Retro Rewind: 10 Albums That “Turn 10” In 2017 #FBF

Published: Friday 6th Jan 2017 by Rashad

Following a year that gifted pop music lovers game and/or career-changing albums like Justin Timberlake‘s ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds,’ Christina Aguilera‘s ‘Back To Basics,’ Beyonce‘s ‘BDay,’ Amy Winehouse‘s ‘Back To  Black,’ Ciara‘s ‘The Evolution,’ and Fergie‘s ‘The Dutchess,’ 2007 had some big shoes to fill.

For many of the artists who stood to the challenge (see:  Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Kanye West, Jay Z, etc.) the results may not have matched the commercial response of their previous efforts (or collectively those of the big named releases the year prior), but critically the class of 2007 wielded what many consider some of their (if not their) best work(s) to date.

As we kick off 2017, let’s flashback to 2007 to ode 10 game and/or career-changing albums that turned 10 this year.  Your gateway to feeling “old” awaits below:


‘Ms. Kelly,’ the sophomore effort from Destiny’s Child alum Kelly Rowland, came as a turning point project for the songstress.

Giving the singer her second top 30 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 courtesy of the Eve-assisted, ‘Like This,’ its parent album came as her first top 10 placement on the Billboard 200 (and still boasts her best first week numbers to date).


The follow-up to his critically and commercially acclaimed freshman and sophomore efforts, ‘College Dropout’ and ‘Late Registration,’ rapper Kanye West‘s third album, ‘Graduation,’ came as yet another homerun for the acclaimed emcee.

Venturing out of the realms of Urban and dabbling into genres of electronica, house music, and more, the project won a new group of fans for the hitmaker as it not only gifted him his second run atop the Billboard 200, but also his highest first week sales to date – a whopping 957,000 copies!


Like West, Grammy-winning diva Alicia Keys also unleashed her third album in 2007.  Titled ‘As I Am,’ the project – kicked off by the #1 hit ‘No One’ – would also share another commonality with West’s ‘Graduation’:  major first week numbers.

In fact, with the whopping 742,000 it shifted its inaugural week the opus set (and maintains to this day) the record for “highest official first week sales of a female artist of color.”

Curious to know whose royal chart triumph she had to surpass to get the title?  Yup, it’s Mary J. Blige.


Mary J. Blige delivered what many consider her magnum opus in 2005’s ‘The Breakthrough,’ an opinion staunchly supported by its commercial and critical response.

Yet, while it set a seemingly insurmountable mark to pass for the diva, she came damn close with its follow-up, ‘Growing Pains.’  A critical homerun, the album may not have been kicked off by the heights of ‘Breakthrough’s ‘Be Without You,’ but we can say its lead single did ‘Just Fine’ *insert chuckle.*

Shifting an impressive 629,000 copies its first week, the project would go on to win ‘Best Contemporary R&B album’ at the 2008 Grammys and be certified platinum in 2011.


‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ is unquestionably the album that turned Rihanna into a superstar thanks to a pass from Mary J. Blige.

Indeed, the Queen of Hip Hop Soul gave the album’s signature tune, ‘Umbrella,’ a royal thumbs down upon hearing it.  Once Rih and team picked it up and ran with it, the rest – as they say – is history.

Skyrocketing to #1, the tune helped introduce the Barbadian beauty’s sexier side in a way that seemed to get a thumbs up from music lovers.  Leading ‘GGGB’ to double platinum status, the project – thanks to ‘Umbrella’ and a host of other top 10 gems lifted from it – remains her best selling effort in the U.S.


As if earning his 9th chart-topper with ‘Kingdom Come’ in 2006 wasn’t enough, rapper Jay Z got a redo courtesy of ‘American Gangster.’  Selling over 425,000 copies its first week, the project gave the rapper his 10th #1 on the Billboard 200 and tied him for “most number titles” with Elvis Presley.

He’s since broken that record.


Like Roc Nation mentor Jay Z, Ne-Yo also enjoyed a #1 album in 2006 with his inaugural release ‘In My Own Words’ and followed-up with another #1 in 2007 thanks to ‘Because of You.’

Lined with hits ‘Because of You,’ ‘Do You,’ ‘Can We Chill,’ and more, the opus went on to platinum certification in the U.S and remains his best selling album to date.


Considered by many to be her magnum opus, pop icon Britney Spears’ most critically acclaimed album to date – ‘Blackout’ – serves as the highlight of a particularly low period for the singer personally and professionally (at that point).

After a shambolic MTV VMA’s performance that is still being touted as it and her worst showing ever, the diva’s ‘Blackout’ – featuring hits ‘Piece of Me,’ ‘Gimme More,’ ‘Break the Ice,’ and more – became her first album to miss the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 due to a newly instated technicality.

And, while her fans still cry foul to this day over the mishandling of the album, many still praise its sonic daringness and demonstrations of artistic development for the singer.


A critical masterpiece from producer/rapper Timbaland, ‘Shock Value’ was chock-full of guest appearances from some of music’s biggest names (Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott, 50 Cent, and many more).


After thrilling fans in 2005 with his self-titled debut album, the pressure was on Chris Brown to deliver a follow-up worthy of comparison (and to avoid the sophomore slump).  Needless to say, as history as proven, what the singer/dancer delivered did just the aforementioned and more.

Titled ‘Exclusive,’ the album – kicked off by the Sean Garrett-penned ‘Wall To Wall’ – initally seemed to have hit a wall when fans disregarded the tune, but thanks to its T-Pain-assisted follow-up, ‘Kiss Kiss,’ Brown kissed worry of the sophomore slump “goodbye.”

Thanks to hits like ‘Kiss’ and ‘With You,’ the opus went on to earn a Grammy nod (which was lost to Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’) and notch double platinum status.

Honorable Mentions

(read our full replay on this project by clicking here)

Kelly Clarkson – ‘My December’

T-Pain – ‘Epiphany’

Jordin Sparks – ‘Jordin’

Leona Lewis – ‘Spirit’

Chrisette Michele – ‘I Am Chrisette Michele’

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em

T.I. – ‘T.I. Vs. Tip’

Jennifer Lopez – ‘Brave’

Jill Scott – ‘The Real Thing:  Words and Sounds Vol. 3’

Joss Stone – ‘Introducing Joss Stone’

Trey Songz – ‘Trey Day’

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  1. Bertie January 6, 2017

    Hie ies gek he ahahahaha

  2. Bertie January 6, 2017

    Domme kut kneus met je domme plaatjes!! Bang bang… is gewoon boef man

    • TDM90 January 7, 2017

      Waar gaat het over?

  3. Meme January 6, 2017

    still remember good girl gone bad era like it was yesterday. Some of the same ole salty beyhive members on this board today were saying back then rihanna 5mins was soon up. 10 yrs later one of the biggest artist in the world and in music history. This is why you pay a hater dust. #inspiration101

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 6, 2017

      The only thing that got paid dust was “Anti” and the “Anti Tour”.

      • Meme January 6, 2017

        But yet the tour among the best selling tours last year and ANTI one of the years most successful albums. And you favs official singles can’t even beat out Anti’s none singles on the charts. If thats what you call paying dust cool.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 6, 2017

        ^^When in doubt cling to singles. That’s the only thing Rihanna has going for her anyways^^

  4. crimsonREDD January 6, 2017

    That Shock Value album stayed on REPEAT. OMG I loved that ‘Miscommunication’ cut. Y’all just brought me back to sophomore year in high school. This was Keri at her peak, she was supposed to be next big thing in music till she dissed Bey & Cici on that remix. Po’ dat!

  5. Fancy BISH January 6, 2017

    Graduation still sounds dope…was you saying something? UH-UH, you can’t tell me NOTHING lol

    • crimsonREDD January 6, 2017

      A Little Bit of Love by Ms Russell is my jam too. Good taste!

      • Fancy BISH January 6, 2017


    • RoyalKev January 6, 2017

      Preach it Fancy!

  6. Meme January 6, 2017

    TGJ your write on umbrella is completely wrong. 1st rihanna would multiple smash singles including a #1 record and other top 5 hits prior to umbrella so she was already a superstar. 2nd…Mary J Blidge didn’t give umbrella a thumbs down. Mary wasn’t recording her album at the time and wanted tricky and dream to save the record for months until she was ready to record. They knew the song was a hit and didn’t want to shelve it. Britney turned the song down and rihanna was only artist recording at the time and thats how it end up to her.

    • King z January 6, 2017

      Rihanna was NOT a superstar before GGGB. She was a run of the mill pop star. GGGB solidified her in the pop arena.

      Next MJb passed BECAUSE she was too busy. She passed.

      • Mark111 January 6, 2017

        She was already a star, Pon De Replay was a #2 hit, If It Loving That You Want was a top 40, SOS was her first #1, Unfaithful and Break It Off were top 10s, first two albums went gold and platinum. Umbrella was a huge mega hit, but don’t act like Rihanna didn’t already have hits before then, plus she was only entering year 3.

    • January 6, 2017

      Stop worrying about numbers.. The impact is what counts..Rihanna was known but not on a superstar status.GGGB took her to the top and set her apart from everybody else. Numbers don’t mean nothing I’m sorry. For example Anti has good songs and sold fairly well but there was no artistic impact that set her aside last year like WFL did or Umbrella etc

      • FAF January 6, 2017

        Y’all forgetting everyone was successful back then. So Rihanna having some platinum hits didn’t make her a superstar
        Even bow wow and b2k were selling millions r&b was thriving and Rihanna didn’t have that pop s*** to rely on prior to crossing over

      • Meme January 6, 2017

        @…. the reason you feel Anti didn’t have any artistic impact like WFL and umbrella did is because Rihanna is replying less on image and
        More on sound as she get older. The whole GGGB era was focused around her look and WFL era consisted of big pop culture videos. She doesn’t need that anymore, that is why I feel anti is such a strong album. There was literally no “gimmic” or trend or anything attached to this era. All the other major pop stars attached either a movement, a look, a statement or style trend to their eras….Rihanna didn’t.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 6, 2017

        Rihanna didn’t really become big until Jay-Z gave her that fake bad gal persona. It’s what helped revamp and revive her career. Nobody was checking for Music of the Basin or a Girl Like Me to be completely honest

  7. Molly #Stargirl January 6, 2017

    Blackout and Good Girl Gone Bad are so ICONIC!

  8. Meteorite January 6, 2017

    Damn all that was 10yrs ago?! Time goes by fast…

  9. Kas January 6, 2017

    Keyshia Cole Just Like You album

    • RoyalKev January 6, 2017

      Heaven Sent! <3 <3 <3 … I'm co-signing everything on this post! I must have really liked this year in music! Lol

  10. Suicide Blonde January 6, 2017

    GGB definitely made Rihanna a global star. Blackout is Britney’s second best album IMO. 2007 wasn’t a bad year in music but it all went downhill from there. Btw, J.Lo’s Brave is a solid album, one of her best, there are many gems on that album like “Mile in These Choes”, “The Way it is”, “Stay Together”, “Gotta Be There”, it’s underrated like many things she does.

    • Fancy BISH January 6, 2017

      Jennifer Lopez has alot of solid b-side gems that don’t get their shine…some of my favorite b-side cuts from her are Talk About Us, Could This Be Love and Open Off My Love, among others

      • Suicide Blonde January 6, 2017

        I agree, On the 6 has some of her best ballads, i also love “Should’ve Never” and “Promise Me You’ll Try”, none of her albums were bad until Love?, which is not even a bad album, it’s just generic IMO, (What Is) Love? is a great song.

    • RoyalKev January 6, 2017

      I love ‘Mile in my shoes’! That would have EASILY been a #1 song in Jenny’s prime! I also love ‘Wrong When You’re Gone’ from that album, and I don’t usually have a fixation with JLO’s ballads, but I adore that one!

      • RoyalKev January 6, 2017

        I totally agree ‘Love’ was generic, but there was a lot of catchy bops! A.K.A was much better tho!

      • Suicide Blonde January 6, 2017

        “Never Gonna Give Up” is also a sweet ballad, but my favorite ballad of her must be “Again” from “This Is Me…Then”, those slow songs fits her voice so well.

      • RoyalKev January 6, 2017

        Awww, ‘This is Me …Then’ ! My favorite ballad is ‘Still’! Let me go play a little Jenny-Lo! Got me in the mood!

      • Suicide Blonde January 6, 2017

        The Love? album could have been very successful if released by Rihanna or Gaga, Hypnotico is phenomenal, and A.K.A. has Tens, which is like Vogue and Throb’s baby.

      • Suicide Blonde January 6, 2017

        Still is also one of my favorites but I don’t consider it a ballad, still one of her best tracks.

      • RoyalKev January 6, 2017

        No lies! If LOVE? was Gaga’s album released that year, it would have been big! I do think JLO messed everything up with ‘Papi’ that era! The video worked for her though! …and yes, Hypnotico had #1 written all over it!

        As for ‘Tens’, it slaaaays! It was such a classic nod to those songs you’ve mentioned! It was every bit as hot too! That song really need to see the light of day, along with a video that JLO puts her stamp on! It’s truly one of her gems!

      • RoyalKev January 6, 2017

        Btw, ‘Still’ is a mid-tempo! You’re right!

      • RoyalKev January 6, 2017

        Wait, I’m getting ‘Papi’ confused with ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ (which was during the AKA era not LOVE?). Love? actually had solid singles!

      • TDM90 January 7, 2017

        Hypnotico was written by Lady Gaga

  11. IStan4Rihanna. January 6, 2017

    “Good Girl Gone Bad” is an iconic, millennial, Pop album. Yes, Rihanna broke through with “A Girl Like Me” and the #1 smash “SOS” and global smash-hit “Unfaithful” but her 3rd album made her a superstar.




    Umbrella: #1
    Take A Bow: #1
    Disturbia: #1
    Don’t Stop The Music: #3
    Hate That I Love You: #7
    Shut Up And Drive: #15
    Rehab: #19


    The album has 9.4M+ copies WW to date and solidified her as the “best selling digital artist of all time”.

    • RoyalKev January 6, 2017

      Breakin’ Dishes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • King B January 6, 2017

      Thinking of buying it this year lol. But Disturbia made me stan hard for her up until If I Were A Boy and Halo turns me to a massive Beyoncé Stan.

    • Fancy BISH January 6, 2017

      9.4M+ albums damn….Good Girl Gone Slay lol…how many singles did she sell during this era? It had to be crazy

  12. RoyalKev January 6, 2017

    I loved ‘Blackout’, ‘As I Am’ and ‘Graduation’ and ‘Exclusive’! Fav tracks on each:

    ‘I Need You’ (Alicia)
    ‘Gimme More’, of course (Britney), but ‘Why Should I Be Sad’ slays!
    ‘Flashing Lights’/ ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ (Kanye)

    and Chris… *sigh* ‘Take You Down’, ‘You’, ‘Lottery’… That album was the s***! Those tracks are still on repeat!

  13. Erica January 6, 2017

    Umbrella was written for Britney is wasnt Britney who turned it down it was the record label when Britney found out she was furious with her team

  14. Jamon January 6, 2017

    Great albums!! I see the Rihanna shade, yet again, Lames!! The biggest problem with this post is you name Keyshia Coles “Just like you” an honourable mention, but put Kelly Rowlands “Ms. Kelly” in the top!! Keyshia cole had one of the best albums that year, “let it go, I remember, Sent from Heaven”! I know you love Kelly, but Ms. Kelly flopped and only had one top 30 hit. Also Leona Lewis has a good album with the smash hit “bleeding love” and “better with time” also being a hit. Work on your professionalism TGJasmine! It should’ve been you New year resolution!!

    • Jamon January 6, 2017

      *Heaven sent

    • J January 7, 2017

      Yet Still IN Love With My Ex and Better Without You >>> everything that was released that year

  15. Mark111 January 6, 2017

    Umbrella was made for Rihanna. I bet it wouldn’t even made the first cut if Britney or Mary would have recorded it. It happens all the time, Hit Me Baby One More Time, a song that launched Britney’s career was turned down by TLC. I Wanna Dance With Somebody was turned down by Janet Jackson. So who cares, it became a hit because of Rihannas voice.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 6, 2017

      No, Umbrella was made for Britney but by the the time her team had heard it Black Out was already finished being recorded

      • Mark111 /.\ January 6, 2017

        Made no sense at all. The album was already finish and was being recorded? And Flop Out came out months AFTER GGGB. Sit down.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 6, 2017

        You sound dumb as f***

    • Meme January 6, 2017

      I agree. That song truly was made for rihanna. even tho britney and mary was bigger than rihanna at the time, they would have never made that song as successful as rihanna did.

  16. Mark111 January 6, 2017

    GGGB was really the Control of 2000s. Not only was it pop, but forward pop that helped launch the EDM movement. The genre lines were blurred because of Rihanna, NE you, Chris Brown and JT.

  17. Myownstan January 6, 2017

    Keyshia cole album was brilliant. I’m a massive mjb fan but growing pains wasn’t song on that was stay down.

  18. Credits January 6, 2017

    -Ms. Kelly wasn’t bad but it wasn’t cutting edge either. I still listen to some cuts from that album, ‘love’ is a good one, it was written by Solange.

    -shock value was like a backdoor pilot for Keri Hilson’s talents. ‘Miscommunication’ is one of my favourite songs, ever.

    -just like you was keyshia’s last great album.

    -as I am is Alicia’s best from start to finish. So many solid cuts on that album. I appreciated the use of instruments as opposed to synths.

    • J January 7, 2017

      Ms Kelly was a master piece that was not appreciated because of colorism and internalized self hate that black people suffer from.

      • Credits January 7, 2017

        ‘Ghetto’ should have never been a single. The remix of ‘still in love with my ex’ should have been on the album instead of the original. But I just remembered that it was this album that had ‘ every thought is you’ which is one of the best R&b songs she has ever recorded in her solo career. I love that song! So I’ll give it just a little more credit.

  19. King B January 6, 2017

    Reading all of these achievements sadden me tbh. Now they struggles to scan 100k.

    • RoyalKev January 7, 2017

      It’s true! Those that can still score achievements today, I applaud them! This era in music is very difficult and unfair to newer and established artists! The odds are just stacked against you! I still fail to understand how people demand that certain artists reach diamond status in this music climate we’re in or expect ’90s sales! In 2016/2017 Platinum is the new 5 million!

  20. Ladylike January 6, 2017

    Omg all these are dope albums. I miss these times. Time does fly.

  21. Sean January 7, 2017

    TGJ y’all claim how Mario is the most underrated Male vocalist ever but failed to add his third effort “GO” smh

    • King z January 7, 2017

      Go was a poor effort

      • Sean January 7, 2017

        Well u dont know R&B

  22. eric January 7, 2017

    “As I Am” is one of the few r&b albums I can play from start to finish without skipping. It’s the best of Alicia’s career so far.

  23. Kyle January 7, 2017

    I soooooo remember going to Target and buying like 3 copies of Kelly Rowland’s “Ms. Kelly” album the day it dropped! Lol I wanted her to go #1 soooooo bad!!!! I loved Chrisette Michele’s album that year along with Amy Winehouse. But the album I became OBSESSED with was Alicia Keys “As I Am.” I still say that was her best album!

  24. Jackx January 7, 2017

    Just like you. Was dope her best work

  25. Terrance J Griffin January 7, 2017

    I bought a lot of those albums in 2007. Great music!

    Other great albums in 2007:

    “X” by Kylie Minogue
    “Luvanmusiq” by Musiq Soulchild
    “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” by Maroon 5
    “Because I Love It” by Amerie
    “Go” by Mario
    “The Cool” by Lupe Fiasco
    Katherine McPhee’s debut album
    “Metropolis: The Chase Suite” by Janelle Monae

  26. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 10, 2017


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