Hot 100: Pandora Streams To Impact Chart Placements Starting February 11

Published: Tuesday 7th Feb 2017 by Rashad

In a move that comes as a surprise to many (given that most thought it was already the case), Billboard announced last week that Pandora streaming data will be used to calculate chart placements.

Joining stats that are comprised of digital sales, Spotify streams, Tidal Streams, Soundcloud streams, Youtube streams, radio airplay, and more, the incorporation of Pandora info will provide a truer representation of consumer interests given the platform’s rank in the streaming arena. Pandora co-founder, Tim Westergren, echoes the sentiment:

“Pandora is now the No.1 radio station in 87 US markets and represents roughly 10 percent [of] all radio listening. With the inclusion of Pandora data, the Billboard charts that have guided listeners and been so central to the music industry for decades now reflect a truer measure of a song’s popularity today. I’m thrilled that the ‘Pandora effect’ will now be formally recognized in the industry’s gold standard for measurement.”

But, there’s a catch:

Billboard note that Pandora’s streams will count at a lesser value than traditional streams as plays are more direct on other services.

Fans confused as to why Pandora was not included in the original list of streaming platforms selected by Billboard to calculate chart data must understand that it was a fundamentally free service and lacked a “premium component” akin to its direct competitors.  Now that it has announced intent to add a full-on premium edition of its service, Billboard has had a change of heart.

The move is a timely one considering that just a week prior Billboard had begun implementing streaming figures into all of its genres’ charts, not just the Hot 100.

Billboard co-president John Amato states:

“Billboard’s unrivaled charts are the definitive source for ranking music popularity. Close to 80 million music lovers listen to Pandora every month and we look forward to bringing our brands together to incorporate Pandora’s data into our charts.”


Pandora’s streaming data will begin to be integrated into Billboard’s charts on February 11.

Your thoughts?

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  1. blue February 7, 2017

    but i thought it was already implemented since last week? someone explain, please

    • king z February 7, 2017

      i thought that too at first, but the actual billboard article says it starts feb 11. they just announced it last week

  2. Molly #Stargirl February 7, 2017

    People use Pandora still? Spotify gang over here

  3. Chileplease (the first and only bih) February 7, 2017

    This is stupid considering people don’t choose what they get to listen to on pandora like they can with Spotify and others…..or does pandora have that now?

    • blue February 7, 2017

      thats why its points are weighted down, but how is that different from everyday radio?

    • king z February 7, 2017

      lol the article clearly states that pandora is introducing a premium service like its competitors to allow ppl to pick what they listen to hence why pandora listens won’t be weighed the same

  4. IStan4Rihanna. February 7, 2017

    Yet there those who still try to deny the absolute POWER and DOMINATION of streaming?


    Anyhow, this has already impacted the charts hence the several upward movements by a punch of songs on the Hot 100 last week and this week.



  5. The Wig Snatcher February 7, 2017

    I doubt that the “Pandora Effect” will shake up the charts. It looks like the executives at Billboard and Pandora needed something to do.

    • blue February 7, 2017

      last week it did shake the charts up a little though

  6. Danzou February 7, 2017

    This dumb. Create a streaming chart.

    • blue February 7, 2017

      you dont get the point of the bbh100 chart

    • MusicFan103 February 7, 2017

      I’ve said this since the inclusion of any streaming. Why not leave the Hot 100 as it is and start a new Streaming 100 chart?

  7. Truthtea February 7, 2017

    But that sucks and it’s an even bigger scam to make it easier to place since Pandora doesn’t let you decide which song you want to listen to.

    • blue February 7, 2017

      how is that different from regular radio

  8. Casual February 7, 2017

    Can someone post the Hot 100 formula, please? I don’t have the paid subscription to Billboard. I read that it’s no longer roughly a third each — sales, airplay, and streaming.

  9. SMH February 7, 2017

    Mess. RIP music industry.

  10. JanStan February 7, 2017

    These charts are so outdated. The only thing that matters as it is in any other business is revenue generation. Movies tally box office receipts cause they know it don’t mean ish if people pirate it or pay a $10 fee to stream it. The music industry needs to go the same way and say x song produced this many sales, x album did x amount of revenue etc. Then we’d have a REAL idea of what is hot or flopped.

    • BCinKS February 8, 2017

      I’d be here for this. Just tell us how much money the album made EVERYWHERE and rank them accordingly.

  11. MusicFan103 February 7, 2017

    I haven’t used my Pandora account really for years. I’ve moved on to Spotify.

  12. Theman February 7, 2017

    Lol streaming is still uneventful. This won’t change too much..

  13. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 9, 2017


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