Miley Cyrus Slams Mariah Carey: “I’ve Never Been A Fan”

Published: Tuesday 27th Sep 2016 by Sam

In recent years, Miley Cyrus has unleashed her tongue in more ways than one.

Nowadays she’s all sorts of liberated and, in a recent interview, lightly lashed Mariah Carey.

See what we mean below…

Plugging her current stint on The Voice, she took aim at Mimi – a woman largely hailed for being one of the greatest voices. Her reasons?

Carey’s apparent indulgence in self.

Peep an excerpt from her talk with Elle:

Miley also explains a comment she made to a contestant about how not everyone can be Mariah Carey. She said “I’ve never really been a fan, because it’s so much about Mariah Carey. That’s part of her shtick; I can see through that.”
According to Miley, what makes her different from the ~elusive chanteuse~ is Mariah has always been “about what she’s wearing, and it’s about her. What I make isn’t about me. It’s about sharing my story; it’s about someone being connected to what I’m saying.” [Source]

Sure Mariah has questionable antics, but something feels quite unsavoury about “Miley Cyrus” being the one to spotlight a legend’s shortcomings.

Ms. Cyrus has yet to prove herself as anything other than tabloid fodder with a few fleeting hits.

Perhaps she should channel her tongue and time into conjuring up material that ensures she’s remembered for more than stiff twerking and cultural appropriation.

Your thoughts?

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  1. christinastherealtalent September 27, 2016

    Ooooooohhh Miley! I’m here for the epic sh*t about to go down between these two! #getherMariah

    • Gabe September 27, 2016

      Mariah. Whitney. Celine. Madonna. Aretha. Those are icons these girls have no respect and coming from a little WHITE bit ch with ZERO talent and built like a boy. MILEY HAVE SEVERAL SEATS H**.

      • LmfaoHoe September 27, 2016

        No the f*** Miley didn’t just come for MIMI, all joke aside including stan wars, Mariah musical catalog has helped lives including myself and my mother. Such songs like Anytime You need a friend, The Wind, Peatals One Sweet Day, Hero, Fly Like A Bird, Vanishing, If Its Over, Love Takes Time, Butterfly, Forever, Sent From Above, Vulnerable interlude ect. are heart wrenching songs and have inspired lives. Somebody better get this b**** checked before I do !

      • LMAOOO September 27, 2016

        Mariah doesn’t even bother anybody she just makes music and minds her business. People need to stop using her for press cause say what you want MC still gets press !!!

      • Cbeylive September 27, 2016

        Built like a boy??? Aren’t you a boy?

      • Danzou September 27, 2016

        No not celine or madonna they are white people so fck them, all white people are scum!

        They are just white trash who stole the black sound, they’re one of the many reasons why I can’t stand white people!

        Blacks are better at everything it’s just a fact.

      • Danzou September 27, 2016

        It’s me and yes blacks are just better. I can’t stand white people always stealing our craft and putting it as their own. We created rock, rap, r&b, and the whites took all of it. The best selling rapper is a white scumbag. And then these white girls trying to sing r&b when they don’t know the true origins or r&b cause us blacks created it. We created music period. Whites shouldn’t even be able to make music, we should do what they did to us. They wouldn’t let us sit in the front of the bus, so we should not let them do music since we created it. We blacks need to distance ourselves from whites period. They’re out to get us. The white officers are always looking for a reason to pull us over and bring us to jail. We never even do anything wrong, we don’t bother anybody. We stay to ourselves but the whites think they can come hang us. No, you can’t hang with us, us real nigas don’t associate with lame white people!

    • Hi Hater! September 27, 2016

      Danzou you are scum and believe me you will be going straight to hell where you belong with your black soul what is full of bitterness and hate, and all because some white boy turned you down for been ugly. You get very brave hiding behind a keyboard why don’t you share your Facebook name with us and show everyone how much of a brave black boy you are.

      • Hmmm… September 27, 2016

        That’s not Danzou…

  2. Thayne September 27, 2016

    “My music isn’t about me, it’s about my story” YOUR story is about YOU therefore YOUR music is about YOU. What a dumb twat. Her whole career is about what she wears And her antics.dont come for the legand, Hannah Montana!

    • Thayne September 27, 2016

      “My music isn’t about me, it’s about my story” YOUR story is about YOU therefore YOUR music is about YOU. What a dumb tw@t. Her whole career is about what she wears And her antics.dont come for the legand, Hannah Montana!

    • Cbeylive September 27, 2016

      The quote is actually “it’s about sharing my story”

  3. Shae September 27, 2016


  4. 1mcluver September 27, 2016

    i guess that salvia has really gotten to her

    • Kris September 27, 2016

      Ok! That’s what it is becahse my brain was having a hard time processing what she said….

  5. I can’t September 27, 2016

    Lmaoooo, I’ve never rolled my eyes so hard. This dumb broad thinks waaayyyy too highly of herself. Have several seats. DON’T EVER PLAY YOURSELF!!! *in my Khalid voice*

    • I can’t September 27, 2016

      Khaled iphone, Khaleeeeddd. With an E. Don’t play yourself.

  6. Josh September 27, 2016

    As a fan of Mariah, it’s disturbing to see so many artists attacking her from out of the blue. Don’t give a s*** about her, and she won’t give a s*** about you Miley

  7. #TeamTinashe Stan September 27, 2016

    Sam you better drag it before I get to it.

    Who does this syphilis tongue hanging low down dirty ex disney smut think she is? I’m sorry but why the hell would you call out the ICON(whom I don’t stan for but love her discog) on her behavior when your music career blowup moment was based on giving us vomit tease with all the disgusting behaviors you pulled?
    You know what….. let me continue having a great day before I drag one today!

    • I can’t September 27, 2016

      Right. I really don’t care about Mariah, but I was personally offended by this. Who does she really think she is?!? Mariah will forever deserve RESPECT. And coming from a peasant like Miley Cyrus??? Uh uh. This h** better sit ha flat ass down. She’s lucky I wasn’t interviewing her.

      • Hmmm… September 27, 2016

        I’m insulted that she even had the AUDACITY to fix her mouth to compare herself to Mariah.
        I am… Disgusted…

  8. Queen Barb September 27, 2016

    Me neither, Both are garbage Nicki has dragged both. These girls on life support.

    • Danzou September 27, 2016

      Don’t do this. Nicki admitted she was wrong about how she went about Mariah.

      • Bey-Minaj September 27, 2016

        Biaaaatch where??? Nicki never apologized for shat! I’m just sit right here and eat this popcorn cuz healthy when u wanna eat late at night and watch the fireworks. I seem to remember when the Lambs were shading Nicki after she went after Miley. Oh how the tables have turned. *munch munch*

      • Danzou September 27, 2016

        Nicki said that she regretted all her altercations because she doesn’t want people to think she’s a b****. She doesn’t want her altercations to brand her so she said she regretted her beefs other than the miley VMAs incident. So shut up.

  9. @KurtisLeeSinger September 27, 2016

    So Mariah is all about outfits and hair
    She can see right through it?
    She’s about something to say?

    What’s is she saying? She gets high? Pops Molly’s? She twerks? Pulls her tongue out
    She really inspires a generation right?

    Mmmm pretty sure Mariah does have things to say and connects to an audience with songs that are felt by her incredible songwriting and vocal talent

    Yes Mariah is a Diva we love her for that
    But sure she’s more than just a Gay Icon
    She is a Legend to people who are not just gay but also straight lesbian and transgender

    Mariah transcends colour ages and genres of music

    It’s nearly Christmas time where all I want for Christnas will be played on loop everywhere and will continue to long after Mariah is gone
    Her legacy is more than a Miley Twerk
    By Miley ?

  10. Fancy BISH September 27, 2016

    Vision Of Love alone SLAYS Miley’s whole music career! In the words of Judge Judy, “We’re done here!” lol

    • Gabe September 27, 2016

      Girl. WE BELONG TOGETHER SLAYS HER ENTIRE CAREER AND HER DADS. She’s white trash with money.

  11. Danzou September 27, 2016

    Boy let me tell yall…I think it’s good that God doesn’t place certain people at certain places at certain times because I’m bout ready to snatched this h**. Left and right. I’m so tired of these entitled white trash girls coming for LEGENDS. I haven’t been too impressed with Mariah for awhile but I refuse to disrespect her. It’s ok to have her opinion and say that she doesn’t listen or like Mariah but what you ain’t gon do is act like you’re anything worth comparing to Mariah.

    • LmfaoHoe September 27, 2016

      Honey I feel the same way, got me up and ready to mop this b**** a new one.

    • LMAOOO September 27, 2016

      Had it not been for billy ray cyrus plug Miley would be some hill Billie bumpkin living in the dumps of Tennessee

  12. Kitty Puurrzz September 27, 2016

    Wait. The lambs are upset cause Miley isn’t a fan…? Lol. Grow up!

    • Danzou September 27, 2016

      If you can read they’re upset because she SHADED Mariah.

  13. Danzou September 27, 2016

    She had the nerve to say that Mariah is all about clothes and image but I mean what the f*** is your career about exactly? Your last era had you sucking a baby bottle in a diaper. Mariah would never even during her charm bracelet breakdown put a f****** diaper on. Your last two eras saw you literally use controversy to your advantage because you have no talent. Once again this is why I can’t stand white people.

  14. Chileplease September 27, 2016

    Without even bringing up numbers, Mariah’s gift has been creating a discography of songs that connect to so many aspects of being human: love, s**, sorrow, etc.

    Miley’s whole “schtick” is using shock tactics to bring attention to her mediocrity. Girl bye.

  15. Jasmine September 27, 2016

    I guess Miley is entitled to her opinion. Although I think this is all for free publicity and it won’t be long before Miley starts backpedaling. She is talking about branding and all artists brand themselves as they become successful. If Mariah has diva antics she has the hits behind her to support that. The same goes for Madonna and Beyonce. Hit records is the key word here.

    • Thayne September 27, 2016

      Beyoncé is not in the catogory of Mariah either. Closer, but not there. Especially hit wise.
      Girl please.

      • Hmmm… September 27, 2016

        That actually has nothing to do with what she was saying but… ok.

      • LMAOOO September 27, 2016

        Beyoncé and Mariah aren’t peers that’s one of her idols, even Beyoncé knows that she’s said that about Janet, they put in too much time to be her peers. Now Miley ain’t Beyoncé peer either

      • LMAOOO September 27, 2016

        But wtf this even gotta do with Beyoncé tho

  16. LmfaoHoe September 27, 2016

    Theses Disney b****** been feeling themselves lately I see, first Demi and now Miley trashy ass talking s***. Chile They need to be checked real quick.

  17. FC/JC September 27, 2016

    Yall are falling for her promotional trap….. shes on The Voice for fux sake, expect controversy, and possibly an album announcement shortly after.

  18. WRTW? September 27, 2016

    But did she lie tho?

    • SMH September 28, 2016

      No, she didn’t. The lambs can be butthurt til the cows come home, but it’s the truth.

  19. Gurl September 27, 2016

    Yep, these generic untalented basics love to pick on Mariah for publicity.


  20. Meteorite September 27, 2016

    ??? oh Miley tell me you didn’t ? I guess the ratings over there at The Voice aren’t doing to good without Christina so they needed to stir the pot to bring ratings in… for Miley’s sake I hope Mariah ignores her, because Mariah will shade her to the underworld

    • ?Yellow Diamonds? September 27, 2016


    • Elie September 27, 2016

      that! is the effin bomb right there!

      Miley just entitled herself to Limbo now so, underworlds not too far dear..

  21. ?Yellow Diamonds? September 27, 2016

    Oh moosey citrus…. have several seats

  22. GODRIAH September 27, 2016

    lol and Mariah stays unbothered. She hasn’t and will probably never say a word and she already won the battle. Cause she’s A LEGEND.

  23. #Nicole Nation September 27, 2016

    miley who?

  24. Madonna4Life September 27, 2016

    Mariah has never gotten respect like her peers, Madonna, Whitney and Janet. She lost her voice a long while ago, and her last 4 albums had been flops. Maybe if she stop lipping, running around town in a leotard, while her body is shaped like a Tetris block, she’d get more respect.

    • Danzou September 27, 2016

      Madonna is white so she gets no respect from me period.

  25. Cbeylive September 27, 2016

    Why is everybody talking s*** instead of talking about/releasing music? Like people do more interviews about s*** people don’t care about than what the hell they supposed to be releasing.

  26. IG @ MIXEDBOY September 27, 2016

    SMH it’s unfortunate that these young ladies love to trash the legends. Maybe they should “continue” studying them and LEARN something. The legends never had to trash each other. Their talent did.

  27. Ardy September 27, 2016

    Mariah has always been “about what she’s wearing, and it’s about her. What I make isn’t about me. It’s about sharing my story; it’s about someone being connected to what I’m saying.”

    Inspiring other singers mean nothing?
    Saving people’s lives through lyrics mean nothing?

    Dear Miley

    Hero, One Sweet Day, has any of your songs connected to more people than these 2 songs?

  28. Paulo September 27, 2016

    I see no lies. Miley did nothing but express herself on how she feels about Mariah the artist – great talent huge ego and little substance – she never attacked her personally. Lambs wanna make a huge fuss but a lot of people will agree with that statement and honestly I do too, nowadays I have huge respect for her and I think her shady moments are funny but her music does nothing for me, I’d rather listen to Janet any day even though her vocal instrument is much more limited.

  29. Jthunder89 September 27, 2016

    If Miley isn’t a fan then why did she cover “all I want for Christmas is you” and paise Mariah while doing so a few years ago? Miley is a hypocrite and an attention w****

  30. Stephy September 28, 2016

    Another white artist hating & bashing another one of our top black artist.

    • LOL September 28, 2016


  31. Lee September 28, 2016

    So her story is about twerking? Is that what she’s about? Have several seats Miley

  32. Coolness September 28, 2016

    Excuse my French but hoooo, Miley f**king tried it! I mean, she has the GALL to say this about Mariah when her biggest career moments involved her struggle twerking on a married man, swinging buck naked on a wrecking ball and all the other attention seeking stuff she’s been in involved since Hannah Montana ended. Yes, Mariah is glamorous and a gay icon but she’s way more than that. I mean, Mimi started off quite plain actually and it wasn’t until the Butterfly era (seven years into her career) that she adopted a more stylish and sexed up image. Even though her music is fun and flirty for the most part, there was always substance to it. Singles like Anytime You Need A Friend and One Sweet Day aside, some of her most treasured album cuts deal with very personal issues that many people can resonate with. Sat thing is, Miley actually has talent and is charismatic without the antics but I guess all that popping Molly has done a number on her common sense.

  33. Keychain September 28, 2016

    Miley who??!

  34. Indie September 28, 2016

    her career isn’t about what she’s wearing because she would rather be b*** naked unnecessarily swinging around on a ball for an old pervert director for a song about having her heart broken! She needs to go back and listen to Mariahs EPIC back catalogue that she wrote herself, Mariahs songs are the soundtracks to lives all across the world, I only need to say the word Hero, and One Sweet Day and we have all played them in are lowest moments with tears, Miley spends her time encouraging kids to smoke weed, and going on stage looking like her p**** smells of turtle tank, whilst Mariah looks like the ultimate classy diva chanteuse that she is! I get why Mariah does the whole cheeky s*** thing, she does;nt want to be the same as the long line of great singer’s, Stresand, Aretha, Whitney, Celine that she is in the same league with she wants to add a little spark , make it fun, a little sprinkle of naughty and thats why we love her! Miley’s best effort is her homeless charity for LGBT kids, she’s made one good 2 half decent albums but the last one was ruined by smutty disgusting perverse imagery of videos of her simulating come dripping from her mouth and another with her dressed as a grown up baby for perverts! Actually sickening so she needs to cut it!

  35. HBF82 September 28, 2016

    P*** starlet influenced by Madonna.

  36. SMH September 28, 2016

    I’m in no way a fan of this tacky little girl, and people can get mad all they want, but she’s right. Mariah has ALWAYS put her image and silly antics above her talent, and she’s still doing it. Which is why it’s hard to take her seriously as a credible artist.

  37. Del September 28, 2016

    Ok, Miley. When you’re still in the conversation 26 years after your debut album dropped, then you can talk yo stuff. Mimi has more #1 hits than any female artist in history, is one of the best selling artists in music history, MC is still touring, has a Vegas residency, has an upcoming reality show on E!, a guest role on Empire, has two adorable children, and is about to marry a billionaire, I say she ain’t even sweating that you ain’t a fan.

  38. Tom September 28, 2016

    Both of these biches are trashy and fake as hell, I’m not a fan of either of them! All they sell is s**, they don’t sell music! Mariah has/had talent back in the day but she doesn’t use it, instead she is just another sexed up object singing about how hot she is. You should only sing about that if you are actually s***! Don’t nobody wanna touch that fake body!

  39. wayno September 28, 2016

    I clicked on the tab for new Mariah music, not some hilbillies trying to p*** on her. Mariah’s Unplugged( ep) trumps the sales of Miley’s entire career + Hannah Montana…

  40. JOHNVIDAL September 28, 2016

    LOL I just cannot at these talentless girls like Milye or Katy Perry (when she said Mariah is good for a throwback) attempting at kind of coming for someone like MARIAH CAREY! I eman, there´s not really more to say.

  41. Nowqd Reddibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 29, 2016

    Someone will attack destiny hope miley cyrus cause she need to be smack up side her head

  42. YOLO BONE October 1, 2016

    miley is wrong for calling out mariah like that,i mean every artist has a ‘persona’,even she (miley) has a public persona, twerking on stage and acting like an imbecile, pretending to be a rockstar or whatever. where does she come off questioning another artist’s niche? every artist has their brand, mariah’s brand is being a dainty diva, just like rihanna’s brand is being a rebel, lady gaga being avant-garde,beyonce being a feminist, taylor being the American sweetheart, katy being bright and colourful to appeal to kids’ sensibility. Does’nt mean thats who they really are, its just what they choose to portray to the public.lets not pretend like this music thing isnt a business, its all a game.

  43. YOLO BONE October 1, 2016

    I’m also not a MC fan, tbh i think she’s boring, but being boring is what worked in the 90s, and she’s too much of an icon to re-invent herself and ‘get with the times’, or else she runs the risk of loosing her core-fanbase.

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