New Song: Ray J & Chris Brown – ‘Famous’ (Kim Kardashian Diss)

Published: Monday 21st Nov 2016 by Rashad

Though they both have moved on to new loves and new chapters in their careers, singer/rapper Ray J still has a mouthful of choice words for former boo Kim Kardashian.  Asking ‘Loyal’ friend Chris Brown to assist, the tune – titled ‘Famous’ (coincidentally sharing a title with Kanye West’s hit song) – sees Ray spew some NSFW lyrics about his “home video” co-star over the Drumma Boy-produced beat.

“She fucked me for fame, look in her eyes/ She was the first one to sign on the line/ She was the real one to plan it all out/ Look at the family, they walk around proud/ All because she had my d**k in her mouth.”

Clearly pressed and forgetful he too had something in his mouth a few times in the now infamous sextape, Ray is using the song as a kick off for his forthcoming project ‘Raydemption.’

Curious to hear the ‘I Hit It First’ hitmaker’s latest clap at Kim K?  It awaits below:

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  1. Meme November 21, 2016

    The song is all over the place. Like 10 different songs all in one. Sounds like a DJ Khalid track with 10 different artist but it’s just Ray and Chris.

  2. 2bad2bme November 21, 2016

    Why are you still talking about Kim Kardashian? Aren’t you married now? Princess has to be embarrassed and questioning whether he is still salty over Kim and Kanye.

    • Ughhhh November 21, 2016

      Doesn’t she have more money than both of them?

    • ka November 21, 2016

      Obsessed with a bit of regret he missed the opportunity to be noticed full time with cash benefits.

    • Bee November 25, 2016

      You could of said the same thing to Kanye

  3. you doing 22much November 21, 2016

    But why? Move on with your life Ray. Chris how did you get dragged into this? You should be worried about putting out good music and setting a good example for your daughter. This s*** is getting old and reductive.

    • you doing 22much November 21, 2016

      Oh…. The song is garbage but what else is new.

  4. Bey/Rih November 21, 2016

    Two bum ass n*****. Brandy, can your flop ass please come and get your flop ass brother. To Chris Brown, “Deep sigh”, can you please go away for at least a yr or two.

  5. Maxmillion November 21, 2016

    The lyrics are low class, embarrassing and filthy! Just no.. Ewwww

  6. Kiii November 21, 2016

    So trashy and embarrassing

  7. BOOBIE November 21, 2016

    Kim K is not where she is now because you laid the pipe on video. She’s where she is because her mom turned her into a monster entertainment mogul.

    • Mark111 November 21, 2016

      No, it’s started with the tape. Give it up, that is how she became famous. Now rich is from her mother work.

    • Educate yourself November 28, 2016

      the tape was her first national exposure but it was because everyone wanted to know who was the gorgeous girl on the tape with ray j.

  8. Mark111 November 21, 2016

    Well Hit It First was a smash, I mean it’s Brandy’s brother, does he have anything else to offer?

  9. Jake November 21, 2016

    Funny how Chris is on the song to as Rihanna is the featured artist on the other Famous .
    Wasn’t Chris Brown on Kanye’s album and saying not to long ago how he was his big bro and admired him? HOW SWAY?
    Chris is so fake damn !
    As for Ray J MOVE ON ! You didn’t make her . Her mom , Paris Hilton , her family dynamic played on the show and her damn self made her . It could have honestly been any black man with a little exposure turns out it was u don’t get flattered .

  10. Tori November 21, 2016

    How you make somebody else famous but you haven’t been relevant since you made your last wish? Why are you so worried about Kim after all this time? Have you seen what her family do to the men they date? Why aren’t you praising God for removing you from that situation, especially since all the blame has fell back on Kim?

    • LYU November 21, 2016

      Has he ever been relevant though ? Unlike his bugs life sister who had shine in the 90’s, which came to an end in 2000. I can’t with this fool ?

  11. Ronnie November 21, 2016

    This isn’t embarrasing. Ray has literally nothing to gain to even keep mentioning Kim’s name. Bet he still wish he was part of the family, instead of trying to stay relevant on LHHH.

    • Ronnie November 21, 2016


  12. THE REAL November 21, 2016

    “Curious to hear the ‘I Hit It First’ hitmaker’s latest clap at Kim K?”

    When did Ray J become a hitmaker though? The jokes write themselves on this blog!!!! ??

  13. Caleb November 22, 2016

    “Hit it first” was cute, but that was 4 years ago and dude is still singing about the same thing? This is literally the only time we hear from him.

  14. Mark111 November 22, 2016

    Just think all of this Kardashian, West, Tyga, Ray J all starts from 90s teen star Brandy. Lol, long web of parasites.

    • The Artist November 22, 2016

      ??? No lies told.

  15. Me November 22, 2016

    Jay z had him do this

  16. Sam November 22, 2016

    This is an auto tuned mess that about a subject that everyone but Ray J seems to be over.

  17. Starxavi November 22, 2016

    Live your own life. He’s clearly pressed that she turned that “sextape” in to way more than he ever will or has. She also put her family on after that. I’m not mad at Kim…

  18. Yayo November 22, 2016

    Bye ray… just sit down.

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  20. Last name Ever, first name Greatest December 2, 2016

    Why Ray’s vocals sounding ashy af?

  21. Linda f harper October 10, 2018

    Leave her alone. You’re hurt .you had to marry someone. Floyd Mayweather could say the same thing about your wife.

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