Hot Topic: T.I. Bemoans “The Feminization Of Black Men In The Media”

Published: Wednesday 21st Dec 2016 by Sam

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T.I. is causing a wave of debate on social media after being seen to endorse the argument that there is an on-going “feminization of black men in the media.”

Peep his Twitter post below, where our detailed weigh-in on the matter also awaits…

Taking to page, the self professed King of the South, shared this video:


The level of “tried it” here is kinda overwhelming. It’s also a dangerous argument to perpetuate.

See, what the faux “woke” folk like T.I. and the ill-informed woman in that video fail to understand is that it’s the unnatural level of hyper-masculinity that is expected of black men that is the primary problem.

It’s an incredibly layered and complex narrative to unpack, but it ultimately dates back to slavery. A time when the most prized possession the oppressed black man had was their masculinity. For that very reason, being a “man” became the central expectation of the black male experience. Namely being uniform in their hardness, lack of emotional expression, and rampant sexuality.

While understandable in its rooting (see: survival), the effects of this have been plentiful. Sure, systematic racism remains a real problem. But so too is the limited incarnations of allowed “black masculinity.” Black men are often times not permitted (by their own culture) to show sensitivity, empathy, or weakness. This “keep a bottle on it” approach is arguably one of the reasons for the disproportionate number of black men (specifically) suffering from mental health issues and/or acting out in ways that the very folk whose narrow-mindedness causes such behaviour will ironically condemn.

By essentially endorsing this video, T.I becomes part of that problem. He also runs risk of diluting the commendable work he’s done with the Black Lives Matter movement by trying to marry the DNA of that cause with something that not only isn’t related – but does not make sense.

The “white” powers that be are not feminizing the black man. And especially not as a means of restricting their rise. If anything, we live in a world where it’s becoming increasingly ok – regardless of your race, culture, or creed – to express yourself as you see fit. Deeming that a “bad” thing is actually counterproductive to the arguments at the core of some of the very causes T.I. himself lends his name to.

There’s also a homophobic under/overtone to the clip that doesn’t rest well with yours truly.

Enough of our rambling, though. What are…

Your thoughts? 

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  1. Gabe December 21, 2016

    This is intense, TI also has a nice set of cakes that’s totally going to waste

    • Cbeylive December 21, 2016

      T.I. Got a fat ass

    • Lana Del Fan December 21, 2016

      Lmfaoooo that last sentence killed me @GABE.

    • BeyKnowlesBest December 21, 2016

      who said their going to waist tho?? lol j/p

      • Kranchie December 21, 2016

        Exactly… who knows that his cakes aren’t being beat regularly?

    • She bey she bey December 21, 2016

      Delicious ass

    • Cake Snatcher December 21, 2016

      T.I. acting like he never got those cakes ate.

      I can’t stop staring at that fat ass.

    • MITCH December 21, 2016

      TI knows his cakes are homo-erotic and turns men on is why he is parading them all over the place, and when did they get big like that? Now he is a holy book when his music and attitude is the cause of black genocide; not to mention this punk stole MARVIN GAYES music to help a white boy massa rob Marvin’s FAMILY. He is a sellout looking for a scapegoat.

    • MITCH December 21, 2016

      TI u n danger gurl.

    • Cbeylive December 21, 2016

      T.I. Fat ass is making me give him a pass for rn

  2. lucifer81 December 21, 2016

    Just wait for everyone to start throwing racist comments around again……Boring!

    Why do you insist on posting articles like this and then deleting them when things get heated? (I notice the MGK post has been removed from yesterday).

    If you post something – Have some conviction, after all I am guessing you have posted this gain some kind of over the top reaction……

    • lucifer81 December 21, 2016

      P.s this woman is off her rocker! She basically says that if your pants ‘sag’, you’re gay – Oh dear – how deluded and narrow minded….I feel sorry for her

      • Cupid December 21, 2016

        yeah she has an issue. Pretty much she’s using the current issue of white supremacy to fuel her own agenda of getting rid of homosexuality in the black community. Rediculous

      • Sjawn December 21, 2016

        Well Men In JAIL Will Tell You That Sagging Your Pants was Letting Another Man Know That Your Were Available. For A Grown Man To Be Comfortable To Walk Around And Have His Ass Hanging Out Like That In Front Of Another Mans Face Should Be Questionable. Whats The Purpose Behind It? Its Not Attractive, Looks Tacky.

      • MITCH December 21, 2016

        it is the black male directing attention to his posterior asset b*** though, and the b*** is largely sexual nuance.

  3. King z December 21, 2016

    Sam I’m shocked at how well written and insightful this post is. Who knew there was more to you than hating the coconut queen?

    • Tay December 21, 2016

      “This “keep a bottle on it” approach is arguably one of the reasons for the disproportionate number of black men (specifically) suffering from mental health issues and/or acting out in ways that the very folk whose narrow-mindedness causes such behaviour will ironically condemn.”

      That is so well written and summarizing that it’s just beautiful. It would take many several paragraphs just to convey that point.

  4. Jjfan1814 December 21, 2016

    And the three Fem Queen Sam & the TGJ feminites would complain

  5. Meme December 21, 2016

    Only black are overly concerned about extreme masculinity. Anything outside the norm is gay to black people. It’s sickening. I don’t know what being rough and tough have to do with anything. We’re always concern with the wrong things. Our young men can’t even be themselves because how judgemental our people are.

    • Igotstatellithowiseeit December 21, 2016

      No, young men can’t be themselves because there are no men around to teach them how to be men. These boys are subject to the teachings of single mother. The proof is out there. For overly emotional men check their home and see the structure.

      • FAF December 21, 2016

        But that’s his fault tell him stop
        Doing illegal s*** and going to jail and f****** h*** and leaving his wife

      • Meme December 21, 2016

        No one is saying anything about overly emotional men. I’m talking about the general expectation of masculinity from black men. There is nothing wrong with showing compassion, crying, being emotional and showing a feminine size while at the same time being a men and protecting your family. White men do it all time. If black men do half the things white men do their considered gay. Black men can’t even speak too proper without someone looking at them like their weird for f** sakes.

      • Danny Bey December 21, 2016

        And how do you be a man exactly? Please tell me.

      • macfac2017 December 21, 2016

        i completely disagree with this statement. i am a black gay male who had both parents in the household while growing up. i’m still very close with my father who is what i believe to be the best example of a strong black man. he taught me everything i needed to know about being responsible, intelligent, cautious in today’s society, and even how to treat a woman. the only thing he couldn’t teach me or change (if he even wanted to) was about who i was attracted to. this doesn’t make me any more or any less a man. had it not been for him, i would probably be a dead black man but i’m living well into my 30s happy, secure, and independent loving the skin i’m in, as well as my manhood.

      • shut up December 23, 2016

        my mom raise three kids two boys by herself. im gay my brother is absolutely not.

        we actually had a really good healthy conversation about how cool it is that even though we were both raised in the same environment how differently we each developed and how amazing that is.

        celebrate diversity dumbass. and certainly do NOT blame the single mothers.


    • keepit100 December 21, 2016

      Please preachhh

  6. Meme December 21, 2016

    Btw kudos to a well written, informative post. I really feel the black community needs more if these discussions.

    • Lana Del Fan December 21, 2016

      Honestly it’s the Latino too. You’ll be called a cabrone or maricoñ

      • Selenator December 21, 2016

        Very true.

  7. Igotstatellithowiseeit December 21, 2016

    Is there any weight to this post when it appears that in between the lines, the writer is a flaming batty bwoy. I think men need to meet some where in the middle. Be able to show emotion and restraint towards loved ones, but still maintain the alpha male type.

    • lucifer81 December 21, 2016

      Is there any weight to your post, when it appears, that in between the lines, that you are a homophobic, backward thinking individual?

      Seriously no need for the ‘batty bwoy’ comments. Grow up.

      • Meme December 21, 2016

        See it people with this thinking that is a part of the problem. You’re not even worth the response I wanted to give. Your small brain wouldn’t comprehend.

    • Ugo December 22, 2016

      I agree with you 100! You’re so correct

    • shut up December 23, 2016

      why does everyone have to think or act like you to have their point be valid?

      MEN dont NEED to do anything. PEOPLE need to be kind, respectful, and supportive towards one another.

      Allow something that is different from you to act as a platform to learn.

      ALPHA anything is destructive to anyhting because it inherently implies you are better than someone else

  8. Ladies December 21, 2016

    Why are you guys posting articles, and then deleting them? Stand behind what you post, or don’t post them at all.

    • lucifer81 December 21, 2016

      Agreed! See my first post in relation to this article – Either have some conviction and embrace the response, or don’t post in the first place. As I said previously, these articles are only posted to provoke a reaction anyway, so why delete.

      • Ladies December 21, 2016


      • Meme December 21, 2016

        What was deleted? Can you give me in a nutshell what was omitted?

      • lucifer81 December 21, 2016

        Meme – There was a particularly provocative post relating Machine Gun Kelly making racist / sexist remarks towards black women. The whole thing turned into a huge debate and subsequently looks as though it was deleted. In my opinion, most of these articles are posted to cause a stir or an inflammatory response, and to remove the post is just odd…

      • Anna December 21, 2016

        The post about that racist asshole MGK wasn’t deleted, it was shifted to the 2nd page yesterday. Everyone stopped commenting because they thought it disappeared. It’s a shame because I was enjoying watching SuicideBlonde getting scalped and dragged.

      • Paulo December 21, 2016

        and then they deleted the R Kelly post too. I’m scratching my head wondering why as well

  9. MUSICHEAD December 21, 2016

    Sam, I have to admit that I am impressed by this well written article. No shade, but it is definitely a departure from your usual pop culture write ups and probably for a reason. Kudos! However, while I do agree with most of it, I would also add that this faux sense of manhood may also be a contributing factor to some young boys and men deciding to reject their masculinity altogether. I believe that some young boys (especially black boys) lack proper examples of masculinity in their households and communities while growing up and instead pick up more feminine characteristics as it feels more comfortable and relatable to them vs the fake thug, dead beat, over aggressive or hyper religious examples we see all to often in the black community. There has to be a balance.

    • NYU December 21, 2016

      Said the sexual predator who supports sexual predators “R Kelly, Nate, and Bill Cosby”. Now go drink a tall glass of Bleach you shardborn.

      • MUSICHEAD December 21, 2016

        If I were you (and thank God I’m not) I’d be more concerned about bleaching those roaches crawling around your kitchen. But that’s none of my business.

      • NYU December 21, 2016

        Stop projecting your place of dwelling you cesspool. Now run along and go drink that Bleach.

    • shut up December 23, 2016

      what is a proper example of masculinity?

      i think you are confusing the word masculinity for morals

  10. I can’t December 21, 2016

    I agree with the fact that black men are expected to maintain a hyper masculine, alpha male disposition. And I’m not here for fake woke TI either. However, I feel that this article overlooked half of the story. Black men have been systematically removed from their positions of authority and accountability by means of emasculation. If you want to talk about how slavery super imposed the dogma of hyper masculinity onto black men then you must also address the fact that slavery was specifically designed to break black men and disfigure the black family structure by taking that hyper-masculine male and either beating him in front of his family, raping him in front of his family, castrating him, forcing him to watch his wife be beaten or r**** with the intention of rendering him defenseless and therefore, powerless. Etc. I completely support the notion that black men are subjected to superficial standards of masculinity that expect them to embody a “brute” or “Mandingo” caricature, which needs to be corrected for sure, and I agree with everything Sam wrote, surprisingly enough, but at the same time, do not pretend like the black man’s manhood has not been methodically challenged. The dynamics of the black family and the position that black men play, or don’t play, in this society, is not coincidental.

    • MUSICHEAD December 21, 2016

      Great point!

    • Alex December 21, 2016

      Well written and true. This was an irresponsible post, Sam. You can be who you are, but to down play history is very damaging during these times.

  11. Thando December 21, 2016

    An African American hip/hop artist is homophobic? Wow I am sooooo shocked.

  12. Everyone’s A Critic December 21, 2016

    Gender stereotypes are TIRED. Some of us are on that next stage of intelligence where we don’t need to play a certain role for simple minded people to be able to process the world at ease. Femininity and masculinity are man made ideologies that were implemented to conduct a society. We as a society are smarter and now k ow that men do not have to be the sole alpha male.
    Why are we singling out black people. What about the masculinisation of the FEMALE!!?
    This is just primitive DRIVVEL.
    Who you are is not set in stone

  13. Biting Truth December 21, 2016

    TI is right. Men, in general, have started becoming too feminine over the past 10 years. This is especially troubling to see with black men. Masculinity is a *good* thing, but this increasingly liberal left b****-made society is trying to brainwash men out of being tough. This is one of the reasons why I’m GLAD Trump won and that the Republicans are now in control of EVERYTHING. Hopefully all this “progressive” SJW/PC-bullsh!t will fall by the wayside.

    • Lucifer81 December 21, 2016

      Wow…what a pathetic ill-informed comment to make. Bravo!

    • keepit100 December 21, 2016

      since when does one internet troll get to decide how masculine every other man gets to be lol?

    • Jason December 21, 2016

      Your brain fell by the wayside! Smh!

  14. Kimk December 21, 2016

    T.I wants to talk about feminization but walks around with his booty out. BTW T.I. Nice booty.

  15. J. Parker December 21, 2016

    I never understood how it’s always the black men walking around with there pants around their knees and there ass out looking like power bottoms on Jackd, are always the one complaining about some gay s*** or how it effects the black culture so badly. I would like to think black men with no job, multiple kids and multiple baby mamas negative effect the black community more.

  16. J. Parker December 21, 2016

    I never understood how it’s always the black men walking around with there pants around their knees and there ass out looking like power bottoms on Jackd, are always the one complaining about some gay s*** or how it effects the black culture so badly. I would like to think black men with no job, multiple kids and multiple baby mamas negative effect the black community more.
    It’s crazy when one would rather have a drug selling uneducated black son spreading his seed around town than an educated upstanding member of society that just so happens to be gay. So backwards and ridiculous

  17. XoMoDe December 21, 2016

    I’m not a fan of T.I., but somebody needed to say this.

    • keepit100 December 21, 2016

      no, somebody didn’t. people like you are the problem, too opinionated about everybody else’s lives instead of your own. stop trying to preach how men should think act and fee and do youuuu

    • shut up December 23, 2016

      let it be you then noble martyr.

      Men or Women dont need to be told how to act. they need to be allowed to be themselves.

      do you know how much harm it does to oppress someone or stiffle their personal growth?

      do u understand how many LGBT/people of color/ minorities are not reaching their full potential because of people like you?

      i guess u must also love that they feel okay and content working at gas stations or fast food forever.

      LIFT people up. support them.

  18. #JACKIE December 21, 2016

    Boy please! Focus on why black men overwhelmingly aren’t marrying their black baby mamas and leaving their black kids in the dust. THATS the true feminization of the black man, and the media didn’t contribute to that. FOH. I hate these woke hotep n*****.

    • The Wig Snatcher December 21, 2016

      You apparently don’t even know what hotep is you dumb f***. The effeminization includes Ciara’s transformation from male to female. That needs to stop too.

      • #JACKIE December 21, 2016

        And you’re apparently a troll who gets paid dust because you bring WEAK shade to my replies. Off yourself f**.

      • meme December 21, 2016

        Im screaming at Ciara transformation from male to female. LOL this post really isn’t the place for that. Yall have no chill.

      • The Wig Snatcher December 21, 2016

        #JOHNNY You’re so retarded. How are you going to pay me dust by addressing me??? You T-girls, along with HEara, crack me all the way up. My shade had you pressed enough to respond. Kii

  19. The Wig Snatcher December 21, 2016

    I waited on hearing a lie from the Black woman speaking. All you “Black Lives Matter” “woke” people are being funded by George Soros (a rich white guy) to spread this anti-patriarchal narrative which helps the genocide of Black men. Thus, people like you, Sam, are hypocritical about Black pride and are part of the problem.

    • shut up December 23, 2016

      lmao u smokin a bad strain my man

  20. The Great Lacefronce. December 21, 2016

    Did he LIE??

    we have rappers like young thug wearing dresses and calling other men bae

    Black men are an embarrassment! Stop wearing skirts you weirdos and be MEN!!

    • #JACKIE December 21, 2016

      Coming from a f** who stans for Rihanna on a blog filled with twinks?

      • The Wig Snatcher December 21, 2016

        #JOHNNY it is better to be a f** than a tr*nny…poor life you have…kii

    • Beyoncé Jackson December 21, 2016

      LoL not a few rappers in skirts representing the majority of black men. Who the f*** cares? Most black men are not walking around in skirts. It’s the manly DL ones you have to worry about getting f***** in the ass while their wives are at work ooooopsss.

      • The Wig Snatcher December 21, 2016

        I gave you a plus because I love your name, sis.

    • Avenger December 21, 2016

      No, he didn’t lie. Society is turning hostile towards what it means to be a man. And the weapon used to do it with is women. Men are being manipulated into downplaying their manhood and to instead act like liberal acts d-bags in order to attract these wannabe feminist idealistic hipster-y women. This is largely the millennial generation, running around acting like everyone can just make up their own gender out of thin air. I’m noticing that the 2000s born boys are a little less hipster-y and girlie acting. So hopefully the post-9/11 generation of boys (and girls) won’t be as castrated and corny.

    • shut up December 23, 2016

      applaud individuals.

      ui must wanna have everone on a dress code living in east berlin lmao.

  21. Blak December 21, 2016

    Welp, First of all Dr. Frances Cress Welsing clearly was & always has been on point. TGJ your picture that you’ve posted is not recent of T.I. & (assuming this is a black site) you should embrace when a black man gains knowledge of self. I use to visit this site because I supported black websites but this site puts it’s own people against each other. If you had common sense (Sam the author) who got a lot of responses because that’s what you was looking for, then you would have used Young Thug as an example of why T.I. made this tweet. You would have knocked the ball out the park & had a home run but you struck out because you tried to make Dr. Frances Cress Welsing & T.I.P. look like they don’t know what they are talking about when the truth is you don’t & if you open your eyes you’d see (ie: Young Thug) (little black boys) wearing dresses the very thing that was said back in the 70’s & which i’m not even in my 40’s. Use your brain the way it was meant to be used not for popularity & for the moment. TGJ should inspire blacks instead of tearing them down. The movie Baby Boy is based off Dr. Frances Cress Welsing book The Isis Papers Boomerang when Martin talks about the pool table being the earth comes from The Isis Papers. Rest In Power Dr. Welsing cause she spoke the truth. And like Harriet Tubman said “I could have freed more slaves if they only knew that they were slaves” & That is you That Grape Juice. SMH #Fail

    • The Wig Snatcher December 21, 2016


    • Terny December 21, 2016

      Wow.. Thanks for this Powerful comment.

    • huh? December 23, 2016

      u know any gay people?
      u seem wildly ignorant on LGBT issues but i think u know a lot about what ur talking about.

      u should ballance ur knowledge out before u speak!

  22. bianca December 21, 2016

    I get so confused with the lgbt community because u all dnt like being judged or called names,u all want to be able to express urself however u want, yet the moment someone expresses their disagreement u all resort to those very same tactics. U all knw not everyone agrees with ur lifestyle. Not everyone dismiss gender the way the lgbt community does. This is why i feel u all seek agreeance not acceptance. Ppl have accepted the lgbt community but thats not enough we knw have to address u as something u are not, share our bathrooms etc. This is beyond acceptance this is trying to make ppl live in ur world and when u do that ppl will speak out because they dont agree with it.

    • The Wig Snatcher December 21, 2016

      Speak on the hypocrisy, sis. I am gay myself, and I demand respect. You don’t have to cosign my homosexuality, but it will be respected.

      • Sarah December 21, 2016

        Bye A***

      • XoMoDe December 21, 2016

        [email protected] thinking you can demand anyone else’s respect. Respect is earned, not given freely or “demanded.” No one HAS to respect you.

    • Kiii December 21, 2016

      This exactly how racists speak about POC. You’re actually confused about why you have to treat another HUMAN BEING with decency and respect because you don’t agree with their sexuality/gender? Do you hear how dumb and ignorant you sound? Y’all truly have issues

  23. cocobutta December 21, 2016

    I’m not even going to add a proper comment after Skeletor rat hand Kelly post got removed.
    Kudos on the write up tho Sam 👊

    • The Wig Snatcher December 21, 2016

      What they say?

  24. Kim.Kesha&Pam December 21, 2016

    He’s not self proclaimed King of the south, TI is the king of the south !

  25. Sarah December 21, 2016

    Sam you seem pressedt. The same thing could be said to all gay men in general in La La Land in there little fairy tale world imagining to fit the structure that is WOMAN. Gays imagine things such as gender, and their surrogate children that they begged their own sister to have for them. How disgusting of you!

    • huh? December 23, 2016

      u better than a woman?
      so ur not only insulting gay men but also women. By the way gay men are not Women. Gay men dont want to be women. TRans women are women and it has nothing to do with want.

      i hope your children are gay so u gain some empathy

  26. Linear December 21, 2016

    The truth hurts. I’m not surprised that a site full of gay guys and callow girls (who spend all day arguing over who’s the better pop diva is) would object to anyone saying this…but TI’s point is there. Masculinity is under attack and (black) men are becoming feminized as a result. That’s not natural or healthy. Luckily, there seems to be a backlash brewing against the extremist leftist views that got us here, so maybe – hopefully – going forward men will be allowed to find their balls again

    • keepit100 December 21, 2016

      all of you are uneducated idiots. Men aren’t becoming more feminine as a result to white supremacy. Men are just being more open and honest, if you dont agree, rais yours differently or write a book. stop judging and namecalling. grow up

    • keepit100 December 21, 2016

      men have always been masculine and there has always been a percentage of them that were feminine, before christ and after. so please spare everybody with this crap

    • keepit100 December 21, 2016

      You dont get to make a decision for the entire male race because of your own hyper masculine beliefs. whenever god releases another bible and grants you the power to judge and condemn, as well as all knowing abilities, then you’ll be qualified to speak for every man

    • keepit100 December 21, 2016

      The truth only hurts when people have a twisted view of “truth” and use it as a tool of hate and to stir a pot

    • keepit100 December 21, 2016

      Have you ever heard stores form africa about homosexuality/feminine men being killed, attacked, and shunned, if not you should try google. PLENTY of feminine men there who have never come to grasp the concept of racism we deal with here from the white community. I’m completely lost to the actually evidence that supports what your idiots are blabbing about. It’s almost like a drug dealer who’s never been to school speaking on philanthropy, NOT YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE.

    • huh? December 23, 2016

      find your own balls and stop worrying about other mens balls u f****** homosexual.

      by the way thats not an insult.

  27. Stephy December 21, 2016

    Humans are so clueless lol

  28. DC3 FOREVER December 21, 2016

    I’m a black male and proud to be it but the reach is real on this one. If a dude is wearing a dress heels and carrying a purse not matter what race he is he is GAY! it has nothing to do with racism. Get out of here with this mess. And T.I. you should definitely keep quiet because you been suspect for years

  29. Suicide Blonde December 21, 2016

    I think this is a problem within the black community or the environment in which someone is raised. Most European straight men might seem gay or feminine due to their no gender rules mentality, society has forced both men and women to behave in a certain way and that can be exhausting to some people.

    • Avi December 21, 2016

      Another commentary no one asked for.

      • OMG Logic!!! December 21, 2016

        No comment is asked for. Yours is just as worthless as his or mine.

  30. Fresj December 21, 2016

    Sometimes, you have to know what to get offended by.
    I never take anything that these rappers say or do serious, because they flip flop so much and are so fake, it’s pretty self explanatory.
    However this coming from a man, who has several blind items about his own sexual preferences is bewildering.
    If anything rappers shouldn’t have a say in anything pertaining to sexuality seeing as how they contributed so much to the whole downlow craze that continues to go on in the African American community now!Through their music they have glorified being a thug and going to prison. These young boys get caught up trying to live a fake lie, end up in prison and you pretty much know the rest.They come out f****** females but still like the prison treatment and end up passing so many STD’s it’s not even funny!
    What gets me about these fake woke rappers is that they constantly go after gay people, but never truly address the REAL issues plaguing our community. One of our biggest issues right now is, not investing our finances and fathers not being man enough to take care of their responsibilities and our social liberties being ignored or flat out denied.
    The black communities has a lot to be concerned about,sexuality simply shouldn’t and isn’t one of them.Unless it’s dealing with the whole DL culture that is causing H** to run rampant within the community.If the community didn’t treat sexuality like they treated mental illness,it might be not be so taboo and some of these closet cases wouldn’t be in one in the first damn place!
    Plus what truly straight man is always going to have his cakes on display for simply “sagging” purposes? Somehow females still keep falling for it..sigh

  31. SBC19 December 21, 2016

    Men are becoming less masculine. It’s everywhere. From manbuns to skinny jeans. It’s disconcerting. Hell, look at whose been headlining the Superbowl halftime shows over the past 5 or so years. Gaga/Beyonce/Katy Perry/Madonna… as opposed to hard rock, country or hip hop acts which would probably be more in sync with the tastes of actual sports fans. Speaking of Hip Hop, at one point was an epicenter of alpha males and masculinity. Wu Tang/Biggie/Bone/Pac/Dre/PE. Now cushion soft rappers like Drake and Vic Mensa are running amuck, trying to market insecurities and suburban political correctness. So, yeah, TI’s message is noted.

    • keepit100 December 21, 2016

      THINGS CHANGE, invent a time machine, or stfu.

      • FAF December 21, 2016

        Lmao Youre talking about a dif issue
        Straight Guys like girls

        A woman performing at Super Bowl doesn’t mean super bowl is becoming gay friendly

        That’s feminism women are finally awarded the same opportunities

        That’s not men being feminine

        Straight Men love women does that make them feminine?

  32. JanStan December 21, 2016

    Yeah. That works. Let’s stereotype and define black men and their roles while trying to get society to do the exact opposite. Black men are incarcerated at a much higher level and have an insanely high level of leaving kids to be raised by their mothers. I guess TI assumes that that’s because their being feminized? Please.

  33. Jasmine December 21, 2016

    I agree with TI and this article is biased because the writer is hay and interjected his personal circumstances in the article. Them ain’t point of the article is that it is hard for black male entertainers to get work unless they conform to putting on a feminine persona

    • JanStan December 21, 2016

      And what exactly is this feminine persona? Not gangbanging, not hanging out in the strip club, having illegitimate children smoking weed? Maybe people just think higher of black men these days and actually appreciate the ones that can form a coherent and creative thought?

      • XoMoDe December 21, 2016

        “Maybe people just think higher of black men these days and actually appreciate the ones that can form a coherent and creative thought?”

        Um, black men have been doing that since the beginning of time. A black man shouldn’t have to minimize or water down his manhood in order to prove that he’s also intelligent and thoughtful to people are intimidated by, or can’t relate to, traditional masculinity.

      • Jasmine December 22, 2016

        Obviously you have a preconceived negative answer to your shady question. The sad part is that you are totally biased and probably one of the ones who interject their personal circumstances into things instead of being able to look at things open-mindedly. You don’t have to be a gang banger or be in strip clubs to be masculine. If that is all you think of when you think of masculine men you are out of touch with reality. What is missing in the entertainment is masculine black men. If a black man does not confirm to the gay agenda you get no work in today’s entertainment industry.

  34. JanStan December 21, 2016

    @xomode – I agree. So then what the hell is different now? What creative watering down are you talking about? Again, people aren’t impressed anymore by the thugish, irresponsible, waste of talent that the hip hop community has perpetuated for the last 20 years. That isnt watering down or feminizing, it’s more a request to show the world something else.

    • keepit100 December 21, 2016

      YESSSSSS serve themmm. The rap game has enough oldie records to last us another century. If a rapper only has his hyper-masculinity to bring to the table, he isn’t an artist anymore and he should try something else. Pac and Biggie (etc) have done it all and said it all already! That’s why TI is pressed, because he isn’t getting much work these days. lol

  35. Brandon December 21, 2016

    So what about feminization among white men, latin men, arab men? Judging by the fact he has his pants hanging down so low we can see his ass it’s obvious hes not a well educated man to even know feminine men have been around in all cultures since the beginning of time. Hes also not smart enough to know him having his pants down that low is what they do in jail to advertise themselves.

  36. MikeK December 21, 2016

    The only reason why you guy wrote such a lengthy piece of writing is because Ti touched your feelings. Men wearing heels and acting like hormonal females is not normal and no matter how much “serving”, “Fiercenes” or what ever you wanna call it… It will never be normal. You guys are the reason why straight people will never take the black gay community seriously and yes , sorry that it hurts you, but you are degenerating our proud ebony gen pool.

    • FAF December 21, 2016

      White gays do the same and are still accepted

      Seems the issue is black people cant get out our own way

    • JanStan December 21, 2016

      No I think the fact that a huge majority of black children are being brought up by single mothers is what is ruining the supposed ‘proud ebony gene pool’.

      • huh? December 23, 2016

        lmao maybe the fact that their oppressive and homophobic father isnt around allowed them to be themselves.

        but again i thing preant have nothing to do with anything becasue its Genetic and you should actually talk to a few gay people open mindedly before you come up with your theories

    • keepit100 December 23, 2016

      No, we wrote lengthy pieces because this blatant idiocracy + negativity needs to be shut down. PERIOD. If what another male is doing with his life or his demeanor that threatens you, and shakes you enough to be upset and salty, your the one who is “touched”. Using terms like Serving and fierce doesn’t mean you understand anything about homosexuality, or about a man being in touch with his femininity. If a man wearing heels is the most logical explanation example you can come up with, your ignorance is noted. as sam said it, angry straight/hypermasculine people like you are the issue. The gay community will survive with or without any people like you taking us seriously. And don’t type up a bs paragraph like that and try to say “sorry that hurts you”. This way of thinking about acting toward your own people is whats ruining the gene pool. Pick another post and have several seats.

  37. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 21, 2016

    Have y’all ever heard of “breaking the buck” ? If not, I suggest that you look into it. It was a tactic used during slavery to demasculinize the black male image.

  38. DTG December 21, 2016

    Co-signing the hell out of this. Men today act like pansexual weirdos and that’s mostly because they were over coddled as kids and allowed to get away with anything. Unfortunately this is even happening in the black community. I sense the tide turning on that tho. A lot of people are starting to revolt against this snowflake BS.

    • keepit100 December 23, 2016

      And what about kids who were’t coddled. Kids who had abusive parents and ended up gay. Or the ones that grew up in a hospital breathing machine, never held by a person, and still feminine. You sound like an uneducated idiot. That “tide turning sense” you feel is your own bs forming in the back of your pebble brain.

  39. EnRanc December 21, 2016

    This is what happens when we allow hipsters to become trendy. They believe in that anything goes s*** and rail against things like “toxic masculinity,” thinking that it makes them seem “woke” or whatever.

    • keepit100 December 23, 2016

      There’s always that one person that’s lame, has no life, and no friends so anything popular or liked by the media is “hipster” and trying to be different to you. stfu

  40. M Charlery-Smith December 21, 2016

    I’m proud of the achievements this blog has made in getting Black music from a British perspective popularized in the blogosphere but this, Sam, serves as an example as to why you shouldn’t respond to sensitive topics emotionally; you lack logic and reveal your hand.

    Regardless of your opinion you’d have to be blind to not see the current condition our Black males are in is not conducive to a healthy and functioning community. Black homosexuals aren’t new but why do so many feel the need to behave like possessed “Queens” desperate for even a drop of attention?

    Get over your feelings, please. This doctor is on point and we need to remember the wisdom of the elders who have preceded us. White Liberals have been trying to destroy our society for decades and some of you embrace it acting as if the genocide she speaks of isn’t already happening with 4 decades of absent fathers, 3 decades of Gangster Rap and untold years of deliberate propaganda to promote careless sexual agendas, abortion and family destroying policies haven’t begun the be oxide already.

    Today’s “intellectuals” aren’t so bright.

    • huh? December 23, 2016

      u listening?

      the reason gay men are over the top is becasue they are made to feel like freaks a weirdos. and when u are told you are something your whole life then u play it up to your advantage. GAY MEN ARE SOOOO SMART. and they have completely capitalized off something that you the oppressor has told them was wrong from their birth.

      i know for a fact. when u feel like an oddity you become one, and you love yourself for it. and then when u start to love yourself for what you are told you are, people start rioting cause their plan backfired.

      jokes on you

    • keepit100 December 23, 2016

      when you meet the rest of the gay community, then you can judge and condemn, till then you sound like an idiot who read a few online articles … or met a few gay guys. Not everybody fits into the same stereotype that you are use to in that small mind your living in.

    • keepit100 December 23, 2016

      When you make a stupid comments like this sticking everybody that feminine or or gay into the same category how is it any different than white people assuming every black person is the same? your an idiot and if i saw you i would spit in your face and drop you like a hot potato

  41. well well December 21, 2016

    why T.I. cares? he goggled that? lol

    his crowd are f*ts? he gotta deal with it? 😀

  42. Chiney December 21, 2016

    Someone please define what it is to be “masculine.” I’ll wait…..

    • JanStan December 21, 2016

      Stop waiting. I’ve been asking since this first posted and no one can or will answer. They only jump on the ‘blame the gays’ bandwagon. Youd think with all the power that gays posses to ruin marriage, remove black masculinity, force black children to grow up without father’s etc etc that we’d have equal rights by now. I can’t.

      • keepit100 December 23, 2016


  43. @ASAPicon December 21, 2016

    What a great read Sam! I agree with this post.

  44. Lovelyj December 21, 2016

    This lady spoke the truth. Shes very intelligent. Only other smart people realize the system and how effective it is. This should not have been posted on your blog because your level of intelligence and most the people who visit this site are not able to comprehend reality and understand how to put a system in place.

    • Chiney December 22, 2016

      You sound stupid and so does she. Being a man/masculine isn’t something tangible. It’s instinct. It’s a man’s inate desire to provide, protect, and work hard. That’s masculinity. It’s a mindset. I a guy that may appear more feminine on the outside still can posses these instincts and therefore maintains their masculinity even though they don’t act the way you think they should. These women out here swear the guy that has the deepest voice, shows the least emotion, and deals with the most chicks are the masculine ones yet they can’t provide for them, won’t stand up and protect them, and don’t want to work for sh*t and you supporting them!

  45. keepit100 December 23, 2016

    So real i just needed to repost!

    You sound stupid and so does she. Being a man/masculine isn’t something tangible. It’s instinct. It’s a man’s inate desire to provide, protect, and work hard. That’s masculinity. It’s a mindset. I a guy that may appear more feminine on the outside still can posses these instincts and therefore maintains their masculinity even though they don’t act the way you think they should. These women out here swear the guy that has the deepest voice, shows the least emotion, and deals with the most chicks are the masculine ones yet they can’t provide for them, won’t stand up and protect them, and don’t want to work for sh*t and you supporting them!

  46. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil December 25, 2016

    Lol comments are funny some of them

  47. Okraqueen January 3, 2017

    The comments made me sick. I am tired of hyper sexuality. I hate that women cheapen themselves with airhead and ghetto behavior and talk. Some of us spent our lives fighting for justice for our sisters and this is the result?

  48. Tahj May 8, 2017

    you thirsty ass f*** kill me . That’s why the Straight community is pimping the gay community all y’all think about is he gotta fat ass and a big d*** . This n**** is trash cheating on his wife , got more than one baby mama, mad his wife put cocaine in her p**** , raps about selling drugs and being in the hood . so I guess he’s the example of black masculinity we should be following .F*** outta here

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