Ariana Grande “Almost Finished” Recording New Album

Published: Sunday 13th Nov 2016 by Sam

Is Ariana Grande taking the Rihanna route to relevance?

It appears so, because less than 6 months after releasing her third studio album ‘Dangerous Woman,’ the pint-sized powerhouse has revealed she’s almost wrapped its follow-up. 

Dive below for details…

Speaking to fans on Snapchat, the 23-year-old said that while she did not intend to create a whole new album that she had. 

As for its status, she stated that she was “almost finished” with the recording process. 

With the ‘Dangerous Woman Tour’ due to kick off at the top of 2017, she could very well be embracing the same model RiRi did by releasing the trek’s follow-up LP immediately after [See: ‘Loud’ + ’Talk That Talk’ + ‘Unapologetic’].

If indeed the case, we don’t blame her. 

Today’s audience continue to prove that they won’t tolerate extended spells out of the spotlight. And with Ariana not necessarily fulfilling her potential on the sales front presently, it may be the smartest play to keep the content coming until her momentum is strong enough to not need to. Put simply, she better get it while it’s hot!

Your thoughts?

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  1. J November 13, 2016

    That’s probably the best model to follow now. The newer artists (post 2006ish) aren’t seeming to have as much longevity as their older colleagues do. Get it while you can lol

    • LISA LEVINE November 14, 2016

      Besides her treating her Fans/Stans like garbage, deleting pics out of there phone that they have taken because she does not like them, licking donuts or throwing shade……she does have a good voice her issue is: STOP RELEASING 4 SINGLES AT ONCE, release one promote it (like Adele), and make an iconic cd. She has no grammys, No music awards at all because her cd campaigns are JUNK, and they release too many singles and vides. FOCUS ON ONE GOOD SINGLE AND PROMOTE IT. stop clogging the radio waves with junk.

      • Ciah’s Turtle November 14, 2016

        she actually has a total of 22 “music” awards. make sure you’re speaking facts when attempting to drag. It makes the read that much more gag worthy.

  2. Mark111 November 13, 2016

    This isn’t new, it’s just Rihanna mastered it and made it look effortless while most crashed and burned from the pressure. Britney Spears first three albums were year after year from each other. So was Ashanti’s. I knew they were going to do the same with Doughnut Licker, even tho there is a year gap from Doughnut Licking Woman and her last one. But that’s only because she pushed her current album back because Focus flopped. If it works it works, I think she’ll get through it.

    • I can’t November 13, 2016

      “Effortless” is the PERFECT word to describe Rihanna. Made it look? She served no vocals and wrote no lyrics. Rihanna didn’t make anything LOOK effortless. It WAS effortless.

      • Mark111 November 13, 2016

        Rihanna Co wrote a lot of her hits and sings LIVE. Grammys wouldn’t ask her to perform over 5 times if she couldn’t. If you don’t like her, fine, but she’s 11 years in and still cranking out hits while artists before her (Britney, Mariah) and after her (Bieber, Chris Brown) are having melt downs before the 10 year mark. Most were flops by the 5th year (Ciara, Gaga).

      • I can’t November 13, 2016

        I’m sure she adds the random, “NA NA” unintelligible sequence that can be found in all of her songs. I believe that. Nevertheless, let’s give you the benefit of the doubt, and say it is so. That still reinforces my point. Rihanna’s career has consisted of songs that go, “OH NA NA, What’s my name”, “Come here rude boy, can you get it up?”, “CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE”, “Werk Werk Werk, NA NA NA”. Rihanna is not known for her technique. She’s not hailed for her artistry. She’s not a powerhouse. She’s known for churning out generic, catchy, top 40, pop hits, and if you can’t admit that that’s artist she’s been, then you’re delusional. Of course she could effortlessly drop an album every year, because she was effortlessly making them. She is undebately lazy. And of course she sings live. How difficult are her songs to sing?? And it’s not like she dances. It’s not like she gets on stage to sing songs that require the vocal ability that Adele’s does… Or Mariah’s… Or damn near anyone else’s for that matter…

      • I can’t November 13, 2016

        You know. Rereading your comment it seems that you didn’t understand what I meant. I wasn’t saying Rihanna wasn’t singing. When I say, “serve vocals”, I’m talking about delivering solid performances, that exhibits proficiency or expertise. Whether it be live or in the studio, I’m talking about exceptionally delivered vocals that demonstrate mastery. That’s what I meant when I said, Rihanna does not serve vocals. It wasn’t about singing live.

      • Mark111 /.\ November 13, 2016

        Well you know what, if you want a MC or an Adele type singer, then go to their page. Wanting Rihanna to be some powerhouse (aka over singing) or soul singer when she’s a pop artist is dumb. That’s like wanting to see touch downs as a basketball game. You don’t know what she add to songs, but I know that she’s honest because her name is not on ALL of her songs. Like I said, Rihanna does this with ease, while others crash. That’s the subject, the rest of your rant is you desperately venting your hate to anyone that listens and I don’t care nor have time for it. Sink in a puddle of hate on your on time.

      • Killian November 14, 2016

        Loool,the shade of it all.But you’re right dou

    • HALF AMAZIN November 18, 2016

      lol y’all shade Rihanna, one of the most recognizeable voices in music. Unintelligible lyrics? Lol. Get yourself some culture and learn how English evolved in the Caribbean, amongst people who never asked to speak it or be there. ?

  3. The A Team November 13, 2016

    girl give us a break.

  4. BaddieVix November 13, 2016

    Good, because Dangerous Woman was not what I wanted it to be! I need her to stick to her core sound (R&B, Pop flavored) while still striving for other sounds on the album.. Dangerous Woman the song as a single choice was not a good choice. I’m glad that Side by Side is doing something for her, because this Era is blah one

    • FAF November 13, 2016

      The singles aren’t reflective of the album
      The albums very soul and she released pop singles

  5. Molly November 13, 2016

    She’s really pulling a rihanna I see.

    • Music & Blunts November 13, 2016

      That raggedy höe in your avi is ariana’s lessor though

  6. Remey November 13, 2016

    If she does what she did last time and release practically the entire album before it comes out, she’ll continue to confuse her audience. This era had no compelling, defining factor. I need her to give me the whole package that’s wrapped up. Give me a Justin Timberlake 20/20 theme….give me a Teenage Dream package….give me GOod Girl Gone Bad….give me something! She swears looking pretty and cooing will be enough. Girl bye….

  7. truthtea November 13, 2016

    This is why I don’t care for her! There’s no artistic growth or integrity! She knows the second she steps away, that’s it for her popularity! Just like Rih, she’s an “in the moment” person. Except she’ll never match Rih’s success.

  8. B2!B November 13, 2016

    Damn girl, I expected a Platinum rerelease of dangerous woman this November.

  9. Music & Blunts November 13, 2016

    Just re-release DW with atleast 5 new urban pop songs

    • FAF November 13, 2016

      She needs to release more singles off the holiday album and then put a new album out 2018
      With Rihanna there’s a different look
      Ariana doesn’t change physically she just puts out new albums if the fans reception doesn’t match what she thought it would be

      Isn’t dw sps platinum though?

  10. Countesses85 November 13, 2016

    I love the album but single choice was not right scooter Bruns need to get her back on track she left him tho anyway everyday ft future a good song touch it a good song of course side to side is some other ones it to let see what happens

  11. I can’t November 13, 2016

    She better not come back with the same generic, pop mess. She’ll fall flat on her face.

  12. Music & Blunts November 13, 2016

    Ariana is the princess of bubbly urban pop she shines the most with urban pop so this new album better be strictly urban pop

  13. Gee November 13, 2016

    In this microwave day and age in music you have to get the getting while you can because anyone can come and take your spot. With Ariana she needs to find herself artistically because she sounds like every other pop artist out there but she has some decent chops.

  14. Max November 13, 2016

    She’s a singles artist she’s safe as long as she keeps releasing those catchy bops that will guarantee her a top ten.

  15. KD November 13, 2016

    I actually quite like Ariana. Dangerous Woman, Leave Me Lonely, Touch It, heck even side to side are very good songs. I enjoyed the album.

    • Molly November 13, 2016

      Into you and touch it are everything

  16. King B November 13, 2016

    First Drake and now her. Cannot blame them though, only Adele, P!nk, Taylor, Bey and JT could disappear for years and come back slay the charts. And notice that these artist are mainly album sellers with less than 10 number one singles. Look what happen to the Black Madonna, from selling 600-900k in the UK to barely scan Gold (even when UK include streams), after 3 years w/o an album.

    • Girl November 13, 2016

      Define “slay the chart” cause Beyoncé was barely on the chart all year

      • BonBon November 13, 2016

        I guess you weren’t checking the SALES -you know the thing that requires you to come up off those coins- CHART. She was there for a while, as well as being on that new POPULARITY CHART for a few months too

      • Girl November 13, 2016

        Beyoncé was #1 for one week, ?? before Drake snatch her edges, and none of her singles made it to #1, if you ask me to name 3 songs off lemonade besides formation i couldn’t tell you.

  17. Theman November 13, 2016

    Her latest album is cool. What she should do is rerelease her current one. Five new songs, with one being a single, would be awesome. Her latest album hasn’t been out that long.

  18. Sam November 13, 2016

    3 Albums and no memorable song or moment. At this stage her ponytail is more famous than she is, she could put on a backing track and throw it on the stage and people would still get what little life she’s been giving them.

  19. RhiRocks November 13, 2016

    The whole DW campaign is a mess. She was going for a mature sound but it failed just look at how side to side is is doing really well and it’s a pop song and her more rnb songs didn’t do so well. So I’m guessing she will release a pop album

  20. 2bad2bme November 13, 2016

    Artists have to do this nowadays because unlike the radio days when you had to wait for your favorite song to come on or carry around a big CD player, people have access to music where ever they go on their phones. So that being said, they can play their favorite songs over and over until they get tired of it which usually takes about 2 weeks. This makes people want more music from the artist often because the songs they play over and over with just a touch of a button on their phones gets played out faster than before.

    • BonBon November 13, 2016

      This!!! This this!!! Artist are burning out quicker than ever and it’s because they really don’t have the time to establish a fan base.

  21. #Nicole Nation/Bruno >>>>>> Abel November 13, 2016

    “Doughnut Licking Woman”

    Omg I can’t.

  22. Meteorite November 13, 2016

    So in other news, Christina is working with Tayla Parx

  23. Theman November 13, 2016

    Regardless of phones or not if you had the album you could still play the song as much as you wanted & radio still played those songs many times over then. She needs something groundbreaking. Her songs are good. But she should be selling far more than she is.

    • Jubilee November 15, 2016

      You missed the point, If you had the album you were not carrying it around all of the time like we do with albums on our phones. Nor were we listening to the radio as much as we listen to music on the go which is on our phones constantly. If she came out with the songs she has back in the early 2000s, her music would be as big a Britney Spears’ tired albums.

  24. Jason November 13, 2016

    I’m here for it! Dangerous Woman is a good album, but I hope she takes us fully R&B this time. We might not always understand what she’s saying, but little bit can SANG!!

  25. #TeamTinashe Stan November 13, 2016

    I’m HERE for it!
    Just stop doing songs like “Side To Side” and give us something more meaningful and powerful. I hope she takes the high road and takes a break from trying to sexify her image, performance and lyrics for this new album as she can deliver an album as powerful as the other powerhouse vocalist has done.

  26. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? November 13, 2016

    “Jason’s Song” is cute, but we all know it would flip to death on radio. That’s why she has no choice but to keep pushing the pop singles to radio. It’s done well for her, so what’s the problem? Anyway, she needs to add more dates to that tour.

  27. Tori November 13, 2016

    She doesn’t carry her self as a serious star to me, it seems like she does enough to get by. I think she should wait till 3rd/4th quarter 2017 and release one of these “deep” & “artistic” albums that everyone is going for because they seem to be doing pretty good. I also think she should go with a LOW haircut. She want ppl to take her as a mature artist but still looks like a 12 year old playing dress up. You could literally play all her albums straight through, watch all her videos back to back, and look at all of her album packaging back to back and never know the difference.

  28. RoyalKev November 13, 2016

    Do I want my favs out every single year? No! I’m not going to lie! I don’t mind an album dropping back to back, but I like a little mystic! If you’re out every single year, your music will probably get a little predictable to me. That’s when it’s hard to see growth or any evolving! That said, some artists do have a knack for just delivering catchy bops every year! Ariana definitely fits in with this group! I think she’s playing to her strengths and it will be a move in her best interest! I’m here for it! I was actually playing that Christmas & Chill album all day, it slays!

  29. Justafan November 13, 2016

    I sense…the usual floppage

  30. King B November 13, 2016

    Oh Navy! Just looking at the writing credits on Anti (Wikipedia),I saw the name Fenty in almost every song, and each song consist of multiple songwriters as well. May I know who is the new songwriter called Fenty?

    • #Nicole Nation/Bruno >>>>>> Abel November 14, 2016

      Rihanna pulling a beyonce

  31. We Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixil November 13, 2016

    Good luck to her

  32. Kiii November 14, 2016

    I’ve been saying she’s over for a while now.She has no real artistry or musicianship and this is quite evident when she performs. She sings her songs exactly like the recorded version with no personality. She just brings the same generic trash that literally anybody could do. All she’s seems to care about is getting by & staying relevant. I mean she’s on her third album & hasn’t improved or grown, even he vocal technique is still bad. And judging by how bad Dangerous Woman did the general public is just about done with her.

  33. Elijah the Pharaoh November 14, 2016

    She just doesn’t do it for me. She has a few like 2 songs on her albums that be OK. But I think she ain’t got no likable personality comes off bitchy or a diva like she moving making weight on the music scene like Mariah Carey. When she need to really just say f*** it and sing her lungs out like MC. All that pop shyt leave to Taylor Swift, & Brittany Spears. MC bulldoze back in the day, and still do. Wackiana need to sing softer melodies. N cut the pop shyt out. The follow up albums mean nothing if the albums ain’t doing numbers anyway But can’t tell ppl how to make they bread, I aint buying a album

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