From The Vault: Keri Hilson – ‘Turnin’ Me On’

Published: Sunday 19th Jun 2016 by Joe

This week’s From The Vault comes courtesy of an artist who hasn’t released new music in six years. ‘Turnin Me On’ by Keri Hilson is our latest selection.

After penning songs for your favorite artists and enjoying worldwide success with Timbaland thanks to monster hit ‘The Way I Are’ in 2007, the tide was oh so high for Hilson when time came to prove herself as a bonafide solo act.

Following two false starts (see: ‘Return The Favor’ and ‘Energy’), she finally struck gold with edgy cut ‘Turnin Me On.’ If ‘Energy’ saw the beauty keeping it classily clean, ‘Turnin’ saw her play dangerously dirty.

Produced by Polow Da Don with additional production from Danja, the slice of gritty R&B featured Lil’ Wayne and finally garnered Keri her first solo hit after peaking at #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #2 on the Hot Hip-Hop/R&B.

Erik White was chosen to direct the track’s visual and came up with a simple yet effective performance video which showed Ms. Hilson serving attitude, sass and commendable choreography.

With cameos from Rich Boy, Polow and Leah Labelle, the clip drew comparisons to Aaliyah’s work as well as Destiny’s Child’s ‘Soldier’.


It’s hard to believe that it’s already six years since Ms. Keri Baby was doing the ‘Pretty Girl Rock.’ A tad too long ago if you ask us. In order to keep the masses “turned on,” one shouldn’t step away from the spotlight for too long.

With a new project in the pipeline to be released this year, let’s hope Keri can remind the world – and by the world we mean her fanbase, radio and iTunes – why they chose to ride with her in the first place.

Your thoughts?

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  1. PeaceMaker June 19, 2016

    The same song that ended her career. Shady a$$ TGJ!

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 June 19, 2016

      What makes that even funnier is this song went #2 (her highest peak ever on the charts ?)

    • C@ke June 19, 2016

      But PGR sold 2 million AFTER this. Guess the illiterate Hive aren’t that powerful after all.

      • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

        Oops@ c@ke

        Clocked. They’re so dumb kii

      • Mark111 /.\ June 19, 2016

        And Knock You Down was a #3 hit on BB Hot 100 and #1 on the R&B chart. Something Kool-aid has yet to do.

      • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

        Mark let them know Boo ????

      • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 June 19, 2016

        Keri dug her own grave now go deal with it!

      • Pat June 20, 2016

        @cake I’ve been saying that for years. They didn’t stop anything!

    • Black power June 19, 2016

      This HIVE is always sooo pressed!!! Y’all didn’t end s***…she took a break!
      If this song or the remix “ended” her career.. How come it kept going?? This was only beginning. The song went on to go platinum, then she put out the multi platinum hit Knock you down, but it didn’t stop there the album went on to go gold AND scored her two Grammy nominations. Then she followed up the next year with another amazing album and her platinum hit Pretty Girl Rock ALL WHICH WAS DONE AFTER SHE RELEASED THIS SONG… So again what did the hive or Beyoncé end exactly?? Nothing… You’d have to actually release music that doesn’t do well, in order for you to flip right???

      • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

        @black power

        And that’s nothing but facts boo! ?

  2. Who gonna check me boo?? June 19, 2016

    The begginning and end of her career

  3. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 June 19, 2016

    That time Keri thought she was on Beyonce’s & Ciara’s level & made a remix dissing them both lol! Well we all know how that turned out… Keri your 6 month career was cute while it lasted.

    • SSurprise..(DEC 2013) June 19, 2016

      Her career vanished faster than KISS IT BITTER on the hot 100 chart..LMAO

      • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

        But not faster than Sorry free falling down the charts

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 June 19, 2016

      @Keri Queen

      That’s ok. Beyonce’s music is still relevant, being played on the radio. Most importantly thousands of people here “Sorry” on her successful “Fotmation Tour”. Can’t say the same about Keri. What has she been doing these past 7yrs?

    • toeknee June 19, 2016

      Why you being generous tho saying 6 month? Pls this local bish never had a career in the first place. It was just a timbaland tryout that clicked for few songs

  4. Coolness June 19, 2016

    Loved this song when it was poppin’ on the charts, lol. It’s a shame the way her career never quite recovered from the aftermath of the infamous remix to this song. Polow should never have leaked it but Keri has stated several times the lines apparently dissing Bey and Ciara weren’t aimed at them. Oh well, Keri”s debut was a solid one – I can still listen to it from start to finish sans skipping.

  5. Keri Qween June 19, 2016

    Her music return will be ????. Were ready Keri!!

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 June 19, 2016

      We been hearing about this mythical return for quite some time now. Blue Ivy will graduate from elementary before Keri’s new album comes out lol!

      • SSurprise..(DEC 2013) June 19, 2016

        LOL…………..KERI NOWHERESON is somewhere in Nigeria collecting NAIRA.

      • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

        You uglies are so miserable on Fathers Day. Poor things

    • HiveHighness June 19, 2016

      You must be her only fan lol at least you’re keeping hope alive, I can respect you for that

  6. What Now June 19, 2016

    I liked this song. In A Perfect World was a really really good album. No Boys Allowed was solid, just not as good as In A Perfect World. It didn’t really connect the way In A Perfect World did for me. I think Keri is a great songwriter and has the potential to come back. I’m here for the new music.

    • SSurprise..(DEC 2013) June 19, 2016


  7. The Thot You’ll Never Be June 19, 2016

    “Your vision cloudy if you
    think you the best. You can dance, she can sing, but need to
    move it ‘to the left’.”
    ^^^^ this ended her
    Also it charted in the top 30 not at #2
    This biitch only has 1 top 10 single

    • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

      Lies ugly. Knock you down peaked at #3. Higher than Sorry kiiii???

      • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 June 19, 2016

        In 2009 “I am Sasha Fierce” so more than Keri’s entire album and singles combined! Fast forward to 2016 “Lemonade” sold more than Keri’s first flop album. Stop trying to make Keri seem like she was major. She had 1 short lived era and buried her own career trying to come for Bey!

    • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

      And to clock you again. The article clearly said the song peaked at #15 on the HOT 100 and #2 on the r&b/hip hop charts. Where the hell do you get top 30?

      Is you dumb or is you stupid?

      • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 June 19, 2016

        All those “TOP 10 hits” sadly didn’t translate into album sales!

  8. The Thot You’ll Never Be June 19, 2016

    In my Bey voice ” you know you that flop when Ci-tran outsells you….”

  9. The Thot You’ll Never Be June 19, 2016

    Another fun fact
    Both of ha albums combined sold less than Flop-T

  10. Bitchpleaseeee June 19, 2016

    TGJ is so shady though ???????

  11. Mark111 /.\ June 19, 2016

    I felt that this song she tried to sound like Rihanna. Either that or this song was written for Rih, but this was after the Chris Ain’t S*** Origins. But she had a good run because no other female was out that year, or atleast that time. Her albums out did Ciara’s 4 flops and she had atleast one hit per album. Si I don’t know why she took this break. The Pest didn’t stop anything, because we all know Keri can write and writes her songs. #CheckTheCreditsHoe
    And did she lie? Bey needed to have some babies (something just like her “writing” and style, she can’t do without help from another person) and Ziara was fading at a fast rate. BUT I heard it wasn’t even about them, I heard it was at The Pussycat Dolls, which makes perfect sense.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 June 19, 2016

      Keri can tell all the “truth” she wants. Telling the “truth” and coming for Bey, Ciara, or the P**** Cat Dolls ended her career. So continue to d*** ride Keri, she is a has been!

      • Mark111 /.\ June 19, 2016

        What did it end? She had hits after this song’s remix. You dumb pest always think that you ended someone. Can Beyonce put her stage at the END of the stadium and not at the fieldgoal kicker mark?

    • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

      That little line has had the h/I/v seething for years kiii

      Iconic line

      • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 June 19, 2016

        Yep and Keri has been seething in her grave for 7yrs and counting. Meanwhile Bey has never acknowledged her and never will.

        Keri Hilson 2008-2009

      • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

        You hives are so delusional kiii to think you ended anything. Plus like people have said like two or three times in this post.. She had hits AFTER this song so why would you think a group of flaming homosexuals or your illiterate Queen ended anything?

      • Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave The Dumbfuckery At The Door ~ Tyler June 19, 2016

        @Koon Qween
        What happened to Skeri’s singing career? Why has she resorted to making trap songs with Young Thug?

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 June 19, 2016


      I’m delusional yet her career has been dead for how many years? The fact you the ONLY Keri is commendable and hilarious all in one. Only reason why Strech Mark 111 is consigning is because he dislike Bey. He don’t claim Keri either!

      • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

        Maybe he’s a casual music listener ? Everyone’s not bitter like you

      • Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave The Dumbfuckery At The Door ~ Tyler June 19, 2016

        @Koon Qween
        Casual listener? Girl Bye! The only person listening to Skeri, in 2016, is you.

      • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

        You’re so bitter Tyra. I hope your mother gave you a hug today because I know you don’t know your father.

      • Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave The Dumbfuckery At The Door ~ Tyler June 19, 2016

        You don’t know your father! Your group home is about to report you missing.

    • Credits June 19, 2016

      Elaborate on the pussycat doll part…she collaborated with and out-sang Nicole on Timbaland’s ‘scream.’

  12. Mark111 /.\ June 19, 2016

    And another thing, I didn’t get an Aaliyah vibe from her at ALL. Looks wises she was in between Ciara and Rihanna, but her voice and artistry was like no other. They just didn’t know how to market her.If anyone to took her spot is Sevyn Streeter.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 June 19, 2016

      Keri was not thinking about no talent Rihanna. You guys stay trying to make Rihanna the girl everybody wants to bed! I

  13. Mark111 /.\ June 19, 2016

    When she stop writing for Ciara, CiCi been a flop ever since. I didn’t know Keri was apart of the writing team, The Clutch.

    • SSurprise..(DEC 2013) June 19, 2016

      True, but know KERI is done.

    • SSurprise..(DEC 2013) June 19, 2016


  14. Kitty Puurrzz June 19, 2016

    Im so ready for new Keri tunes !

  15. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? June 19, 2016

    Yes! I’m so ready for Ms. Keri Baby to serve another “Intuition” and “Lose Control”. Gosh, why is she taking so damn long to send another bop to radio. We need her back IMMEDIATELY!

    • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

      I know right kinda wish shed speed it up and send a hot track out for the summer

    • SSurprise..(DEC 2013) June 19, 2016

      That makes u the only person excited for her return, everyone else is to busy watching paint dry on Beyonce’s grammy wall.

  16. Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave The Dumbfuckery At The Door ~ Tyler June 19, 2016

    @Koon Qween
    Don’t take your anger out on Bey! Skeri put a nail in her own casket.
    She’s a messy b****, which is why she was blackballed. Telling someone at the height of their career that they “need to sit down and have some babies” produces nothing but negativity and spite.

    • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

      How was she blackballed she has hits after this song you FOOL. I’m not angry the h/I/v is the ones trying to insert yourselves and your dumb ass favorite into everything. Keri doesn’t care about her and neither do I get over it

      • Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave The Dumbfuckery At The Door ~ Tyler June 19, 2016

        Skeri Hilson’s career has been null and void for the past 7 YEARS ya dumb f***. Beyonce’s touring the world. Meanwhile, Skeri Hilson is somewhere being an extra selling fish plates backstage, right along with OffKey Cole

  17. BEY>RIH June 19, 2016

    @Keriq**** Beyoncè in 08’/09′ had If I Were a Boy which peaked at #3 on the hot 100 and the top ten of 30 different countries. It sold over 6 million copies WW. She followed up with #1 song Single Ladies which has one of the most iconic videos in pop music, and it sold 10 million copies WW. She then followed with Halo which peaked at #5 and peaked in the top ten of 28 countries. It also sold 10 million copies WW. IASF the album sold 8 million copies WW (more than any rih or keri album) Thats 34 million records alone which eclipses Keri Wilson’s career. Just thought you wanted to know…. ☺️

    • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

      And none of her albums or singles have been as successful since then. So she’s a has been too i guess.

    • HailBeysus June 19, 2016

      Girl the I Am era SOLD 44,300,000 record’s alone! Add in Telephones sales and that’s an additional 7.6m sales lol!! So her whole Am Era SOLD 51.9m record’s. That doesn’t even include the Above And Beyoncé dance remixes and I Am World Tour Live Soundtrack plus the DVD sales LMFAOOOO!!!!

  18. BEY>RIH June 19, 2016

    Don’t know why this flop bitxh felt the need to diss an artist who at the time was transcending into a pop icon and was at their commercial peak. That is literally career-suicide. ??

    Sad because she could be on the level of K. Michelle or Tinashe today… ?

    • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

      20+ years into her career and your fave still isnt considered a legend just a fake ass wanna be Michael Jackson without the talent. Since were talking levels that’s a level she wants to so desperately be on but never will be. So kill the delusional avi kiii

      • Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave The Dumbfuckery At The Door ~ Tyler June 19, 2016

        10+ years into your faves career and she isn’t even on the same level of Tinashe or Selena Gomez. You’re honestly trying to shade Beyonce in defense of KeriMyBags FLOPson. Do you realize how rihtarded you look lol? Are you finished or are you done!??

    • Credits June 19, 2016

      @Bey>Rih, are you delusional? Although Tinashe’s album is good, minus those dance/pop singles she put out, she does not have a level! Not yet. Nothing k.michelle has done can compare to in a perfect world or the no boys allowed era.

  19. Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave The Dumbfuckery At The Door ~ Tyler June 19, 2016

    DEATH @ Marsha trying to compare Knock You Down to Sorry, a song that was released damn year 10 years later. Boy bye! Single Ladies was released at around the same damn time and outpeaked it.
    You’re just hating on LemonSLAYED because its a commercial success and platinum in PURE SALES, which is something that STREAMti could never do.

  20. Mark111 /.\ June 19, 2016

    Keri Qween says:

    You’re so bitter Tyra. I hope your mother gave you a hug today because I know you don’t know your father.
    And that’s the comment of all comments. You know those sissy pest don’t have a male role model in their mama’s house (that they still stay in), why you think they hate women so much? BC they thick they’re Beyonce. lol, how strange?

    • Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave The Dumbfuckery At The Door ~ Tyler June 19, 2016

      Don’t make me have to snatch your soft ass out of the closet, AGAIN!

    • Keri Qween June 19, 2016


      You can tell these flaming f*** didn’t get any attention at home . they hate anyone and anything that’s not their thieving fave

  21. Mark111 /.\ June 19, 2016

    And Anti is 2 x platinum, PERIOD. Something jar of p*** has yet to do.

    • Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave The Dumbfuckery At The Door ~ Tyler June 19, 2016

      STREAMti hasn’t even sold 500k in the U.S. sit your lying ass down.

    • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

      And Views is too. Ooppps. When will Yonce? The hive has been seething over both albums and both artists’ success for months. Theyre so insecure.

      • Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave The Dumbfuckery At The Door ~ Tyler June 19, 2016

        Where’s Keri’s mixtape? The blacklist is that way>>>>>>>

  22. B_Roni June 19, 2016

    Whoever said this was her highest charting and most successful song clearly dissent research knock you down, pretty girl rock, or I Like. People want this woman to fail so bad but she still making money. I have a friend like this who talks about Bey in a negative way but is 33 years old and still working at Church’s chicken making 7.75 an hour with nothing but ramen noodles in her cabinet. It’s sad.

    • B_Roni June 19, 2016


  23. Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave The Dumbfuckery At The Door ~ Tyler June 19, 2016

    Lemonade sold more copies in one day that STREAMi did in its first week, with NO HELP from SamSung.

    • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

      But Rihanna gifted a million copies of her album to her loyal navy while your fave uses fake marriage issues to create controversy to her dumb fans to sell.

      • Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave The Dumbfuckery At The Door ~ Tyler June 19, 2016

        You always got them f****** excuse! 4 was leaked a MONTH prior to its release and had better opening numbers than STREAMti. Pon De Forehead has been using her SITUATIONship with Bobby Beige to stir up controversy for YEARS. Know your place Skeri Stan.

      • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

        Yes and she used her pregnancy brilliantly to garner sales. Always a gimmic since then instead of letting the music speak for itself.

  24. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? June 19, 2016

    @Keri Qween, Ughh! I miss seeing your comments on here. PLEASE don’t take such a long break from the website anymore. You have no idea how loved and respected your opinion is on here. Stay with us a little longer, sis. We NEED your comments.

    • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

      Aww thanks

    • BEY>RIH June 19, 2016

      Don’t lie to that bitxh… You stan for a dumb-flop b**** @keriqween/molly

  25. Stephy June 19, 2016

    She’s a pretty & talented woman. I don’t see why her fans are even trying it with the HIVE tho. She never really was any real competition for Beyonka. Her commercial success is very mediocre. Don’t nobody really know or check for her. And, PGR didn’t even scan Gold, the single sold 1 mill tho. But, overall, she’s a flop. Decent songwriter with a beautiful face/body. Vocally & musically, she’s take it or leave it, period.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 June 19, 2016

      Perfect way to sum up her career

  26. King B June 19, 2016

    Didnt she debuted in 2007/8? Poor her. still no number one single. She and “Queen of Urban Pop” has a lot of things in common. No number one album, no Grammy,local, no highest grossing tours. In my opinion, Aaliyah is the most overrated artist on earth, because her fans thought she rules the world with her 5? or 2 top ten hits. Now the Keri only stan in this site is doing the same too. Bragging about he 2 top tens (feature other artist, she only sings chorus) and her songwriting, too bad, literally every artist is running to Sia to write a song for them and not this girl. Where is her new album? Oh BTW, Beyoncé had 16 top tens. She has countless gold, platinum and multi platinum singles. She’s one of the best selling digital artist in US and UK. I bet Mark and Keri Kween dont know what UK is cuz their fav are major flop there.

    • Keri Qween June 19, 2016

      Thankfully no one cares what you delusional f*** think.

  27. King B June 19, 2016

    I love how Sia, the SONGWRITER, slaying the charts with her singles(cheap thrills) and her album is doing well in UK. Unlike the other songwriter, she’s too scared to release an album. First week: 10k. The dragging will be epic when the first week sales released. CANT WAIT. 1000 Forms of Fear (96 weeks), something the featured artist will never achieve in her short lived career. This album is still charting in UK.

  28. Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) June 19, 2016

    This Keri stan actually has the nerve to come for Bey and Nicki when all she has is a gold album and 3 songs, i can’t @ the delusion

  29. HailBeysus June 19, 2016

    Kiiii the lashings in this post tho!!! ?☕?☕?☕??????

  30. BRK ? June 19, 2016

    IDK HER ?

  31. Rih Up June 19, 2016

    LOL @ you guy’s and girls dragging Keri Toucan Sam Hilson.

    Every time I see that Keri stan, I automatically burst out laughing, I can’t lol

  32. MusicFan103 June 19, 2016

    You all are so damn fvcking annoying. Why TF is “Bey” written here over 40 times. And “Rih” over 10 times.

    Stick to the topic at hand. Damn!

    I wanted to read what people thought of this but the stupid stan wars are on 100 up in here. Get a damn life.

    Now my piece, Keri Hilson was mediocre. All of these songwriters think they can be as big as the celebs they write for. There are countless examples. I mean Ester Dean is sick with a pen, but look where her solo career went. I mean WTF was “Twerkin For The Burkin” da fauk! I did like the collaboration with CB, “Drop It Low.”

    Then you have the others like Ne-Yo who has some success and even crossed over into Pop territory and fame for s bit, but now is struggling. The-Dream had some R&B success in the Urban world. And there are others who completely failed.

    I don’t get it, you make the most money as a writer, why not keep your privacy and just do that!? Sometimes you just are not meant for the stage, froth and center.

    That said I have loved some Keri songs like “Alienated,” the demo of “Return The Favor,” and “Lose Control.” The issue I see with Keri the artist is she didn’t have her own lane. It was like she was a hybrid of other artists, many of which people already named in here so many times. I do think she waited WAY too damn long to come back successfully, I mean she already by some would be called old too for the industry. We shall see though in time, well if she finally releases.

    • Credits June 19, 2016

      You know your sh*t! And I’m with you when you say you are tired of the stand wars! You just mentioned the return the favor demo…”love me and I’ll love you back” I guess she had to dumb it down and make it more repetitive for the masses. I agree with you to some extent about her musical identity. She lost it on No boys allowed with the generic songs like ‘lose control’ and ‘ bahm bahm.’ Ironically, Keri’s identity came through most on the interludes ‘let me down’ and ‘I want you,’ I wish they were full songs. But she definitely had her own sound on in a perfect world with songs like ‘where did he go’ ‘alienated’ ‘hurts me’ and the songs that didn’t make the cut ‘love ya’ and ‘mic check.’ They have that cold feeling where I think keri shines. Listen to ‘after love’ with diddy and ‘wrong when you’re gone’ the j.lo demo.

      • MusicFan103 June 20, 2016

        It really sucks she dumbed it down for the masses, which most likely was the case to be more EDM at the moment, but the demo KILLED the album version (“RTF”).

        I really loved the “Let Me Down” interlude and I did wish it was a full song, just the like Danity Kane debut album interludes which were killer! I will need to listen to the second one you mentioned.

        Yeah despite me liking “Lose Control” I can see how it could be seen as generic. I mean its clear as day that was written by Ester Dean with the Rihanna type of mind or hit as their goal or maybe a Rih-ject. LOL

        I am listening to “Where Did He Go,” I have heard this before, probably when I reviewed the album, its not a bad song. It reminds me almost like a Part II of “Alienated” which was my song, I love that Cory Bold beat. Killer!

        Also thanks for the complement! 😀

    • Credits June 20, 2016

      “I want you” comes in before “bahm bahm” ends, right before “one night stand”

  33. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyi June 19, 2016

    She has had a nice album No boys allowed & I don’t think she will come out with new music this year maybe she will do more acting in movie of small role

  34. JohnnyGillNicoleScherzingerBrianMcKnightFan#SupportRealMusic June 20, 2016

    Keri can’t sing, she should just write songs.

  35. JohnnyGillNicoleScherzingerBrianMcKnightFan#SupportRealMusic June 20, 2016

    Imo Keri just a low-talent version of Keyshia Cole. Keri wanted to be Keyshia so bad. Too bad Keri’s voice is too squeaky and nasal.

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