New Song: Kehlani – ‘Do U Dirty’

Published: Friday 13th Jan 2017 by Sam

Kehlani is marching on full speed to the release of her debut album ‘SweetSexySavage’ – which lands in stores worldwide on January 27th.

And while that’s only a mere matter of weeks away, the rising star is keeping the try-before-you-buy party going.

This time it’s by way of new song ‘Do U Dirty.’

Uncaged today, the track does away with the stereotyped damsel in distress narrative and sees the 21-year-old embrace her inner ‘bad gal.’

Warning her prospective lover “think you love me now, I’mma do you dirty,” Kehlani makes it clear she’s not trying to be attached just yet.

Take a listen below…

A tasty slice of street and street, ‘Do U Dirty’ does a solid job of driving home Kehlani’s core proposition.

It’s not a smash, but packs enough of a punch to keep us glued to her ascend.

Your thoughts?

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  1. RCR81 January 13, 2017

    This girl is going to be BIG – Her first two ‘mixtapes’ ‘Cloud 9’ and ‘you should be here’ (which in my opinion were more like full albums) were pure dynamite. For some reason I get nostalgic listening to her tunes – Distraction is a real throwback.

    If Kehlani doesn’t blow up this year, then something is seriously wrong with the world (and peoples ears)

    • ? + ✈ = ? January 13, 2017

      Distraction is pure fire

    • Kareem January 13, 2017

      image is her issue now.

  2. The A Team January 13, 2017

    hmm idk its alright i guess
    it jus sounds so like everything else

    • Roab January 13, 2017

      OMG, you hit the nail on the head. I actually like Kehlani but most her tracks sound the same. She seems to have some real talent and raw emotions locked up but it’s not coming thru in these throw away tracks.

    • A. January 13, 2017


      I feel I heard this before. Has a Sevyn vibe too, and more of a mixtape vibe. These new artists should really push for NEW sounds. But I guess they just let the producers to give them the same beats over and over

  3. BCinKS January 13, 2017

    I’m starting to lose interest in her. Distraction is a certified smash, but everything else from this album has just been forgettable. Her vocals and writing stand out, but the beats are uninspired.

  4. The Wig Snatcher January 13, 2017

    The song is a nice album filler. As far as being a big star, I don’t see it for her.

  5. IIDONOTREPLY2TROLLz January 13, 2017

    It’s a nice song. But unfortunately I can’t jump on the train with this girl if she don’t know where she’s going.

    • Stanning Is Messy January 13, 2017

      And what makes you think she doesn’t know where she is going?

      • IIDONOTREPLY2TROLLz January 13, 2017

        I love Tinashe and her music. The talents there. It’s the same with this girl. I don’t see consistency, maybe it’s her team I’m unsure.It’s hard to sell music if you don’t see a story and tbh I don’t know her. In a nutshell I’m not sure to jump train with this chick. If talent was the only trick to stardom she will be popping right now.

  6. Trina January 13, 2017

    Who ?

  7. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn is ? January 13, 2017

    She’s boring.

  8. Rihboy January 13, 2017

    Very seven streeter ish! It’s kind of boring. I saw the title and assumed it would be lit! But i don’t think this has any replay value for me. Maybe the next one.

  9. new January 13, 2017

    For some reason she reminds me of Laura Govan in that pic

  10. Jamie January 13, 2017

    The words savage, bruh, and lit need to be buried.

  11. @ASAPicon January 13, 2017

    Im waiting to hear range, What ive heard from her sounds the same…. Im just waiting for diversity, Im still streaming the album none the less!

  12. Danzou January 14, 2017

    Where is kwinzy?

  13. wWe Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 16, 2017

    Nice song

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