. RihNavy May 17, 2016

    When will Cinnamon Girl or Jackie or Mark or LB or Justine Skye? Nnnnnn ?

    • #JACKIE May 17, 2016

      But i thought you would no longer be addressing me? I knew you were obsessed B****! I’m flattered. I love my fans!

      • Cinnamon Girl May 17, 2016

        @#Jackie, isn’t it funny how RhiNavy’s checking for us when we’re not even thinking about her?

      • #JACKIE May 17, 2016

        @Cinnamon girl yes! Now that Molly’s officially been banned, they will continue to mention us. The obsession is real kii

    • wrosy3 May 17, 2016

      Is this really news every week ok the album doing well give her credit why is Sam posting on how much is sold every day what is the point no one is coming to this blog because of the slow news day

      • Rome May 18, 2016

        Sam has to stress how beyonce is doing cause he knows that she is overrated. He won’t report how all of her records have now fallen out of the top 30 on billboard. Sorry is now 31 and still dropping, and that’s her highest record on the chart right now. But instead he wants to talk about some f****** uk charts. Sam bye

      • Alex May 18, 2016

        @rome Drakes singles have fallen as well. She still made history and broke Taylor swifts record for having the most songs chart on the hot 100 simultaneously. No matter how much u hate, she’s always gonna win!! Deal with it! The U.K. Is the second largest musical market in the world so this is a big deal. If it was about Rihanna’s non singing ass you wouldn’t be complaining. If you don’t like Beyoncé don’t come to the site. It’s simple!

  5. #TeamTinashe Stan May 17, 2016

    I’m not a fan of the album at all as it really doesn’t make me feel anything but I will say it is REMARKABLE to see the career level that she is at right now as I’ve grew up watching the evolution from the beginning.
    Great job to her!!

    • Giselle. May 17, 2016

      tinashe slays sis

  6. coockiness May 17, 2016

    how much did it sell?

    • coockiness May 17, 2016

      btw….this is was not intended to be shade

  7. Cinnamon Girl May 17, 2016

    Lol! She’s only beating him by 3000 copies?! That’s it?! And you folks say she’s slaying?! SCREAMING!!!

    • Alex May 17, 2016

      @ cinnamon girl But I thought that Drake was suppose to have Adele success and slay her?? He’s only beating her by a few thousand in the US and his album is a week newer and he sold more copies first week?! DRAKE IS THE DEFINITION OF HAVING FRONT LOADED SALES! Lmao!!

      • Cinnamon Girl May 17, 2016

        Drake did slay Beyonce. He sold on one night what she couldn’t even sell in 1 week

      • Alex May 17, 2016

        @cinnamon girl look at their sales now though!! His second week sales dropped 81%!! Beyoncé has NEVER dropped that low! And if he’s slaying her, how did she catch up?? Both albums have sold over 1 million. Drake is NOT consistent and MOST people regret buying his album! Beyoncé is selling over 200k weekly. Both are battling it out next week for the #1 spot since their sales will be so close. Billboard and hits daily double is your friend. He’s NOT anywhere and will NEVER be on her level. ?????

    • wrosy3 May 17, 2016

      Cinnamon it’s really not news let’s give her credit for selling albums but tomorrow Sam will come with more news maybe that bey shave her couchy hair enough Sam how many post will come out about bey selling albums okay we get it by is selling through the roof

      • wrosy3 May 17, 2016


  8. Adele’s flip phone May 17, 2016

    The way TGJ describes this era you think it would be on some adele/ Taylor Swift domination. It’s been 4 weeks and the album hasn’t crossed the million mark yet in the US ? but she’s the number 1 chick right ????

    • Alex May 17, 2016

      @adeleflipphone she’s platinum already. Riaa just hasn’t announced it. Thank you though

      • Navy Captain May 17, 2016

        She is platinum from streams. Beyhive didn’t want Rihanna’s streams to be counted but are clinging to bey’s. Smh

      • Alex May 17, 2016

        @ Navy Captain the issue wasn’t counting Rihanna’s streams. It was her BUYING her certifications! Hence why billboard doesn’t acknowledge that she’s two times platinum. Samsung bought her copies. There’s a difference. Beyoncé’s pure sales TOPPLES Rihanna’s. The Navy always say” numbers don’t lie” right?? Bey outsold her total album sales in less than a week. Deal with it!

    • wrosy3 May 17, 2016

      No one really comes to this blog anymore Sam do not know how to write a unbiased story everyone is running to tmz mediatakeout b***** Sandra rose Sam let her album be why announced everyday how much it’s selling no other site does this let the woman be we know the album selling really

  9. IStan4Rihanna. May 17, 2016


  10. Minajesty May 17, 2016

    Let’s not forget the 20 Million she made from four dates. This woman is unstoppable. Congrats

    • JERQUATA May 17, 2016

      And how much of that 20 million did you pocket bih??

  11. RihYoncef May 17, 2016

    What a Queen ! She’s still the #1 artist on iTunes !! ???? the slayage has only just begun

  12. HailBeysus May 17, 2016

    Yas bish slay! I cannot with the Slavi saying Drake ended her Kiii!!! Poor Drake 3weeks in and he’s already selling less than Lemonade. ANYTEA ways! Like I said! Bey is on track to do her usual numbers and leave DRAKIESHA Behind! LOL!

    • Cinnamon Girl May 17, 2016

      Poor Drake? Drake went platinum in 1 week, something that Beyawnce has never done

      • HailBeysus May 17, 2016

        Um sis why is Prince’s Music still on Tidal? I thought you had connects that knew Tyka? ?. What happened to Beyoncé being “blacklisted”. I mean you said you had a “friend” in the music industry who knew all the details kii!!! Just shut your compulsive lying ass up already stupid bitxh!

      • HailBeysus May 18, 2016

        Ohhh CinnaRacists!!! Didn’t you say Beyoncé was struggling to sell tickets and only added dates to mask the flopage ???!!! Your music connects are spot on! Surely they must be an elite ?????!!! Read it and weep bitxh!!! WHEN WILL MRS. MAN!?!?!?!?!?!
        Beyonce, DJ Khaled Georgia Dome Atlanta, Ga. May 1, 2016 $5,801,725 46,321 /
        46,321 1 / 1 $280, $45 Live Nation
        Beyonce, DJ Khaled Marlins Park Miami, Fla. April 27, 2016 $5,252,615 36,656 /
        36,656 1 / 1 $305, $45 Live Nation
        Beyonce, DJ Khaled Carter-Finley Stadium Raleigh, N.C. May 3, 2016 $4,810,620 38,292 /
        38,292 1 / 1 $280, $45 Live Nation
        6 Beyonce, DJ Khaled Raymond James Stadium Tampa, Fla. April 29, 2016 $4,803,295 40,818 /
        40,818 1 / 1 $280, $45 Live Nation
        FUXKING SLAY BISH!!! ALL SOLD THE FUXK OUT!!!! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • BADDIEBEYMYFAV May 18, 2016

        Poor you for constantly stressing your weak heart over a multimillionaire talented beauty who is making history and living her life to the fullest. No amount of trolling on your part will stop Beyonce’s shine. Your life and soul ain’t shyt Bxxtch.

    • whenindoubtthetruthwillout May 20, 2016

      Epic fail by Sam YET AGAIN!!!!

      Beyonce HASN’T returned to the number one spot on the UK album chart!!!!

      The new number one album for the week beginning 20th May is Drake’s “Views”.He also enjoys a 6th consecutive week at number one on the singles chart!!!

      Egg on face springs to mind!!!!!

  13. coonery@itsfinest May 17, 2016

    I’m so glad I can live vicariously through someone else.. i mean. i eat the same foods..and i can feel the pain that jayz gave beyonce.. wow!! now that’s living!!

  14. DIABETIC STROKE May 17, 2016

    I wouldnt be surprised if lemonade rebounds in the US too. Lemonade & Views debuts with very similar numbers, counting lemonades full 7 days it trumps the first wk for views in the UK atleast doing the math. All with PURE SALES. Idk about UK But Ánti would not have gon #1 at all with out SPS & TAE sales added in. Drake may keep the #1 position tho in the US thobut not for long if bey keeps selling 100k+ pure sells. Outside of that i still think DIL is the MOST PERFECT album ive ever heard. I still think it beys best as great as Self titled 4 & lemonade are (& in that order). Its in my opinion the greatest R&B album ever even after hearing EOMIMI & Confessions & diary of Akeys DIL remains my fav album of the 2000s thus far. Signs daddy yes… so underrated, cant belive it got such mixed reviews. Glad lemonade is WINNING tho.

    • Coolness May 18, 2016

      DIL may not have enjoyed the critical acclaim her later work would receive but I have a special place in my heart for that album. It was one of the first I bought myself and I guess it’s the nostalgia that makes you and I hold in such high regard.

  15. DIABETIC STROKE May 17, 2016

    I also must add DIL is WAYY FAR SUPERIOR to ANY aliyah album lol incase @mark or @alicarter is reading. *SIPS LEMONS* *washes down with SUGARLESS grapejuice*

    • #JACKIE May 17, 2016

      “Aaliyah” slays every Beyonce album combined.

      • HailBeysus May 17, 2016

        Poor TrannyStans wi cling to anyone these days just to try it with the Hive ???!

  16. Navy Chick May 17, 2016

    Oh its only the UK.

  17. DIABETIC STROKE May 17, 2016

    1. DIL (the runs… the vocals the production to the tracklist art work everything. That era (2003-2004) was MAGIC. R&B heaven.
    2. Self Titled (very consistant with strong songs. The wrightings on the wall of all Bey albums. Pure Art clear theme & direction. Even some of the songs sound like they already existed thousands of years ago just bey was the first to record them, specifically heaven blue háunted & mine.
    3. 4 (im just now realized how great 1+1 is… i was here & best thing i never had party & love on top ugh!)
    4. Lemonade (ironically the hardest to digest but thats the beauty of it)
    5. Iamsf (great songs… well half of them. I am too mellow & SF not fierce enough)
    6. Bday (good not great album with mostly good not great songs. Sounds very urgent which was more consequence than ironic complimentary)

    • coockiness May 17, 2016

      save your essays for your high school GED sis

    • Royalkev May 18, 2016

      B’Day is last????? It’s fits somewhere in the middle for me!

      For 1st place, I’ve been going back and forth this week between ‘Lemonade’ and self-titled. Self -titled is undeniably spectacular, but ‘Lemonade’ is special and a brilliant work of art! I feel confident in saying that both gave me more than’4′ and that really wasn’t easy to conclude! I love all of Bey’s work, but her last 3 albums are masterpieces! That said, I do understand how DIL’s is some people’s fav. ‘Me, Myself and I’ is one of my all-time favorite Bey songs! I get chills every time B sings it live (probably more so than any other slow/mid-tempo song she’s sung).

  18. RICHIE_RICH May 17, 2016

    Congrats Beyoncé

  19. King Mark111 /.\ May 17, 2016

    Molly was banned?

  20. What Now May 17, 2016


  21. ASHY May 17, 2016

    This woman just keeps on winning, and I love it!

  22. Fatusankoh May 17, 2016

    Good luck queen bey more success you go London make our bey proud

  23. Sherrele May 17, 2016

    Congrats B!!

  24. King B May 17, 2016

    Congrats B! But the sales are so close tho…

  25. Reddish tran ivy blogz Need UK timely May 17, 2016

    Congratulations beyonce knowles carter

  26. Annalise May 18, 2016

    Slay MUVA! ??

  27. cocobutta May 18, 2016

    July 3rd getting closer and closer CAN’T WAIT!! ???.
    Been playing Love Drought the most this week ?????

  28. Royalkev May 18, 2016

    Bey’s slaying these pure sales!

    • whenindoubtthetruthwillout May 20, 2016

      The only person slaying pure sales is Adele!!!

      3.4 million copies in one week!!!

      That’s slayage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. HailBeysus May 18, 2016

    Beyonce, DJ Khaled Georgia Dome Atlanta, Ga. May 1, 2016 $5,801,725 46,321 /
    46,321 1 / 1 $280, $45 Live Nation
    Beyonce, DJ Khaled Marlins Park Miami, Fla. April 27, 2016 $5,252,615 36,656 /
    36,656 1 / 1 $305, $45 Live Nation
    Beyonce, DJ Khaled Carter-Finley Stadium Raleigh, N.C. May 3, 2016 $4,810,620 38,292 /
    38,292 1 / 1 $280, $45 Live Nation
    6 Beyonce, DJ Khaled Raymond James Stadium Tampa, Fla. April 29, 2016 $4,803,295 40,818 /
    40,818 1 / 1 $280, $45 Live Nation
    FUXKING SLAY BISH!!! ALL SOLD THE FUXK OUT!!!! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  30. Mezie May 18, 2016

    Sasha fierce is her strongest album, you can relate to every track, it possesses the magic to get you groove and can arrest your soul emotionally. Followed by 4 and Self titled…. Lemonade failed to arrest me at first listen except for few tracks like ( All night, freedom, formation, sorry and 6 inch )

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