Mary J. Blige Reveals Shocking Reason For Divorce

Published: Thursday 30th Mar 2017 by Sam

Mary J. Blige set the net into a flutter earlier this week when she announced the release date of new album ‘Strength Of A Woman.’

More than “just another Mary LP,” it marks the first body of work she’ll serve up since filing for divorce from her ex husband and manager Kendu Isaacs.

Renown for baring her soul on record, Mary seemed to be saving a lot of the talking for the project’s arrival.

However, in a move we’re all the way here for, she’s opening up about the reason for the split during her current press run.

Want to know exactly why Mary called time on the marriage? Head below…

Speaking with Angie Martinez on Power 105.1, Blige cited unpardonable disrespect for the dissolve of her union with Isaacs. She also heavily implied that he cheated on her…

MJB also stopped by Funkmaster Flex over at Hot 97 to expand on the matter. She really delves into the matter from the 3.50 mark…

Salute to Mary for being so open. Folk really connect with that brand and strand of frankness. We know we hung on her every word during both sit-down.

The album sounds super exciting too.

April 28th couldn’t come any sooner!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Danzou March 30, 2017

    this album bout to BANG. Can’t nobody convict pain like the queen. sad because it won’t sell like adelephant. but whatever.

    • Mark111 /.\ March 30, 2017

      They don’t even make the same kind of music. MJB is a legend, Adele still making her mark.

      • Danzou March 30, 2017

        Mark look I’m not in the mood today. adele released “hello” and it was played across ALL platforms. Bruno released “24k magic” and it was played across ALL platforms. Mary released “thick of it” and it’s only played across urban platforms? why? how? “hello” can be played to top 40 rotation but “thick of it” can’t? so WHAT do you mean when you say they don’t make the same music? how don’t they if they are both played on urban platforms but only one of them is restricted to just urban platforms only? since yall always got so much to say, i want an educated response or I’m dragging you today I’m done playing with sub par intellect.

      • gina March 30, 2017

        and mary isn’t a fat white girl so danzou is right she wont get the white privilege/sympathy for fat people sales.

      • Beygency March 30, 2017

        @fagzou will you stfu and use that thing called a briain for once Adele is in her 20s Mary is in her 40s. Mary has peaked and no longer in her prime Adele is so of course the radio is going to play more of Adele instead of Mary

      • Beygency March 30, 2017

        But Mary is no longer in her prime and she has peaked Adele is still in her prime so of course they would play more of Adele who Is more relevant today smh y’all love making everything about race

      • Beygency March 30, 2017

        Mary is no longer in her prime and she has peaked Adele is still in her prime so of course they would play more of Adele who Is more relevant today smh y’all love making everything about race

      • Danzou March 30, 2017

        i don’t know what the f*** a “briain” is but i do know you need to kiss my black ass. you wanna talk about primes then why is Britney spears getting top 40 rotation? or Justin Timberlake? both approaching their 40s? where’s your excuse? you dumb b****. like i said before out has A LOT top do with race. Mary’s last album scanned gold So what you mean she’s out of her prime cuz she’s 40 plus?

    • Tutorial March 30, 2017

      The nature of today’s listeners (black ones at that) is to tear down another to validate their fave. Bet u don’t even own a MJB album. Get mad at the right people. Get mad at the ones who won’t spend their dollars to keep their black artists relevant. It’s a shame that all you’re good for is talking smack.just a shame. Adelphant as you call her is a superstar because people support her projects. While Mary been doing this more than 2 decades and the best she can get from so called fans is smack talking on a blog.

      • Danzou March 30, 2017

        you got all this mouth h** but you FAIL to realize that top 40 radio DOES NOT play rnb from black artists unless they are light skin or white. Tyrese had the number one album in the country as well as a number one rnb hit with “Shame” and still didn’t receive play on top 40. when’s the last time maxwell had a single in top 40 radio? or jill Scott? exactly you little idiot. next time you respond to me, go to billboard first and do your research.

    • .LISA LEVINE March 30, 2017

      Have “NOT” checked for mary since SHARE MY WORLD and the single No More Drama. She has one-two good singles and then her CD’s are garbage. Adele released a universal cd with all types of music and emotions, but she will Never have the energy and pain of Mary.

      • Danzou March 30, 2017

        Lisa don’t nobody care about what yo old fat ass got to say.

  2. Danzou March 30, 2017

    Like i said b**** ADELEPHANT gets played across ALL platforms yet the same style of music gets restricted to urban platforms only when the artists are less than fair skinned. stop being stupid and stop responding to me trying to be funny and reaching for up votes.

  3. Danzou March 30, 2017

    i don’t have sympathy for white artists because they get the easy stick from society.

  4. FAF March 30, 2017

    She spilling tea do y’al lremember starshell marys artist? Blogs said they had threesomes

    So when Mary said “u were supposed to go with me not find someone to dethrone me”

    I think that’s what she was hinting

  5. God March 30, 2017

    The Queen of Music is coming. Get ready!

  6. DanYiel Iman March 30, 2017

    ♥️Still jams to “Give Me You!” ❤️

  7. Cash_rulez March 30, 2017

    Yo mary keeps it so real i luv her.
    This album will be errthang.

  8. Ain’t s*** March 30, 2017

    It’s not a black or white thing, it’s about relevancy in today’s market. No one is really celebrated on their body of work anymore. It’s about capturing a hit single that appeals to the millennials and the gereation Y. They are the most influential generations at the moment. If it were a race thing then why would Rihanna, Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki & Future be breaking billboard & streaming records? It’s the appeal of their music, persona & overall brand. Mary was that in her prime, but limited to a genre/audience now. It doesn’t take away from the quality of music, just of the reality we live in today.

  9. S jam best waytran boys tme ooh British March 31, 2017

    Nice interview and for sure she had moved on with her personal dating life

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