Former Nicki Minaj Manager Responds To Young Thug Forgery Claims

Published: Saturday 18th Mar 2017 by David

By way of his managerial success with Prince, Keyshia Cole, Nicki Minaj and the thriving Phillipe Chow, Manny Halley stands as one of the entertainment industry’s more revered and admired moguls.

Alas, the respect he has garnered over the years has done little to silence claims that he mishandled money which belonged to his client Young Thug.

Halley, who managed Minaj circa 2012/2013 represented Thug and was tasked with using his resources to elevate his career.

Things have taken a turn for the worst.

The letter above was sent to Manny by Thug’s business manager David Weiss who claims that the reputable manager forged his signature to gain access to his money.

Below are some of the expenses he is said to have incurred on two different credit cards.

$10,984 – 11/23
$7,087.60 – 11/26
$7,087.60 – 11/26
$34,202 – 12/1
$9,763 – 12/3
$29,840.75 – 12/7

$16,442.81 – 12/1
$16,442.81 – 12/1
$34,202 – 12/1
$9,763 – 12/3
$4,817.44 – 12/7
$29,840.75 – 12/7

Hurt by the allegations, the family man took to Instagram to offer this message:

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  2. Wonder Woman March 18, 2017

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      • Bey Bey Sting March 18, 2017

        So you commented without reading? ??

      • Wonder Woman March 18, 2017

        I clearly said so you dumb ass b****

  3. SAMANTHA STOP March 18, 2017

    Samantha you couldn’t write a story without mentioning Nicki huh? STOP PROMOTING WE AREN’T BUYING HER MUSIC

    • Tmook March 18, 2017


  4. Tmook March 18, 2017

    Plain & Simple… this bish is a FRAUD!

  5. Lana Del Fan March 18, 2017

    I’m more surprised that Hung Hugger has that much money as his disposal lol

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