Mariah Carey Clapsback At Wendy Williams Over Breakdown Claims

Published: Friday 27th May 2016 by Sam

“You be all in my business like a Wendy interview”

Mariah Carey playfully name-checked Wendy Williams on her 18th #1 single ‘Touch My Body.’ However, she was in no endorsing mood after the TV host implied she’s on the verge of another breakdown.

So irked by the comment she took to social media to throw a direct jab at the former shock jock.

Details below…

During one of Williams’ infamous Hot Topic segments this week, she reeled off a quote by Mimi’s filmmaker friend Lee Daniels denouncing her foray into the world of reality TV.

Peep the footage…

Clearly hot and bothered, Carey shared a video of herself with Daniels in an attempt to play down the comments.

She captioned the clip with…

He’s the bitch that’s fragile! Don’t come for us unless we call for you#??? @wendyshow
MY DOCU SERIES COMING TO @enews@eentertainment soon #kittenandcotton

He’s the bitch that’s fragile! Don’t come for us unless we call for you #??? @wendyshow MY DOCU SERIES COMING TO @enews @eentertainment soon #kittenandcotton @theoriginalbigdaddy @stellabulochnikov @nicoleperna

A video posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

Oh Mariah…

She’s been doing this long enough to understand that sometimes the best shade is no shade.

In being so direct with her comeback, she ultimately brings more attention to Wendy’s words – which do carry a lot of weight. Indeed, she’s by no means the only one side-eyeing Mariah for veering into the world of reality TV (which is exactly what her upcoming show is regardless of what she chooses to call it).

All that swearing was a little uncouth too.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Hur May 27, 2016

    Mariah is shady!!!!!

    • wrosy3 May 27, 2016

      Good for Mariah this nasty big breast Wendy go after people for no reason I am proud of her for standing up to Wendy and more celebs néed to do the same sometimes Wendy will stop fuvking with you when u go after her

  2. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) May 27, 2016

    F*** that! It’s about time somebody check Wendy’s ass

    • Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) May 27, 2016

      Right. I’m really, really surprised that no one has really dragged her since Whitney.

      • LmfaoHoe May 27, 2016

        Girl everyone from Newark NJ, knows Whitney wasn’t just a pretty face. B**** will check you in a minute and had the hands to back it up too. I Live Thru that Wendy interview lol also judge Mathew dragged Wendy too checked that out. I’m also surprised Rihanna has not dragged this b**** cause God I know Riri would with the shade n shots fired at this b****.

      • LmfaoHoe May 27, 2016

        Also can’t forget when Whitney said if we’re still in Newark, I’ll meet you outside. Yes trash the b****.

      • wrosy3 May 27, 2016

        I agree these celebs allow her to say nasty lies about them I’m sorry with a man like Wendle she can ruin a person reputation saying these things make up stories I hope be and rih stop this b**** with some of the B******* she says about them

      • Grande the Way May 27, 2016

        Didn’t Omorosa (or however you spell it) drag her live on her show when it first started?

      • ilovemusic May 27, 2016

        I’ve been waiting on someone to drag her like Whitney. That gave me so much joy lol.

      • Gavin Gavallli May 27, 2016

        I agree disagree with two wrote this article Wendy needs a good ass whopping and her words don’t carry that much weight! Stop giving this trash power

  3. RihNavy Re-Loaded May 27, 2016


  4. Hur May 27, 2016

    And it’s not a reality show. It’s just behind the scenes of her touring. In Europe.

  5. What Now May 27, 2016

    Is that the real Mariah IG account?

    • RihNavy Re-Loaded May 27, 2016

      Hey ElusiveTrannyBox, WHATS GOOD?

  6. Jjfan1814 May 27, 2016

    All that swearing was a little uncouth too.

    …but I’m sure you didn’t have that opinion for the profanity on Lemonade did you m?

    • FAF May 27, 2016

      I like her speaking up I hate when she’s fake and speaking French just speak up for yourself , Mariah
      The “I don’t know her” act is contrived

  7. Mariah The Legend May 27, 2016

    DRAG HA QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Yes girl May 27, 2016

    Get her Mariah lol.

  9. Mark111 May 27, 2016

    Naw, Mariah is smart. Say something for Wendy to talk more, hint promo for her 8 episodes show. The 9ueer is such a attention seeking two face brat. He will say anything and then be all friends. He was quit to shut up when that Hollywood actor threatened to sue him. Grandonna’s ex pimp.

    • wrosy3 May 27, 2016

      Wendy is a coward Wendy came for evelyn lozado well we know that went left because Wendy got slap push and slaughter about her husband buying shoes for his mistress in evelyn store and she tried coming for lil Kim well Kim told her she suck biggie d*** for a interview Wendy will try people you put her assume in her place nene porsha clapped back I would never ignore this woman saying lies about me

      • LmfaoHoe May 27, 2016

        I wouldn’t either cause I’ll tell Wendy to her face a b**** can get slap and you are very much included. Keep talking, walk right up to you with the hands without saying a word on sight soon as I see you. Also can’t forget when r&b group Total were gonna beat her ass outside her radio station back in the day.

  10. That Mariah Clïtoris Juice May 27, 2016

    (of a person or their appearance or behavior) lacking good manners, refinement, or grace.

    Samantha, you say Mariah is uncouth, yet Beyoncé’s last two albums have been profanity filled. She talked about her dress getting nutted on for God’s Sake

  11. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? May 27, 2016

    I don’t wanna be messy, but I LOVE Mariah’s “Breakdown”. As far as in concerned, if she can somehow get hack it that creative zenith to write constructive lyrics and compose melodic melodies like in that song AND parent album, then she can breakdown and continue to breakdown all she wants to. I don’t mind cause I WILL SURELY be purchasing the music that comes about as a result.

  12. Rome May 27, 2016

    Wendy needs to chill, I’m pretty sure we all remember when Whitney famously went inn on Wendy back in the day. Lol

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) May 27, 2016

      Omg yess! Tupac couldn’t stand Wendy either

      • FAF May 27, 2016

        She’s weird she’s very dated

        She doesn’t even stay on top of her hot topics

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) May 27, 2016

        He/she/it gets on my damn nerves

  13. RihNavy Re-Loaded May 27, 2016

    Not the imposter formerly known as the Elusive Lamb aka What Now running out this post quicker than Molly runs out of personalities and people to Stan for.

  14. BeyKnowlesBest May 27, 2016

    Wendy has done nothing but downed fellow black women and drug them thru the mud over the years …Whitney, Mariah and beyonce are just a few. she also used to call EVERY black man in Hollywood G@y….she’s poison and made her name by talking down about her own kind !

  15. kii May 27, 2016

    Wasn’t Rihnavy banned

    • Danzou May 27, 2016

      I’ve been seeing that all across the comments what happened?

      • RihNavy May 27, 2016

        I was never banned lmao. Dävid is just pressed cause I called him ugliiiii and answer your question from that other post, no, I’m not trolling as you. I don’t even know you or engage with you, so why impersonate you? Be blessed.

  16. cocobutta May 27, 2016

    Legends never need to hold back. A Diva doesn’t get stunted on without bringing out her palm tree fan to shadeback ?

    • RihNavy May 27, 2016

      And what has MoNiqqa done besides get nutttef on by multiple babies daddies?

      • cocobutta May 27, 2016

        The real question is why is it your business?

  17. Coolness May 27, 2016

    Sam, pls. YoI’ll always have something back-handed and negative to say about Mariah. I think it’s great that someone in the A-list clocked Wendy since she stays spreading bogus lies about celebs and trying to pass them off as fact to her sheeple minions.

    • Annalise May 27, 2016

      Right! He’s no different than Wendy, except that Wendy is on a much bigger platform than he will ever be. Sam only dislikes Mariah because she chose to turn down his interview request at the last minute and went to BEE-SCÖTT instead. Seems like a silly reason to continuously criticise her for that, especially when we all know Beyonce will never do an interview for tgj.

  18. Lake Erie May 27, 2016

    I don’t see whats wrong with it. SEVERAL BIG artist has done a documentary series of some sort. Not necessarily a reality series where we will see her faced/pit with other obstacles BESIDES music and see how she deals/react to it. Like love and hip hop. And I doubt it will be anything like that. People need to chill. Plus if this is anything like her past televised documentations, it will be nothing we haven’t already seen besides her kids being added and how she’s still killing the game after decades… I think the reality now is nothing like it was back then so some people may dispise it because she’s Mariah and is classified in another caliber.

  19. Theman May 27, 2016

    It’s a docu-series that Sam’s whack a** will be watching. Sam acts as though he’s Mariah’s chaperone. Y’all grown a** men gotta get that Mariah is grown. Y’all always expect her to just shut up & be perfect. Phuck you & that. She’s a person not a robot. Winston’s a** has tossed plenty of false claims out there about this woman. Is Beyonce uncouth when she calls people Becky or curses on her albums, show? Sam get that weak shyt outta here. You’re just mad that Mariah handled that shyt. And the media exaggerated that whole breakdown anyway. Furthermore, that horse loves to talk about ole crap. So stfu..

  20. #JACKIE May 27, 2016

    I live for Aunt Wendy! She says what everyone else THINKS! That’s why her talk show has been SLAYING continuously since 08. Stay pressed f***.

  21. queenofshade May 27, 2016

    Get the f*** over yourself with your TIRED ass website lmao Actin like a grown ass woman cant speak how she pleases yet be praising Rihanna and Beyawnce for doing the same s***. STAY PRESSED GRAPEFLOP

  22. #TeamTinashe Stan May 27, 2016

    This idiot was just saying on her show that she is “HERE FOR IT” because she rather watch a show like that instead of watching “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and other E! programs. She is only doing this because she has an OBSESSION with Mariah.
    Mark my words, when that show begins to air, Wilkinson Williams will be the first to cover it everyday.

  23. IG : @mixedboy May 27, 2016

    Listen I watch Wendy’s “Hot Topics” daily and am here for all the messssass lol. I’m a lamb also so I’m glad Mimi dragged her, Darhling! #SLAYRIAH

  24. JOHNVIDAL May 27, 2016

    I hate that Wendy person. I mean, lies, gossip. To build your career on that is pretty disgusting. We all have some people like that on tv and radio in our respective countries. From the videos I´ve seen here over time she is only right when she talks about talent and puts people like Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez in their place compared to Mariah, Whitney and the likes. But still, a disgusting way of getting ratings.
    And Sam! Ohhh dear Sam, what did Mariah do wrong now? She responded to a f****** b**** who cannot stop talking ship despite Mariah obviously being ina great place. She did it fabulously and you loved it. So stop it. Someone has to stop people like Wendy sometimes.

  25. FC/JC May 27, 2016

    Didnt know she cursed like that….. Ewww, I dont like my ladies displaying potty mouths.

    Even if she did curse like this, Fine, Just dont record it and put it on display.

  26. brazio May 27, 2016

    I’m beginning to wish things were like they use to be..when you only knew singers through their songs and not seeing their personality on TV ….I’m really starting to hate seeing there lives…big turn off..meaning the divas

  27. Nobo May 27, 2016

    Docu-series, the new coined term, are not anything new. Think of MTV diary where every artist displayed behind the scenes footage of their daily routine. It’s not so common since the induction of “reality” shows/stars.

    The older crowd can recall even Michael Jackson had a 3 part tv series.

  28. metzo May 27, 2016

    I need Beyonce to drag the f*** outta Wendy. Just a lil sum. Its about time someone puts this h** in her Place. She gets too many passes for always talking shyt.

    • JOHNVIDAL May 28, 2016

      How is Beyonce going to drag anyone when she can barely speak in an interview? 🙂
      At least we have Mariah to do the work (remember Eminem. who also deserved it. Did anyone dare to stand up? No, only Mariah, one more reason to respect her).

      • Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) May 28, 2016

        Why are you throwing unnecessary shade at Beyonce?

      • Biting Truth May 29, 2016

        Um, Eminem SLAUGHTERED Pariah when she attempted to come for him. Nothing Carey ever said hit as hard as “The Warning.” To this day she hasn’t clapped back at that massive takedown. Bad example.

      • JOHNVIDAL May 29, 2016

        He is a rapper. Making a “killing” drag to a woman once again is not slaughtering anything. I´m just saying Mariah has been pretty much the only one to stand for herself against someone like Eminem, who is supposed to get away with anything I don´t know why. Who else has done it? Nobody. Following your logic, Mariah destroyed him since Obsessed was a radio hit while his attempts at degrading her (for no reason) are only known by his fans.

  29. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely May 28, 2016

    People will get talk about no matter what.

  30. jt May 28, 2016

    lol “uncouth.” You people at TGJ have to be the lamest, most uneducated m************ on the web. And how’s that for uncouth?

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