Petty: Rihanna Fans Vandalize Beyonce’s Instagram After Grammy Drama

Published: Wednesday 7th Dec 2016 by Sam

The after-flames continue to rage after Rihanna‘s implied Beyonce shade last night.

As reported, the Bajan belle “liked” a disparaging comment left by one of her fans about her being snubbed by the Grammys (despite being nominated 8 times). Said post cited favouritism towards Queen Bey as the reason.

Naturally, given the already contentious climate between the stars’ respective fanbases, the drama exploded.

The BeyHive swarmed Ms. Fenty’s social accounts, and now The Navy are retaliating.

See what we mean below…

Descending on Mrs Carter’s Instagram, the riled up set posted Navy and balloon emojis (to represent their clique and the ‘ANTI’ album) all over her IG:


The 2017 Grammys, in which Beyonce is up for Album of the Year, airs February 12th on CBS.

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  1. .:: Centurion ::. December 7, 2016

    DAMN!!!!! Instagram Navy has no chill. ?????

    • Rosy December 7, 2016

      Good for the navy the hive think they can bully rih well you have another army who will never back down F*** you c*** roaches

    • Rosy December 7, 2016

      The hives go around and bully other artist for having an opinion rih is a island woman who will never kiss bey ass or apologize for her opinion so suck s*** hives the fact is you have a navy who will F*** it up and will not take yall s***

      • Kris December 7, 2016

        The Navy and Hive can calm THEE f*** down… Rihanna said she knew nothing about the caption. Check the shade room

      • HailLegendBeysus December 7, 2016

        Ut Rihorse did apologize didn’t you see her Instagram post? LMFAOOOO! BEYHIVE GOT HER SHOOK!!!

      • Lovely December 7, 2016

        She just apologized ???

    • Swit Katz December 7, 2016

      You don’t like rihanna because she’s great(everyone knows she isn’t), you like her because you hate beyonce so you cling to the second most successful artist hoping that she’ll send beyonce into oblivion but it’ll NEVER happen. Rihanna won’t be here in 2026 she’s to basic to survive when youngsters take over

      • Kris December 7, 2016

        I think it’s safe to say Rihanna will be here for awhile. She has surpassed Lady Gaga and Katy Perry whom were poised to be the next Madonna but only ended up having the success of Cyndi Lauper.

  2. Beyhive December 7, 2016

    All that promo
    Riri started this s***!!!
    Beyonce wins anyway

    • Rosy December 7, 2016

      Stfu beyonce is a hoorat music making p**** shaker America accepts her because of her high color and whites are getting sick of her

      • Swit Katz December 7, 2016

        Rosie you love that white people hate your fellow black woman? the navy are just an anti beyonce group of jealous and emotionally deprived assholes

      • Beyoncé Knowles Carter December 7, 2016

        Not by the fact that there were so many white people at the Formation World Tour. And being that they are the biggest consumers of music, they PURCHASED Lemonade in comparison to Streaming Anti.

        The Navy is full of hood ratchet ghetto emotional broke bottoms.

    • Rihboy December 7, 2016

      Rih didn’t start anything. She liked a stupid pic! That the blogs just want to eat up as shade. Then the immature hives come along dropping emojis as if that is harming her! Did you guys forget that Rih is uborgered?

  3. Hur December 7, 2016

    So y’all making a point with emojis? I’m sure most of those comments are from people of color.,sorry not sorry. Get a life.

    • Danzou December 7, 2016

      Music In general is from people of color. You’re mad because you’re race is genetically recessive and will be naturally killed off hahahahhahah white punk ass pale no lips no hips no ass no culture having vulture get a life.

      • Carlitos December 7, 2016

        Your* And you’re telling lies but trying to get your point across and come out looking dumb and illiterate af. ?

      • Danzou December 7, 2016

        No it’s already corrected. It’s “you’re” like I said in the first place you ILLITERATE ass hole. You’re mad = you are mad. Stupid. White people ARE genetically recessive it’s biologically and scientifically accurate. Don’t me mad. Just accept it. If it wasn’t for white supremacy, eurocentric beauty standards, and racism white people would have died off a long time ago.

      • Danzou December 7, 2016


  4. Solange December 7, 2016

    Boring. Do both the Navy and the Hive know that more clicks is just more revenue? Keep seething while both girls stay winning. And TGJ, keep fanning this premature flame, I see you also needed the clicks.

    • ?Yellow Diamonds? December 7, 2016

      Yasss solange!

  5. Suicide Blonde December 7, 2016

    How stupid! This is why social media has to go. It gives all these hateful little sociopaths a platform to spread hate behind the safety of a computer screen. This is music! Both women are far more wealthy than any of the stupid fans, so do you think any of this matters at the end of the day?

  6. Chad December 7, 2016

    This may be petty but I love a good Stan war. The Hive always pick on small fan groups. The Navy will get them together real quick lol.

    • Beyoncé Knowles Carter December 7, 2016

      The Navy has never succeeded in getting any fan bases together. The Hivd reigns supreme.

      • SMH December 7, 2016

        and neither have the hive.

  7. Juan1n4Mil1i0n December 7, 2016

    Lol, people r crazy. I don’t get the issue with Rihanna nominations this year. Beyoncé has 9, but Rihanna has 8. I don’t get how you don’t see the achievement in that. Beyoncé has no R&B nominations but Rihanna has 3. She’s going to win 2-3 of those Grammys. Beyoncé will not win everything. The love will be spread around Grammy night with Adele Beyoncé Rihanna all winning. I don’t get how y’all don’t see the bigger picture. It’s not that bad.

    • Mr.StLaurent December 7, 2016

      Thank You ??

  8. King B December 7, 2016

    Every fanbase is the same. However, BeyHive will be blamed for everything.

    • SMH December 7, 2016

      Thats because they start everything with those stupid lemon emojis. Its called karma.

  9. UPGRADEBOY December 7, 2016

    Anti ain’t still having AOTY nomination. Seethe navy with your pressed big ass foreheaded queen

  10. UPGRADEBOY December 7, 2016

    Lmao whzn the beyhive stings the whole wide world talk about it . Navy is just irrelevant and weak as f*ck just like rih vocals

  11. UPGRADEBOY December 7, 2016

    Lmao when the beyhive stings the whole wide world talk about it . Navy is just irrelevant and weak as f*ck just like rih vocals

    • ?Yellow Diamonds? December 7, 2016

      You’re trying too hard, stop home girl

  12. King December 7, 2016

    Now lets be real the beyhive will literally slay every navy member that ever thought they could try queen bey.
    But nah it’s all in good fun I think they’re cool in real life but Rihanna knows her place. Remember she looks up to Beyoncé always said it and says she loves her. There are facts on YouTube lls.

    • SMH December 7, 2016

      Apparently not, the Navy is dragging the hive mercilessly.

  13. IStan4Rihanna. December 7, 2016

    Petty is; Petty as.



  14. Julien December 7, 2016

    Lmao @ the bullies being bullied!

    • I can’t December 7, 2016

      Being bullied implies that the hive is in some way negatively affected. Bullying would be subordinating someone through intimidation. This will bring about no change.
      The navy is posting…. Balloon emojis… ?
      Lol. I don’t know about the rest of the hive, but I for one, am shaking in my boots. ?

      • SMH December 7, 2016

        So how tough could the hive be by posting lemon emojis? Lmao.

      • Bryhmin December 7, 2016

        Lol the hive got served. This is funny af

  15. Lightweight December 7, 2016

    See how people claimed little monsters are the worst fan base but i see no different with these two. Bunch of pressed bij.

  16. mikey December 7, 2016

    Samantha is such a hypocrite! He loves when the Hive ‘swarm’ and bully other people but now the Navy ain’t having it, he calls it petty vandalism!

    The Hive just f***** with the wrong ones this time!

    • I can’t December 7, 2016

      Lmaoooo, what? The hive didn’t start this thooooo.. ???? Crying. The Navy needs to be fed, burped, changed, and sung to sleep because the “outrage” is too much. ? Get over it. Never mind the fact that it can be argued that a couple of people don’t deserve to be nominated in that category but Beyoncé is not one of them. And even if the hive fvcked with wrong ones? Really, what’s the Navy gonna do about it??? Spam us to death with balloons??? ?

      • SMH December 7, 2016

        Riiiight, cuase the hive is sooo tough spamming folks with lemons lol.

  17. Kitteneyez December 7, 2016

    I hope Beyonce worst album ever loses Album Of The Year like seriously what is that lame s*** she put out and everybody kissing her ass for Rihanna Anti shouldve def been nominated for Album of the year Anti actually GOOD and the videos are NICE.

    F*** BEYONCE

    F*** BEYHIVE

    F*** U SAM


    • Beyoncé Knowles Carter December 7, 2016

      F*** you b**** for being jealous. LOL

  18. Thando December 7, 2016

    LMAO!!!!! “Vandalize” lol lol lo lol. I LOooOoove this blog. Damn f***! Where has it been all my life!!! Lol lol. So if its beyonce’s Beehive on rihanna’s insta it ok but if its rihanna’s beehive on beyonce’s insta its “vandalism”? LMAO LMAO!!!

    • ?Yellow Diamonds? December 7, 2016

      Sam and the gang live in Beyoncé’s pu$$y.

  19. Caribbean native December 7, 2016

    So its petty when the navy does it but powerfule when the flees does it….?…..this neyonce site is tripling only deranged bottoms think this way

  20. new December 7, 2016

    Lol beyonce stays unbothered about Rosanna.

    • SMH December 7, 2016

      Apparently bouncey and her fans are very bothered by Rihanna.

      • BEY>RIH December 7, 2016

        Please show me how Bey is bothered… If anything Rih is bothered and upset she didn’t get AOTY nominated.

  21. RhiRocks December 7, 2016

    The navy are a mess like Rihanna , they too be on crack like riherpes. Is a shame they never buy her albums

    • gina December 7, 2016

      Not as big a mess as the roach nest.

  22. EYT December 7, 2016

    ?? Balloons though ? The Navy is as weak as their fav’s vocals.

    • SMH December 7, 2016

      And what do you call spamming with lemons? Dont get any more weak or punkasss than that.

  23. Rose December 7, 2016

    Beyonce is getting dragged on IG. Wow. The hive are desperately trying to cover the drags from the Rihanna fans by leaving useless comments. Rihanna fans are shady asf.

    • Swit Katz December 7, 2016

      The navy have rebbies

  24. I can’t December 7, 2016

    I appreciate a great petty spamming. It’s thoroughly entertaining. Spamming future with Ciara’s success. Spamming white people who cry about Beyoncé at the CMAs. Spamming the white people who opposed her Malcolm X tribute. Her black panther tribute. Her acknowledgement of police brutality. Rearranging Rachel Roy’s wiki page. I was here for it. But this right here is so stupid and pointless, it’s hilarious.

    Grrrrr ??????. You were nominated for album of the year and my fave wasn’t. ??! ??????????? ???. Lmaoooooo ???.

  25. Rose December 7, 2016

    Yes the bullies are getting bullied. The hive is getting a taste of their own medicine. ?

  26. Melanin God December 7, 2016


  27. Swit Katz December 7, 2016

    What do you expect from jealous bums, the navy only support rihanna bcoz she’s the anti beyonce. She’s all they talk about go f*** yourselves you rabid dogs your idol is infested with stds and the navy are just ratchet trolls trying to act gangster. Cheap tramps just like their idol

  28. King B December 7, 2016

    Riri and Bey didn’t do anything wrong. It’s the Navy’s fault for throwing UNNECESSARY shade like 8 noms weren’t enough? And the BeyHive was being too sensitive as well. Bey and Riri are innocent. Like, go get a life and read some books or solve some mathematical questions. This war will never end until probably one of them die.

    • IStan4Rihanna. December 7, 2016

      @KING B. Thank you, Boo. You’re awesome. ?

      I love Rihanna and the Navy abundantly but even I know how “petty” they/she can be, and the Hive is just as bad. This stanwar has been ongoing for twelve years now; it’s ridiculous and it needs to stop.


      Furthermore, Rihanna received ONE LESS nomination than the act with the most nominations, why the f*ck would she be “pressed” at that?


      Anyway, have you seen this… She’s clarifying what happened and is speaking on “Black female unity”:

      • King B December 7, 2016

        Awww… welcome! And yes! I’ve seen it and that’s why I rush to this site LOL. Unfortunately, this war will never end. Even if they make a joint album, people will still gonna compare both of them. Rih honestly shocked me with her nominations this year. This automatically put her above JLo, Britney and the rest of the artists who had ‘big name’ but does not have any talent/acclaim/awards to back it up. I believe if she continue making albums like this, she will be second most Grammy Nominated female. Beyoncé has like 62! Apart from Adele and Taylor, she’s the only one that could dethrone Bey. She has shows consistency all these years. There’s nothing bad about not getting AOTY nom, Bey have 6 albums and only nominated 3 Times, hopefully she’ll will. And if she does, Rih should be the next one.

      • IStan4Rihanna. December 7, 2016



        I continously explain to people that Rihanna isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. She has been here for 12 years now and has made her mark – she is very impactful and has countless clones in the industry as labels are trying to market their acts after her; she is the sole leader of the digital era and best selling digital artist ever; the most streamed artist ever; the most played female on radio this decade thus far; has over 250 award nominations to her name along with 34 GRAMMY nominations and 9 wins; she has sold well over 200M records collectively and has practically dominated the fashion industry. She is an immense icon of our times. The only area in which I think Rihanna needs to do better in is touring – she is an inconsistent performer, lazy at times too and will want her to get better at that but I know she doesn’t like touring so.


        On the other hand, Beyonce is a budding legend. No doubt, and has already left her mark as a touring force and one of the greatest performers of all time.


        They can both coexist just like the multitude of white artist in the industry right now.


        What’s new though? This war will never cease. Rihanna and Beyoncé could release a video of them f**king and their stans will still find a way to shade and drag and call it fake. SMH.

      • King B December 7, 2016

        Yes! And if you pay attention, Rih and Bey are almost the same. They never actually had big first week sales. Like for Rih, she never opened big like Gaga,Katy, Taylor or Adele for her lead singles. I don’t remember she had 400-500k first week sales, nor that she has Diamond certified single as a solo artist and 1 billion vevo views like her peers (Katy, Taylor, Adele, Ariana etc.). As for Bey, she never had one Diamond album like her peers or one album that topped the charts WW nor that she had massive 1 Million first week sales and big digital songs. However, both of them shown longevity. Like, who would’ve thought 4 and RTW will sell 1 Mil ++? And I’m surprise that Rih never had best selling single of the year.

  29. Swit Katz December 7, 2016

    Rihanna always hates on black women. if you’re her black fan you’re a stupid idiot. She mocked ciara’s downfall, started unnecessary beef with teyana taylor called tlc thots then bullied her teenage black fan. She’s a living stereotype of black women and you get mad when other races stereotype you when this ghetto and sleazy s**** is busy promoting it

  30. Swit Katz December 7, 2016

    She’s making the world view all black women as ghetto, ratchet, bitter, loud, catty and white media loves it and her moronic fans it’s because she’s talented no it’s because she’s keeping the stereotypes. I mean isn’t she playing a prostitute in her movie? do you think taylor swift would be given a role of a prostitute? she’s sooooo dumb just like her black fans

    • gina December 7, 2016

      Well then tell beyonce to check her ratchet asss fans and people wont think shes such a ratchet ghetto hood fraud.

  31. Career Ender December 7, 2016

    I was hoping to find that East African Girl account cos I have something to tell it 🙂

  32. Jamal December 7, 2016

    When the Beyhive did it to Rihanna, it was just and attack, now the Navy returns the favor it’s deemed “Petty” and as “vandalism” lol. This post is what actually petty lol.

  33. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? December 7, 2016

    “How that feel down there on your knees? Got these girls like a soldier. trip and it’s going down, down, down.” – Rih
    Did she lie, though? ? Clearly, she told the absolute truth. ?

    • BEY>RIH December 7, 2016

      Who’s on their knees? Because its most definitely not AOTY-nominated Beyoncé. ?

  34. King B December 7, 2016

    @IStan I wished there are more stans like you and @Royalkev. I initially thought @Ispeak was like you, but lately he/she has changed to become one of the delusional ones LOL.

  35. SMH December 7, 2016

    Lmao. This is priceless. the beyonce fan base show their pride in being petty & childish every day with those stupid lemon emojis, and now they’re on the receiving end of their bullsh*t. Lmao. Karma is one hilarious b*tch.

  36. LOL December 7, 2016


  37. TheBeysusImpact December 7, 2016

    When will Rihanna be nominated for 4 genres in one year??? *sips lemonade* ?????????????????????

    • Kai2dasuan December 7, 2016

      Does it matter these two females are doing something that a lot of people thought would be an Adele year but they both have more nominations than Adele.

    • gina December 7, 2016

      when she starts writing checks for trophies like beyonce.

      • TheBeysusImpact December 7, 2016

        If that were true, She would win every award that she has been nominated for. Face facts, Anti-GrammyWorthy is crap.

  38. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade December 7, 2016

    Petty and childish too

  39. Danzou December 7, 2016

    I like both these girls but they fans are trash.

  40. Credits December 7, 2016

    I’m not even going to blame the petty as f**k fans. At this point, Instagram needs to have better regulations to prevent this from happening on anyone’s page. Yeah, they have the comment off feature but they should make it so you can’t comment back to back within minutes, make it so that users cannot post double comments and limit the emoji usage to three emojis per comment. Make the harassment stop.

  41. BMP December 7, 2016

    Hive or Navy, it’s all the same. Those fights are ridiculous.

  42. Theman December 7, 2016

    Looooooooooooool good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  43. Danzou December 7, 2016

    Lol y’all soft. This is not harassment.

    • Credits December 7, 2016

      Until hundreds do it to you….

  44. LOL December 7, 2016


  45. whut December 7, 2016

    Meanwhile, adele is probably somewhere laughing at these idiots since neither one of those h0es are gonna win AOTY anyway.

  46. Music103 December 7, 2016

    TGJ your reporting is disgusting at times. So Rih’s fans VANDALIZE Bey’s page but her fans just continue ATTACK her page. Diction has a meaning and use and you use yours wrong. #FalseAdvertsiement.

  47. Lewey December 7, 2016

    LMAO! Why was it mostly the same people doing it? LMAO I am dying. The shade was so dry. At least the Beyhive are funny when they drag. This pathetic attempt of a drag. BYE!

  48. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil December 7, 2016


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