Lady Gaga Talks ‘Telephone’ Continuation, Taylor, Madonna, ‘ARTPOP,’ New Album, & More

Published: Monday 12th Sep 2016 by Sam

It’s been 7 years since ‘Telephone’ united two of music’s most towering titans. Yet, with each new Lady Gaga album comes fresh questions about re-teaming with Beyonce for a part 2.

Such was the case during today’s press run for comeback cut ‘Perfect Illusion.’

While speaking with Andy Cohen on SiriusXM’s Andy Radio, Mother Monster updated on a ‘Telephone’ extension with Honey Bey. She also spoke on Madonna, ex Taylor Kinney, the underperformance of ‘ARTPOP,’ and much more.

On ‘Telephone’ Continuation

I don’t know yet if it’s going to be part of this record.

On ‘Perfect Illusion’ Not Being About Taylor Kinney

I love Taylor so so much. This song is not against Taylor. He’s my best friend.

On Album Release Date

Definitely before the end of the year, but we’re not saying when…yet.

On Madonna’s Recent Hinting At A Collaboration Of Sorts

There aren’t any plans.


Sometimes you put out a record that not everybody likes. I think for me ARTPOP was another learning experience.

Listen to the full interview here…

Elsewhere on her radio run, the 30-year-old confirmed collaborations with Florence Welch on female anthem ‘Hey Girl’ and Beck.

We’re not holding out much hope for that ‘Telephone’ extension given that she’s heavily alluded that the album is done already. Could she be waiting on a feature or simply keeping hope alive strategically?

Time will tell.

Until then, re-live this slay…

Your thoughts?

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  1. pat September 12, 2016

    Bey’s over exposed and gaga is working her way back up so the cool factor of a Telephone continuation is no longer there.

    • Career Ender September 12, 2016

      You really live up to your name paTRASHya!

      • howwrongtheyare September 12, 2016

        You live up to your name Ca RearEnd er or Asshole, this person was given an honest opinon

    • JluvI September 13, 2016

      I can’t do nothing but agree with you???

  2. Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? September 12, 2016

    Perfect Illusion is free falling from the I Tunes chart ?

    • Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch September 12, 2016

      What # is at right now?

      • SMH September 12, 2016

        #4. So the term ‘free falling; is a desperate reach.

    • Kris September 12, 2016

      To me, that’s quite a stumble to have not been out longer than week. Think she should hang up it up and join Ciara bleachers. Music is just not their lane anymore. No ones interested.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

      LOL And why do you care so much? These people living through some talented artists´ chart positions when they don´t even like those artists kill me. Of course not a word on this greatly talented singer and songwriters doing collabs with other REAL musicians like Beck and Florence I see… 🙂 Pretty appalling.

  3. Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch September 12, 2016

    I honestly feel like Artpop wasn’t a bad album Born this way was the tragic one which made me fallback from her.

    • Meme September 12, 2016

      I honestly agree. I don’t see what was wrong with pop art. I feel it was more in line with the music that made us fall in love with Gaga than born this ways

      • Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch September 12, 2016

        Exactly artpop had bops like DWUW, Sexxx dreams, Gypsy , and Mary Jane Holland.. Born this way sounded like construction noise and don’t get me started on that trashy single Judas.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

      What do you know about music when you stan for SELENA Jimenez? (Hope I got her name right). Born this way wa sher best body of work overall. But I agree Artpop had the elements to be liked by people like you with really catchy pop songs (at leats half of it). But somehow, the same haters continued to hate on it and her no matter what.

  4. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 12, 2016

    Oooh I can’t wait to hear her voice blended with Florence Welch, and I’m looking forward to see what she creates this time around. Personally, I liked Artpop as Jewels & Drugs is still on my workout list til this day. When it comes to this new record though, I don’t think the general public cares anymore about her. As I have stated before, she killed pop music. Her high school, drama department, halloween costumes became more of the spectacle than the actual music. Simply, her music needs to be great but more importantly different and inventive. I for one love Perfect Illusion, but she needs to continue with something even more daring and expressive. Good luck Gaga

    • Ilovemusic September 12, 2016

      Jewels and Drugs is my song. Def on my workout playlist also.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

      I still don´t understand how you get to the conclusion that Lady Gaga killed pop. I mean, it makes zero sense. Isn´t Rihanna in that pop world as we speak? Sure pop didn´t disappear then 🙂 But I´m glad you have nice words for a super talented artists.

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 12, 2016

        She did kill pop music. Over the top dramatics of costumes with hundreds of background dancers don’t excite the general public anymore. No one is doing choreography on a mass scale anymore as it’s seen as cliche. Even Beyonce’s Lemonade doesn’t contain any major dance segments outside of Formation. Furthermore, all of the mainstream music now is either EDM/house or hip-hop and now island not pop. She was the last artist to actually have pop music. Katy Perry’s only successful song from her last album was a hip-hop, and T-Swift is only successful as a pop artist as she’s seen as appropriate for suburban middle schoolers. Simply put, pop music is dead.

      • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

        Sorry but your arguments makes zero sense. So she was so big (bigger than Rihanan has ever been, yes 🙂 ) while she was doing coreos that now nobody wants to see coreos with a lot of dances? What are you talking about? Are you forgetting Beyonce who pretty much is the most successful female in music atm and her very frequent coreos with all those of her female dancers? Boy, Rihanna not doing any coreo (or any other thing for that matter) doesn´t mean the world is over that.
        Pop music is dead but R&B is sooo alive sales wise, right? Seriously. Just leave it.

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 12, 2016

        First, why does every argument of yours begin with Rihanna. I’m not talking about her; I’m spending time talking about your fave so pay attention and stay focused. Second, you further prove of how devoid you are in the state of modern music. NONE of the major acts of 2016, from Rih, Drake, Bey, or Adele, were pop. The closest thing is Justin Bieber and his entire album was some blue-eyed R&B. Talking to music with you is like discussing music with my dead grandpa. Furthermore, did you watch Lemonade? There are no grandiose dance sequences outside of Formation. Artists in 2016 are looking for other means to show their artistic expression. Here’s a bite, educate yourself

      • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

        Hmm… because YOU´re a Rihanna stan. I don´t any any education. Saying POP is dead is RETARDED. You are the one saying things like Rihanna is bigger than what madonna has ever been and that Rihanna has similar stage presence to Janis Joplin. Not me. Pop is not dead, no genre is dead. R&B is sadly way more dead than pop if anything (look at the sales). You are manipulating people´s arguments as always. You said nobody is here for dance routines anymore because of Gaga, which is retarded. I´m sorry to be this clear. So what if Beyonce is not releasing those many danceable songs? She´s clearly going for concept albums and for grwoing as an artist, her last 3 albums have been her best efforst artistically. And? Haven´t you seen her dancing with all her female dancers everywhere lately as always? Yes you have, and she does it in her tours and everywhere. She´s the biggest female star right now and her tours are the biggest and you know what? She dances like that in all of those concerts. Now give it a rest. Maybe the ones that ahve killed pop have been the low standards the industry and public have allowed, which have made room for mediocrity like Mylie Cyrus, Katy Perry, Ariana, Rihanna…

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 12, 2016

        This is my last comment to you on this thread, because I refuse to throw my pearls before swine. Having a discussion with you is like talking about world affairs to a five year old, except 50 year older, where you possess no critical thinking skills whatsoever. First and foremost, you’re on every Rihanna post demeaning her, but the funny thing is we’re on a post about Gaga and the sliver of hope she has in saving this thing she calls her career. Meanwhile, Rih just surpassed records held by Michael Jackson. Sure, you may not like her, as that is your right, but why the obsessive nature where you’re talking about Rih and I’m not? I thought I was the stan. Say what you want, but accumulating 14 #1 hits in 10 years is nothing short of formidable, but Gaga out here begging people to listen to her comeback single. Furthermore as Rihanna was not apart of MY analysis whatsoever, you show your lack of analytical skills. You claim that pop music sells whereas R&B doesn’t, but by such failed logic, hip-hop should be nothing more than BET videos. Hip-hop is the lowest selling genre of music in traditional album sells, yet it is now scientifically proven to be bigger than rock n’ roll (don’t argue with me actually use the internet you have to conduct research) with a worldwide mass influence and appeal. Lastly, before you ever decide to reply to one of my comments, take the time to conduct research and possess some knowledge outside of your own understanding. Unitl then, I’m guessing you’re one of the people crying about their fake degree from ITT Tech #Deuces

      • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

        Boy you have been looking down on Gaga for many weeks now and saying that absurd thing that she killed pop. I´m only reacting to your stupidity. So don´t act all nice now. Please stop assuming people who love REAL talent are old. Just doesn´t work like that. Worst thing is you think you are giving amazing arguments but truth is you think Rihanna is bigger than what Madonna has ever been. Says it all. It´s that easy. Gaga has already proved she can have a career without even releasing an album, because she has the talent to do other things and be admired for her talent alone. So stop that comparison cause nobody takes seriously those supposedly great Rihanna achievements singles wise. If you think anybody buys she´s on Michael Jackson´s level, or Madonna´s or Mariah´s you´re crazy. Rihanna better keep staying “current” and releasing 7 singles per year. I congratulate her for that (he rteam I mean), cause we know it will all end the moment her singles don´t chart (you could see an advance of that last year). I promise I´ll try to ignore your comments coming for talented artists though (while stanning for Rihanna, like I cannot conceive it), cause this is repetitive. Peace.

  5. Meme September 12, 2016

    Let it go. No one is here for Gaga + Beyonce. It was one of those collabs that should have never happened. They are too difference. Although I love the telephone video and seems extremely forced.

    • Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch September 12, 2016

      True tea no ones checking for that continuation

      • Career Ender September 12, 2016

        and the charts + music shop tellers aren’t here for gogo gomez

    • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

      Why should that collab never have happened? Are you mistaking it with that atrocity that was Rihanna and Britney´s collabo in a desperate attempt to get yet another appalling #1 hit? The Beyonce+Gaga collabo wasn´t great, but the Gaga+Beyonce collabo (Telephone) was damn great for what it was. The video is HUGE, and they deliver cause they can actually perform. Even the news took notice of the release of that video. I remember perfectly. Have never seen that for any Rihanna release 🙂

  6. Suicide Blonde September 12, 2016

    “Telephone” is so overrated, it’s an horrible song, for me is one of the songs that ruined “The Fame Monster” as a whole body of work. How can you put ‘Telephone’, ‘Teeth’, ‘Monster’ and ‘Alejandro’ next to ‘Bad Romance’, ‘Dance in the Dark’, ‘So Happy I Could Die’ and ‘Speechless’, that was a crime to pop music, that ep could have been a masterpiece, if she would have worked on similar songs instead of putting there those fillers or she should have waited a little bit more and put ‘Bad Romance’ and the others in “Born this Way”, that would have been epic.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

      Yes it´s one of her worst songs and she has said that if I´m not mistaken. But the collab itself was great. Video and two artists of that caliber. Was pretty epic (at least epic for the times we are living in). Cannot believe she has collaborated with those other two amazing musicians, Beck and Florence!!!!

    • Career Ender September 12, 2016

      Keep Alejandro away from your dirty hooves Lol

  7. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 12, 2016

    I just realized that Rihanna, Beyonce, and Gaga all have singles out this fourth quarter. Love On the Brain vs. Hold Up vs. Perfect Illusion, and the thing is that I love ALL three songs. So, it will be a battle of the divas. May the odds ever be in your fave’s favor…

    • Career Ender September 12, 2016

      Love on The Brain will Flop like KIB
      Gaga might get a top 20 and if luck a top ten then follow Britneys Single to the abyss
      Beyoncé’s song will hardly make impact
      non new
      ANTISuccess will continue to tank and chart based on streams only
      Gaga will sell decently
      Lemonade will continue to sell

      • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

        Career Ender
        Boy I have been loving your comments for a while now. Maybe I didn´t pay attention to you before or something.

      • Career Ender September 12, 2016

        We may have not seen each other eye to eye in the past years
        I’m not that bad or delusional Lol

  8. #JACKIE September 12, 2016

    Telephone was such a lame song. Does anyone even remember that s***?

    • Side to Side Hunny September 12, 2016

      F*g does anyone remember ciara?

      • #JACKIE September 12, 2016

        Obviously YOU do, shittÿ bottom bih.

      • Side to Side Hunny September 12, 2016

        Ok, so that’s one person 🙁 congratulations on being the biggest idiot here f*g.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

      People definitely remember the video. Which was the great thing about it. About the song, it is as remembered as aalmost any other average pop release by these girls these last few years.

  9. Meteorite September 12, 2016

    For anyone who has listened to Florence and the Machine, will know that Florence has a very distinct voice that is heavy, and her vibrato is like rapid fire…I could be be wrong but I don’t think this duet will be any good?

    • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

      Who cares. Both are damn talented.

  10. LOL September 12, 2016


    • Career Ender September 12, 2016

      riddle me why yo girl Basic Fenty perfomed 4times on VMAs and her album still bunjee jumped on the charts?

    • Ilovemusic September 12, 2016

      Wasn’t Formation #10?

    • Rosie September 12, 2016

      So why is Fad struggling to outsell 6 Inch’s first week sales (99K)?
      Clearly it’s the opposite way around?

  11. Career Ender September 12, 2016

    no shade but I don’t think Beyoncé will be here for another collab with Gaga

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 12, 2016

      Nope. Yonce is far beyond her pay grade. She better call Ariana Grande

      • Career Ender September 12, 2016

        people who are beyond their pay grade don’t be getting called by VMAs and Emmys etc. to grace their stage
        oh well , your girl expired already before 30
        she performed 4 faken times at VMAs and samg her legion of #1s and her unsuccessful album tanked instead!!!!!!!!
        flop dumb a$s h** with broke dumb fans! !!!

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 12, 2016

        I said that Yonce is beyond Gaga’s pay grade at this point in her career. Man you have NO comprehensive skills whatsoever. Go to your local community college stat!

      • Career Ender September 12, 2016

        oh well I misread that sorry
        anyway you know for being super saiyan 3 delusional anyways

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 12, 2016

        Well what can I say, crazy recognizes crazy

    • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

      It depends. At this point no. But she didn´t have a problem during those days. You know what I mean. If somehow in a few years Beyonce is having trouble selling she´ll agree to do it no problem. That´s how this thing works and I´ve seen it happening many times. Music industry.

      • Career Ender September 12, 2016

        like Brandy and Monica?
        I juat don’t see it happening, they’ve already worked together 2 times ….TWO JOHN TWO!!!
        I just don’t think Beyoncé will do it , she’s ao petty when it comes to features
        she even harldy worked with Kanye West and they were very close

      • Paulo September 12, 2016

        She hardly worked with Kanye?
        err Ego remix?
        See me now?
        Lift Off?

      • Career Ender September 12, 2016

        @Shut up Paulo
        Beyonce and Kanye dont have a full proper song just the 2 of them only
        Anyway its nice to see you back eversince I dragged you through Amazon river in 2015

      • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

        I also agree it is highly unlikely to happen, like ever. And they seem to go in very different directions. But never say never.

      • LmfaoHoe September 12, 2016

        Nah @ Career Bey had hik on the remix to Drunk In Love.

  12. Jamon September 12, 2016

    Sam, could you please for us on the artist and not try to find a way to mention Beyonce. Out of all the GAGA pictures out, you put one up with Beyonce in it. Beyonce has enough exposure (no hate on Beyonce). Good luck to Gaga this Era. I hope she releases another single before her album comes out, I’m not too excited about Perfect Illusion!!

    • Jamon September 12, 2016

      *focus on the artist

    • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

      It´s Sam… 🙂

  13. JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

    Are you kidding me? Florence and Beck? WOW I´m glad she´s not willing to renounce to her desire of doing what she wants just to get the right single for the masses. At this point where the hate is just incomprehensible, it may not work anyway if she did that. So she´s going for the route of making the music she feels like doing and collaborating with the other amazing talents out there. Best decision she could make at this point. And I love it.

  14. Career Ender September 12, 2016

    any commenter who know any 5 basic gomez songs?
    okay , how avout at least one????
    still no?????

    • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

      I thought she was Jimenez or something (in my best Mariah voice 🙂 ).

  15. Career Ender September 12, 2016

    I’ve seen many stans since 2011 who were evil in these streets, but once their fav flop they go into hiding

    • America’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler September 12, 2016

      Or they decide to switch Stan bases. Like the ratchet maiden for example *sips cuervo with no chaser *

      • JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2016

        Yes bandwagoning is so damn real. There will be more big switches in upcoming years no doubt. Nobody stays in their 20s or early 30s forever and when that happens singles success goes away yes or yes 🙂

      • America’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler September 12, 2016

        Kii Did Ciara ever have singles success in her 20’s tho kii???? Dont recall too much of it. Probably why flippidy flop flip flopper was so quick to jump on Selena Gonzalez’s bandwagon lmao.

  16. Blue Ivy Rod September 12, 2016

    The song and video was stupid, the dancing was below average and these two didn’t have much chemistry. I hope they don’t collab for part 2 of that mess.

    Beyonce at this point in her career and music probably wouldn’t fit Gaga anywhere on her albums not saying Gaga isn’t talented enough Its just her sound probably wouldn’t mesh well.

    Gaga needs to focus on her, make a RADIO FRIENDLY single that NON fans will eat up and slay the stage, she will be fine after that

  17. The kpop guy, Matt ~ September 12, 2016

    I am here for it. The story they told was great and deserves a sequel.

    And @ me when Selena Gizmo does something in her career that’s impactful. And no, wizards of Waverly place doesn’t count when it was over shadowed by Hannah montanna. Dating Justin bieber isn’t impactful either

  18. The kpop guy, Matt ~ September 12, 2016

    As for Perfect Illusion, I was in love with it. I bought it, I listened to it on repeat a few times but now I can only listen to it when i’m drank.

    Queen, call your girl Kunty and ask her to dumb down your music so that your second single can be payola ready for radio

  19. Rosie September 12, 2016

    Clearly she didn’t learn from that experience. How the f*** do you get the person solely responsible for this masterpiece and make such complete trash (critics agree, PI is getting panned)

    • The kpop guy, Matt ~ September 12, 2016

      She’s been sipping some of Lana’s #UltraVodka. She was DRUUUNK like your fave when she recorded it.

      • Rosie September 12, 2016

        Ultraviolence was critically acclaimed and is certified gold, neither of which Fad’s next album will achieve (even Honeymoon got the first part).

  20. Mar September 12, 2016

    Honestly, truly… I dont think shes learned from Artpop if “Perfect Illusion” is any indication. And to be honest Artpop wasn’t all bad. The problem that Gaga has had is imaging/marketing. I get that shes different but this industry is still a business first. The Fame era was the perfect way to commercialize herself without compromising too far. I wish that she would have continued to build off that persona without going soo far left. Without a doubt Lady GaGa is one of the most talented individuals across all fields in entertainment.

  21. B2B September 13, 2016

    NEW USHER!!!!!

  22. Nowqd Reddish trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 13, 2016

    If she do telephone part 2 then it awesome

  23. Paulo September 13, 2016

    First of all… DEAD @ someone using my name to comment. girl, bye.

  24. Paulo September 13, 2016

    back on topic… hmmm EVERYONE would be here for Telephone Pt II. GaGa is a fool for promising s*** she won’t back up later. but we need that type of slayage again in Pop music… first time I saw Bey and her dancing together I got shivers and cried a bit cause I knew I was witnessing music history being made. that was one iconic video.

    and I CAN’T @ GaGa pretending she ain’t shading her ex lmao have a seat, girl, you weren’t crying your ass on Snapchat for nothing

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