Iggy Azalea Reveals ‘Mo Bounce’ Single Cover

Published: Sunday 19th Mar 2017 by Sam

Iggy Azalea is on the comeback trail. Again.

Almost a year after ‘Team’ tanked, the chart-topper dusts herself off and is trying once more with new single ‘Mo Bounce.’

The cut is the latest taste of her long-awaited sophomore album ‘Digital Distortion’ – the follow-up to 2014’s ‘The New Classic.’

Teased in earnest over the course of the month, it finally looks as though the Aussie bred star is ready to unleash.

To massage her momentum, the rapper has revealed the track’s official artwork and release date.

Check both out below…

Azalea shared the cover below and confirmed that the song premieres March 24th:

It’ll be intriguing to see if folk give Ms. I-GG-Y a chance this go round.

We hope they do.

Like, at least let the music sink or swim on the merit of how it sounds rather than all the extra fluff.

Sure, she did entirely too much during her first run and effectively halted her own hype with endless social media beef. But that was then and this is now.

‘Team’ was a bop and, for her sake, this needs to be too. A successful bop at that.

Your thoughts?

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  1. mr.m March 19, 2017


  2. Tay March 19, 2017

    I dont understand why people are condemning her that much.

    She’s not that bad.

    • BEYONCE & RIHANNA March 19, 2017

      She is not bad it’s just the motive behind her entrance into rap so some white chick can replace nicki, then they failed . I’m not nicki fan but I hate when white people trying to have everything easy .

      • BEYONCE & RIHANNA says March 20, 2017

        White peopo aways be gettin away wit errything and stay stealin our spotlight. Dem cracka’s be trippin yo, straight clowning on us. Da other day, me and mines was low riding when racist cop pull us ova. Sure I aint got a license and my tail light was missing, but dat is racist. I started screaming and throwing rocks, and dem racists arrested me!!! Now me and my friends finna riot and take some flat screen tvs for da crib.

  3. Beyonnaise March 19, 2017

    Looks like TGJ is on Iggys payroll this era

  4. Steven March 19, 2017

    When all else fails, release an a** shot!

    • Josh March 19, 2017

      iggys been releasing ass shots and talking about p**** since the beginning of her career Steven

      • Steven March 19, 2017

        it reeks of desperation…..

  5. Ka March 19, 2017

    I heard the track and it’s not that bad, wish her well ?!

    • Ka March 19, 2017

      Is Iggy still signed to TI’s company?

  6. ThatMessJuice.Flop March 19, 2017

    Anaconda…oh ok

  7. Kwinzy March 19, 2017

    Since when is an RIAA certified 500K gold plaque considered a “tank”?

    • Lambily March 19, 2017

      My point exactly!! #Team is Gold It did not Tank either on the charts Tjg is a lil lost with dey facts on this one!!TGJ is double minded ciara go gold with a single and she get The red carpet treatment

    • Mark111 /.\ March 19, 2017

      500K in this streaming age is a major flop. Hint, the reason the album was pushed back a full year.

      • Kingbey March 19, 2017

        That’s not why her album was pushed back cuz at the end of the day it was one of the best selling rap songs last year. She pushed it back because we all obviously watched her personal life fall apart in front of our eyes. She wanted to regroup just like any other HUMAN would. Foh

  8. LadyEmpress8 March 19, 2017

    She seem like she trying to be nicki. I don’t know. But I am rooting for her she tries.

    • Pat March 19, 2017

      Gul bye aint nobody trying to be like that b****!

  9. Lake Erie March 19, 2017

    Lol! I’m not trying to hate at all but I honestly think her rap career is over.

  10. Dev March 19, 2017

    The album leaked a week ago and its not good in my opinion. If she hadn’t put on the faux southern accent then she might have had more crossover appeal and some of the more poppies acts might use her for their tracks, but unfortunately the voice she chose isn’t very diverse nor does it have that female punch to it.

    On another note, TJI should change its comments to discus.

    • Kingbey March 19, 2017

      Lmao another hater talking out their ass. HOW THE ALBUM LEAK A WEEK AGO WHEN THE FIRST SINGLE HASNT DROPED?? How sway??? What exactly were u listening to??? Anyways ALL of her singles are CERTIFIED and her one and only album is PLATINUM. She has to actually fail for career to be considered over. MARCH 24th let’s get it

      • Dev March 20, 2017

        Its leaked, look online your self! There is an iTunes rip on the web. Now that being said, the word hater is played out… it called an opinion

  11. Kim Kesha & Pam March 19, 2017

    Come TF through Iggy. Continue pursuing your dreams. Don’t let haters snatch it from you. This girl is such an inspiration. Everyone’s against her: blogs, celebs, critics & she still delivers for her fans. That says ALOT!

  12. B_Roni March 19, 2017

    People weren’t mad until she started charting. Im going to support her

  13. BEYONCE & RIHANNA says March 20, 2017

    Why dem racist crackas always taking our money and music? smh. Sorry I aint been on in a while, the library kicked me out due to excessive noise and I aint got wifi at the crib. Anywho, Iggy stays making me mad as a hornet. White folks always takin our culture and mean muggin when we call em out. uh uh, not today!!!

  14. SmNtsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 21, 2017


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