From The Vault: Beyonce – ‘Upgrade U’

Published: Sunday 4th Sep 2016 by Joe

September 4th.

This week’s From The Vault celebrates not one but, two milestones. For, the date marks the birthday of one of Pop culture’s brightest stars as well as the 10th anniversary of her sophomore effort.

Suffice to say, today’s pick comes courtesy of Beyonce and her infectious single ‘Upgrade U’ from her funkified ‘B’Day’ LP.

The hard-hitting cut saw Bey partner up with producer Swizz Beatz, songwriter Sean Garrett, and bae-turned-husband Jay Z.

Though the power couple had professed their infatuation with each other on prior releases, this instance centered on one-up-man-ship. Indeed, Bey and Jay traded vivacious verses about how necessary they were to the other. Both personally and professionally.

In being shamelessly materialistic, the track still managed to maintain the singer’s fervent feminist stance. Because at every utterance, she made it known that she had her own, was her own, and is such a catch that Jay could no longer be alone.

Commercially, the song was only released in the US as a promotional single. As such, it was a minor hit on the Billboard Hot 100 – peaking at #59. It was, however, a Top 20 smash on the Hot Hip-Hop/R&B chart where it reached the 11th position.


‘Formation’ director and good friend Melina Mastoukas took the helm of the jam’s shinny video alongside Queen Bey.

In order to accentuate the luxurious lure of the song’s lyrics, Ms Carter is seen cavorting amidst expensive goods such as jewelry, diamonds and gold watches. All the while remaining the hottest commodity herself.

Never one to disappoint as a performer, the diva delivered with choreography and slickly hit her steps like a seasoned pro. As with the track, the visual and the movement therein have become iconic.


If the 10 years leading up to ‘B’Day’ were used to establish Beyonce as “the hottest chick in the game,” the decade that followed saw her become an icon, a Pop culture force, and a undeniable legend in the making.  An enviable status achieved through sheer showmanship, philanthropy, and – above all – a dutiful dedication to her craft.

In recent times, “unpredictable” has become a Beyonce trademark. As such we’re  buckled up for what the decade ahead holds for music’s reigning royal. We imagine, there’ll be more surprise and excitement on the horizon.

So with that…

Happy anniversary to this R&B classic and the album it sits on. And the Happiest Birthday to Beyonce!

You thoughts?

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  1. How Many Drinks September 4, 2016

    Happy Birthday Queen!

  2. bibi93 September 4, 2016

    Classic s*** fo’real

  3. ANNA September 4, 2016

    An ICONIC bop!!!!! my fave Beyonce/Jay-Z collabo. Can’t believe it’s been 10 years since B-Day dropped. That album still goes hard. The bonus tracks were the best ones tbqh (i.e Creole, Back Up, Check On It, Lost Yo Mind). Creole is still one of my fave Beyonce songs!

    • Royalkev September 4, 2016

      Creole slays! B’Day was so loud, bold and ferocious!

      • ANNA September 4, 2016

        YASSSS KevKev!!! It’s such a bop! It took me ages to find the full version online, but it’s one of her best songs.

      • Royalkev September 4, 2016

        So all my red bones get on the floor
        and all my yellow bones get on the floor
        and all my brown bones get on the floor
        Then you mix it up and and you call it Creole!

      • ANNA September 4, 2016

        Creole, when she look dat GUD
        Creole, when she talk dat GUD,
        Creole, whenever she bounce real GUD,
        Ladies if you wanna know it’s your secret CREOLE!!!!

        ? ?

      • Suicide Blonde September 4, 2016

        One of her best.
        The song is atrocious, Jesus!

      • ANNA September 4, 2016

        The reason why it is good is because of the New Orleans/Haitian influences and live instrumentation. It’s also a celebration of all the different races that are a part of the creole culture. I wouldn’t expect a bird-brained pasty bigot like you to appreciate that ???

      • Suicide Blonde September 4, 2016

        The song could be about the holocaust but it would still be horrible. BTW, the fact that she celebrates to be of mixed heritage says a LOT.

      • ANNA September 4, 2016

        So what is this debate really about? Because you clearly want to start something out of nothing. Or perhaps you just want my attention ?!

        Btw Creole is not a race. Someone can class themselves as Creole and still be black. When has Beyonce ever called herself mixed? continue seething boo!

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016

        Louisiana Creole is a culture/language! Haitians are also of Creole heritage but do the general majority of them look “mixed raced” to you ? No, they do not. So stop speaking on topics that you don’t know s*** about Opie.

      • Suicide Blonde September 4, 2016

        You mentioned race, not me, btw, isn’t this song a celebration of her mixed heritage?, my brown this, my yellow that…….Your girl is pro-mixed, she always call herself creole instead of black, even on the other terrible song “Formation”, which is supposed to be a pro-black song.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016

        Louisiana Creoles are African American ya dumb f***. It’s just a subgroup within the African American culture. I still don’t understand why people like you are so quick to bash Beyoncé for embracing who she is. Why aren’t y’all this offended when Donald trump constantly makes racist/insensitive comments about every minority on this earth? Thats right because you don’t care.
        The US will happily bomb Asians, and have a man on TV saying let’s ban Muslim’s but when a little black woman sings a song about HER background it becomes an issue? I won’t comment any further….it might offend some white people if I did

      • ANNA September 4, 2016

        @Suicidal She called herself a negro and a creole, you dumass. Now shut up and stop inserting yourself into discussions that you have zero comprehension of!

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016

        Try looking at the faults of your OWN celebs first instead of being b*** hurt about something that has absolutely nothing to do with you.

      • ANNA September 4, 2016

        Why should I give a damn what race the person who wrote that article is. You’re a bigoted c**** with a stick up your b***, so your opinion is null and void by default boo ?

      • ANNA September 4, 2016

        Lmao he stans a mentally ill grunge-rocker that offed himself even though he had a baby and a girlfriend to look after. He is the last person who should be coming for anyone’s fave PERIOD!

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016

        I still don’t understand why Suicide Blonde cares so much about what Beyonce classifies herself as. Why does talking about race make some white people so uncomfortable?

      • Suicide Blonde September 4, 2016

        You make this about race, not me, I was only criticizing the song, but you tried to excuse the fact the song is bad with all those cultural b*******, but now that I exposed your white woman wannabe fave i’m the bad guy, truth hurts.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016

        No! You made it about race when you felt the need to say “BTW the fact that she celebrates to be of mixed heritage says a lot.” You must’ve forgot who’s comment section you were in. Because the hive doesn’t take the underhanded shade very lightly. Don’t start something that you can’t finish, Blondie.

      • Sam September 4, 2016

        Are those really the lyrics or a joke?

      • Suicide Blonde September 4, 2016

        Oh is already over, since none of you can’t argue with me or any other person (outside of her fanbase) about this argument, everybody knows what’s up, y’all make excuses for this woman, the funny thing is that the BeyHive are the biggest hypocrites on this site, always coming for LB and his taste in men, like why is so important for you what he is attracted to, SOUNDS FAMILIAR ^ (why Suicide Blonde cares…) right?……Face it, you stan for a black woman who thinks she is superior to dark-skinned African Americans, painted herself darker to portray an African woman, whose favorite city in the world is PARIS, not Nairobi or Abuja, has been wearing a blonde wig for like 75 years and desires to be Latina, I’m guessing a white one, I can go on and on, but let’s be kind, it’s her birthday.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016

        You already know what it is Silento

      • ANNA September 4, 2016

        I am living for the dissertion!! I give you an D- for effort. It’s clear that you’ve used my completely neutral comment as a vehicle for you to vent out your frustrations. What are you truly unhappy about @Suicide? because clearly this is just a manifestation of what’s really going on with you.
        Oh and Latina is NOT a race for the millionth time. ?? congrats on showing your ass for the 10th time in ONE comment section.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016

        LOL I can’t take this German Nazi m*********** seriously. IDK who’s the bigger joke him or LB. One stays calling Bey a self hater YET seems to have an unhealthy obsession with light skinned men (check out his avi if you don’t believe me). Meanwhile, the other is a white supremacist. So his feelings towards Beyonce’s “blackness” are completely INVALID. Who tf does this honkey tonk think he is?

  4. Royalkev September 4, 2016

    This was my ish in ’06!!! Even Bey’s biggest haters in NY respected this one! Bey was a problem during the B’Day era! Dream Girls! The VMAS performance! The Beyonce Experience tour! … That tour was everything! Beyonce was a beast!

  5. Terny September 4, 2016

    Happy Birthday Beyoncé… September is a special month… ?? ? ? ?

  6. Meteorite September 4, 2016

    Happy “Anniversary” Beyoncé!!! 35yrs of Slaying!!! ??????
    Gosh this is scary all my Divas are getting up in age and so am I! lol

  7. TC September 4, 2016

    I always thought Upgrade U would have been the better choice for first single from BDay. It just made more sense to me than Deja Vu.

  8. Jess September 4, 2016

    Sonically it’s tunes like this that are Beyonces signature sound. Lots of Horns, drums and base. B Day was such a fun, fierce and chart friendly album with probably the best mix of uptempos, midtempos and ballads out of all her albums. I also adored her image during the B Day era the most. Beyond beautiful.

  9. Jess September 4, 2016

    B day was also a great balance of urban meets pop.

  10. Diva September 4, 2016

    Happy B-Day Beyonce!!! Keep everyone in Formation and do you boo!! haha

    (Side Note: Why didn’t Christina get a ‘From the Vault’ shout out for her LP? If I remember correctly it went Back to Basics, then B-Day, then Futureséx/Lovesounds. I remember I was in high school and they all came out back to back. All 3 were solid albums. Is Justin going to get one on the 8th as well? No love for Xtina?)

  11. Suicide Blonde September 4, 2016

    I think all her albums before 4, were mediocre, a couple of good songs here and there, the rest were fillers, it amazes me to see how much praise this B’Day album gets from her fans. She has improved a lot though, like, I still can’t listen to her albums in its entirety but nowadays as a whole body of work, her new records are more tolerable, I appreciate the effort.

    • stardom September 4, 2016

      Well that’s your opinion. & its not needed especially since osteoporosis_Madonna discography is more pop trash with them fake theatrics.

      • Suicide Blonde September 4, 2016

        Oh dahhhling, don’t do this to your girl, let’s not even try to compare her discography with that of Madonna, not today, it’s her birthday, let’s be kind to her.

      • HailLegendBeysus September 4, 2016

        Nobody is comparing but you! The person didn’t even mention Beyoncé but simply told you your opinion or negativity isn’t needed here! Get the hell out of here and go listen to Grandma’s 8tracks and reminisce on her glory days in the 80s before Mariah and Janet scalped her in the 90s. ???

      • Suicide Blonde September 4, 2016

        Dahhhling, I said let’s be kind in her birthday.

    • Coolness September 4, 2016

      *Yawn*. You always seem befuddled by the praise Beyoncé gets from her FANS. Why so pressed? What really grosses me out is when you then cry foul and hide your hands when people rightfully call you out on your poorly hidden white-supremacist views and passive-aggressiveness. Why don’t you go look for a blog that focuses on music YOU LIKE instead coming to a mainly Urban music-related blog just to sh*t on everything genuinely talented and hard working Black artists do. I believe you genuinely get kicks out of doing that. Trash.

  12. stardom September 4, 2016

    Happy Birthday to one of the most dedicated ever hardworking artist of our time.
    Bday the album never gets old I love greenlight, lost your mind & kitty Kat(so sensual) the most.
    HBD Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter.

  13. B2B September 4, 2016

    Damn this was the s***!!!!!! Back in the day we used music video charts rather than BB100 as it relates to what was hot. This was a BANGER! You hear me? Bey been all about that bass.

  14. HailLegendBeysus September 4, 2016

    Happy Birthday to The Slayer of Stages, Holder of Scalps, Reaper of Careers, Breaker of Traditional Promo, Mother of Angel Blu, Loving Wife of Shawn Carter, Queen of The Hive and ALL AROUND LEGENDARY TALENTED VOCAL ICON BEYONCÉ GISELLE KNOWLES CARTER!!!! WE THE HIVE LOVE YOU AND WISH YOU MANY MORE YEAR’S TO COME!!!

  15. stardom September 4, 2016

    Happy Birthday to one of the most dedicated ever hardworking artist of our time.
    Bday the album never gets old I love greenlight, lost your mind & kitty Kat the most.
    HBD Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter.

  16. BeyonceIsASlut September 4, 2016

    Amerie wants her sound back.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016

      Sweetheart Rhianna’s voice box was lost during the American Festival, last night. Go find it!

      • Sam September 4, 2016

        You don’t have a point or argument when you have to bring up someone else’s name that wasn’t brought up in the original post. Saying “Rihanna” as some kind of antidote to a bad comment about Beyonce is tired

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016

        Y’all love nitpicking when it comes to Beyonce. You weren’t this critical of Rhianna when SHE was called out for stealing Fefe Dobson’s and Fka Twigg’s looks/sounds. If were, then maybe she wouldn’t sound like a bag of goats during every performance.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016


      • BeyonceIsASlut September 4, 2016

        What does my comment have to do with Rihanna?

        Is that voice box you were speaking of one of Beyoncés miscarriages boo?

    • RF September 4, 2016

      Crazy in love came before One thing. But nice reach #HappyBirthdayBey

  17. Mariah Carey September 4, 2016

    Happy birthday B. I don’t even remember this album coming out dahhling because I was only 2 years old when it came out. I don’t know if I have told anyone, but I am eternally 12 dahhling! Love you B ?

  18. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016

    Happy Bday Muva

  19. KiiHailLegendBeysus September 4, 2016

    The Queen has put Hold Up on Vevo!!!
    “Hold Up” is now available on VEVO! WATCH NOW:

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016


  20. ANNA September 4, 2016

    go listen to Grandma’s 8tracks and reminisce on her glory days in the 80s before Mariah and Janet scalped her in the 90s. ??
    CHiLEEEE!!! I’m gagging!!!! ????? BEY-Day is lit, and the hive are dragging hunny!!!

    • HailLegendBeysus September 4, 2016

      It wants attention so bad. I can’t with it fleeing the post already! Poor thing will probably off himself if Grandma dies! I mean he went into a psychotic breakdown and shut himself off from the world when David Bowie died ?!

      • Suicide Blonde September 4, 2016

        Ironic, since, after reading your first comment on this post, that’s exactly what I pictured you doing, if Beyoncé dies, try to read what you type before you press send, cuz all that worship makes people think that you need some kind of help, a life, a friend maybe?

      • HailLegendBeysus September 4, 2016

        No that’s what you think! Now begone white supremacist! Your presence is no longer needed here! Maybe Courtney Loce will do the honours of offing you like she did the man in your Avi. ???

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016

        All the Hive wanted to do was celebrate Muva Beys B-Day in peace. Someone please give Suicide Blonde the attention that he so desperately seeks.

      • ANNA September 4, 2016

        Someone point @SuicidalBoøtyBandït in the right direction, cuz he clearly needs some love and affection ???

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016

        Ayye Suicide, what’s worse looking jealous or crazy? Jealous or crazzyyy?

  21. stardom September 4, 2016

    Suicide is indeed a mentally retarded racist,

    • ANNA September 4, 2016

      That THING wants attention so bad, just pay it dust!

      • Coolnesss September 4, 2016

        He is so gross by turning this happy threat into a discussion about race, culture and Bey having an apparent superiority complex over dark-skinned people. Straight up trash.

      • ANNA September 4, 2016

        Exactly! Everyone is being positive for once, and then he has to bring his nasty racist ass here . He won’t be getting any more of my attention!

  22. Cough Cough September 4, 2016

    Bday Beyonce will outsingLemonade Beyonce in a heartbeat. This is definitely one of my favorite Beyonce albums. So many cuts and a hellllll of a lot of singing !! She was vocally out to make a statement

  23. ANNA September 4, 2016

    Anyways, what’s everyone favourite Beyonce song???

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016

      Party ft Andre 3000

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 4, 2016

        Oh, Kitty Kat is one of my faves too. Beys body was GOALS back then

      • ANNA September 4, 2016

        YASSST I love kitty Kat too, especially when she does her lil gangsta rap at the end! I also love her referencing Erykah Badu’s ‘Tyrone’ and ‘Craig’ from Friday.
        *in my hoochie mama voice* U ain’t gots to lie Craig!!!!

    • Wash yo mouth pls September 4, 2016

      Suga Mama?

      • ANNA September 4, 2016

        YASSSST!!! Imma BEY like a jolly rancher that you get from the corner store!! ??

    • HailLegendBeysus September 4, 2016

      Get Me Bodied

      • ANNA September 4, 2016

        GMB is the muthaf***n anthem!!!! ???

    • Tasha September 4, 2016

      Love on Top or Superpower.

    • Metzo September 4, 2016

      -Deja vu. She showed that she’s a force to be reckoned with with that song and the the 07 BET performance. Woo

  24. Fatusankoh September 4, 2016

    Omg thank Sam for posting this Classic happy bday queen bey their is no one like our queen bey

  25. Kyle September 4, 2016

    I can’t even hate, She looks beautiful in this video.

  26. Coolnesss September 4, 2016

    My girl since ’03, my ultimate fav, my QUEEN! September 4th should be made a national holiday, tbh. Lol, I kid, I kid. What’s odd about my relationship with the B’Day era is that intially, I wasn’t feeling AT ALL. I felt Deja Vu was too much of a retread of Crazy In Love and I remember complaining so much that I missed the Beyoncé of Dangerously In Love. However, all that changed when I saw her perform at the 2006 BET Awards. She hit that stage with so much attitude, fierceness and raw desire to prove herself. I still get chills today watching it. I became a Hive member that night.

    Concerning Upgrade U, it’s one of my favorite songs by her and the video was pure ?. Also, I think the video showcased Beyoncé probably at her most radiant and beautiful. Her look during the entire B’Day era was just everything. Lol, I could wax lyrical all day about my appreciation for Bey but lemme just cut things short. Happy Belated Birthday. Cheers to many, many, more years!

  27. Tasha September 4, 2016

    Keep.Keep slaying queen

  28. Usual Observer September 4, 2016

    B’Day will always be one of my favorite Bey eras. It was so fun! I need more B’Dayesque music from her on the next album.

  29. The Great Lacefronce. September 4, 2016

    Happy birthday thief

  30. BEY>RIH September 4, 2016

    Such a classic; one of my favorites!!! Happy B’day to legendary queen of music Beyoncè‼️
    P.s.(The B’day era is so nostalgic. Arguably my favorite music era ever. It was so fun, funky, and fierce!)

  31. Mar September 4, 2016

    I remember when the Upgrade You video came out I was soo disappointed. Thought it wluld have been soo much better. I remember the song being one of the hyped records from the album. Everybody was talking about this album at that time. I can remember walking through the L tunnels and people would be playing it or singing the lyrics. Lol.

  32. Nowqd Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 4, 2016

    Awesome video.

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