Watch: Zayn Malik Performs ‘Like I Would’ On The Voice

Published: Wednesday 25th May 2016 by Sam

Zayn Malik continues to carve out his solo success story.

Armed with the blockbuster run of ‘Pillow Talk,’ the former One Direction star aims to shine bright with official follow-up ‘Like I Would.’

To aid his cause, he took to the stage on the season finale of The Voice to perform the track, which is housed on his chart-topping debut ‘Mind Of Mine.’

Watch him below and find out why we’re…concerned.

What happened to artist development?

The idea of Zayn is appealing and rich in potential. But these performances are cringey.

Watch closely, he makes zero eye contact with the camera (hence, ultimately the viewers) and works the stage like he’d rather be washing the dishes.

The end result is that we’d rather watch someone else.

Hopefully he gets it together because, while ‘Pillow Talk’ is one of the biggest hits of the year, it’s all he has to his name as a solo artist after his album sold softly and this single isn’t the smash its predecessor was.

Your thoughts?

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  1. king z May 25, 2016

    damn reading your write-up SAm i thought this was a train wreck. it was far from it.

    yeah he messed up the first verse, but quickly rebounded.

    the only thing zayn lacks is energy. like i would is a song he should be moving around to, not just sitting in one space

    • Sam May 25, 2016

      I thought the same thing. Zayn sounds good live and i agree that he lacks that energy but i think its a confidence thing. If you watch his factor audition he didn’t want to dance as i think that he either can’t or isn’t confident.

  2. KVH May 25, 2016

    Didn’t Azeala end him?

  3. Coolness May 25, 2016

    Zayn is gorgeous and has a good voice but really lacks stage presence. Former boybander, Justin Timberlake, didn’t become the stellar performer that he is today overnight but at least, his earlier live showings displayed someone who WANTED to prove himself on stage. That’s because you could tell NSYNC were actually groomed and developed as PERFORMERS. One Direction, on the other hand, don’t seem like they were. They pretty much just awkwardly hopped around on stage and sang. Couple that with Zayn’s shyness and you’ll understand why he’s finding it hard to break out of his shell on stage.

    • Teflon Boy May 25, 2016

      You hit the nail on the head.., the previous crop of popstars; Britney, NSync, Christina, P!nk etc. really had to work for their supper to compete with the cooler RnB, Hiphop and Rock stars of the time. Pop performers really weren’t taken seriously at that point so they had to work for it and that’s why they each knew how to slay the stage during their post-teenage peak. The current crop of popstars are generally quite lazy in comparison.

    • King Mark111 /.\ May 25, 2016

      I don’t need to comment, you just stated everything I was going to say. They spent those years hopping around instead of at least learning some two steps. Sad cause he got the voice, looks and style, lacks stage presence, no command on the stage at all.

  4. #JACKIE May 25, 2016

    He’s not interesting as a solo artist. Sorry.

    • Jamie May 25, 2016

      Neither is Bryson.

  5. OQRAM May 25, 2016

    His solo career isn’t turning into anything noteworthy or interesting. They thought they could mold him into a George Michael/Justin Timberlake “breakout” star, but neither he or his product is compelling. All I see is One Direction minus the others. I knew he was in trouble with that Lil Wayne copycat album cover. You can’t do things like that and be expected to be taken seriously…

    • Teflon Boy May 25, 2016

      Tbh that’s what popstars do.., culture vulture from more pioneering left field sources and then distill that into a pop formula. At least that’s what I got from Zayn’s Lil’ Wayne appropriation. But you can only get away with a move like that if you have the charisma and performance ability (of say, an early Britney or JT) to back it up. I said it above but these new acts are lazy, it might be the trend to stumble around the stage like you don’t care in 2016 but it will harm them later when the trend returns to actual performance craft.

  6. Sweetnothings@78 May 25, 2016

    God almighty he is so incredibly good looking it’s unreal ?

  7. StarXavi May 25, 2016

    He really needs to incorporate choreo. I think his voice is great and his look is amazing but this song def needs more than just standing there and singing. Same problem with the video. The visuals were nice but whats the point of all the lights if you don’t use them in any creative way?

    • Coolness May 25, 2016

      No shade He simply can’t dance. I’m sure he’d be clowned if he attempted to perform an 8-count or something.

  8. King Mark111 /.\ May 25, 2016

    Oh so everyone is agreeing with me now? He just doesn’t have IT. Glad everyone is on the bus now.

  9. Danzou May 25, 2016

    To be honest I thought he was gonna blow up. But his album didn’t really sell and his meta critic review was like 70. The album wasn’t that bad and he has an alright voice but idk the public ain’t receive him well. I think hemessed up with that album cover too. He THOUGHT he was getting in black people’s side but it ain’t work.

  10. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely May 26, 2016


  11. chantrel July 13, 2016

    boring omg rrrrrrrrrpccchhh i think this man is not ready to be solo singer..the voice is not bad but millions of people can sing and dance at the same time..its too easy for him..nothing special!! he should practice more one stage presence and dancing or moving i dont know..too lazy..i will not give my money to see him in a concert because i will definitly fall asleep rrrrrppppchhhh

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